Getting Back on Track

Hey Guys!

With all of the traveling and weekends away this fall I’ve been feeling really off when it comes to the gym and the food that I’ve been putting in my body. I think everyone goes through periods of time when food and fitness become a chore rather than a pleasure and thats where I am suck right now.

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I have been struggling with wanting to love my workouts and have been eating the same boring food for months and while they are healthy they don’t really satisfy us so often I find that we go out to grab “a snack” or opt out of eating at home and grab takeout or a sandwich. All of this leads to a vicious circle of being upset and angry with myself and playing that dreaded comparison game.

image source @keri_lynn_badach on Instagram

A few weeks ago I talked about how I was going to get back to GPP as I really do love the programming and the workouts, I had a great week of workouts following the programming and making them work but then we went on vacation and didn’t workout (but we walked a lot) and then I got sick. So here I am almost 4 weeks later feeling the same as I did then.

WELP its time to recommit and get focused finding my inner happiness which I know can come from a good workout and positive talking.

Image source @keri_lynn_badach on Instagram

I was chatting with my friend Keri about this on Friday when I was feeling less than motivated to get my sweat on at the gym. She reminded me that I can never achieve the goals that I have in my head if I can’t find inner happiness first. Its one thing for someone else to tell you that you’re strong, fit and amazing and its another thing to FEEL those feelings yourself.

Since my seriously cleansing chat with Keri I decided to give up on this negative “i can’t” “I’m not” “i wish” talk that I kept finding myself going to and start to DO the things that make me happy.

image source @keri_lynn_badach on Instagram

SO I getting back on track by cleaning up my diet & cleaning up my attitude at the gym. Even if my workouts still struggle, because a rut sometimes is just a rut, I am going to COMMIT to getting to the gym & doing the best that I can during the rest of the hours of the day.

I challenge you to spread POSITIVE talk to yourself and remember that YOU are AMAZING no matter what the social media pressure wants to tell you, no matter what that reflection in the mirror or the amount of weight on the stack shows, YOU are here doing the BEST that you can and ROCKING IT!

Image Source @keri_lynn_badach on Instagram

Also if you are still in need of some positive talking and help in finding the best healthy way for you, check out Keri’s website & her new blog, she is a certified holistic health coach and a seriously amazing person with the best spirit and energy possible!

With Love & Positivity,

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WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Happy Wednesday Friends!

So at the gym on Monday I hit a wall, a mental and physical wall that I have been hitting repeatedly over the past few months. I’ve been getting closerrr to overcoming this hurdle but on Monday I failed again. Well Brent started to give me a pep talk about how strong I am, how close I am to achieving the weight & lift and how what I am currently able to do is so amazing and at the “bad-ass girl level.”

During this pep talk I started to shed a tear because all I could think was “I’m not good enough… Ive been stuck at this weight for too long… those girls on instagram lift so much more…” Then I heard those last words trace back through my mind again.

Those Girls On Instagram Lift So Much More…

WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Since when did this comparison game get so deep inside my head. I have always been proud to see other women pushing themselves to achieve their goals and have been beyond inspired by their achievements. WHY can’t I be proud of myself for the achievements that I have made and my small victories?

Well I can & I am & instead of playing the comparison game I thought I would shine some light on the ladies who inspire me the most both in fitness & life.

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Kasey – Okay so if you have followed me for any length of time you will know that Kasey is one of the bloggers I first started to follow and she constantly inspires me. I love to watch her accomplish her goals and push herself. PLUS I have been LOVING following her on snapchat and seeing her coach her soccer girls this summer. (; @powercakes)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Jaclyn Hill – Y’all if you don’t follow Jaclyn on Instagram you should but even more than that you NEED to follow her on SnapChat! I honestly look forward to hearing her snapchat rants & random conversations each day. She is an amazing make up artist, has the cutest dogs and some sick fashion but beyond that I feel like she is the most down to earth person EVER and has never forgotten where she came from. Jaclyn is the true definition of “you can have anything if you work hard & pray harder” (; @jaclynhill)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Katie – I love to see what this powerhouse is up to. She is always pushing herself with her runs, her training plans while staying beyond true to herself and living her life the best way possible. I love following her and learning about how she manages her macros! Katie is another one of those girls who I want to be my best friend and training partner, I would love to have this amazing chica pushing me through workouts and lifting me up with her amazing spirit! (; @katiesfitscript; @katiespassionatelife)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Kelly Olexa – I feel like Kelly is a first & last name person, its just one of those names. Kelly is not only the founder of FitFluential but she is amazing. I have recently been watching her morning #KOCawfeTawlk Periscopes on my way home from work and I always leave feeling beyond inspired and ready to take on the world. She is another person who is so real when you listen to her talk that you’re able to relate. She is a FIERCE lady and such an inspiration. (; @kellyolexa)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me #WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Lauren & Becky– My AdvoCare inspirations, sorry girls you are too good to split up… Lauren is probably one of the nicest people I know and getting to know her through AdvoCare has been one of my favorite things. I am beyond inspired by this mom of 2 and her killer bod! She has definitely given me life goals! Becky and I first connected from our blogs and then became friends (real life and internet) via AdvoCare. Becky continues to inspire me and push me to find my best and most confident self. I seriously hope when I am pregnant I am able to stay as active & healthy as Becky, or as Brent likes to call her Beckster! (; @laurenrenefitness &; @fitgirlbeckyklap)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Marcie – Marcie is one of my real-life friends, often I talk of people I’ve met through social media as friends when I have never met them, and she is an amazing inspiration. Marcie not only has had some amazing jobs as an event planner in LA but she recently started her own blog Curvy Girls Can and is killing it with embracing her body and body love. I love love LOVE her point of view and that she is sharing her amazing self-confidence with the cyber-world! (@curvygirlscan;

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Michelle – Mshell is another fitness phoneme that I have been loving lately. She is hilarious and kills it everyday with her workouts, plus I love hearing about her marriage, and life with AdvoCare. Beyond that I am truly inspired watching her go from a Competing to “real life” and seeing the changes that have happened with her body & her mental state. It is so refreshing to hear someone say “Michelle then would have looked at Michelle now and thought ‘soft’ ‘fluffy’… Michelle now see a 5’2 women whose 138lbs healthy, confident and BEAUTIFUL” YES!!! Own your gorgeous body girl! (@mshelllll)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Julie – Y’all if you don’t follow Julie’s blog you are missing out. She has the best workouts, simple recipes and the sweetest dog ever!!! Plus her and her husband just had the sweetest little boy. I love reading Julie’s posts everyday and something about them just make me happy, they are true life situations and she just seems like the sweetest person ever. (I think Ive said that about everyone above but really they are all super sweet!!!) Julie might be my number one blogging idol. (; @pbfingers)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Amelia – Amelia and I actually went to high school together, she was in the year above me and while I knew who she was we didn’t run in the same circles. When I started my blog I found Amelia’s blog through Instagram and instantly fell in love. I was seriously in awe of this girl who then was going through law school, planning a wedding, and running a seriously successful blog. I love going to Amelia’s instagram and blog to see pretty things, her sweet baby boy (so many babies born this year!) and get inspired by her amazing clothing & interior design style! (; @thechicagolifeblog)

Okay so there is my Women Crush Wednesday & 10 Women Who Inspire Me. These are just a few of the ladies I have been digging lately and the people I go to for a pick-me-up when I am feeling bad about myself.

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

I guess the moral of this post really is just to remind you that we all have feelings of insecurity but instead of COMPARING each other to the people we see online why don’t we USE those people to inspire us to work harder and be at peace with the body that we are given.

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Goal Wall DIY

This goal wall DIY will only cost you $5 and take about 30 minutes to create,
then you will have a great wall to plan & achieve all of your goals! 

Goal Wall DIY

Hey Guys!

Over the past few weeks the thought of goals and achieving goals has been weighing heavy on my mind. I don’t know if it is because this time of year is when school is starting and that is so often associated with new goals, achievements and aspirations. Or if its because I have been feeling a bit stagnant and in need of a challenge but feel overwhelmed at where to start, so then I start thinking about all the things that I would like to accomplish that I haven’t yet achieved.

Either way goals have been on my mind.

Last Monday I took a slightly impulsive trip to the Dollar Store for some goal wall inspiration. I envisioned some really unique cute bold frames of different shapes and sizes on my wall above the table that serves as my desk, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Actually I wanted to spend as little as possible… After perusing the frame section of the dollar store I decided on two colors of the same frame with a fun-funky mirror in the middle.

Goal Wall DIY

I spent exactly $5 on my goal wall!!!

So because I have so many areas where I want to achieve goals I decided that each frame would be a different area of my life so I could make 2-3 goals per area to focus on. This way I have taken all of the stress out of where to START and can focus on a few things each month or couple of months.

I had some leftover scrapbook paper in my craft drawer so I picked some fun paper for each frame and then punched out a piece of brown paper for a label. Because I wanted to be able to update the goals over time I put the paper behind the glass of the frame so the glass would then act as my goal board.

Goal Board DIY

Using a chalkboard marker I wrote out my goals on the glass surface. The chalkboard ink is easy erased with water on a cloth which makes it perfect for updating the goals as I go, and checking the goals off when I accomplish one!

The DIY is so painfully easy I almost didn’t even include the directions in this post, but then I realized that a DIY without the instructions isn’t a DIY at all!

Heres what you need: 
4 Photo frames of any size/shape*
1 Mirror or fun centerpiece **
4 sheets of scrapbook paper
1 sheet of brown paper
Label Punch
Black Sharpie Marker
Chalkboard Marker
Double Sided Tape/Glue Stick
5 Finishing Nails

1. Measure out the size of the frame onto the scrapbook paper, then cut to size to fit in the frame smoothly
2. Punch out a label for each frame on the brown scrapbook paper & with the black sharpie write the name of that life category (for me it was personal, wellness, career, advocare) & tape the label on the middle of the scrapbook paper.
3. Insert scrapbook paper in the frame & put back on it. 
4. Using the chalkboard marker write your goals on the glass surface of the frame.
5. Lay your design out on the ground to determine the positioning and alignment for how you want it to look on the wall
6. Start hammering and placing the frames on the wall in the pattern you decided on your floor or bed
7. Sit back, enjoy and start achieving your goals! 
*any shape or size would look great, I used 4 5x7in frames of two different colors because thats what I found at my local dollar store. 
**I used a square mirror, but a canvas with a quote or an inspirational photograph would look great here too! 

Here are my 4 main areas of life which I plan on making and accomplishing goals:

1. Personal – this can be relationship, blogging, self-help/healing…
2. Wellness – fitness, food, recipe creation, balance…
3. AdvoCare – to help more people achieve their health and wellness goals
4. Career – continuing education, competencies, studying…

For my first round of goals I set a date of 9/30 to achieve the goals that I set out for myself in all areas except for my career.

The reason I did not put a date on my career goals is because they are more general and broad spectrum and I think if I can focus on the 1 major goal to advance my career in the next month than i can create more specific goals in the future.

For the other 3 categories I made 2-3 goals/category and tried to make them specific enough that I could achieve them in the given time period. For a few I even made weekly check mark boxes so that I could keep track and stay accountable.

I am really excited about my goal board, I think it will be a daily reminder of the things that I want to accomplish and rather than putting things in a schedule book I have a tangible item on my wall that I can work towards. Also as my friend pointed out, each time I look at my goals I have a mirror which is looking at ME and I can visually reflect on the goals that I have created and where I am in achieving them.

With love & goals,

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Do you have a goal board/wall? Tell me one goal that you would write on it!

Bride To Be #BreakYouMake

Calling all Brides to Be…

Are you worried about every detail? & Waiting on those RSVP’s and fiddling with the seating chart?
Are you watching what you eat & focusing on how much you workout to make sure your wedding dress fits perfectly?
Do you wake up at night thinking of things on your to-do list or thank you notes that haven’t been sent out?

Well if you answered YES to any of these (or the many more I neglected to write) than this post is for YOU!

Seeing as my life right now is revolving around the fact that in 9 speedy days I will be with my best friends walking down the aisle to meet my BEST friend & prince charming at the alter.

Wedding Logo

But that perfect day doesn’t come as easy as it seems in the fairy tales. The planning, budgeting, details and coordination definitely takes a toll on your mental state and can cause a lot of stress within yourself, your relationship & sometimes on both families.

Last week I decided to partner with Chobani Flips for their new #BreakYouMake project which is all about living a healthy lifestyle and taking a break, because lets face it WAY to many people have stress in their life. When I needed to nominate someone who deserved a break I instantly thought “man I need a break” then thought EVERYONE needs a break, but thats not really the challenge so I pick ALL you brides.

Take some extra time to yourself, relax, separate from the wedding plans and enjoy your life because once the wedding is over thats what you’re left with and I promise that the wedding planning will be SO much more fun if you are able to enjoy it.

Last week being that it was 2 weeks until our wedding I decided I needed to start to step away, relax and reward myself. I want to be 100% present & enjoy our wedding week without an ounce of stress or regret so I have slowly started to take more time to do things that I love to do & I challenge you to do so too!

Here are some ideas of things to help Destress
to help you take the #BreakYouMake & deserve…

Go For A Run
I always find that after a run I feel better & have more energy to take on the world and all my to-do list activities. Taking the time to get fresh air, vitamin D and pump up those endorphins! Or if you’re not a runner hit the gym, exercise of ANY kind is great for the mind, body & soul!


Hit The Steam Room
The other day I was just too tired to finish my workout, my arms were on fire and I felt like between my run & lifting I had done my body good. So rather than stressing out and finishing the lifting session I headed to the steam room for some serious relaxation. I left the room feeling rejuvenated and relaxed!

Do ONE Thing On The Checklist
If you’re anything like me that to do list can be the most stress inducing thing ever but by just finishing one task on it can make you feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulder. So set aside some time to do one of those tasks, don’t stress about it, just get it done & cross it off your list.


Linking up with Amanda while sharing these Thursday thoughts on stress.

Make NON-Wedding Related Plans 
Catch up with some girlfriends, hit the metro park or plan a date night with your soon to be hubby. Do something that has nothing to do with the wedding at all. This can be super easy but also really rewarding, socializing with other people who are not neck deep in wedding planning can bring you back to reality!

A mimosa & a cupcake never hurt!

A mimosa & a cupcake never hurt!

Practice Your Wedding Dance
Brent & I had an impromptu dance practice the other night and it made me extra excited for all the wedding festivities plus make the fact that we will be announced as HUSBAND & WIFE a really real situation. After our quick dance session I honestly felt like the stress that was on my shoulders melted away!

Make A Healthy Meal
So often when we are stressed out we turn to unhealthy foods, comfort foods and sweet treats. Take some time to make yourself something that is good for you, that you love and that will give you all the vitamins & energy that you will need to tackle all this wedding planning. A healthy & delicious meal goes a long way in reducing stress!

I am all out of greek yogurt right now but a healthy snack of greek yogurt with some granola or fruit would be right up my alley!


So Ms. Over Planning And Slightly Freaked Out Bride To Be, take a step back during this planning process and remember to enjoy it all!! Remember that it is about your relationship with your man and stressing about having the perfect day is taking that away from the meaning. If you spend all the time stressing you won’t be able to enjoy the process, so take #BreakYouMake and stop stressing!

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Brides To Be – What is one way you have given yourself a break lately?
Married Ladies – What advice do you have for us Brides To Be during this time?

2015… Setting Intentions

Happy New Year!!

I really cannot believe that it is 2015 already! I feel like for so many years my life was waiting for 2013, the year I graduated from PT school, and now two years later it is 2015 and so much has changed.

In 2014 I made a list of things that I wanted to achieve in 2014. While that list was great, I did not reference back to it hardly at all, I did on occasion mentally but never looked to it when I was trying to make my next goal or pursue the next thing in my life. 2014 handed me a lot of adversity, a lot of stress and a lot of excitement. I moved 2 times in 3 months, changed my fitness from GPP to running to crossfit, changed clinics and job titles (a few times) and found that at the end of the day amongst all the uncertainty I will still have the love of my life at home to give me a big hug when I need it most.

I had zero intentions of writing a 2015 Resolution or Goals post today because I felt that my 2014 post was a hoax of lies and deceptions (and I hate failing) so I was just going to skip the whole thing and resolve to have a new year full of new experiences rather than expectations. Then I went to a Bikram Yoga class yesterday.

I have never been to a true hot yoga class before and was invited by a coworker to start the new year with one. So I went & at the beginning of the class the instructor took us through a New Year Meditation. At the end of the meditation she said to set an intention for 2015. Set something, a word, a phrase, a goal, anything. Commit to something to make 2015 the best year, give it intention to live by.

I sat there breathing in, repeating her mantra and then I set my intention to the first thing that popped in my head…

To be honest I was shocked that this is what came to me. I have an extremely hard time with connecting to meditations, connecting to intentions and connecting to the “light” during spiritually guided practices but at that time and during that moment my body 100% connected and committed to my 2015 intention.

2015 Intention

In 2015 I intend to practice more Self Love

Self Love is rather all encompassing, and in my mind can include all those typical new years resolutions. It will adapt to what the year has in store for me and will allow me to take a step back and reconnect with myself.

I have a lot of goals for this life and I have a lot of goals for the near future but putting a label on them and a timeframe right now is not the ideal for me.

So rather in 2015 I will practice self love. I will love my body, my mind, my soul & my life with every fiber of my being. I will work on my self and let 2015 provide me with the growth and maturation to become the best version of me.

Heres to 364 days of love!
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Set an intention & share it with me! 

30 Thankful Days {11-17}

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a good mix of being busy and resting all at once, it was great! I am back for my next 7 days of Thankfulness and like last week am really loving reflecting on my days.

Linking up with Katie

Linking up with Katie

Day 11 – I said I wanted to wait to think of what I was thankful for but then realized the best thing to be thankful for on 11/11 is all Veterans for everything they did and do for us!

Day 12 – RCIA, Brent and I are going through the RCIA program at our local church. I grew up Catholic but never went through confirmation & Brent decided once we got engaged that he wanted to join the Catholic faith with me. We have been going to the classes together each week and I always get something out of the meeting plus it is nice to take a couple hours out of our week to spend together.

because I don't have a picture of the meatloaf, here is a picture of my PURPLE workout day. Everyday is better in purple ;)

because I don’t have a picture of the meatloaf, here is a picture of my PURPLE workout day. Everyday is better in purple 😉

Day 13 – Turkey Meatloaf… okay this is a weird thing to be thankful for but you guys this turkey meatloaf was amazing, and having something warm to eat on these cold nights is a huge plus. I tried to recreate the recipe this week so I could give it to you all but that didn’t happen… so its on my TO DO list 🙂

Day 14 – Stovetop Granola. I LOVE granola and if I buy it from the grocery store I will EAT.IT.ALL in a matter of minutes. Last year I made this granola and have been having fun playing with the flavors and recreating delicious “sin-free” granola that costs a fraction of what you get in the store!

I am not thankful that fall is over... I could use a few more weeks to ease me into this cold & snow!

I am not thankful that fall is over… I could use a few more weeks to ease me into this cold & snow!

Day 15 – Coffee Dates & BLENDS! So last week I got a text from my girl Becky basically telling me to become friends with Kelly. So I shot Kelly an email, HUGE step for me, I don’t like making the first move ;), and after a few email messages we planned to meet up for coffee & I AM SO glad I did! Kelly blogs over at Kelly the Culinarian and is awesome, super fun and down to earth. It definitely made my Saturday a little more fun!

Day 16 – Wedding Registry… Brent & I started our registry this weekend and it was a lot of fun, and slightly overwhelming to register for our future life and adulthood. I loved going through the stores and fantasizing about our future but got a little trigger SHY when it came time putting things on our list. The big things I knew I wanted were easy but all the other pieces & small stuff (that lets be honest is the stuff I’ll likely get) was really hard for me. I have some online registry completion to do where I can’t sit and ponder without Brent getting impatient 😉

Treat Yourself Tuesday

I am also linking with my girl Becky mainly so you all can go send her some love on her news that she is having a BOY!!! I am so excited for you and this new adventure you’re on! You are going to be a fabulous momma!

Day 17 – Responses to Save The Dates… We sent out our save the dates last week to our family and (super) close friends, and the responses have started to trickle in! I am 100% IN LOVE with our Save The Dates and the response we have received from our family and friends about them has been nothing short but amazing. It is silly to say, but I am happy that other people are happy for us and excited to celebrate with us too!

Some of the text's that made my weekend that much better! YAY LOVE ;)

Some of the text’s that made my weekend that much better! YAY LOVE 😉

Day 18 – Cozy Night by the Fire… this cold weather has me craving warm blankets, hot drinks, comfort food and fire. Over the weekend we had chips, salsa and guac and then lit our Apartment “fire” for ambiance. It was lovely & something I could do each and every night!

our cozy apartment fire <3

our cozy apartment fire ❤

Hope you have a beautiful Tuesday! Tell me something you are thankful for.

What are your wedding registry tips?!
Do you and your spouse/partner do something together each week?

30 Thankful Days

Happy November Friends!

I don’t know about you all but I always feel a sense of giving thanks and counting my blessings. I know Thanksgiving often sparks this but with the weather changing, the year coming to a close and all of the holiday cheer popping up everywhere you look I feel a huge amount of gratitude for what I have and am fortunate to take part in.

30 Thankful Days

I was thinking about how could I recap or promote some of the things I am grateful for this November without being a cheese ball 24/7 for the next 30 days. I want to savor the small things and never forget all the things that I fortunate enough to take part in, so what better way to celebrate all that than during this month of giving thanks?

So for the next 30 days, on Tuesdays, I will be recapping some things that I am grateful for. Some may be HUGE things and others might be the smallest simplest thing but giving thanks is not about the size, its about the action & thought. Right?!

Day 1: Good Friends… On saturday I got to spend the day tailgating with some of my favorite people & got to see my girl Gretchen who I haven’t seen in forever… I love spending time with friends!

30 Thankful Days

Day 2: My Aunt Sheri… On Sunday I got up a little earlier and met my Aunt at the gym. She is one of the people I look up to so much because through all of lives challenges she continues to make her health and wellness a forefront and is always challenging herself to the next level. I also am just thankful she got me out of bed and to the gym!

Day 3: My Dad & Step Mom… yeah this one is the typical thing to be thankful for right? Well on Sunday I was reminded again how thankful I am for my Dad & Step Mom. When I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and the stress of doing everything “right” is weighing me down the two of them are the best at helping me (and Brent) at taking a few breaths and seeing the bigger picture. Life is stressful y’all and these two help take some of that burden away.

30 Thankful Days

Day 4: Brent… He is of my biggest supporters, if not my biggest. I am constantly in awe of how much this man loves me and honors me and even though our relationship isn’t perfect (are any?!) I couldn’t imagine spending my days, nights and car rides with anyone else. You are my rock!

Take Time Tuesday November 2014

I am linking up with Katie for Take Time Tuesday’s

I challenge you to take some time today to think about what you’re thankful for today.

Tell me one thing you’re thankful for today
Does November make you think about all you’re thankful for too?

"What Are You Training For?"

As a disclaimer I am not putting anyone down, belittling or discouraging having a training goal, I am rather just sharing an empowering moment in my life during a time where I am not training for a specific goal. 

Something crazy happened a week ago.

I was shocked, searching for words and finding the best answer I was able to think of, little did I know that this answer would be a very defining one.

A week ago after a workout and a Pose training session with a friend a random gym-goer asked my friend and I a somewhat shocking question.

“What are you training for?”

My friend answered honestly and proudly “A marathon” (her 11th!!).

He smiled and said “thats awesome!! What are you training for?” Looking at me square in the face obviously waiting for an answer.

I flubbed and somewhat sarcastically said “life!” I laughed a little, slightly unsure of my answer until it hit me, “I am training to do whatever the hell I want, I am training for life!”

The guy laughed and said “thats awesome, a great answer”

What are you training for

That morning I had caught myself comparing myself to the other ladies around me. I found myself thinking positive and negative thoughts about myself and my fitness level along with feeling encouraged and discouraged about the path that I am currently on.

I find myself striving to reach sooo many goals and feeling extremely torn between them all. In the past week my goals have floundered between becoming a better runner through Pose, lifting heavier weights, being more dedicated and strict with GPP, finding a yoga practice… and the list goes on.

But in that moment I realized that I don’t need to be a bodybuilder or a marathon runner, I don’t need to be the “best” GPPer or a yogi to be the best me! 

My definition of health is not a number, an achievement or a measurable outcome rather my definition of health revolves around the way I feel and that is truly all that matters.

Yes, I strive to kill it in the gym each day.  Yes, I try to eat healthy and clean. I am not training to be a fitness model, marathoner, bodybuilder, or olympic athlete… While I think having muscles are cool, I really am training to live the best life I can and if being the healthiest me is going to help then you are damn right thats what I want.

Why do I have to train for a marathon, half marathon or body building competition to be training. Cant I train for life and take those other opportunities as another hurdle?


Linking up with Amanda for some thursday training thoughts!


How do you define health?
What would your answer be to “what are you training for?”

Finding My Happy

Woah its already Monday AND June??

This month week  weekend went crazy fast. I have to say it was not the most relaxing nor the healthiest, but thats life and it isn’t always perfect.

We had a whirlwind weekend of packing, moving, cleaning and driving.

I am excited to get back in to a routine soon! it seems like the past couple weeks have been filled with restaurant food, stress eating and lots and lots of carbs.

I am all for living a balanced lifestyle and enjoying life as it comes but lately I feel its has been more of indulging than balancing.

After talking about my past with calorie counting and my history with being enough, I felt a bit lot to pressure to not be that girl, and to practice what I preach.

While I feel healthier and better about myself now than I ever did then I definitely know I need something to change. I cannot continue to indulge every weekend, be lazy in the kitchen and put dinner last. With bathing suit season knocking on my door and engagement pictures sneaking up on us I want to feel like I am my best, healthiest, and happiest self.

I know that focusing on food is not always the best solution to finding happiness but for me it is always a good start. The kitchen is my happy place, finding and making healthy satisfying meals that make me feel good makes me happy.

While June might result in the start of a new challenge I definitely feel that my body, mind and soul need something to strive off of. Something to reset myself and something to boost my happy. 

I am excited to be apart of the I’m Fit Possible community and the June Happify initiative. Which is happening just in time for my goal to become the happiest ME I can be.

The month of June I’ll be participating in this 30 day happiness campaign and I hope you do too! I will be back with more info soon, but for now make sure you go and join Happify, they also have an App!

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Hope you have a happy and wonderful start to June.

How do you find happy?
What do you do to reset and find your balance?