Mastadon Challenge 5K

Hi Guys!

Last Saturday, Brent, 5 of my cousins, my aunt & I participated in the Mastadon Challenge 5K fun run in conjunction with the Saline Celtic Festival. I was planning to have this race-recap post up on TUESDAY but my computer had different ideas about that and well yeah… I need to get better at these timely posts but better late than never I suppose.

A few weeks ago I got a message from my Aunt asking me if I wanted to do a fun race with her and a few of my cousins in July. Since it seemed like a WAYS away I said YES without even really thinking it through & Brent agreed as well. After a week or two went by I realized that we needed to register and that’s when reality hit, we were running an obstacle course race.

Mastadon Challenge 5K

The group PRE & Post Race!

I was pretty excited to challenge myself, do something fun with my cousins and support the local community while getting in a workout. Brent on the other hand was a bit more worried about the running component of the race & decided to forego the “family” fun-run for the individual race where he could do it at his pace and feel comfortable with the obstacles.

Saturday morning we were up bright & early to get ready, get hydrated and get to the registration booth before the individual race began. Brent got lined up and the race coordinator started to explain all of the obstacles that they were going to encounter, it started to sound legit, heres a run down:

Over & Under hurdles
5 foot wall climb — 10 foot wall climb — 5 foot wall climb
Cargo net climb up and over 
1mile straight away 
Kangaroo Ball Bounce 100ft down & back
Cross Pond
Army Crawl through Sand
Tire Drag
Box Jumps
Tire Flips 100ft down & back
Lily Pad Crossing
Pool Dive
Crawl up a hill

While they did not track our times, as it was strictly a fun run, Brent finished in about 30 minutes. Then he hung out with us until the family race started. Because of the obstacles they sent us out in waves, giving everyone a bit of time to make it through obstacles without too much bottle necking.

Mastadon Challenge 5K

Once our wave was set free we headed up the hill through the woods and towards our first obstacle which was the over-under hurdles. I definitely had the “slow poke” mentality when it came to the hurdles, high jumping is not my thang, and this 6-0 girl doesn’t get that low that often 😉 but they were fun and we were all cheering each other on! Then it was time for the 3 walls. The 2 five foot walls had slats to put your feet between the 2x4planks so they were pretty quick to hop.

The 10 foot wall was a bit of a different story. The wall was flat plywood with a 2×4 on its side about half way up the wall and a thin rope with a few knots in it. We had to use the rope to get to the 2×4 and then use that to get our footing and climb up the remainder of the wall. The 10foot wall was our first “bottle necking” or delay in the race. We worked together to help the people in front of us over the wall & cheered each other on.

Mastadon Challenge 5K

While it sounded very manageable this was definitely a perception vs. reality situation. Perceived = easy… reality = much more strategic & challenging. I thought after helping a few people over I would have no problem getting over the wall but instead I needed two tries. The first try I really just thought I could jump up and use my [lack of] upper body strength to pull me to the ledge… reality was I needed to attack the wall at more of an angle so that I could utilize my upper body strength and get good footing on the wall.

After getting over the walls we made our way into the woods and after a few slippery hills and some rugged terrain we hit the cargo net & our second delay. We had a bit of waiting but then slowly started to make our way up the net over the huge tree branch and down the net again. Then it was more trekking through mud and muck. At one point we went from walking in ankle deep standing water to walking through thick knee deep mud. This was the type of mud where you were a bit worried about your shoe staying on your foot when you pulled it out of the mud.

Once we made it through all the mud, muck and hills we came out of the woods and hit a straight away. Through the woods the 9 of us stuck together, helping each other out where we needed it, but then we hit the open field and just started to run. Before I knew it my cousin Kyle, hit the ground running and started passing us all so I picked up the pace and headed off with him to our next obstacle…

Mastadon Challenge 5K

The kangaroo balls… okay so I don’t know what these things are called but I loved them when I was a kid! We had to bounce the ball down to the cone (about 100ft away) and back before continuing on. The girl helping at this part of the race recommended getting air, so essentially we were doing squat jumps down and back the whole way! It was so fun!

After the balls we wadded through the freezing cold pond & headed up the backside of the course which included army crawling through a sand pit, pulling some tires then flipping tractor tires, before he had to head back across the water via lily pads or floating foam pads tied together that were extremely slippery!

Crossing the pond

Crossing the pond

Lily Pad Crossing

Lily Pad Crossing

Then we took a quick dip in the pool before making our way back in the woods for the final stretch of the 5K. Kyle & I stuck together making our way up a few slippery slopes then we encountered dead-mans-hill which had a crawling obstacle set up… Kyle & I both eyed the roots, rocks, mud & muck that was under the orange lattice work and decided that running up the hill sounded like a MUCH BETTER idea. I felt bad for about a second for skipping the obstacle but I like my elbows & knees… a lot.

Kyle & I rounded the last corner and there we were facing the last obstacle…

The Slip & Slide!!!!!

Talk about the best ending to a race possible & reminded me how much fun slip’n’slides are… it also made me really want to make one of my own!

Mastadon Challenge

We waited for the rest of our group to make it down the slip & slide before getting hosed down by a fireman and heading back to the house to shower & grab a beer.

A wet & muddy HI FIVE!

A wet & muddy HI FIVE!

It was such a fun day & I cannot wait to do more fun runs with my family. I am usually not someone who will pay to run a 5K but doing these obstacle races and things as a group made it so worth the money and was a great use of our time!

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big thanks to Brent for being our race photographer and following us around! 


Rehab Your Run Part 2

Well its been a couple weeks since my first RYR post. I have been working on myself and trying to be a good patient and not one that would make me pull my hair our as the therapist. Heres a recap!

Rehab Your Run

The first week I was lucky enough to have my friend work on my hip three days. I was super tight and definitely needed the intensive therapy. I followed up the soft tissue sessions with some glut and core strengthening tasks while also avoiding heavy legs, squatting or lunging tasks which would aggravate my poor body any more.

In addition to working on the exercises I did some work on the spin bike to keep my pulling intact and strong along with my running form.

At the end of last week I thought I was feeling better and tried to do some light leg work including squats & static lunges. Much to my surprise lunging caused a sharp pain in my hip which was a shock and frightening. I stopped the workout that I had planned & decided to stick to some light weight strengthening and exercises that I would be making my patients do in the clinic.

This really made me mad but I know that in the long run my running will be better. So its core, glut, hams and light leg workouts for me for a while more along with extra OmegaPlex & Catalyst to help me over the injury hump!

Here are the workouts that I will be sticking to for the most part. I will add some advanced tasks as I get to that point, please let me know what questions you have on any of these moves. These workouts are GREAT for everyone, runners or not, and I promise you if you do them correctly they are a lot harder than you would expect!

Rehab Your Run Rehab Your Run Rehab Your Run

Until next time, keep on running & injury free!

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Rehab Your Run

On Monday I mentioned a pesky little running injury that I have been dealing with, so I thought today I would give some more detail on it and start a mini-series, Rehab Your Run, to not only keep me motivated in getting better but to provide some helpful hints and insights to any other runners who might be experiencing some similar issues.

Lets back up here and let me tell you what happened. So I struggle from having a hypermoble back and excessive motion in my hips, especially during that time of the month, this is something that I have struggled with for the past two years not something that just happened over night.

My symptoms, generally, would consist of some slight hip soreness & feeling of “out of alignment” which would be worse when I would go into a deep loaded back squat. Performing a front squat or air squat would be pain-free. The other painful motion would be a push press, due to the excessive mobility and instability I have in my upper lumbar spine. The symptoms would last a few days and then go away. This was my “normal abnormal” while I didn’t love it other than a few days a month it didn’t really bother me. It did limit my ability to gain strength and depth in my back squat.

A little over a month ago I noticed that my “typical” hip pain was a little worse than normal, I had increased pain with leg press which was a movement that I previously could do without pain, and couldn’t do a back squat at 40% of my max without significant pain. Oh and a front or overhead squat, forget it! 

A very old recycled photo

A very old recycled photo

So like the smart (read: stubborn) physical therapist that I am, I just cut heavy leg workouts and did some modified lifting routines.This helped but didn’t fix my problem. I continued to run which didn’t bother me too much, but after my cycle came and passed I noticed that my pain was still around and seemed to be getting a bit more consistent. Rather than just having pain with specific movements I was having pain with significantly more movements.

I completely stopped doing heavy squats. I focused on a lot of posterior chain strengthening (hamstrings & glut max) and lateral hip stability (gluteus medius, minimus and abductors) as I know these are some of my weaknesses and could be contributing to my pain.

Focusing on glut strengthening...

Focusing on glut strengthening…

I TRULY felt like I was getting better, I felt that my pain was getting better, I still felt like I was “out of alignment” but generally my tenderness was lessened. So on Sunday I decided to itch my running scratch and hit the pavement.

Now I can hear, some of you, yelling at me “pavement??? why not treadmill its lower impact.” Well I was trained in the Pose method of running and truly believe that running on the road is 100x better for my body and joints. I told myself I was going to take it easy on the run, listen to my body and focus on my form. I tuned up my metronome and hit the road.

Training with Dr. Romanov & Charles Blake will change the way you think about running

Training with Dr. Romanov & Charles Blake will change the way you think about running

The first mile felt pretty good but when I hit the 1.5mile marker I was really feeling the increased pain. I could tell it wasn’t going to be a good indicator for what the rest of the run was going to be like so I walk-ran the remainder of the way home and then stretched a lot to try to combat any problems.

Since I knew that something was wrong and I thankfully work with a lot of wonderful therapists I immediately sent a text to my running idol and asked her advice. She was most concerned with my hip and told me I needed to get it checked out early this week.

The straw that broke my hip was honestly the 4 hour drive home that I had on Sunday. That was deathly to an already sore and spasming joint so when I got to work on monday it was all I could do to ask not beg for a quick assessment. Thankfully I have an amazing coworker who checked me out and told me the following…

Definitely some glut med-min weakness, joint stiffness and lots and lots of muscle tightness…. didn’t seem like anything was torn or catching, phew!

Core work is essential

Core work is essential

Here is the treatment thus far:

Day 1
Soft tissue work to lateral hip musculature
Stabilization exercises

Day 2
Plank & side plank exercises
Foam roll & lacrosse ball

From Monday to Tuesday I felt about 50-60% better, I have a lot of pain with standing on my right leg only (right hip is injured), going up and down stairs makes me want to cry & the longer I sit the more it bothers me to walk. However on Monday I couldn’t hardly put weight on my right leg which I could do on Tuesday.

Rehab Your Run

As for running, I am going to give it a while, I’ll keep you posted!!

Happy Healing 😉

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Weekending IV

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend. While I have only been posting 3x/week I really do love these weekly recap posts where I can reflect on the past week and take a step back from life which often feels full speed ahead.

Last week was the first week of our ALL IN AdvoCare challenge. To be honest I was a bit worried about this challenge, as I am currently on an antibiotic and worried about the cleanse with the antibiotic. I am happy to say that I feel great!!! And the cleanse is definitely doing its job, even though it took a few days to start working.

When you eat lunch that is this good, there is no way to have the after lunch slump!

When you eat lunch that is this good, there is no way to have the after lunch slump!

I think my favorite thing each time I do the challenge is that I don’t have the post-lunch sleepys… I don’t know about you but I always feel sleepy after lunch so having the extra energy through eating healthy food, supplementing my body completely & the extra energy from my beloved spark have helped me overcome this hurdle and feel better during the second half of my day.

Challenge friendly fruit-yo has been a delicious addition to my menu this week! **Recipe on Instagram**

Challenge friendly fruit-yo has been a delicious addition to my menu this week! **Recipe on Instagram**

Besides the challenge last week was a pretty “normal” week, however after taking a break from working out over Christmas & New Years due to travel, I returned to the gym for 3 brutal days of workouts. I haven’t had that extreme soreness in a while so having some good soreness in my body was a welcome start to the new year.

Working on some back mobility and hip flexibility..

Working on some back mobility and hip flexibility..

On Thursday morning I couldn’t muster my way to another lifting day at the gym so made a makeshift yoga mat (I do not have one, how is that?!?!) and rocked out a 20minute yoga session on my YogaFrog towels. It felt so good to do some serious core work and stretching first thing in the morning. After I played around with a few of the poses that I wasn’t comfortable with during my New Years yoga class.

Charles Blake (L) & Dr. Romanov (R) are two sincerely inspirational and motivational people. If I could have 1/2 of their knowledge I would be one happy trainer/therapist, runner & athlete!

Charles Blake (L) & Dr. Romanov (R) are two sincerely inspirational and motivational people. If I could have 1/2 of their knowledge I would be one happy trainer/therapist, runner & athlete!

Over the weekend I got the opportunity to hangout with my friends from Pose and assist with the training of our next group of coaches. I love Pose Method & the whole concept with running & movement; so I was really excited to review the training and learn it all over again, plus spending time with Dr. Romanov & Team is always amazing. {you can read more about my Pose training & experiences here, here and here}

There are a few times during Pose Training when the class becomes moderately intense and Dr. R goes on a tangent... those are my favorites!

There are a few times during Pose Training when the class becomes moderately intense and Dr. R goes on a tangent… those are my favorites!

On Saturday night after the training I tried to be proactive since I knew my food prep time would be very limited, and threw some pork in the crockpot to cook overnight. Well when I woke up on Sunday morning the lid appeared cracked, so when I went to lift it up the handle came STRAIGHT off and the glass was completely shattered. I tried to save the meat but it didn’t work & after an IG & FB poll, I was advised to just toss the meat & not risk my stomach lining. SO much for planning ahead, the bright side is I got a new & bigger crockpot on Sunday which was on sale! #winning #brightside

serious crockpot #fail

serious crockpot #fail

I am excited to start the #StopStrivingStartThriving challenge group today. I joined the Facebook group for BODYpeace last week and reading the stories shared has already moved me!



I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to start another healthy & happy week in 2015!

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1 Month Post-Pose Running Recap

I cannot believe it has already been a solid month since I went to my Pose Running Level 1 training. It feels like the weekend was just yesterday but also seems like I’ve been incorporating the Pose methods for f.o.r.e.v.e.r.r.r.r

Since it’s my favorite word-vomit day I thought I would link up with Amanda and do some sharing!


Initially after my Pose training all I wanted to do was RUN! I could not wait to get out and run and wanted to be “The Best Pose Runner Ever.” I would do 3-4 Pose trainings a week and limited my regular GPP workouts because all I wanted to do was run. But my runs were subpar.

I was too focused on how I was doing rather than just doing. I was so focused on pose/fall/pull and maintaining forward fall. I would finish a 1-2 mile run and my calves would be hollering. For real friends they are weak and unconditioned, and I didn’t know it until now.

Dr. Romanov probably knew this a month ago…

Dr. Romanov probably knew this a month ago…

I would feel defeated after a run because although my times were decent my mind and body and lungs were not okay. I did not have any knee or hip pain after running but still something wasn’t right.

Thats when I remembered Rule Number 1… “Don’t Think, Just Run!”

Pose Method

During the next couple weeks I tried to just run, run how it felt natural and listen to my body to run the most efficiently.

I’m not going to lie to you, it still isn’t easy. I still have to snap out of it and tell myself to “Just Run,” I still have a hard time with my lungs keeping up with my body and continue to be (moderately) discouraged with my distance tolerance.

BUT, and this is a big but, my legs feel good, my runs feel good and my body feels better after my run than it ever did “pre-Pose”

I can 100% feel the difference when I run “in-Pose” versus “just running.” I can feel myself breaking with each strike and I can honestly feel increased stress through my knees and hips when I am “just running”

On Tuesday I did my first “Post-Pose” 5K. I did some warm up drills prior to running (my standard go-to favorites which I will be sharing soon!) and then off I went. I always start my run with some falling drills (usually to a light post) and then once I’ve sufficiently “fallen” I hit the road. I try to just run maintaining my forward fall and momentum which inherently causes me to “forefoot strike”

Finally 5k

Finally 5k

Once I get tired or feel myself breaking (aka heel striking) I do 10-20 high knees to “reset” my legs. This helps me increased my cadence and reinitiate that forward fall which again will make me run more in Pose.

I did have to take a short break after mile 1 to do a few pulling drills and again reset my legs. When I start back up I feel fresher and my speed often increases.

During this run at mile 3 my legs were feeling great but my lungs were not. It was hottt, humid and windy so I blame those three factors to why my last mile was a pain. I decided to “Just get your butt back to the gym” so I just ran. Again this mile was horrible, I think if I maintained my proper form I would’ve felt better during the run but I just did not have the calf endurance.

My time showed me the benefit & efficiency of my Pose Training…
Mile 1 – 8:18 – parking lot drills
Mile 2 – 8:10 – mid path drills “reset”
Mile 3 – 9:20 – just running

I continue to have moderate calf tightness day 2 after a run but that is the only problem I have. I LOVE IT!!!! I can deal with some calf tightness if my run is not going to mess my hip or back or knees up again. And I know that if any muscle in my body should be sore thats the one, the Achilles is the strongest tendon in the body and definitely could use some more strength training, apparently.

Analyzing Running takes serious concentration…

Analyzing Running takes serious concentration…

Next up in my training is to re-video myself and analyze my weaknesses so I have a long way to go to become an expert Pose Runner. Though I would say in my first month of Pose training I’ve fallen in love with the method. I am anxious to become better and more proficient at the drills and excited to be able to increase my distance without the inevitable post-run-pain!

I love this picture of the group PhotoBombing Dr. Romanov!

I love this picture of the group PhotoBombing Dr. Romanov!

For more Pose Training information or just wondering what the HECK I am talking about read my recap posts {here} and {here}. Then check out the Pose website and YouTube Channel.

Do you ever have to “reset” during a run?
Any Pose questions I can answer?

*if you would like to be connected with an Accelerated PT and Pose Coach please email me ( and I would be happy to connect you to one near you!*


Rule #1 Don't Think, Just Run! Pose Method

Happy Thursday Friday!!!

It’s short week and means today is really friday, this which will leave you for more time to practice your Pose running 😉

I don’t blame you if you stop reading now, after yesterday’s long post which left you with a lot of words and not so much fun. But I promise today is still as long, but hopefully helps to close the loop on the Pose Method of running.

I swear the whole weekend was a lot of fun, if we started to get “too serious” Dr. Romanov would get mad at us and make us laugh because he said that serious faces made him nervous. It was a great ice breaker!

Dr. Romanov

Dr. Romanov

We started our first drill session with a baseline run, and then we performed a lot of drills, which helped to take the lecture material and put it into practice.

We practiced the heel strike, pulling to mid-foot and then pulling to forefoot so we were able to really feel the effects of each position on our joints and body. We then went into “Pose” and started to run in place, and then on the pavement. I was amazed at how effortless it felt after performing a bunch of exercises, which seemed silly.

Dr. Romanov monkeying around while showing some flexibility drills

Dr. Romanov monkeying around while showing some flexibility drills

After our morning session of “basic drills” we learned more didactic work and then had an afternoon session of “advanced drills.” I barely felt like I grasped the basic drills before being thrown into the advanced setting but the advanced drills really helped me feel the difference. I was able to tune into my body and identify what “felt” normal and what “felt” right or wrong.

My perception of running was changing and I stopped sensing the movement. I started to understand how the movement was structured and started to understand what could and could not be manipulated to achieve optimization of movement.

We also analyzed our runs both our baseline and then our second run which was performed after the advanced drills. I learned a lot, I needed to fall more, pull better and stop caring about how my foot hit the ground. It was cool to see different peoples running progression, one person had an excellent pull, and it was really cool to see her before and after run, with the improved pull in her second run.

Showing drills to improve "Pull"

Showing drills to improve “Pull”

Then we had the chance to test our skills on a real patient! The patient my group was assigned had some exposure to Pose Methods before so we kind of just jumped right into the thick of it, gave him drills and helped him run. After performing a series of runs, drills and education our patient looked much better, and sounded better, his run was quiet. It became very apparent after we stopped and were talking with Dr. Romanov that we skipped a step.

We had him run again and there was no carry-over. Our patient had lost the groove that we just gave him. Obviously we missed something, Dr. Romanov questioned him on Pose and the method and challenged him to teach one of us “how to run.” He had a really hard time and that was when I realized, we just put Pose on him without explaining and having him perceive or internalize what was going on. I made him deadlift without teaching him the proper form, I had him swim without telling him how not to drown. WOAH!

Working with our patient

Working with our patient

This really showed me that perception is a powerful tool in movement science and essential for transitioning the drills into fluid movements and running. If you are unable to perceive the importance they will continue to just be drills and the carry over will be minimal or nonexistent.

“We cannot desire what we cannot perceive – Dr. Romanov”

After the weekend ended I was excited to take my running drills, skills and perceptions to the pavement. I knew what I looked like, I knew what I should look like, I knew what to change, how to change it and how to coach it. But what I didn’t know was how to just run. My first “post-Pose-run” was a laboring, hard, challenging and brain shaking run. I thought and overthought the run too death. I forgot Dr. Romanov’s first rule…

Rule #1 Don’t Think, Just Run!

Pose Method So what now? What can you do?!

Well first I would say start scouring the Pose website, it is seriously unreal, the contact, videos and education is unmatched, you will definitely learn something.

Second reach out to a local Accelerated Physical Therapist! We are putting together and implementing a Love To Run program and we would love to have you as a part of our team. Each and every Accelerated Therapist that was there was as excited, motivated and engaged as I was and I can assure you that they will help you learn to love to run.

Accelerated's Running Coaches would love to put you FIRST and help you LOVE to run!

Accelerated’s Running Coaches would love to put you FIRST and help you LOVE to run!

We have a 4, 8 and 12 week program to help you learn to run and run the most efficiently and effectively as possible. The program is still very new and is not (yet) in each Accelerated center but we do have a trained therapist in Illinois (multiple locations), Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Arizona!!! If there is not an Accelerated near you check out the Pose website and their list of technique specialists. I am sure each of these individuals will help you also.

Finally I encourage you to reach out to me ( I am more than happy to set up online running training programs or help through emails, or phone consultations to determine how to best help you learn to love to run!

Okay I hope you have learned something exciting & useful the past two days, now get off the computer and go have a good run.

No questions today, but I would love to answer any questions you have for me!

I was given the opportunity to attend Level 1 training free of cost through my employer, all thoughts and opinions from the weekend are 100% my own.

Do you LOVE to Run? Pose Method

If you asked me 6 months ago if I loved to run I would say, “hahahaha NO!”

If you asked me 2 weeks ago if I loved to run I would say, “ughhh no but I pretend to run occasionally, and would like to love to run.”

If you asked me on or after June 22nd if I loved to run, I would definitely tell you “I am getting there, I am learning to LOVE it!”

After one weekend, and 16hours of learning I definitely learned to love to run. I was inspired, motivated and educated on basic principles and practices which will make me and YOU a better runner.

I had the itch, I wanted to go home and run!!! I can tell you I have never wanted to run before. 

Two weekends ago I was given the opportunity thanks to my job at Accelerated, to attend a PoseMethod training program, and my world changed. Dr. Romanov not only is hilarious who speaks with amazing broken English, but he really knows his stuff. He sold me on so many aspects of biomechanics and body movements that I was always confused or questioned in PT school, and he made it clear and easy to understand.

Today I want to start my recap of the weekend with some of the Pose Basics and tomorrow I will be back with some more of the drills and how you can start to love to run too!

Dr. Romanov posed the question “What Running Is??” after telling us we were fired for our bad answers, he had us then instruct him in how to run so we said “move your legs”, “pump your arms” etc. and he said to us “but I am still NOT running, what do I need to do?”

We were all seriously stumped. Then finally he said “you must FALL!!”… Ah HA!

“One key Pose that defines running, from which we fall-forward by harnessing gravity and pull our trial foot under our hip to recover the key pose and repeat the cycle again – Pose Method Definition of Running” 

Most of Saturday was spent really dissecting all the science, methods and theories behind Pose Method. Dr. Romanov and Major Blake (A physical therapist in the military!) spent a lot of time teaching us why this way of thinking is beneficial, how it works, and answering all of our mind-boggled questions.

Remember they were talking to a room of very stubborn but interested Physical Therapist, if you try and break us of our biomechanical mold we will give resistance. However, we will give in eventually, if there is sound reasoning. And I promise you all that the science, research and reasoning behind all of the Pose Method to running is sound, solid and sensible.

Dr. Romanov and Major Charles Blake, two seriously inspiring & amazing men

Dr. Romanov and Major Charles Blake, two seriously inspiring & amazing men

I will save you all the details because to be honest my head is still spinning, and this post would be 3 days long. #snore

However, I do want to touch onsome of the basic concepts and key points. To start the common wave of running theories states that landing is the most important part of running, that if we focus on a midfoot strike we will have pain-free and the best running form possible. Pose would rather focus on the parts of running prior to landing and would suggest that a “landing” position is more optimal if you are performing the other parts effectively.

Remember Pose-Fall-Pull

Lets start with the landing and then go from there, let me help you understand why landing doesn’t matter, I promise this helped me the best.

Heel Strike – We all have heard that heel strike is bad it’s a very well known fact and research shows that ~82% of runners heel strike which correlates with ~85% of running injuries.
So when you heel strike you increase your support time and increase the force absorbed through your joints by 3x your bodyweight with each step… {say you take 30steps/mile that means your joints are taking 90x/bodyweight on each joint in one mile, imagine a marathoner who is a heel striker, OUCH!!!}

Mid-foot Strike – while the idea of not heel striking is a valid idea the mid-foot strike is a very difficult strike to identify. If you look at the “mid-foot” of your running shoe it is likely an ARCH, so to be a true mid-foot striker you are required to simultaneously land on the forefoot and heel. It is nearly impossible to reproduce this landing pattern consistently. Additionally it continues to place undue stress on the knee as you continue to have to propel yourself over the planted foot.

Forefoot strike – this would the landing pattern which Pose would recommend and here is why… When in a forefoot standing position your body wants to continue forward, there is very minimal feeling of having to propel yourself as the foot is not firmly planted on the ground, additionally this provides the shortest stance time. **longer stance = more injuries**
Forefoot landing position is scientifically proven to reduce eccentric load on the knee by 50%!!! Also by landing on the forefoot and by then pulling the back foot up under your hip into a balanced “running POSE” is the most efficient way to run!

Major Blake demonstrates "Standard" or Pose

Major Blake demonstrates “Standard” or Pose

We cannot efficiently run if we are constantly breaking, starting, and breaking again which is why Dr. Romanov suggests the Pose-Fall-Pull methodology.

If we start in running pose, fall and then pull (not push) our leg off the ground we will more effectively and more efficiently run with less injuries and faster speeds. Pulling is the only accountable element in running, the only element which we use muscular effort. We are required to pull ourselves to the Pose position in order to repeat the progress.

Like I said I all be back tomorrow with more info on drills and tips but in the meantime I would strongly recommend checking out the Pose website and YouTube page. They have tons of information and educational videos to help YOU learn to LOVE to Run TOO!!

Accelerated's FIRST Pose Method Running Coaches!

Accelerated’s FIRST Pose Method Running Coaches!

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Brain Explosion and Running Thoughts

Lots Of Thoughts….

I think my brain is going to explodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

Okay explode might be an exaggeration, unless you talked to me wednesday (alllllll day) when I felt like my head was seriously going to explode.

Otherwise there is just a lot of information, stress, thoughts and things I am trying to work through floating around in this pretty little head of mine 🙂


Lets talk gym thoughts… I have a lot of them regularly and since I am in a thinking mood of late lets share!

Tuesday I jumped at the opportunity to go for a solo run outside. The weather was gorgeous and my legs were telling me to run after Monday’s GPP workout.

During my run I was amazed with how many thoughts went through my head… I told you my brain is a scary place right now… ok always.


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0.0miles – Hmm where should I go? Okay I’ll go this way and run to the high school, that can’t be too far right??
0.5 miles – Oh right Bell School is a long road… maybe I’ll just run around until I figure out how far this is…
0.8 miles – okay I can run through the parking lot of Farm & Fleet and then figure out where I am going.
1.0 miles – feeling pretty good but where to go now… woah that was a fast mile, 8:05, wish I could maintain that speed…
1.1 miles – I need better music, Pandora is not cutting it… ((I proceeded to drop my phone in the parking lot.. OOPS!))
1.3 miles – oops guess I am gonna do some trail running on the grass, hope I don’t twist my ankle, that would be just perfect, I can just see it now teaching patients exercises on crutches…
1.5 miles – I am glad I did that Yoga last night, it felt pretty good to just stretch and my back is feeling better now
2.0 miles – kept good time, 8:18, GO ME! Closer to my “normal” speed… I wonder if I look like I am running or just walking fast… I don’t feel like I am moving even though I know I am… why am I even thinking about this… Okay Allison new topic, GO!
2.1 miles – I am definitely NOT doing jump squats or even squats today… this definitely counts as my squat warm up… I think Neil would agree… I hope he would agree… He would probably just tell me to do the squat too… okay okay, I guess I’ll do the squats…
2.3 miles – I wish I could take a picture of myself when running to see what I looked like… I need a running buddy as crazy as me to take pictures of me… timer when running definitely wouldn’t work… hmmm
2.4 miles – hmm apartments, leasing, I need an apartment… these look nice, I wonder how much they cost, if they do short-term leases… I could walk to the gym.. that would be nice… I’ll call (look at phone, 6:20am) haha maybe not now…
2.5 miles – (turns corner) oomph that cherry blossom definitely just killed me. I cannot believe how bad my allergies are this year, I can seriously feel my sinus swelling. RUN GO FAST RUN AWAY!!!
2.7 miles – I think I’ll just do 3… that sounds like a good number, plus I don’t want to think of a 4th mile to run, that just sounds like too much… Okay 3 miles it is. Lets pick up the pace…
2.8 miles – (looking at pace on phone)… HOW am I going that fast, I can’t believe that my legs are even moving this quickly right now. Thats surprising, if only I could do this for longer periods of time.
2.9 miles – okay I am just doing 3 miles… I can do that in 25 minutes if I push a little harder…. I guess I should do a 5k… WAIT how long is a 5K 3.1 or 3.5… OH NOO quick GOOGLE!!! !
3.0 miles – (running & googling in gym parking lot) “how long is a 5k run”… COME ON GOOGLE!!!!
Oh I was right 3.1 SPRINTTTTTTT you’re almost done!
3.1 miles – 26minutes. not bad… definitely red faced…

delayed (2 day delay) reaction screen shot

delayed (2 day delay) reaction screen shot

Incase you were wondering I did not do the squats prior to the GPP back workout, sorry Neil! My legs were not up for it. But I did do the chin ups (using a red & black band) and all the heavy back lifts. I LOVE lifting back, and bent barbell rows are likely my weakest back link, so it was good to practice on a weak area after doing a great run!

GPP chin Ups

getting some chin up definition

I am hoping to do another run before my workout today (hopefully writing this wednesday night gives me that boost) depending on how my legs & head/brain feel. I finally felt like I was able to stop thinking about life and just relax when running this distance on Tuesday.

I find with longer harder (for me) runs my mind starts to focus on the negative, when I really just need to think happy thoughts.

 I am VERY happy I didn’t do Tuesdays squats, as Wednesday’s workout was very squat heavy and I don’t think I could’ve kept up.Wednesday’s workout was AMAZING. I cannot wait to share a little about it with you soon!

Have a Thoughtful Thursday Friends!

What are some of your running or workout thoughts?
Ever feel like your brain was going to explode?

Marvelous 6 mile Run

What A Weekend!

First I have to start with a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad! I would not be the person I am today without his constant support, encouragement and reliable driving skills! I am truly honored to have such an amazing guy in my life as a role model and cheerleader!

2012-06-29 17.23.04 IMG_2967

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you enjoy your day!

Moving on…I cannot believe it is already Monday and a very busy week is ahead of me. Which is exciting, exhausting & marvelous!

Friday Night Fro-Yo is definitely a marvelous start to the weekend!

Friday Night Fro-Yo is definitely a marvelous start to the weekend!

This weekend was a fun one, like I said yesterday I am feeling like I have found some friends here in Rockford which makes living her not so horrible any more 😉

Plus a random SnapChat from a friend is always wonderful!

Plus a random SnapChat from a friend is always wonderful!

Saturday Brent and I were extremely lazy… have you ever had a day where even after a full nights rest you still just want to sleep all day? Well that is what happened Saturday. I slept in, took naps and just lounged all day watching Spiderman, Iron Man 1 &2. It was great!

IMG_6969 IMG_6998

Then we headed to dinner with some of the girls I have met through the gym and working out in the morning. Most of the girls have been friends for a while so being the new girl was a little ify at times but over all it was great! We got some awesome sushi & I had my FIRST Oberon of the year. Summer is just around the corner y’all!


Sunday morning I had plans to get up early and go for a run with Amy. After waking up and moving slow I decided to blog a bit before hitting the road. Then I finally just told myself to GO! I have told you all before that I am not a runner and I hold true to that statement so going out for a run is not something I typically enjoy.

However I have also made a goal to run 4 races this year and would like to challenge myself by running different distances each race. (more details later)… So I have been challenging myself with my runs working up from 1miles to 4miles last Saturday. This Saturday’s Sundays plan was 6 miles, and I wasn’t going to run them sitting on my couch.

First Outdoor Run 2014 #runhappy

So off I went, no real direction in mind, or a mapped out distance I just figured I would run and once I reached 3 miles I would head towards home. Well this plan was short lived when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to cross the street I had planned to cross #runfail. So I made a turn a couple dead ends and magically turned the corner toward home with 0.5miles left to go! I knew it was at least a half mile to home and was completely relieved.

This of course ended up being the windiest part of my run. The whole thing I was running into the wind but it was not so strong I couldn’t move, this last 0.5miles just about threw me on my butt. I put my head down and charged forward & finished the run! Other than the wind it was so nice to be outside enjoying the fresh air and some sunshine.



It wasn’t the best of times, and I had to stop a couple times to catch my breath & turn around, but overall I am so proud of finishing that run & doing it by myself! I had never ran 6miles before In.My.Life so this was huge for me. I only have up to go from here and we all have to start somewhere.

Next time, no walking!

The rest of sunday was spent prepping for the week, making dinner and then watching IronMan3.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!
What did you do this weekend?
Have any running tips?

Runners Image a Side by Side!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Yesterday I mentioned that I needed a new pair of tennis shoes since I wore my old tennis shoes out 😦

Well I have been trying to wear the shoes I have in my closet but let me just tell y’all, All Shoes Are NOT Created Equal. 

Casual, lifting, "old" running, comfy, foot heaven… NOT all workout appropriate!

Casual, lifting, “old” running, comfy, foot heaven… NOT all workout appropriate!

So needless to say I haven’t had much luck with the shoes in my closet working out. And lately have noticed that my feet have been really aching and sore, not to mention started to get a blister on my heel… SO I told myself (& Brent) that once my tax return came in I could get a new pair of workout shoes. I decided to get some running-specific shoes right now as thats where my feet seem to take the most beating.

Runners Image

I had never been to Runners Image before but if you live in the Rockford area I would DEFINITELY recommend them. They were very knowledgable, helpful and professional. I am a very picky shoe buyer and have tried on probably 15 shoes in the past 3 weeks while thinking about getting a new pair.

After a quick 5 minute run down on my feet, the types of workouts I do, how my feet react with running (I am pretty neutral arched but pronate more than I’d like when I run), what kind of shoe I was looking for (light weight, supportive, not too supportive, light weight!!!); my shoe guy said “I think I’ve got the shoe for you!”

20185-1_1_700x700 mizuno-running-mens-wave-sayonara-410535-pri-4Y9D

I tried on a couple different pairs of the same brand of shoe, Saucony. I felt like I had a good shoe but I saw he had a Mizuno box on the side. I asked if he would show me those shoes, because I like to know my options. I tried on the Mizuno’s and my feet were in a complicated state! The Saucony’s felt great but these Mizuno’s felt great too!!! WHATS A GIRL TO DO???

Well this girl is a side-by-side shoe buyer. YEP you heard it, I put one of each on and walked around the store. Its the only way I can make a decision between two shoes. & I am the.most indecisive person ever. So on went the two different shoes and I still couldn’t decide…


My Shoe Guy asked “tell me what you feel? Which one is more transparent?”

This was the golden ticket!!! Before he asked this I was telling him the differences that I noticed such as heel height, drop, cushioning, stability… but I did not tell him which one felt better. When he asked me to tell him the “transparency” of the shoe I immediately said “Mizuno.”

winner winner!!!

winner winner!!!

These shoes feel like clouds on my foot. They felt like I was getting maximal stability and support without having a thick upper or heavy sole. I also liked that they had a more traditional drop, since I am a novice runner I wanted something that my foot/legs would be confident running in.

The Saucony’s I tried on were considered a running flat as had a very minimal heel-drop. While they were very comfortable in the store I was scared my body would start to revolt after a few runs. They would be a pair I’d go to in the future, once I get a better running rhythm and pace!

I had my first workout in the new Mizuno’s yesterday and my feet felt GREAT!!! I have every intention to reserving these shoes for primarily running workouts and was hesitant to the GPP workout of the day which included lunges & jumps in them but I figured 1/3 of the workout was running and I had to find out how they felt on my feet.


 The GPP workout was a KILLER. but my feet didn’t know the difference. I felt secure and stable during each aspect of the workout and actually had to tie my shoes TIGHTER during the workout! I cannot say enough how I felt supported through my heel and arch without feeling like I had shoes on my feet.

I am really happy with my purchase and cannot wait to do more workouts in these bad boys!


Are you a picky shoe buyer?
What’s your favorite shoe right now?
Lightweight or Cushion which would you pick?