A Weekend Workout!

This 20minute treadmill workout will work up a sweat &
you’ll burn tons of calories without running a step!

Happy Monday Friends!

This was the last weekend for a while where we didn’t have anything on the books and we took good advantage of the RELAXation part of the weekend. We have really enjoyed the past 6 weeks without traveling and getting to see friends and do things around Chicago but I am getting really excited for the fall and football! I am not super excited about driving multiple weekends in a row but HEY you take the good with the not so good!

Anyway’s this weekend started dreadfully slow… We woke up on saturday morning to roll over, turn the TV on and continue to laze for a few more hours. Honestly I made breakfast and then lounged on the couch until about 1:00 when we decided to be functioning humans.

Weekend Workout

I cannot tell you the last time my day started at 1:00 and honestly don’t know when it will happen again. While I loved getting some extra rest, my body was not very happy at my lack of moving and treated me with a mighty headache…. nothing a little caffeine and cardio couldnt fix!

I snapped my daily shaker contents while making this... make sure you follow me on snapchat for more behind the scenes!

I snapped my daily shaker contents while making this…
make sure you follow me on snapchat (mywellnessland) for more behind the scenes!

We decided to go to do some cardio before lunch so we walked over to the gym since it was cloudy and rainy outside. We did about 12 minutes on the stationary bike to warm up and burn a few calories. Then we decided to hit the treadmill.

Brent & I have been “enjoying” walking on the treadmill on an incline during our cardio sessions lately. We both have been having a hard time fitting cardio into our lifting and like I said in my fitness recap we have been really working to focus on adding more cardio each week.

So after our bike session we did this fun and KILLER treadmill workout, where we WALKED!!! yep no running required and you’ll still burn a tonnnnn of calories in just 20 minutes.

Incline Treadmill Workout

If your treadmill doesn’t go up to 30, then just max it out and slowly decrease the incline for the first 10 minutes and then go back up the second 10 minutes.

After our cardio workout we had some lunch and went to a coffee shop for a little Barbell shrugged & photoshop work. It was a productive afternoon after a lazy morning. We ended our night with a fun shoulder lifting session at the gym.

Weekend Workout

I worked on some hang cleans & power cleans then focused on my strict press. I have been stuck at the same weight on strict press for a while so I was going to focus on my form while increasing my weight. I was feeling pretty good so I decided to record myself at 85# and was able to get 2 solid reps, then I decided that I was going to try 90# & guess what y’all I GOT IT!!!!!!!! I definitely struggled when pressing it up which is super apparent but I was able to hold it together and PRESS through, resulting in a 10# PR!!!! Yep 85# would’ve been a PR so I got a 2xPR! BOOM!!!!

Weekend Workout

you can see my 90# lift on Instagram!


Sunday we did our usual Sunday stuff to get ready for the week. We have been getting to COSTCO at 9:30 because of when our church gets out so we legit sit in the parking lot for 15-20 minutes before they let us in and are almost always out before 10:10 when they technically open at 10:00. Its awesome and kind of erie at the same time. BUT NO LINES = WINNING everyday!

I have been wanting to try La Croix for a longggggg time but never bite the bullet, well for the past few weeks I have mentioned to Brent each week at the store that i wanted to try it. SO this week we decided to go for it. I blame him for “letting” me get it but I am just as skeptic about trying new things….

Weekend Workout

linking up with Katie for Marvelous In My Monday!

Weekend Workout

The verdict… La Croix + Spark (or La Croix + Rehydrate) = AMAAAZINGGG!!! Its like having a POP without all the crap… I have missed the carbonation more than I knew I did, and its a nice treat!

When I was food prepping I turned the TV to ABC Family and it was the start of Twilight. I have never seen or had the desire to see any of the series but I have to admit the first movie was pretty good & definitely kept me interested when i was cooking!

To finish my sunday I got a phone call to do some “impromptu babysitting”… well actually I got a FaceTime from my step-mom, who I really thought was accidentally FaceTiming me, and when I answered i saw my baby niece cooing away! It was a fun little 5 minute chat with the babe & my parents while they were babysitting for my sister & brother in law. I haven’t seen that lil girl in almost a month and am definitely in need of a baby fix!

Weekend Workout

p.s don’t mind that I look super hit in the picture… I did it for the baby! 

Hope you all have a great start to your week and the Holiday Weekend!!!

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BuluBox Review #lovebulu

Hey Guys!

I am SOO excited about todays post, I have been listening to Jillian Michaels Podcast for the past year and she always raves about BuluBox so when I was given the opportunity to try a box I jumped on it!

Bulu Box Review

BuluBox is all about sharing healthy products with consumers in a sample size so you can try them out before buying the whole shebang!

From the Bulu Box website:
Bulu Box is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box designed to help you feel your best. Each custom box comes filled with a new mix of 4 to 5 premium samples from top brands to try. Every sample is sufficient enough to decide if the product is right for you.

I have tried other monthly subscription boxes before and I loved getting to try a couple new things each month without having to leave my house, search the store and then hope that I would like it. This is true with beauty supplies, clothing and especially healthy snacks & health food products.

When my BuluBox came to the door I was SO excited to see what was inside!

Bulu Box Review

My box included:
2 Quest Protein Packets
Movit Energy Gummies
1 Mediterra Bar 
Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula
Earths Care Anti-Itch Cream

I was SUPER excited about the Quest Protein packets, I have heard so many positive things about quest’s protein powders but have never tried it out because I am reallllyyyyyy picky about my protein and would hate to buy a canister of protein just to not like it. Well I am happy to say that the Quest Peanut Butter Powder was amazinggggg!!!!

Bulu Box Review

I used my first packet to make a protein pancake one morning. It’s a thicker powder than my usual protein so it made my pancake extra fluffy and delicious! I even shapchatted the process, which is mighty tricky with 1 hand 🙂 If you missed it heres how to make the pancake:

Bulu Box Review BuluBox Review

4 egg whites whisked together with the protein powder, add in 1-2tbsp ground flax & 1/4cup oats, combine them all together to make a consistent batter. Pour mixture into a preheated pan with coconut oil & cook until golden brown. I topped mine with 2tbsp of natural peanut butter!

My other favorite product in my BuluBox was the Movit Gummies. It was like eating a gummy bear with a boost of energy. I ate them in 2 servings before two different workouts because I wanted to see if they changed my workout at all. I didn’t notice a HUGE energy surge but I did feel like they gave me a little boost.

Bulu Box Review

I think they would be great during a long run, 1/2 marathon or any other endurance race when you need a bit of sugar & an energy boost without drinking anything.

The concept of the Mediterra bar was on point! I think there are way too many snack bars that are loaded with sweeteners and chocolate when sometimes you crave something savory. I however was not a huge fan of the sundried tomato & basil flavor that I tested, plus I am not a huge bar eater as of late. I think the concept is amazing and would definitely be something I try again especially if I needed a snack on the road or when traveling.

Bulu Box Review

The two products I have not tried yet are the Yerba Prima Fiber & the anti-itch cream. I am excited to try the fiber drink as it is Apple spice flavored and I just imagine it delicious on a cool fall day like a hot apple cider. And well I don’t have anything itchy to try out the itch cream however I can tell you that it has a pleasant menthol scent and has a nice texture on your skin. I just cannot attest to its anti-itch ability.

Bulu Box Review

Overall I LOVED getting to try the BuluBox and learning about new healthy treats and products that I probably wouldn’t try otherwise. I think this would be a great gift for someone who is looking to make small changes in their diet or lifestyle but are afraid to take the lunge and buy products based off of other peoples advice!

Do you #LoveBulu? Well you’re in luck! BuluBox & SweatPink are giving YOU a 50% discount on a 3-month subscription with the code SWEATPINK at checkout! 

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I was provided my BuluBox free of cost in exchange for this review as a part of my partnership with FitApproach & SweatPink. As always all thoughts and comments are my own. 

Goal Wall DIY

This goal wall DIY will only cost you $5 and take about 30 minutes to create,
then you will have a great wall to plan & achieve all of your goals! 

Goal Wall DIY

Hey Guys!

Over the past few weeks the thought of goals and achieving goals has been weighing heavy on my mind. I don’t know if it is because this time of year is when school is starting and that is so often associated with new goals, achievements and aspirations. Or if its because I have been feeling a bit stagnant and in need of a challenge but feel overwhelmed at where to start, so then I start thinking about all the things that I would like to accomplish that I haven’t yet achieved.

Either way goals have been on my mind.

Last Monday I took a slightly impulsive trip to the Dollar Store for some goal wall inspiration. I envisioned some really unique cute bold frames of different shapes and sizes on my wall above the table that serves as my desk, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Actually I wanted to spend as little as possible… After perusing the frame section of the dollar store I decided on two colors of the same frame with a fun-funky mirror in the middle.

Goal Wall DIY

I spent exactly $5 on my goal wall!!!

So because I have so many areas where I want to achieve goals I decided that each frame would be a different area of my life so I could make 2-3 goals per area to focus on. This way I have taken all of the stress out of where to START and can focus on a few things each month or couple of months.

I had some leftover scrapbook paper in my craft drawer so I picked some fun paper for each frame and then punched out a piece of brown paper for a label. Because I wanted to be able to update the goals over time I put the paper behind the glass of the frame so the glass would then act as my goal board.

Goal Board DIY

Using a chalkboard marker I wrote out my goals on the glass surface. The chalkboard ink is easy erased with water on a cloth which makes it perfect for updating the goals as I go, and checking the goals off when I accomplish one!

The DIY is so painfully easy I almost didn’t even include the directions in this post, but then I realized that a DIY without the instructions isn’t a DIY at all!

Heres what you need: 
4 Photo frames of any size/shape*
1 Mirror or fun centerpiece **
4 sheets of scrapbook paper
1 sheet of brown paper
Label Punch
Black Sharpie Marker
Chalkboard Marker
Double Sided Tape/Glue Stick
5 Finishing Nails

1. Measure out the size of the frame onto the scrapbook paper, then cut to size to fit in the frame smoothly
2. Punch out a label for each frame on the brown scrapbook paper & with the black sharpie write the name of that life category (for me it was personal, wellness, career, advocare) & tape the label on the middle of the scrapbook paper.
3. Insert scrapbook paper in the frame & put back on it. 
4. Using the chalkboard marker write your goals on the glass surface of the frame.
5. Lay your design out on the ground to determine the positioning and alignment for how you want it to look on the wall
6. Start hammering and placing the frames on the wall in the pattern you decided on your floor or bed
7. Sit back, enjoy and start achieving your goals! 
*any shape or size would look great, I used 4 5x7in frames of two different colors because thats what I found at my local dollar store. 
**I used a square mirror, but a canvas with a quote or an inspirational photograph would look great here too! 

Here are my 4 main areas of life which I plan on making and accomplishing goals:

1. Personal – this can be relationship, blogging, self-help/healing…
2. Wellness – fitness, food, recipe creation, balance…
3. AdvoCare – to help more people achieve their health and wellness goals
4. Career – continuing education, competencies, studying…

For my first round of goals I set a date of 9/30 to achieve the goals that I set out for myself in all areas except for my career.

The reason I did not put a date on my career goals is because they are more general and broad spectrum and I think if I can focus on the 1 major goal to advance my career in the next month than i can create more specific goals in the future.

For the other 3 categories I made 2-3 goals/category and tried to make them specific enough that I could achieve them in the given time period. For a few I even made weekly check mark boxes so that I could keep track and stay accountable.

I am really excited about my goal board, I think it will be a daily reminder of the things that I want to accomplish and rather than putting things in a schedule book I have a tangible item on my wall that I can work towards. Also as my friend pointed out, each time I look at my goals I have a mirror which is looking at ME and I can visually reflect on the goals that I have created and where I am in achieving them.

With love & goals,

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Do you have a goal board/wall? Tell me one goal that you would write on it!

Fitness Lately

Hey Guys!

So I have been having some serious technical issues. I am really bummed that my post’s from last week have been mysteriously deleted from cyber space but instead of dwelling on the past I am picking up from where I left off and starting the week new.

I had a Fitness Friday post planned last week, but since that did not happen we will have a Fitness Lately post instead…

Over the past month Brent & I made a pact to bump up our lifting routine and really put the most into each session. Previously while we were hitting the gym regularly and lifting “hard” there was a key component missing and it felt like we were just going through the motions half of the time. After we cut out the junk from our diet, started focusing on managing our macros around our lifting days and adjusting our lifts to challenge ourselves a little bit more we both started to see and feel a huge difference.

Fitness Lately

Some fun hill sprints!!

So heres what we have been doing for the past month…

Traditional Split
Monday – Chest Day
Tuesday – Back Day
Wednesday – Arms & Abs
Thursday – Legs
Friday – Shoulders
Saturday – Make Up or Rest
Sunday – Play Day!

PLUS 10-20minutes of HIIT cardio at the end of most days

This is our Standard lifting routine, working up in weight performing 4-10 reps or until failure, usually we get 3-4 sets in before we can’t get 1 clean rep, some lifts are differnet but this is the general goal. Primarily starting with barbell lifts and then moving into dumbbells, the pretty standard lifts nothing fancy.

Most of the time we do our barbell work together, spotting each other and motivating each other to lift more, push harder. Dumbbell lifts half the time are free game, I like to do lighter weight stabilization lifts and Brent enjoys going heavier and harder. We will do some together and some apart, this is our “gym freedom” time.

Fitness Lately

Surrender Squats

Leg day is again another “free” day. We both do our legs differently, primarily due to my hip issues that I have been working through, and because its easier to have two different bars than constantly changing the 400+ pounds that Brent throws around! I love it this way though, we are able to just do our things, work hard side by side & still push each other when things get tough.

Last week after a fun Sunday Olympic Lifting day we decided to incorporate more olympic lifts into our regular routine.

Oly Addition
Monday – No Oly
Tuesday – Front Squats
Wednesday – Snatch
Thursday – Back Squats
Friday – Cleans
Saturday – Deadlifts & OH Squats
Sunday – PLAY DAY!!!!

The addition of the olympic lifts has made a HUGE change, I know its hard to say that after a week but doing an additional lift has been really challenging and makes you use your WHOLE body to stabilize the bar after taxing one muscle group/area. We did a lot of Oly lifts when we were doing CrossFit regularly so its been fun to add them back in to our routine. My upper traps are definitely reminding me that I haven’t been working them as hard lately.

Fitness Lately

So there you have it, the basis of our lifting routine. We do try to change it up a little bit each day but if you would be interested in our lifts and splits let me know and I will be happy to share!

Happy Lifting!

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Treat Yourself Tuesday


WHAT two posts in a row??? YEP! If you read anything about building a blog & a brand they highly discourage irregularity in blog posts and I have definitely been one to break all of those rules… maybe thats why this little blog is still little… but regardless when I have something to share I want to share it & not feel like I have to wait the appropriate number of days.

PLUS its Treat Yourself Tuesday and I had the best treat DAY ever on Saturday…

Head over and leave some love with Becky & the other Treat Yourself Tuesdayers!

Head over and leave some love with Becky & the other Treat Yourself Tuesdayers!

On Saturday Brent had plans to go to the Cubs game with his friend Eric. As there was only one ticket available that left me with the majority of the day to spend however I wanted to spend it. Brent & I had a lazy morning, I made breakfast and finished up some thank you notes before we headed to the store to get the few things he needed for the game, along with a book for myself. I had big plans of spending the day at the pool, after a little shopping that is!

Brent headed out to the game a little after 1 and I headed to Crate & Barrel to do the last of our wedding returns then went and cashed in a few gift cards. My first stop Victoria Secrets! I received a gift card a while back and had a coupon for their free panty, $10 off a bra & 20% off athletic wear. I grabbed a new workout tank, you can never have too many, the T-Shirt bra & the free panty all for around $25 after the discounts & my gift card!!!

Next stop Lulu! I received a gift card at Christmas and couldn’t decide what I wanted to use it on. I was very torn between a pair of the studio pants or a new sports bra, I LOVEEE their energy bra it is to die for! I tried on the studio capris & decided they were worth the splurge, plus with the gift card they were 1/2 price! All in all I spent around $75 on $200 worth of merchandise and still have gift cards to use at a few other fun stores!

Treat yourself Tuesday

Then I made a beeline for the pool! I had been dreaming of spending my Saturday lounging at the pool just reading a good summer romance novel, and that is exactly what I did! I headed to our gyms pool, camped out and dove head first into the book I picked up at Target “Save The Date.” I read, flipped, read and flipped for about 2 hours before I decided I should make a mad-dash to COSTCO before it closes to save me the headache of going on Sunday. I packed up my bag and headed to the store then to our other grocery store to get the non-bulk items plus dinner.

Treat Yourself Tuesday

I was really NOT in the mood for cooking and because it was our 80/20 flex day I decided to treat myself to the Salad Bar, a glass of wine and a couple scoops of Arctic Zero Chocolate Peanut Butter “ice cream” with a tablespoon of PB on top for dinner & desert at home while reading my book.

treat yourself tuesday

While it was weird not spending my Saturday with Brent it was really nice to have an “Allison day” and get to treat myself to whatever sounded good at the moment. Sometimes a little space & rejuvenation is just what the doctor ordered!

p.s. I finished said 400+pg book on Sunday morning, it was too good to put down & totally gave me the reading bug all over again! 

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Life Lately

Hi Guys!

I have been seriously MIA from the blogosphere for the past couples weeks but my computer had some seriously different ideas. My 5+ year old Mac has been very very slowwww over the past few months and it continued to get worse, so bad that it took me 3.5 hours to write this post, and this one, not including picture editing. And while I love chatting with you guys on the interweb spending a full day writting a single post is not my idea of time efficiency!

If you follow me on social media you would know that I am still alive & have been pretty active over on Instagram & SnapChat. Are you guys on SnapChat?? I think like most social media outlets when it came out a few years ago I rode the silly-selfie train because it was “cool” but I didn’t really get it, but after having a bunch of people & blogger friends talk about how they were using it all the time I figured I would try it out again. And let me tell you I am LOVING the Story function. Its fun to send crazy selfies, little videos & just share them for “the world” as Brent calls it, without having a poised or well thought out post to write along side of it for IG or FB. So head over to SnapChat & be my friend @mywellnessland, I promise sweaty selfies and a little inside look to my super exciting life!

In other life news Brent & I have decided to do a 4 week carb-cycle diet. We got the plan from a friend and then tweaked it to our body-weight & needs. I always  get really nervous, panicky and freakout a bit whenever changing my diet plan because I am so afraid of failing so the first week I was a bit of a mess, thankfully that week we decided was a “trial” week because we had a couple events come up that wrecked our meal plan.

Last week was our first official week on the plan & I LOVED IT!!!!!! We are definitely eating a lot more carbs than we were before during a “typical” work week but because we are satisfied and fueled up at the beginning of the day we are not eating nearly as much at night or craving the crappy food that we were before. Long are the days where we had popcorn for dinner, now its protein & peanut butter. Its also nice because the food is pretty easy to prep and I’ve been having fun playing with spices and different flavors while keeping it super simple & strictly adhering to our plan. Plus I still get my breakfast pancake every morning so whats not to love?!

I am hoping to share our progress and results with you all as we continue to grow with this plan. I think it will be a great addition to my next 24 day challenge as well, so if you are interested holla at yo girl! Speaking of the 24 Day Challenge, I have been wanting to do a post on my favorite AdvoCare products, so be looking for that coming up soon.

Okay I am off to hit the gym and then do some more blog catch up, I really hope to not abandon you guys and bring some great content your way here soon, so please just bare with me and my technical difficulties!

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