Why I Love Working Out With Friends

Happy Tuesday Wednesday

I swear Monday holiday’s completely screw up my brain for the whole week!

In the past week I have had some amazing workout experiences. I love when a workout goes from “a workout” to “amazing” in a hot second. As a Physical Therapist I am fortunate enough to get the reward of helping people everyday and challenging people to push through new exercises that they previously didn’t think they could perform.

But as soon as I step out of my work cloths and into the gym I am “just another exercise fanatic” and I love that! But every once and a while something extra special happens, something that makes you leave the gym and feel so much fuller and so much more satisfied than if you performed that same workout alone.

Last Wednesday I mentioned how my workout was amazing & I said I would share the deets later. Well its later friends! Last wednesdays GPP workout was one that killed me the first time around, I had just really started to push my weight limits and transition from the prescribed “female” weight to “male” weight. Lets just say I died, and was pretty worried about this workout as it came up again.

Run Complexes


My new workout buddy S, was ready to storm the workout with me. After 4 rounds, some modifications, and a lot of sweat we were at 28minutes of a 30 minute cap.
I told him I was going for it, I was going to try to finish even if it meant exceeding 30 minutes.
2 rounds in he hit a wall, close to failure, I picked up my bar and pushed through round 3, S saw me gritted his teeth and picked that bar up, while stuttering a few heart felt remarks about how amazing i am.
After round 3 it was my turn I hit a wall (thought I) couldn’t finish, was dead, no more… Then I look over and S picked up that bar and exclaimed “you got me over the 1/2 way mark no turning back now”…
I marched right over to that bar said “ughhh” and picked up that bar and grunted, groaned and lofted through round 4 and 5.

Sweaty post-complex picture was definitely in order!

Sweaty post-complex picture was definitely in order!

At the end I felt exhilarated. We both pushed each other at the time we needed it the most and challenged each other through challenging ourselves.
that’s the best you guys!!!
Neither of us were forcing each other to finish, we both completely understood that ending where we did was completely understandable, we had killed it. but quitting wasn’t an option.

Without S that day I would never have finished.

Yesterday something similar but different happened. I saw on of my locker room buddies head to the cardio machine and grabbed her and told her “S come do this workout with me” she had nothing to say but “okay” (see Neil my GPP training taught me something, be direct!)… I set her up with a KB and showed her the moves, this was perfect time for me to catch my breath mid workout too ;)…

Now (this) S is a huge inspiration and has lost a bunch of weight in the past year or so, and continues to exercise and work her hardest. I love when she joins me for a workout and I can put some different fitness on her. I also love to see the look on her face when I show her what she is going to do and then she see that can do it!!! Seriously no better feeling!!

So S did 1/2 of Tuesdays workout with me, with modified weight and then I showed her some tricks to improving her squat, some of my favorite core exercises and some other tricks to make Tuesday’s workout a little easier for her.

Modified to Running High Knees as jumping still isn't okay with my hip

Modified to Running High Knees as jumping still isn’t okay with my hip {{SOURCE}}

I could’ve done Tuesday’s workout in a faster time, I could’ve shown her once and then moved on but the fact that I spent the extra 20 minutes showing her some extra moves, techniques and tips was SO worth it. I love to see the confidence shine through someones eyes when they realize that they can perform a previously challenging exercise without pain or with increased ease.

It is SO worth it!!! and it makes my workout so much more valuable!

This is not only why I went in to PT but also why I love GPP and working out with friends. I not only find motivation in myself but I am able to draw so much motivation from those around me, of all fitness levels.

Have you ever been inspired by someone during your workout?
Tell me your favorite workout story!


Lyft Your Expectations

Happy Memorial Day!

I am proud to live in this country and have so many people sacrifice themselves to serve and honor our country. I am especially proud to be the granddaughter of a pretty great Veteran as well.


Make sure to take a moment today to disconnect and remember the reason for this holiday weekend.

Last week through my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship I was given the opportunity to review PureLyft Stir Sticks

I was provided two Lyft Sticks free of charge in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

I was provided PureLyft Sticks free of charge in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

“Lyft Energy Stir Sticks are innovative “clean caffeine” energy product infused with all natural caffeine and vitamins that provide a sophisticated energy experience”(Source)

The sticks are zero calories, and can be used in any beverage!

I used my first stick in cold water before the start of a long work day. I normally drink plain water and am sensitive to different flavors or tastes in my water so the addition of the Lyft Stick was a little too sweet and unnatural to me. I added in a herbal tea bag and made an “iced” tea which was great. I loved the addition of flavor and the little boost of energy that I got from the Lyft Stick. I did not notice any extreme energy boost but rather a long-lasting energy Lyft that helped me power through a busy morning and meeting.

PureLyft with a side of chocolate oats!

PureLyft with a side of chocolate oats!

I used the second stick in a Starbucks half green and half passion-fruit iced tea. This was the perfect combination for me. The iced tea provided a refreshing flavor and the Lyft stick added again a long-lasting energy Lyft all morning. I really enjoyed the long lasting energy boost that the Lyft stick provided without the feeling of a huge caffeine spike.


I usually drink a coffee or tea 2-3 times per week and have a pre-workout 5days a week before my morning workouts so I would say that I take in a good amount of caffeine (without really realizing this before this post). With that being said these energy sticks were not as “strong” as my normal caffeine intake but they did the job. I did not feel at all jittery or overly energized rather I felt that I had some long term energy.

These would be a great addition to my work desk for those days that I need a little boost but don’t need to spend the $$$ on a Starbucks drink. I also love that they can be added into ANY drink hot or cold. I think my next stick will be used with a smoothie 🙂

I definitely have plans to buy some in the future and encourage you to as well, if they sound appealing to you.

For more information on PureLyft check out their website here.

Have you ever tried PureLyft?
What are your plans for Memorial Day? we plan on relaxing some more and probably grilling tonight. 

Pin It Party!!!

I love Lindsay’s Pin Parties however I always seem to be a day late to the party. #fasionablylate #justtardy

So I am popping in today for a quick pin it party extravaganza! I hope you enjoy going back at some of my favorite posts as of late!


Flax Power Scone

Flax Power Scones –  have you tried them yet?? they are amazing!

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 Flaxseed Energy Balls – okay I might have a flax recipe obsession!

Spinach Stuffed Chicken

Spinach Stuffed Chicken – a non-flax but equally delicious meal!


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Female Athlete Triad

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550x550xpin-it-party-e1390186029146.jpg.pagespeed.ic.AEAEb4x03EMake sure you head over to The Lean Green Bean and check out the rest of the pin it party going on. You definitely don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Friends!
I am beyond excited for the long weekend even though I am sure it will go by too fast!


Brain Explosion and Running Thoughts

Lots Of Thoughts….

I think my brain is going to explodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

Okay explode might be an exaggeration, unless you talked to me wednesday (alllllll day) when I felt like my head was seriously going to explode.

Otherwise there is just a lot of information, stress, thoughts and things I am trying to work through floating around in this pretty little head of mine 🙂


Lets talk gym thoughts… I have a lot of them regularly and since I am in a thinking mood of late lets share!

Tuesday I jumped at the opportunity to go for a solo run outside. The weather was gorgeous and my legs were telling me to run after Monday’s GPP workout.

During my run I was amazed with how many thoughts went through my head… I told you my brain is a scary place right now… ok always.


Make sure to stop over and say HEY to Spoons and read other Thursday Thoughts!

0.0miles – Hmm where should I go? Okay I’ll go this way and run to the high school, that can’t be too far right??
0.5 miles – Oh right Bell School is a long road… maybe I’ll just run around until I figure out how far this is…
0.8 miles – okay I can run through the parking lot of Farm & Fleet and then figure out where I am going.
1.0 miles – feeling pretty good but where to go now… woah that was a fast mile, 8:05, wish I could maintain that speed…
1.1 miles – I need better music, Pandora is not cutting it… ((I proceeded to drop my phone in the parking lot.. OOPS!))
1.3 miles – oops guess I am gonna do some trail running on the grass, hope I don’t twist my ankle, that would be just perfect, I can just see it now teaching patients exercises on crutches…
1.5 miles – I am glad I did that Yoga last night, it felt pretty good to just stretch and my back is feeling better now
2.0 miles – kept good time, 8:18, GO ME! Closer to my “normal” speed… I wonder if I look like I am running or just walking fast… I don’t feel like I am moving even though I know I am… why am I even thinking about this… Okay Allison new topic, GO!
2.1 miles – I am definitely NOT doing jump squats or even squats today… this definitely counts as my squat warm up… I think Neil would agree… I hope he would agree… He would probably just tell me to do the squat too… okay okay, I guess I’ll do the squats…
2.3 miles – I wish I could take a picture of myself when running to see what I looked like… I need a running buddy as crazy as me to take pictures of me… timer when running definitely wouldn’t work… hmmm
2.4 miles – hmm apartments, leasing, I need an apartment… these look nice, I wonder how much they cost, if they do short-term leases… I could walk to the gym.. that would be nice… I’ll call (look at phone, 6:20am) haha maybe not now…
2.5 miles – (turns corner) oomph that cherry blossom definitely just killed me. I cannot believe how bad my allergies are this year, I can seriously feel my sinus swelling. RUN GO FAST RUN AWAY!!!
2.7 miles – I think I’ll just do 3… that sounds like a good number, plus I don’t want to think of a 4th mile to run, that just sounds like too much… Okay 3 miles it is. Lets pick up the pace…
2.8 miles – (looking at pace on phone)… HOW am I going that fast, I can’t believe that my legs are even moving this quickly right now. Thats surprising, if only I could do this for longer periods of time.
2.9 miles – okay I am just doing 3 miles… I can do that in 25 minutes if I push a little harder…. I guess I should do a 5k… WAIT how long is a 5K 3.1 or 3.5… OH NOO quick GOOGLE!!! !
3.0 miles – (running & googling in gym parking lot) “how long is a 5k run”… COME ON GOOGLE!!!!
Oh I was right 3.1 SPRINTTTTTTT you’re almost done!
3.1 miles – 26minutes. not bad… definitely red faced…

delayed (2 day delay) reaction screen shot

delayed (2 day delay) reaction screen shot

Incase you were wondering I did not do the squats prior to the GPP back workout, sorry Neil! My legs were not up for it. But I did do the chin ups (using a red & black band) and all the heavy back lifts. I LOVE lifting back, and bent barbell rows are likely my weakest back link, so it was good to practice on a weak area after doing a great run!

GPP chin Ups

getting some chin up definition

I am hoping to do another run before my workout today (hopefully writing this wednesday night gives me that boost) depending on how my legs & head/brain feel. I finally felt like I was able to stop thinking about life and just relax when running this distance on Tuesday.

I find with longer harder (for me) runs my mind starts to focus on the negative, when I really just need to think happy thoughts.

 I am VERY happy I didn’t do Tuesdays squats, as Wednesday’s workout was very squat heavy and I don’t think I could’ve kept up.Wednesday’s workout was AMAZING. I cannot wait to share a little about it with you soon!

Have a Thoughtful Thursday Friends!

What are some of your running or workout thoughts?
Ever feel like your brain was going to explode?

Finding Peace with Restorative Yoga

Holy moly I think each month keeps going faster. I realize that it is “only” May 19th but I swear it was just Easter, I don’t understand how the days/weeks/months can go so fast.

It seems when you have a lot on your mind hours and days seem to just speed by faster than you could imagine. I also think when undergoing adversity life has a way of standing still but speeding by at lightning speed.

Over the past few weeks life has definitely been stressful and on edge. I work all day and try to put my game face on so that I can heal my patients the best way possible. And its harddd to heal when you are down and blue so being a positive energetic person is number one. However most of my patients can see straight through me, and make me spill.

I try so hard to hide my feelings and show that I am there 100% for them, but the funny thing about life is that even when I think I am the “healer” these people I am healing are healing me more than ever. Their words and actions help me find some calm and my inner happy but its still up to me.

At the end of a long day, coming home and having to figure it all out definitely can put a strain on the brain. Last night I had a little break down, I got some news that definitely frustrated me, and frankly I broke down and didn’t know what to do.

I cried, vented, made & ate dinner and then thought “what now?”

I decided that I could either drink a glass (or two) of wine and likely regret it in the morning… OR do something for my health and declutter my brain for a few minutes.

After a long day and stressful evening some restorative yoga to calm my mind & body was just what I needed. I am definitely not a #yogi but this 40 minute stretching and breathing session was right up my alley! Kept my mind on the task at hand and let me disconnect from the stress that life has handed me. Some days positive thinking does the trick, other days a 40 minute break from life to recenter and refocus is JUST what this #doctor ordered! After reading #yogaandcreativity I knew I needed to add more #yoga in my life!

After a long day and stressful evening some restorative yoga to calm my mind & body was just what I needed. I am definitely not a #yogi but this 40 minute stretching and breathing session was right up my alley! Kept my mind on the task at hand and let me disconnect from the stress that life has handed me. Some days positive thinking does the trick, other days a 40 minute break from life to recenter and refocus is JUST what this #doctor ordered!

I found a free restorative yoga video which sounded like JUST what I needed. I have a very hard time letting go of my thoughts, brain and mind when meditating or relaxing, so this guided meditation through stretch and stillness was exactly what I needed to free my mind and body.

I felt tension sink away through my spine and legs, I felt stress peel off my back and muscles, and I felt ease and calm come over me.

I didn’t solve all of todays troubles or problems, I didn’t even attempt to. But I did find some calm and ease with the situation that I have to face. Life will throw curve balls and speed bumps, but its how you handle them that matters.

Do you swing like crazy, do you slow down and focus, or do you swerve and miss?

Some times I do a combination of all three, and find myself still a hot mess. Yesterday I chose to slow down and focus which provided me with the peace and tranquility that I desired.

Choose Peace

Choose Peace My Friends, Namaste!

How do you find your calm?
Have you ever done a Restorative Yoga session?

Things I'm Loving Friday


This week has gone super fast, I am very glad it is the weekend and I’ll have some time to relax… hopefully!

To celebrate this wonderful week, I wanted to share some things I am loving this friday

1. Brent’s Oven Roasted Chicken

Funny story, I put Brent in charge of grocery shopping and cooking the proteins for the week on Sunday since I was going to be out of town. I received a text from him saying he put the chicken in the oven and was going to the gym. When I got home over 1 hour later the chicken was still in the oven and the oven was at 400degrees. I was very worried that we were going to have chicken-jerky.
MUCH to my surprise the boy made some AMAZING chicken. I am basically in love with this very simple, delicious preparation. I am trying to talk him into creating & writing a blog-post on it!

2. Homemade Fat-Kid Fro-Yo

Wednesday night I was not feeling great and was veryyyy tired. I finally got myself out of bed and made “dinner” which turned in to two fried eggs and homemade “fro-yo” made with greek yogurt turned fat-kid style.

homemade fro-yo

With crushed PB M&M’s & two reese’s cups. It was delicious & much less expensive than the fro-yo shop!

3. RAINNNN… not really, how about Claritin D!

Well it has been raining here, on again off again, hot & humid to cool and cloudy. My sinuses and brain definitely are having a hard time keeping up with all the changes in the environment and pressure.
I hate feeling foggy and unenergetic so I ran to the store and bought some Claritin D which has seemed to help!

4. Edamame Hummus

While on said shopping trip I picked up a container of Edamame Hummus. I love trying different flavors of Hummus so this was a welcomed change with some Wheat Thins! YUMM!!! perfect afternoon snack 🙂

edamame hummus

5. Scone Pizza

I LOVEEE when anyone makes my recipe but I was even more excited when my patient brought in this HUGEE fruit pizza and told me he used my Flax Power Scone recipe as the base! It was absolutely delicious and an amazing idea. I cannot wait to recreate this for my next potluck or party!

Power Scone Pizza

6. Morning Hugs & Afternoon Lunches

The past couple mornings I have not wanted to go to work so have received extra hugs from Brent before heading out the door! ALSO he has stopped by and had lunch with me twice this week. The major bonus was him bringing me Jasons Deli yesterday. the man knows the way to my heart 🙂

7. Hawg’n, Swinger & Wiped

Ahhh GPP you knew exactly when I needed something new and hit a home run 3 times in a week! I was definitely in the need/mood to change some things up so a new to me workout Hawg’n was JUST what the doctor ordered! Followed by two challenging but rewarding workouts of pull up practice and core domination brought me back from my mini-workout rut!


8. Yoga + Creativity Winner!!!

Congratulations Sa Collins on winning the giveaway! Please email me at allisoninwellnessland@gmail.com to receive your copy of yoga+creativity. Winner was chosen at random via rafflecopter, thank you to everyone who entered!
Remember if you didn’t win you can buy the book Here!!

PHEWW I have lots of things that I am loving this week.

What are you loving lately?
Have any non-nutritious but simply delicious dinners lately?

Best. Complement. EVER!

If you know much about me, you know that my rear-end is not very large or in charge. Rather it is very flat and pathetic.


In the past year and a half I have strived to squat lower, longer, heavier to gain a larger backside. It has taken a LONGGG time and very little growth has occurred but my squats have gotten stronger and deeper and results have started to creep up on me.

I Heart Squats

I have my days where I look in the mirror and thing “DAYYYUMMMM my butt looks good” this usually lasts approximately 5 minutes until I see a nicer rear-end or my pants stretch out (dang sitting & standing all day long).

Monday I put on my work pants and thought “nice BUTT Allison, good work!”

I then sent this message to Brent…


&&& HE AGREED!!!!! Brent is most definitely a BUTT man and loves a nice squat butt, which I very obviously do NOT have, so this was a huge complement to my little booty-ego.

Later in the day I had a patient who apparently was checking out mine (and my coworkers) rear-ends the whole time in the clinic. When I was told about this Tuesday I exclaimed

“HE DID!!!! I thought my butt looked good yesterday too!!!!!”

Yep… probably the only.person.ever to get so excited that someone complemented the size of their bottom.

When I would get my body fat measured at AFS, I would often hope and pray that my glut measurement went up… I am pretty sure Devon thought I was crazy, what girl wants a bigger butt?


Just proves to show that doing squats, lunges, bridges, hamstring killers, running and all the other crazy GPP workouts (in addition to lifting and my PT creations) truly help make a strong posterior-chain and gluts!

I may still have a little booty but at least it is turning a few (ok one) heads!

Still no theme song but closer than before.

Still no theme song but closer than before.

Hows that for a hump-day post 😉

Enjoy your Wednesday, I am off to the gym to do some more squats!!!

Do you have a butt complex?
Ever had a complement that made you most excited but most people wouldn’t consider a complement?

Workout Mentality – Practicing What I Preach

Happy Monday!

FIRST if you have not yet entered to win your copy of Yoga+Creativity you still have time, head over HERE to read my review and win!

As you all know I am a Physical Therapist and I tell patients all the time “if it hurts, don’t do it” OR “this is not a no pain no gain situation”

I am really good at telling patients what to do and how to do it to get better, and they get better. Partially because I give them exercises, strengthen them and educate them to use their muscles in a way they didn’t previously know to use them. Also because I use my hands to physically correct deficits they have, this is the PT magic 😉

I am really bad however, at taking all the education & voice of reason that I give my patients and put it on myself. I workout hard 5 days a week before I go to work, then I go to work and perform a rather physical job for 8 hours a day. I love that I am moving all day at work, that I get to use my hands along with my brain each day to help others, but at the end of the day I am tired. My body and muscles are tired from working out and work and I often forget to take some extra time for myself.

This includes working on my sore muscles, trying to correct my own joint alignments, and finding mental health time for me.

As a PT I think know I am extra aware of my body and the aches/pain that I have along with what is causing them. I also am the WORST at taking care of myself.

Last week Brent & I were talking and he said to me

“why don’t you just sleep in tomorrow morning, you are wearing yourself so thin, don’t you think you need a rest day”

This sent me into a little tizzy because I truly LOVE my morning workouts, I feel so much better in the morning after working out and I honestly feel that I am a better therapist when I have endorphins for breakfast. Brent gets this but he also was seeing how tired I was, how emotionally drained I was, hearing how much my hip hurt and saw that I really could use some extra sleep. What I saw was “if I don’t workout, I will feel like a failure, I can rest on the weekend.”

My workout mentality is almost as bad as my diet mentality

Exercise is my “me” time, I feel the best after a good workout, but when I am sore, tired, and mentally drained I don’t have a good workout and then I get down on myself. It can be a very vicious cycle very similarly to putting rules & restrictions on food. I have found myself classifying my workouts and this is not okay.

So I am doing something to help rectify myself. Through exercise modifications, asking for help and starting some new projects to help decrease the stress in my life.

I cannot control most things but I can control my workouts and I can workout the best way possible. So instead of beating myself up over a poor workout or decreased energy I WILL control my situation and use my time at the gym for ME not for anyone else.

Who do you exercise for?
Have you ever caught yourself putting rules on your workout?

Yoga + Creativity & GIVEAWAY!

Namaste Friends!

I am loving the spring weather and longer nights. I feel so much more productive and that there is so much more time in the day to do things I never feel I have time for, like cooking dinners, blogging and spending time practicing Yoga.

If you remember back to the beginning of the year when I said I wanted to make a conscious effort to do more yoga? Well… that hasn’t happened very well. I find found myself coming home from work and feeling lost, unmotivated and exhausted with the last thing I wanted to do was practicing something I am not the best at, something that challenges me mentally and physically and something that I do not feel I can concur… YOGA.


Yoga + CreativityAs an I’m Fit Possible Ambassador I was given the opportunity to read, practice and review Yoga + Creativity by Lacey. 

Lacey is an amazing yoga teacher and writer. Lacey has lived around the world and currently is living in one of my favorite places Australia. In addition to being the creative mind, designer & photographer behind Yoga+Creativity she blogs at The Yoga Emporium, writes for  DoYouYoga, Huffington Post and some other amazing publications.

Lacey Haynes Bio MASTER

Y+C is broken down into segments including an Intro which goes through vocabulary, definitions and tips to being successful. I LOVED this section of the book, as a fearful “yogi” having a good understanding of what I was getting myself into was really helpful to me.

She also goes through her 4 governing principles which again helped me feel comfortable turning the next page and moving forward with my self-exploration in this world of yoga. The principles are simple but powerful which is again perfect for me!

Then she explains how the book can be used and how you can get the most out of the experience. I first chose the 1 day exploration and plan on continuing with a more regular regimented program. I love to have choices so this was again a big bonus to me!


The rest of the book was separated into songwords, MOVEMENT, drawing & a closing. In each section (song, words, movement and drawing) she showed all the items you would need, started with an explanation of the Governing Energy, Intention & Chakra. Then she went through the practice of yoga, including a step by step explanation along with a time guideline for each pose/position. This again helped amateur me find my best yogi and connect with the principles presented.

I still feel silly doing yoga but with the help of Lacey I feel more empowered with the tools and tips that she gave me. In addition to this beautiful book with step by step instructions! I would have definitely spent the $20 on this book, Lacey becomes your personal yoga instructor and helps you truly connect with your best self.

Lucky for YOU Lacey is extending a free copy to one lucky reader! If you do not win or are to anxious to wait you can Head Over Here!(affiliate link) and purchase your own copy!

Best of luck to YOU ALL!!!
What’s your favorite way to Yoga?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Flax Power Scones

Right before Easter I stopped at a local market for some fuel post-workout. I saw they had “Power Scones” and was instantly intrigued and bought one (along with 3 day old muffins for later 😉 ). The scone was awesome, it was packed with cranberries & flax, however I couldn’t help but think “I could make this and probably make it with better ingredients”

Okay so I am not a baker but I thought I could spruce a scone recipe to eliminate the heavy milk, butter and substitute some heartier flours for the typical scone flour. Well, a couple weeks went by & life took over so the scones went on the back burner. Until this weekend when I decided I would try my hand at them.

Flax Power Scones

I used this recipe from Michelle at Lace & Race as a reference and then added my own twists and tastes to make it my own & a little more like the amazing scone I had in mind. I have never made a scone before so I was a little worried about consistency & flavor.

The original recipe called for 6T of butter. I partially forgot to get butter at the store but I also did not want to use butter in the recipe, if possible. I decided to use coconut oil rather than butter in the recipe and hope for the best. I am not a fan of coconut or coconut flavored things however the flavor in coconut oil does not bother me.

Flax Power Scones


Since i have been eating these everyday and will be devouring some on this Wednesday I am linking up with Peas for some WIAW lovin! 


I made one batch using lime juice, pecans, raisins and cranberries and used a large cookie cutter to create a large scone. The second batch I made using orange juice, cranberries, pecans and chocolate chips along with using a smaller cookie cutter.

Flax Power Scones

Both batches taste delicious they are not overly sweet but have a hint of sweetness, and they are very filling. I enjoyed them plain but they would be great paired with a cup of coffee or topped with some peanut butter, because every things better with peanut butter.

I am excited to have one of these post workout in the morning, or when I need a little extra energy boost mid-day.

Hope you enjoy!

Have you ever made a scone?
What are your favorite scone mix-in flavors? i loved the cranberries and pecans in these!