Farewell 2015… Hello 2016!

Hey friends remember me? I blogged here… 28 days ago… And before that semi regularly…


Well the last month… Uh 6… Have been filled with lots of other stuff leaving not a lot of time to dedicate to this blog. I also honestly just felt uninspired which didn’t lead to GREAT posts or topics, and I don’t want to blog just to put something on the page and say I did it. That’s just not my style 😊

I hope to be more consistent in 2016 but to be honest life is more important and I want to enjoy it to the best of my ability so if that means not as much blogging that might be the case. I am going to do a blogging challenge starting in January so hopefully that’ll help! 

OK the real reason I’m plugging in today is to share my 2015 year in review! I was reflecting on this year, how much happened, changed and the growth that has occurred. I wrote up an Instagram post that’ll be up later but I wanted to capture it on the blog today too! 
❄January❄️ A new year and new fitness goals & achievements… we started the year strong with Crossfit and achieving some handstand goals
❤️February❤️ My birthday month and celebrating the love and marriage of our good friends Kelsey & Sean. Celebrating their wedding was definitely the highlight of the month!

🍀March🍀 Some, short lived, warm weather meant outdoor running and handstand/shoulder strengthening. March was also the start of showers and wedding crunch time!

🌹April🌹 The birth of my precious niece Juliette, she has brought a lot of joy to our family and it’s been so fun to watch her grow. April also brought some new found faith between Brent & I as we celebrated our first Easter both Catholics. 

🌧May🌧 The month of “showers,” wedding showers that is, I was blessed with two beautiful showers thrown for us by our friends & family. May also brought the challenge of MURPH that my Aunt & I accomplished together!


WE GOT MARRIED!!! I married the love of my life and was blessed with a beautiful wedding celebration with all our family and friends. looking back on June brings so much joy & happiness, I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day! We also traveled to Mackinaw Island and enjoys a few days of Pure Michigan Bliss!


More fitness fun running in the Mastadon Challenge with our family was so much fun! we finally stopped traveling so much and got to enjoy life married. I took very few pictures in July so I’m sure we had a nice relaxing month… Maybe?


The month I took the most photos… Lots of fitness photos as we finally got back on track after a few months of enjoying life and hit the gym hard! Outdoor running, sunshine and enjoying the summer in Chicago. Definitely my favorite time of year!


Football games and enjoying time with our friends with a few trips to the city and to Michigan. With having season tickets we started new traditions of going to the Michigan Games and spending a lot of time on the road. We also spend Labor Day with our friends in the City enjoying all the fun that Chicago offers! 


Another month of travel! We went to all the Michigan Football home games, tailgated our butts off and enjoyed spending time with great friends! At the end of the month we jet setted again, in October we had plans every weekend with staying in Illinois only 1 weekend of the month!


SAN FRANCISCO!!! we traveled to SF for 10 days of relaxing and enjoying each other! Our trip was so much fun, you can read about it here, taking a belated honeymoon was so worth it! we also celebrated Brent’s 30th birthday in style, at the Michigan-Ohio Stare game and then with a great dinner downtown Ann Arbor  😜


A great pre-holiday Advocare challenge that helped to cleanup our diet and I avoided a lot of pre-Christmas junk food. Sadly I have been enjoying those treats now that the challenge is over, that’s to end Monday! December also meant lots of fun holiday celebrations with family. We ended the year in style with Brent successfully growing (and shaving) a beard and ending the year on a really happy and satisfied note! 

There are things I can’t wait to achieve in 2016. Goals and achievements that are just dreams waiting to become reality but looking back on 2015 & I can honestly say we lived EACH month to its fullest and enjoyed every bump and bruise we encountered along the way! 

Cheers to 2016!



Cranberry Cherry Wine Sauce


I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! We enjoyed Thursday with our friends Chris & Kristina and their sweet little girl Brianna. It was so nice to spend the day with friends who have become family & eat ALL THE FOOD.

Cranberry Cherry Wine Sauce

Seriously guys we had so much food, I think everyone says that but when you make a turkey, ham & all the fixings in 9×13 pans to feed 4 people you have A LOT of food!

Brent & I had a lot of fun making food to bring for our dinner and had such a great sense of accomplishment to say that we helped make thanksgiving happen. Really we made a WHOLE thanksgiving meal to bring to our friends house, who were also making basically a whole meal!

Brent was in charge of the stuffing and ham. He made an awesome sausage butternut squash & herb stuffing that we all loved. It was similar to a recipe we had made a couple years ago and I think it’s my favorite thing ever. He found the recipe online but I am not 100% sure where, I’ll look for it and let you guys know!

Cranberry Cherry Wine Sauce

I was in charge of the cranberry sauce & salad. I made an easy roasted brussel sprout kale fall salad which was delicious but I made WAYYYY too much and the leftovers didn’t save very well 😦 anyways the salad had roasted kale & brussel sprouts, pomegranate seeds, green apple, walnuts, goat cheese and romaine lettuce. I made a quick orange Dijon mustard vinegrette which was super good and super easy to make!

For the cranberry sauce I got a little adventurous and combined a couple recipes that I found on Pinterest to make my own delicious concoction.


You guys I was SO scared to make cranberry sauce, for some reason those little berries intimidated me (and still do) but this sauce was SO easy, flavorful and delicious on the turkey. It could easily become my favorite part of a holiday meal, when previously I would stray away from the cranberry sauce goo that comes from the can.

Cranberry Cherry Wine Sauce

Plus any recipe where wine is involved in cooking means wine for DRINKING too!! That’s my kind of recipe 🙂

Happy Holidays Friends! Here’s to some delicious food!

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