Physical Therapy


Welcome to my PT page. I hope the information found here will help open your eyes to the world of Physical Therapy & a little better look into my life & my passion.


Here’s my story on becoming a Physical Therapist:

When I was 10 I told my dad (& any one who would listen) that I was going to grow up and be an Occupational Therapist. I was inspired by my Aunt who is an occupational therapist & told everyone that I wanted to be an OT. When I was a freshman in high school I had to do a project on a career so I picked occupational therapy, concurrently I was going to Physical Therapy for a sports related injury. I realized at that point that I really wanted to be a PT not an OT. Lucky for me the two careers parallel wonderfully and are very similar in treatment & approach. There are some key differences but the general approach is the same. Thus I tell people I knew I wanted to be a PT since I was 10…

I then went to The University of Toledo for college with my focus being Physical Therapy & then to Texas Tech University for my Doctorate. Yes I have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, NO I do not have a Ph.D., YES I went to school for forever, YES its similar to a JD or DDS (common confusions!).

I started my career in August & seriously have learned so much about the field, my patients, treatments & most importantly myself.  I am lucky to have worked with amazing clinicians through my clinical affiliations who really helped to shape me into being the therapist I am today. I also am lucky to have truly found my passion in life & that my childhood dream really worked to my favor.










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