Twenty-Eight Years

February Eighth, a date that I look forward to every year, it’s my birthday & today I turn twenty-eight, just another year closer to 30 😉

I think when you grow up your birthday has this seemingly huge impact on your life. In Elementary school each year is monumental and you get to bring cupcakes or some sort of treat to your class and feel super special. In middle school & high school you continue to feel important hitting those age milestones 13, 16, 18 and starting to get a little more freedom with each passing year. In college its all about partying, celebrating with your best friends and obviously turning 21 is a big one! But once college comes and goes there are a few years that are important but nothing significant in between.

A patient told me a little pearl from his father regarding age “after you turn 30 your age doesn’t matter again until it ends in a zero… you say you are THIRTY-two and people only hear 30” I laughed at this but then later really agreed.


I love celebrating birthdays, and how you celebrate definitely changes as the phases in your life change. I remember some birthdays so much more than others, enjoy remembering parties and times spent with different friends and family, special cakes and gifts but most of all I love looking back on the years and remembering the moments and how they have made me grow as a person.

While twenty-eight isn’t a huge milestone birthday in the “unwritten book of milestones” but for me this year was a big milestone for me. Twenty-Eight is my first birthday married and its been a pretty fabulous one so far!

Twenty Eight Years Twenty Eight Years

This weekend Brent & I celebrated early and spent all day Saturday having a fun date day together. I headed to the gym first thing and got my sweat on, because well i knew I’d be eating quite a few calories to sweating some out before hand was definitely necessary. I did a new to me spinning class at our gym, I hadn’t done a spin class in a few years so it was a bit nerve wrecking before I headed in but it was SO worth it & I will definitely be back for more. I just wish the classes during the week weren’t so dang early! Then I headed to get my hair cut from my friend Stacie, it was nice to catch up with her and get some fresh locks.

Twenty Eight Years

When I got home I walked in to a cleaned kitchen, a birthday cake & my birthday gift from Brent. It was such a sweet surprise and definitely made me feel really special! We were both starving so we headed to a new local cafe Purple Sprouts that we had heard about from a coworker of Brent’s. Purple Sprouts Cafe is a vegan & raw cafe and juice bar that has only been open for a few months. The cafe is cute and bright with super fun colors and a very interesting menu. We decided to get a hemp burger and a seitan burrito which we decided to split and were both surprised by how satisfied we were from the lunch.
Twenty Eight Years

Twenty Eight Years

But that didn’t stop us from wanting to get coffee! We headed to a cute little coffee shop and got S’Mores lattes which were different, delicious and just the pick me up that I needed. We sat & chatted before heading home and relaxing for a few hours before dinner.

Twenty Eight Years

We headed to E+O for dinner per a recommendation from a couple friends and it was awesome. The atmosphere was super cute a nice mix between industrial and modern without feeling too stuffy & the menu was really unique. A mix of tapas, entrees and sushi, which made decision making extra tough. We ended up splitting a Brussel sprout & kale salad, which was AMAZING I could eat it every day & Brent desperately wanted it paired with some fish on a taco, and a thin crust pizza. The pizza was also good it had some fun flavors and was different then anything I’ve had in a while, it wasn’t my favorite pizza I’ve ever had but it was still really good. We debated on getting a sushi roll but decided to just go home and eat cake!

Twenty Eight YearsTwenty Eight Years

After some cake & gelato we decided to go to a local bar/restaurant Durty Nellies who had a band Hot Sauce Committee that did a Boy Band tribute which was freaking amazing. It was fun to go out and sing to some Backstreet Boys, N’Sync & Spice Girls. The band was hilarious, they were dancing and just genuinely looked like they were having a good time which made it even more fun. The only thing that sucked was how packed it was, I do not do super well with big crowded bars but oh well.

Twenty Eight Years

It was such a fun day getting to spend time with Brent without having anything else on the agenda, a true date day. On Sunday we did our “normal” weekend stuff and then watched the Super Bowl on the couch with dinner at home…anddddd maybe got some FroYo for dessert! I mean it is ONLY your birthday 1 time a year 😉

the only picture we got of each other... ugh I bummed with how grainy it is!

the only picture we got of each other… ugh I bummed with how grainy it is!

Brent made me feel beyond special on Saturday as we were able to just enjoy life together because at the end of the day its about the MOMENTS we spend with someone celebrating not the GIFTS that we were given.I am excited to see what year twenty-eight has in store for me!

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