Italian Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan

Have you ever bought something because everyone loves it but you’ve never really been a fan and decided you needed to try it again?

Italian Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan

Well, that happened last week when we were at the grocery store. We saw eggplants and bought not one but two. I’ve tried to make something eggplanty once before and it did not go well. I didn’t like the taste, texture or anything about it. Honestly it could’ve been the recipe, my cooking skills, or just me but regardless it was bad, and that caused my relationship with eggplants to take a turn for the worse.

I wanted to love them because everyone talks about how good and good for you they are, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t bring myself to buy a vegetable that I knew I didn’t like, much less didn’t know how to prepare.

So last week when I found myself with not one but two eggplants in my vegetable drawer you can imagine my disbelief and bewilderment. Yes I bought the two purple vegetables myself but I had no idea what to do with them. I figured I would just slice them up and toss them on the grill, thats what I do with all my other vegetables and it works.

Italian Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan

Well the advice from many of my patients discouraged me from doing that so by friday night I was sick of staring at the suckers and decided I had to cook them, NOW!

I decided I would make “stuffed eggplants” but first I had to run to the store to grab the last of my spur of the moment ingredients, some fresh herbs  and some feta cheese.

While I really had no ideaaaa what I was doing I just went with it and figured it out along the way… the way all good things are made! After some stirring, browning and baking they were done, smelled and looked delicious. #winning

Italian Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan

Friday nights dinner was indeed delicious, stuffed eggplant with salmon and grilled squash = too much food, but oh so good! I was happily impressed with my eggplant creation but it wasn’t until Saturday when Brent ate the last 1/2 for lunch and exclaimed “Man I am sad the eggplant is gone…” that I knew I made a true winner!

So I recreated the recipe on Sunday to 1. make sure it was delicious and 2. photograph it for you!

Italian Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan

I am happy to say that the recipe is truly delicious and now that I’ve had eggplant 3 of the past 4 days I can say my initial reaction to the vegetable has taken a change for the better!


p.s. I know 10 steps is wayyy more than my usual recipe but I promise this is an easy recipe to make just has a few extra steps in there! 

Tell me about a bad vegetable experience?
What’s your favorite way to eat eggplant?


Keep It Tight with ProCompression

As a Physical Therapist working with people of all different fitness levels, athletic desires and aspirations I get asked a LOT of questions about the newest and “best” fitness gear. One of the questions I get asked most often is “compression therapy” via socks, shorts and sleeves. I have a hard time recommending, supporting or refuting fitness gear that I have not personally tried myself. I just do not feel comfortable because with my luck that patient/friend/family member is going to come back and blame me for something working or not working for them.

So as you can guess when I got the opportunity to try and review my own pair of ProCompression socks or sleeves as a part of my partnership with FitApproach, I jumped on the bandwagon.


I know most people used compression socks/sleeves to help recover from endurance running/training events but thats not (always) my cup of tea. I mean endurance running to me is 3 miles not 20 and endurance swimming or biking just doesn’t happen. I am much more of a lift heavy and get the run over with like yesterday (although I am learning to love to run), so I wanted to try the socks with MY workouts.

First I wore my compression socks during my 5k run last week. I felt a huge difference during my run, I felt that my legs felt fresher longer and I did not get calf cramps as quickly. Also the rest of the day my legs felt great!

Post-5k Feeling Refreshed!


Next I wore the compression socks during my GPP workout this morning. The workout included a lot of leg strengthening exercises and I was excited and interested in seeing how the socks made me feel during a strength workout. Again they made me feel a bit fresher through my workout but overall I did not find them extremely beneficial. I will say they were comfortable and if nothing else provided my shins some protection when I was lifting.

[embedplusvideo height=”940″ width=”700″ editlink=”″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=THEL6wCMVAM&width=700&height=940&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep2620″ /]

p.s. when you go heavy on thrusters with a transition to walking lunges, you are likely to fail… FACT when you go heavy on thrusters for walking lunges and video tape it you will fail twice! {{sorry about the distortion, promise I am not an oompaloompa!}}

I have not worn my compression socks post-workout for recovery. Since I workout in the morning and then go straight to work they are not the best fashion statement. I do plan on doing a run and wearing them after my run to see if they help reduce some of the DOMS I experience in my calves.

If YOU were my patient would I recommend compression therapy? Well here are the ProCompression Stats…

Key Features:
1. True Graduated Compression 
2. Arch support with just the right about of compression 
3. Stabilization zone thru the sides to mid foot. Helps provide foot bed comfort.   
4. Open toe box so it will not keep your toes to tight.  
5. Wide cuff for added comfort. 
6. Moisture wicking materials
7. No blisters!   
PRO Compression socks deliver maximum comfort and speedy recovery times. The science is complex, but benefits such as improved blood flow, stability and comfort are universally understood.  The moment you put these socks on your feet, you will feel the difference.
This design requires more effort to put on than standard socks. But it’s that extra effort and much-needed compression that make all the difference. Be patient and your feet will thank you.
True graduated compression promotes circulation by pushing fluid up from your feet and ankles to toward your knees. This design also helps reduce swelling and inflammation while providing critical support to muscles and tendons.

Now those are stats that I can stand behind. I think anything that can help decrease swelling/inflammation and support muscles & tendons is essential to our longevity.


I do not think that you need to wear them on the daily but they would be beneficial during &/or after very hard workouts or endurance events to help promote healthy tissue function. Also just because they worked best for me during some workouts does not mean they wouldn’t work better for you during another. Find what works for you and go with it!

And because FitApproach & ProCompression loves you almost as much as I do they are offering 40% off an entire purchase with the coupon code PINK ! This is great for those of you on the fence like me to try them out and see what you think!


Do you wear compression socks/sleeves?
Whats your favorite way to compress? Pre, Post, or During workout?

Totally Tabata Weekend!

Happy Monday!!!

I am convinced this week will bring happy new things. I have a busy week at work and then a fun weekend planned before VACATION!!! My grandma’s sisters & their children/grandchildren/great grandchildren are getting together next weekend for a big family reunion. We used to have family reunions every summer or every other summer but haven’t had one in a good number of years so it will be really nice to see everyone and spend time catching up.

This weekend was filled with a whole lot of everything and nothing. It felt like a “typical” weekend for once. We didn’t have to drive anywhere or do anything we just did what we wanted to do and it was blissful!

Saturday instead of hitting the gym we went to the pool for a few hours. It was the perfect pool temperature to just sit out and relax. It wasn’t too hot and had a nice breeze. I could’ve sat there ALL day, but Brent got hungry hangry so we left to go find food.

Mary's Market

Marys Market always sounds good to me and their Mandarine Chicken Wrap did not disappoint. We sat outside and watched the black birds steal food from plates left by the last customers. I love afternoons that are the perfect temperature for porch/patio sitting.

After refueling it was time to find new swim suits. Brent was able to find one in about 5 minutes at Target. While I tried on 8 at target which all were too big (whatttt) I mean apparently the only people left to need a swim suit are size XXL or XS ugh… off to Kohls, Old Navy, Dicks and then the mall. After a few department store fails I trudged into Victoria Secrets. Knowing that I would find a cute suit but also knowing it would be too expensive. WELP! I found 2 and bought them. #yolo #treatyoself Girls gotta be covered on family vacation!

When we were out, and slightly panicked, Brent found the holy grail of all things delicious. We had been looking for these delicious guys for a few weeks and had yet to find them. Well friends let me tell you, they were worth the wait. It is hard to go wrong with Peanut Butter and Chocolate but these definitely hit the mark!

Reeces Oreos

Saturday night we watched the CrossFit Games. Every summer when they are on I am super inspired by the level of fitness the athletes have. I am amazed to see the men and women throw weights like it was a 45# bar and make it all look so effortless. It is definitely an inspiring event and so much fun to watch.

Sunday started with my Pose Certification Exam. I am 100% a procrastinator and even though I’ve lived and breathed Pose for the past month I kept putting off taking the test. I have some major test anxiety and will without doubt wait until the last minute to take something (if I have my way that is).

We then went to the gym with the idea of both working out and lying out. Until we remembered (thanks a million cars!!) that there was a kids swim meet. So we just worked out. I did the GPP Straight Eights workout from Saturday and then this Tabata workout.

Totally Tabata

Squats with High Knee to Elbow – perform air squat, when you come up from the bottom of the squat position drive one knee up to your elbow performing a side crunch. Alternate knees you drive up each squat.  Retro Lunge to High Knee – step back into lunge position then transferring your weight onto the forward knee drive back leg up and into a high knee position. Alternate legs each repetition.

Set your Tabata interval timer to 8 rounds of 20on/10off (gym boss is a free app and it works great!). Then rock this workout storming each movement for the 20 seconds of work and minimize how much time you take between exercises.

Off to do our regular Sunday chores of grocery shopping and food prepping. Made an awesome recipe which I will be sharing with you this week, and watched Next Food Network Star! (we did try to hit the pool again but a BIG cloud of doom hit the pool right when we got settled…)

Make sure you head over and check out other weekend adventures!

Make sure you head over and check out other weekend adventures!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a fantastic start to your week!


Do you have big family reunions?
Have you tried the Reece’s Oreos? 

1 Month Post-Pose Running Recap

I cannot believe it has already been a solid month since I went to my Pose Running Level 1 training. It feels like the weekend was just yesterday but also seems like I’ve been incorporating the Pose methods for f.o.r.e.v.e.r.r.r.r

Since it’s my favorite word-vomit day I thought I would link up with Amanda and do some sharing!


Initially after my Pose training all I wanted to do was RUN! I could not wait to get out and run and wanted to be “The Best Pose Runner Ever.” I would do 3-4 Pose trainings a week and limited my regular GPP workouts because all I wanted to do was run. But my runs were subpar.

I was too focused on how I was doing rather than just doing. I was so focused on pose/fall/pull and maintaining forward fall. I would finish a 1-2 mile run and my calves would be hollering. For real friends they are weak and unconditioned, and I didn’t know it until now.

Dr. Romanov probably knew this a month ago…

Dr. Romanov probably knew this a month ago…

I would feel defeated after a run because although my times were decent my mind and body and lungs were not okay. I did not have any knee or hip pain after running but still something wasn’t right.

Thats when I remembered Rule Number 1… “Don’t Think, Just Run!”

Pose Method

During the next couple weeks I tried to just run, run how it felt natural and listen to my body to run the most efficiently.

I’m not going to lie to you, it still isn’t easy. I still have to snap out of it and tell myself to “Just Run,” I still have a hard time with my lungs keeping up with my body and continue to be (moderately) discouraged with my distance tolerance.

BUT, and this is a big but, my legs feel good, my runs feel good and my body feels better after my run than it ever did “pre-Pose”

I can 100% feel the difference when I run “in-Pose” versus “just running.” I can feel myself breaking with each strike and I can honestly feel increased stress through my knees and hips when I am “just running”

On Tuesday I did my first “Post-Pose” 5K. I did some warm up drills prior to running (my standard go-to favorites which I will be sharing soon!) and then off I went. I always start my run with some falling drills (usually to a light post) and then once I’ve sufficiently “fallen” I hit the road. I try to just run maintaining my forward fall and momentum which inherently causes me to “forefoot strike”

Finally 5k

Finally 5k

Once I get tired or feel myself breaking (aka heel striking) I do 10-20 high knees to “reset” my legs. This helps me increased my cadence and reinitiate that forward fall which again will make me run more in Pose.

I did have to take a short break after mile 1 to do a few pulling drills and again reset my legs. When I start back up I feel fresher and my speed often increases.

During this run at mile 3 my legs were feeling great but my lungs were not. It was hottt, humid and windy so I blame those three factors to why my last mile was a pain. I decided to “Just get your butt back to the gym” so I just ran. Again this mile was horrible, I think if I maintained my proper form I would’ve felt better during the run but I just did not have the calf endurance.

My time showed me the benefit & efficiency of my Pose Training…
Mile 1 – 8:18 – parking lot drills
Mile 2 – 8:10 – mid path drills “reset”
Mile 3 – 9:20 – just running

I continue to have moderate calf tightness day 2 after a run but that is the only problem I have. I LOVE IT!!!! I can deal with some calf tightness if my run is not going to mess my hip or back or knees up again. And I know that if any muscle in my body should be sore thats the one, the Achilles is the strongest tendon in the body and definitely could use some more strength training, apparently.

Analyzing Running takes serious concentration…

Analyzing Running takes serious concentration…

Next up in my training is to re-video myself and analyze my weaknesses so I have a long way to go to become an expert Pose Runner. Though I would say in my first month of Pose training I’ve fallen in love with the method. I am anxious to become better and more proficient at the drills and excited to be able to increase my distance without the inevitable post-run-pain!

I love this picture of the group PhotoBombing Dr. Romanov!

I love this picture of the group PhotoBombing Dr. Romanov!

For more Pose Training information or just wondering what the HECK I am talking about read my recap posts {here} and {here}. Then check out the Pose website and YouTube Channel.

Do you ever have to “reset” during a run?
Any Pose questions I can answer?

*if you would like to be connected with an Accelerated PT and Pose Coach please email me ( and I would be happy to connect you to one near you!*


Watermelon & White Chai Popsicles

Oh Do I have a treat for you today!

These Watermelon White Chai Tea Popsicles are seriously to die for. Even better they are EASY, healthy and sinfully delicious.

When I was doing all my food prep on Sunday I had some watermelon “scraps” and was trying to think of something to do with them rather than just throw them in the bowl.

Watermelon White Chai Popsicles

Instead I tossed the scraps and remaining juice in the blender and figured inspiration would come. Well friends it did! I quickly decided the watermelon would make a wonderful and refreshing popsicle thanks to Julie’s recent love for watermelon smoothies.

I added some steeped white chai tea, and a squirt of Wildflower Honey from our farmers market finds last week, into the blender.

Crossed my fingers and hoped for the best!

Watermelon White Chai Popsicle

Thankfully the combination was spot on! The watermelon was super refreshing and the white chai tea gives it a little boost of flavor, finally the honey gives you a few bursts of sweetness.


Because I don’t know how to make things mini-sized this mixture left us with 3 jars of watermelon juice… I am really excited to put some of this juice in my smoothies this week and to have it as a refreshing treat.

Watermelon White Chai Popsicles/Juice

These would be perfect on the beach or poolside for a refreshing treat!

Whats your favorite Popsicle?
What do you do with your watermelon scraps?

We All Sweat Better Together… EveryMove Review

Hey Guys!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I was given the opportunity to try and review a new app on my phone, even better its FREE!


EveryMove’s goal is to get healthy people investing in their health real-life rewards for the activities they perform! Even better it links up with other fitness applications like MapMyRun and FitBit!


I know some mornings I wake up to go to the gym and have minimal motivation. Sometimes I need a little pick me up, new fitness apparel is typically my motivation or reward for doing something good but on a daily basis a little extra happy is needed.


EveryMove is that app for me and can be that app for YOU! It lets you put in your workout and get POINTS for every move you make. When you accumulate enough points you can get discounts on fitness apparel/goods & charities. Plus you can connect with friends and share your fitness accomplishments!


Its always better to Sweat Together and EveryMove allows you to do that which is awesome.

The App is free and easy to use so get to downloading, friend me & get your sweat on!


What fitness apps do you use?
Have you tried EveryMove?

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday!!

I am sure most of you are bored of them but for some reason I really enjoy writing weekend recaps. Especially on the weekends when there isn’t anything really “exciting” going on, it helps me realize the small things in life and enjoy each day a little more.

So lets get to it!

Saturday started with plans to meet up with Becky for my first AdvoCare event! I was super excited to meet my first blogger friend #blend. I’ve followed Becky’s blog for a while and we recently started chatting more as we both have a love for Advo! Lucky for Becky I didn’t go “all PT” on her when she limped in to the building 🙂 just got to give her some Pro20 next time.


The event was amazing! As someone who’s workouts regularly include lifting heavy weights it was nice to learn about the Performance line. They helped me answer a lot of my “Why?” questions and definitely pumped me up to try the line in the near future!

It's A Boy

It’s A Boy

After the event I raced back to Rockford and met up with Brent to head to see his family. His cousin is pregnant and they had a gender reveal party. It was nice to see his family again as we haven’t seen them in a while and it was really nice to see how excited everyone was for Billie Jo & Josh.

I took full advantage of sitting outside and socializing in the SUN! This girl has been stuck inside too much this summer and needed some rays. The weather was pretty much perfect, minus the bugs 😉


We headed home and hit a local italian restaurant because Brent wanted Pizza. I had heard nothing but good things about Lino’s from my patients so we went there. The pizza was really good and definitely worth going back to.

Sunday started with some work before heading to the gym. I was bummed I missed the GPP workout on Saturday so I knew that would be the perfect Sunday task. Power Cleans and Clean & Jerks are two hard moves for me to master so I was pretty happy with myself for getting them both down! I posted a video to my Instagram account so head over HERE to check it out.

Post Workout Smile!!!

Post Workout Smile!!!

(p.s. thanks Candice for the tip after my lift ;)! Sometimes what feels “easy” is the right way to do it… next time I’ll separate!)

We did our grocery shopping because our fridge was in dire need of some food. After getting all our groceries I spent sometime in the kitchen chopping, balling and massaging all the food to have easy to make salads for lunch and dinner all week. We bought some new to us veggies including Sugarkiss Melon, Honey Melon, Swiss Chard, Sweet Yama Potatoes, Zucchini flowers & Dandelion Leaves (we bought these once before). I love trying new veggies but it also makes me a little nervous, we were being very adventurous this week 😉

Food Prep

I know that spending two hours in the kitchen on a Sunday sounds like a lot of time but I promise you all it will save you time during the week!

Sunday finished off with plans to make dinner, and relax the night away. We are hoping for some big news this week so please keep your fingers crossed for us! 🙂


Make sure you pop on over and check out what everyone else did this weekend.


Did you food prep this weekend?
Do you have a lift that’s your weakest link?

Tips for the Picture Perfect Salad

Have you ever made a salad with seriously delicious flavors, and have a vision of it being amazing and picture perfect. Only to take a picture and see a big mess of (delicious) food.

OR have you ever recreated a salad from a cookbook or pinterest recipe and yours turns out completely different then the one on the recipe?

Well I don’t know about you but BOTH of these situations are the story of my life.

I so often make a salad that has amazing components, delicious flavors and seems very colorful only for the picture to be a big mess of everything and nothing close to being picturesque.

Picture Perfect

Oh So Delicious but Oh Not So Pretty…

The food blogging community definitely has some talented individuals and I think my mouth salivates each time I see a delicious salad with each component perfectly displayed in the picture.

Over 4th of July I mentioned that I needed to take a “how to make a pretty salad class” so that when I made my salads they would look as pretty as they tasted.

Picture Perfect Salad

Thus I set out to make “The Picture Perfect Salad” so here are a few tips that I used last week when making this amazing Grilled Beet & Salmon Salad.

1. Solid Ingredient List

Starting with a good base of ingredients will definitely help make your salad photograph better. I used a base of Kale and knew my toppings would include sweet potatoes, beets and Salmon.

2. Pretty Dish

Every meal looks better on a pretty dish that complements the meal. I don’t really have much of a choice with what dish I use when I take pictures of my food because I only have two different colors of plates and a few different bowls. BUT making sure that the food looks pretty on a pretty plate/bowl will help make the picture better.
Oh and good lighting, definitely good lighting… this goes for all food photography thought.

3. Treat your Greens

One of the things I find ruins the beauty of my salad is when I put the dressing on the finished product and THEN toss it around. Instead I found that by dressing the greens the salad has flavor, the toppings maintain their flavor and the pictures are better!

4. Layer Your Flavors

Once the greens are dressed and placed on the plate/bowl then start layering the flavors of toppings. Both small and large toppings should be placed around the salad to ensure that each bite has a bit of every topping. Always include something sweeter and something crunchy… in my book that is!

5. Cherry On Top

Placing your protein or star attraction on the top of the salad gives a focal point and draws your eye. If you think about a McDonalds commercial (not a fan just using an example) or restraint salad, they always display the chicken or protein on top of the bed of greens.

6. Devour!

Obviously the best part of any picture perfect salad!

Note I am still not a perfect salad maker but I have definitely gotten better & these are just a few tips that I found helpful for me. 

Now lets practice! Make this super delicious summer Salmon Salad for dinner TONIGHT!



Linking up with Jenn because this salmon salad would be good on any Wednesday!

How do you make a pretty salad?
Are you a Salmon fan? I could eat it every day right now! 

Sister Weekend

Happy Monday!

It’s a very happy monday for me cause I have the day off, so today will be spent relaxing, sunning, and recovering from one Marvelous weekend!

As Always Thank You Katie for hosting

As Always Thank You Katie for hosting

My older sister came to town Friday night to spend the weekend with us. She got in late friday night so other than finding her food our night was super uneventful.

Saturday kicked off with breakfast!! I love making breakfast now that I’ve semi-mastered the protein pancake and love that you can really make this meal off of the bare-minimum in your pantry. I made my version of throw-everything-in-the-bowl protein pancakes with this recipe in my head.



Then we headed to Beloit to go to the farmers market. I have heard that the Beloit farmers market is amazing, so off we went. I love farmers markets, looking at the unique crafts and items along with all the fresh produce. We wondered around stopped and talked to a few booths before going on a hunt to find CASH! We wanted to buy some amazing popcorn but needed cash so after a minor detour we were back on track.

Farmers Market Finds

Farmers Market Finds

Our farmers market finds ended up in Strawberry Popcorn, Honey and KALE!! It was a random combination of finds but seriously delicious.

We then headed to a late lunch at the Brewery, followed by some wine drinking, wedding planning and socializing at our house for a few hours.

Poached Salmon Salad!

Poached Salmon Salad!

Stephannie and I were able to hammer out a few wedding details to help me feel like I had my head around the whole thing and put some plans in place! I feel so much better about what we have to do and thoughts on different parts of the wedding, so now when people ask me I don’t feel like I’ll have to say “we’ve done nothing…”

Saturday night we headed to a mexican restaurant for dinner. On our way there was some amazing heat lightning followed by some rain, nothing major considering the rain that we have experienced lately.

We ordered dinner and drinks. Obviously a instagram picture of our margaritas was in order, but when I went to grab the glass it slipped, broke and returned to standing position in a matter of 2seconds. Honestly the glass was already back in standing before I even realized what happened and that it was broken. THANKFULLY I didn’t cut myself and they brought us a new drink, phew!


Right after our dinner was served the rain and storm really picked up. The wind was really strong and the lights started to flicker, then they went out, turned back on, and finally went out for good. We all were dying laughing and quickly turned our phone flashlights on to eat by candlelight flashlight-light.


I think we laughed more than we ate for the majority of our meal, our waiter didn’t know what to do with himself and joined us at our table for a little while. Finally he said they weren’t able to access the internet to have us pay so dinner was FREE!! #winning (we gave him a good tip!) Thankfully we had power when we got home.

Sunday started with some tech-work. Stephannie worked on reformatting parts of my blog, we added a lot more Alice In Wonderland references (if you didn’t catch that my blog name is a play on Alice In Wonderland, I guess you do now!) and tweaked some of the parts of the site that bothered me before. There are still some changes that I want to make but that will come with time.


While Stephannie was working over here, I was working on a fitness program for her. She is an exercise novice so I stuck with mostly bodyweight exercise and workouts that she could do at home. We did a 3 day split (lower body, cardio/abs, upper body) and I would be happy to share that with you all if you’re interested.

Photo Demos

Photo Demos

Finally it was time to drive Stephannie to the city. She was coming to Illinois for a conference in Chicago so off to Lincoln Park we went!

Sunday night was spent finishing some blog-updates and watching TV. AKA total bum status.

Hope you had a marvelous weekend,

What did you do this weekend?
Have you ever ate by camera-light?

"What Are You Training For?"

As a disclaimer I am not putting anyone down, belittling or discouraging having a training goal, I am rather just sharing an empowering moment in my life during a time where I am not training for a specific goal. 

Something crazy happened a week ago.

I was shocked, searching for words and finding the best answer I was able to think of, little did I know that this answer would be a very defining one.

A week ago after a workout and a Pose training session with a friend a random gym-goer asked my friend and I a somewhat shocking question.

“What are you training for?”

My friend answered honestly and proudly “A marathon” (her 11th!!).

He smiled and said “thats awesome!! What are you training for?” Looking at me square in the face obviously waiting for an answer.

I flubbed and somewhat sarcastically said “life!” I laughed a little, slightly unsure of my answer until it hit me, “I am training to do whatever the hell I want, I am training for life!”

The guy laughed and said “thats awesome, a great answer”

What are you training for

That morning I had caught myself comparing myself to the other ladies around me. I found myself thinking positive and negative thoughts about myself and my fitness level along with feeling encouraged and discouraged about the path that I am currently on.

I find myself striving to reach sooo many goals and feeling extremely torn between them all. In the past week my goals have floundered between becoming a better runner through Pose, lifting heavier weights, being more dedicated and strict with GPP, finding a yoga practice… and the list goes on.

But in that moment I realized that I don’t need to be a bodybuilder or a marathon runner, I don’t need to be the “best” GPPer or a yogi to be the best me! 

My definition of health is not a number, an achievement or a measurable outcome rather my definition of health revolves around the way I feel and that is truly all that matters.

Yes, I strive to kill it in the gym each day.  Yes, I try to eat healthy and clean. I am not training to be a fitness model, marathoner, bodybuilder, or olympic athlete… While I think having muscles are cool, I really am training to live the best life I can and if being the healthiest me is going to help then you are damn right thats what I want.

Why do I have to train for a marathon, half marathon or body building competition to be training. Cant I train for life and take those other opportunities as another hurdle?


Linking up with Amanda for some thursday training thoughts!


How do you define health?
What would your answer be to “what are you training for?”