Life Lately… Photo Style

Hi guys!! 

Life has been a bit busy the past two weeks, it’s amazing how quickly you forget what being out of town can take up so much of your time when you get back. Anyways we have been up to some fun the past couple weeks and I thought I’d share it here! 

Last weekend we headed to Michigan to see family and celebrate my & my aunts birthday. 


Camera class @ a local shop. Camera basics was a great intro and reminder of how to use camera settings. 

A quick shopping trip at REI for some birthday leggings, a treat from my Dad! ((The REI CO-OP leggings are THE BEST!!! seriously go buy them… NOW!))

Dinner and birthday gifts with Brent & my parents made for a perfect Saturday night! 

Valentine’s Day-

 Spin class sweat to start the day!!

Brunch with my extended family! So much food, so good! 

  Some quality time with my sweet neice, she is growing up so fast I can’t believe it!

A nasty drive home through snow followed by a FANCY valentines dinner of ((free)) Chipolte burritos & brownies. 

Work week filled with workouts, fitness and work. Nothing super exciting this week. 

Friday was a gorgeous day! I loved walking outside after my workout and having the sunshining  and not having to bundle up… Until the crazy winds hit ya in the face! 

Saturday started with a serious workout session. First an upper body max effort lifting session than a 60minute spin class. It was a fun double header at the gym! 

Brent & I took my car to get washed & we vacuumed out the inside, which was much over due. We also went and walked around a park to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather we had. 

  Dinner with friends Saturday night followed by a protein packed Sunday breakfast and a lazy productive remainder of the day. 

  We cashed in some wedding gift cards & bought a new coffee maker, so far we love it. 

Alright all caught up on our life the last two weeks. We have another couple busy weeks coming up but I hope to not drop off the face of the blogosphere. If you don’t follow me on Instagram (@allisoninwellnessland) and snapchat (@mywellnessland) you should, I’m much more active there! 



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