Spinach & Mushroom Meatballs

Packed with spinach & mushrooms these meatballs have a zesty Italian flare & a sharp parmesan punch, making them the perfect side or main dish. 

Spinach & Mushroom Meatballs

For Christmas this year my Mom’s side of the family decided on doing Italian Food rather than the traditional American holiday food fare. We celebrated Christmas on December 27th so by that time we were all Turkey & Potatoed out.

Traditionally when it comes to family events because Brent & I live out of town we get the “get out of jail free card” and rarely bring a dish to pass. This time my Aunt who was hosting Christmas said she had to work the night before and wouldn’t be able to prepare many dishes so via group text I chimed in and said “I’ll make Meatballs… Meatballs are Italian!”

So there you have it friends, this foodie volunteered to make a dish for our family dinner. Now in the spirit of being a Healthy Living Blogger I decided to try to make some healthy veggie packed meatballs that the kids would eat & the adults wouldn’t freak out by the ingredient list. After looking at a few recipes online before heading out for a few errands I decided I would just wing it, what better way to prepare a meal is there?!

We headed to the store and I decided just minutes before arriving that the combination of spinach, mushrooms and parmesan cheese sounded good to me. And there you have it friends, the meatballs were born!


I love Italian food but it can also get really heavy with all the pasta and cheese. This is a great recipe packed with nutrients without being super carb heavy. These meatballs would be great on top of some noodles, spaghetti squash or just eaten by themselves with a side of veggies.

Spinach & Mushroom Meatballs

I made this recipe to feed a large and hungry family so this made a little more than 60 meatballs. If you are not looking to make so many you could cut proportions down or freeze part of the batch. To freeze I would let the meatballs cool on the baking sheet, then put in the freezer (still on the baking sheet). Once frozen transfer to an airtight container and put them back in the freezer for safe keeping.

Hope you enjoy!
Tell me what you make for family gatherings?


A Marvelous Christmas 2014

I can’t believe its the last Monday of 2014 and that in the past year I got engaged, moved twice, changed jobs, changed cities & changed just about everything but my hair color. 2014 has definitely been a year of change, luckily mostly for the good!


But before I go too far down memory lane lets talk about the second to last week of December and our Marvelous Christmas!!!! Last Tuesday after a long days work we headed to Michigan for a long weekend filled with lots of food & family.

Christmas Eve with most of the Family

Christmas Eve with most of the Family

SO excited about this Made In Michigan grab bag gift!

SO excited about this Made In Michigan grab bag gift!

A Marvelous Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas To You All!

Merry Christmas

I hope that everyone is able to take some time today to enjoy the loved ones around them and connect in this season of love and adoration. I will be take the rest of the week away from blogging to spend as much time with my family as possible. I encourage you all to do the same! 

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


Weekending II


Happy Monday Friends… I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, ours was surprisingly busy with little odds and ends.

This Cherry-Berry Coconut Almond smoothing was AMAZING... sharing the recipe soon!

This Cherry-Berry Coconut Almond smoothing was AMAZING… sharing the recipe soon!

Friday nights are always really exciting around here, this weeks Friday fiesta included a bowl of chicken chili (crockpot goodness) some chocolate and a christmas movie.

Weekending II

At the end of each week I always think “we should go out Friday night” and then I get home from work and the above situation plays out and it is just about perfect!

Saturday morning we headed to our CrossFit gym for RUN.FOR.THE.PRESENTS Which was a fun partner workout where we raced to win first pick of the presents. Brent & I partnered up and spent about 1.2112232seconds planning how we were going to tackle the workout.

Run.For.The.Presents CrossFitEPC 2014

Run.For.The.Presents CrossFitEPC 2014

The workout was a fun combination of skill, speed and silly workout tasks. Some of the most fun tasks included the Wheelbarrow Carry, which was basically chaos, or at least thats how it felt when you were on your hands. And the Handstand Hold… Now if you had asked me 1 week ago if I was excited about doing handstands I would’ve said “H**** NO!” but I was excited to work on my new skill. I kicked up but Brent made sure I stuck the first attempt. I was able to hold my handstand for 50 seconds before my arms literally could not hold me up any more.

Sharing the Christmas Spirit via SPARK... Everyday is a bit better with some Spark!

Sharing the Christmas Spirit via SPARK… Everyday is a bit better with some Spark!

Our last task was to touch our coaches shoes. Now he had been wearing them the whole workout and when we were finishing our lunges I looked up and saw that he was sock footed.. SAY WHAT??!? Thankfully I was able to spot the shoe before we finished so when we were done I headed toward the shoe… out of the corner of my eye I see another team sprinting toward me… Well girls gotta do what girls gotta do, so I used my 6foot frame (against her 5foot frame) and got to the shoe first.
Its not a holiday without a little family drama right?!

The whole morning was a lot of fun, we opening gifts (we got some workout recovery drinks which are super good!), enjoyed brunch at the gym and then stayed for some YoBility with Alex. I hadn’t been to a YoBility class in ages and my body was pretty sore and tried from the week so I was excited to stretch and mobilize. I can tell you down dog never seemed so challenging as it did Saturday. My shoulders were/are trashed, end of story!

Saturday night we ran some errands, got our Costco membership (SO EXCITED!) and had a hot date with Chipotle!

Weekending II

Sunday was filled with some more errands, church and trying to figure out our centerpieces for the wedding. Which really just included washing and cleaning 30 wine bottles to get the labels off. I really have no idea what I am doing when it comes to this whole wedding deal, and I think my centerpieces are back to square 1.

Weekending II

I also made some quiche for the week & Chex Mix for work. My grandma makes Chex Mix each year and so I tried to remake the holiday by making some for my coworkers & Brent!

Now time for Christmas movies & possibly a glass of wine!

Have a Marvelous Holiday Week Friends,


Friday Photo Dump II

Happy Friday!

I am sooooo glad it is the weekend & that next week is a short week followed by the holiday weekend! I can definitely tell that I am 100% in need of a break from work and daily life.

So here is my week in review, in photo form!

Finally being able to overcome my fear of falling during a handstand during open gym on Saturday! (x3!!!)

Finally being able to overcome my fear of falling during a handstand during open gym on Saturday! (x3!!!)

Post-Gym Serious REFUEL!! I ended up only devouring one of these delicious bagel sammy's and ate the second one on sunday... bagels are so good!

Post-Gym Serious REFUEL!! I ended up only devouring one of these delicious bagel sammy’s and ate the second one on sunday… bagels are so good!

Meeting up with our friend Ben for dinner in Aurora & eating a delicious chicken pesto pizza.

Meeting up with our friend Ben for dinner in Aurora & eating a delicious chicken pesto pizza.

Receiving this amazingly thoughtful gift from my friend Amalia & her husband Bobby. I put it above our TV in our bedroom and love looking at it each day!

Receiving this amazingly thoughtful gift from my friend Amalia & her husband Bobby. I put it above our TV in our bedroom and love looking at it each day!

The combination of brussel sprouts & pomegranate seeds was KILLER!!! you gotta try it!

The combination of brussel sprouts & pomegranate seeds was KILLER!!! you gotta try it!

THIS SONG... YOU GUYS go listen to it. I heard it the first time earlier this week and laughed the whole time!

THIS SONG… YOU GUYS go listen to it. I heard it the first time earlier this week and laughed the whole time!

Tried to make Taylors Chocolate Bark with Pomegranate seeds but had one of those "pinterest fail" moments...

Tried to make Taylors Chocolate Bark with Pomegranate seeds but had one of those “pinterest fail” moments…

The Pecan & Cranberry bark turned out great though.... OH & I saved the pom/chocolate one too... no chocolate went to waste here!

The Pecan & Cranberry bark turned out great though…. OH & I saved the pom/chocolate one too… no chocolate went to waste here!

Getting off work early means ALL the Christmas gifts got wrapped... & I only had packing tape. #sorryfamily

Getting off work early means ALL the Christmas gifts got wrapped… & I only had packing tape. #sorryfamily

Yesterdays AdvoCare announcement still has me excited... ARE YOU ALL IN!?

Yesterdays AdvoCare announcement still has me excited… ARE YOU ALL IN!?

This weekend we have a few plans but nothing huge, and I could not be more excited to just relax some!

Linking up with Linda for #LIPlinkup, Katie & Heather for Friday Faves! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tell me something you loved this week?
Will you be doing any last minute shopping?

Are you ALL IN?


Well I wasn’t planning on posting a second post today but something really exciting happened and I just had to share it with you all, right.now

Are You All In

For the past few weeks my Facebook and email has been flooded with exciting news and a promise of something HUGE from AdvoCare and today was the day they announced it all. I wasn’t able to make the call, dang work, but got caught up realllllll quick through my friends.

AdvoCare is offering FREE shipping & other free goodies to those who order a 24 Day Challenge by DEC 31st and are guaranteeing that it will be to you by Jan 3-7 just in time to start the Jan 5th or National ALL IN Jan 7th Challenge.

Are You All In

Okay so heres what you get…

  1. FREE Expedited Shipping on your All-In Challenge Bundle
  2. FREE limited edition Blender Bottle
  3. FREE All-In Challenge Bracelet
  4. One-Time FREE shipping on your next order of $250+ between Jan 7th & Feb 5th, 2015… this will be the BEST when you fall in love with Spark & Catalyst so you can refill your stock and stay healthy and motivated in 2015!
  5. A HUGE support team through my awesome Facebook group and the fact that this challenge is NATIONWIDE!!! you guys Advo is HUGE, this will be a great time to take the challenge and invest in YOU! 

Okay friends, you really don’t want to miss this deal. AdvoCare never offers things free so take the plunge & join me in the New Year.

Are You All In

To get the offer you have to have an AdvoCare membership (sounds scary, but seriously painless) or you can contact me and I can help you get the All In Bundle. 

Contact me by leaving a comment or email me allisoninwellnessland@gmail.com

Are You All In?? Invest in YOU today!


Cranberry Orange Granola

This Cranberry Orange Granola is gluten-free and full of flavor, the perfect addition to your breakfast table.

Cranberry Orange Granola

Lately breakfast food has been my favorite, and I have been obsessing over homemade granola. I can eat the whole jar without blinking an eye, but give me some yogurt and I am done for. This is why I started making my own to have myself some money and control the ingredients in it.

I love store bought granola, the clusters, robust flavors and crunch is something I long for in my own granola. However most times to get that really amazing flavor & texture you have to bake it up. well this girl doesn’t have time for that because when the granola monster strikes at 7am there isn’t any time for baking, stirring, and baking some more.

Thankfully my stove top recipe from last year has come to the rescue time & time again. The basics of my original recipe stay true but the best thing is playing with the ingredients to change the flavor to whatever you want!

Last week I played with my granola flavors and whipped up a winter flavored batch of Cranberry Orange Granola!


I seriously love the lighting and photographs of the cranberry orange granola.

Once we devoured all of the cranberry orange deliciousness & I felt a little guilty because I promised the recipe for my granola to a coworker I made another batch but this time mixed it up and made some Oatmeal Raisin Cookie inspired granola. The process for the granola is the same just different ingredients.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Granola

2.5cup Old Fashion Oats
1.5cup Chopped Pecans
1.5tbsp coconut oil
1/4cup ground flax seed
2tbsp ground cinnamon
1/4cup honey
1/4cup dark brown sugar
1.5cup raisins

I packaged up the granola in a cute little mason jar for my coworker. I love that the burlap ribbon took this simple jar of granola into a cute & festive little gift!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Granola

Now I have a craving for yogurt & granola…

Whats your favorite flavor of granola?

Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Quiche

This sun dried tomatoes,  sweet basil & cheddar cheese quiche on a sweet potato crust makes a perfect breakfast for the Holidays. 

Happy Monday!

First I want to start with HOW IN THE WORLD are there only 10 days until Christmas??? I swear it was justtttttt Christmas 2013 & we were floating on cloud 9 after our amazing Christmas engagement.

This weekend I finished our Christmas shopping for our family & Brent. Although Brent & I opted out of Christmas gifts to each other this year to save for our wedding & just get each other our wedding bands. We are still exchanging ornaments and I got us some stocking stuffers, because theres nothing more sad than an empty stocking.

One Christmas tradition that my family has had for years is Christmas morning quiche. I rarely had quiche any other time of the year except for holidays and special occasions. In my opinion quiche is the perfect brunch meal that keeps everyone full and satisfied.

Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Quiche

Lately Brent & I have been slightly obsessed with breakfast quiches. We started with muffin tin quiches and then I progressed to wanting to get a little fancy and use our pie pan. Pie shaped quiche totally makes you feel fancy!

The recipe for this quiche is really easy and completely adaptable. I love the combination of the sun dried tomatoes & basil with some extra cheese.

Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Quiche

The best part of the recipe is the sweet potato “crust.” My muffin tin quiches never had a crust, unless the eggy one counts, so I started to experiment with using a sweet potato to give the quiche a base and then build my flavors on top of that. And let me tell you, it works awesomely!



What Christmas tradition does your family have?
Does eating from the Pie Pan make you feel fancy?

January 5th… Are You Ready!?

When I think about the holidays the first thing that comes to mind is the feasting that occurs between Thanksgiving and New Years. With work parties, gifts from patients, family gatherings and holiday parties with friends November and December are surrounded with food and sweets.

While I love my sweets & all the delicious foods and by no means want to wish this season of love, adoration and preparation away I can’t help but yearn a little bit for January 5th. No not because it will be the 1st Monday of 2015, not because it will mark the first Monday of the last year I will be a Guttman, and not because it means that my Birthday is just over a month away but because it will kick off the biggest (& best?!) AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge of the year.

AdvoCare Jan 5th

Guys we are talking hundreds of people in our Facebook group kicking off their New Year with optimal health on their minds; by focusing on themselves for 24 days and detoxing from all the love that they ingested over the Holidays.

For some our goals at the start of a new year is to help shed that extra weight that has been holding us back from our goals and dreams. For others kicking off the new year means achieving some goals that we didn’t achieve in the year prior and making this year the year of change. For others the new year means a time to make more time for our loved ones and have the energy and strength to spend the time with our family at our best. AdvoCare can help with ALL of these goals & more.

The 24 Day Challenge was initially designed for the goal of Weight Loss, lets be honest when we look at our nation weight loss as a goal is something more than two-thirds of us could benefit from. However, the 24DC is more than just a weight loss plan & works for everyone!!!

The 24DC will help YOU find more energy.
It will help YOU prepare your body to optimize nutrient absorption
It will help YOU shed those extra pounds or define those strong muscles
It will help YOU become physically and financially fit (if you chose it to)
and It will help YOU the best YOU in 2015.

Whether you want to lose those first (or last) 10 pounds…

AdvoCare Jan 5th

Meet my girl Lauren. She has experienced SERIOUS gains since starting AdvoCare… Would you believe that this extremely fit lady has 2 sweet little goys at home?!

Shed some baby weight…

AdvoCare Jan 5th

Are looking to tone & define the muscles that you have already developed…

AdvoCare Jan 5th

OR are looking to modify your diet and find healthier way to eat and prepare foods without depriving yourself than the 24DC is for you!

Okay now that I have got you sick of hearing the word YOU… I feel like one of those Army Reserve commercials… I really just wanted to tell y’all that the 24DC is for everyone of all fitness & health levels and January 5th is the best time to start!

No commitment is needed today, you’ve got some time to think about it…and maybe ask Santa for a challenge for under your Christmas tree… but I wanted to throw it out there so if you’re interested & want to chat more than shoot me an email and we can chat.

If you know that its for you than head over HERE and buy your challenge pack today & it will be at your door in a shinny box ready for you to change your life. Once I see your order go through I will add you to our FB group for the extra support and community that makes the challenge 100x more do able.

AdvoCare Jan 5th

So what-cha think? Is 2015 your time to invest in yourself?



The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Well like most things in the blogger world I am a little late to the holiday guides, mostly because I have a hard time thinking of gifts that I would like for myself. So after being asked a few times from multiple people I figured I should sit down and figure out some things that I would like for the Holidays.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Without further ado my Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide!

When I think about things that I would want I always think of fitness apparel. I love workout clothing, its always super comfortable and something I can always use more of. So my first guide is for the Fit Female!

  • Fabletics clothing is something that has been swarming around the HLB-osphere for awhile but I haven’t bought anything from it before. I have only heard amazing things about the quality and love that you can buy someone a whole outfit for under $100! Plus the patterns on the pants are insane!
  • Lululemon is the mecca of workout clothing… I love so many things on the website but hardly ever buy anything because lets face it Lulu is outta this girls price range. There are a few things that I LOVEE and a few that I yearn for. Run Speed Short... I personally do not own any of these shorts but I have heard only amazing things about them from my running friends & would love to own a pair of my own. Plus the patterns & colors, yes please!
  • Lululemon Energy Bra… I own two of these bras and they are my go-to for any high intensity or running workout. I know they say the support is light but I swear they are super supportive and incredibly comfortable. Plus the price is worth it. I will take this in every color please & thank you.
  • Lifting Grips – Our CrossFit friends have been telling us that we should get some grips to help with pull ups and pulling exercises. These I found on Amazon for a pretty good price and would be a good addition to my gym bag!
  • Lululemon Bang Buster Headband… I own one of these headbands and love it! It keeps the fly aways at bay and stays on my head, which does not hold headbands the best while moving!
  • BondiBand Headbands – I got to review a few bondibands through a campaign in the spring and still love to wear them to this day, but I have just black headbands & Bondiband makes SO many fun colors. These would be a perfect stocking stuffer or a colorful addition to a gift!  The 3in bands are the perfect width for someone with thin hair, the 4in bands are great for someone with some hair that needs a little more taming 😉
  • Lululemon Studio Pant (Tall) I have yearned for these pants for a while. They are so freaking cute in real life and I think I could pass them as work pants too!
  • Yoga Mat – okay not just any yoga mat, this 6foot girl needs some extra length. I hate hanging off the end of a yoga mat if its during a class or when stretching after the gym, I really want my whole bod to fit on the mat. This yoga mat has some extra length and comes in this fun orange!
  • ProCompression Socks – these were another campaign gift become love. I am really hoping 2015 allows itself more running and I would love to run while sporting some of these bright neon compression socks!

Naturally as a healthy living blogger I would love some must-have kitchen essentials. I scoured our wedding registry for a few things I really hope we get, and things that I think make cute gifts!

  • Lodge Cast Iron Skillet – this skillet comes highly recommended on all wedding registry sites and is affordable. I dream about the grilled cheese & breakfasts that I could make in this bad boy!
  • Le Creuset 5.5qt French Oven – since reading and researching recipes I have wanted a heavy duty dutch oven. When we did our wedding registry and I researched “must have’s” this was on the top of many lists. I have dreams about this cream pot and the casseroles, stews & roasts that I can make in it.
  • Berry Colander – this little colander/container melts my heart. Its a little gift but has so much charm and character I just cannot resist it! I hate berry containers and having a cute little box to put our fruit in would be wonderful.
  • Wusthof Classic 8in Chef Knife – a good chef knife is something anyone who cooks frequently would say you need to invest in. When I was little my dad had a huge knife that we were all afraid to use so we called it “the Paul knife” when I started to cook I yearned for a “Paul knife” so hard. A knife that is steardy, sharp and will last a lifetime, that’s what the reviews of this knife promise too!
  • OXO Pop Container’s – OXO is known for amazing storage bins and these pop containers would be the ideal gift for someone who has a pantry that needs a little TLC!
  • Nesting Bowls – mixing bowls are something I think everyone can use more of, especially pretty mixing bowls that can double as serveware. These blue & yellow bowls add a pretty pop of color while nesting inside of themselves for easy storage!
  • Tondo 10.5in Bowl – I love wooden salad bowls & this one is smooth and gorgeous. The character and charm that it brings would complement any dish!
  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer – the mecca of all foodie wish lists. The stand mixer that stands above all else. I would love to be able to add this bad boy to my collection and whip up delicous creations using it. Everyone who I ask says it was one of the best investments they made in their kitchen and never regret buying one. Maybe Santa will think that too!
  • Moscow Mule Mug – the Moscow Mule is a fun drink that is made even more fun by the copper mug. While I have no idea how to make them, having a copper mug at home incase the occasion arouse would be fun!
  • Cuisinart 2-Speed Smart Hand Mixer & Blender – this hand mixer & blender is a one stop shop. It has an immersion blender for soups, small chopper for nuts & whisk, plus it is small so it will store easily in all sizes of homes!

Lastly I am a female and there are certain things that I want outside of gym wear and kitchen goods. So the catch all category of gifts for her will round out any girls dream under the tree.

  • Infinity Scarves – I love scarves and especially infinity scarves. I seem to wear a scarf most days from the end of October until the end of March when the temperatures are cool. I love the different styles and colors that are coming out and this Mint & Coral one I found on Etsy is right up my alley!
  • Photoshop Elements 13 & Premiere Elements – I have been editing my photos on iPhoto and making my collages on Canva or PicMonkey which works well but I would LOVE to have the flexibility and advanced settings that come with Photoshop. I was given Photoshop a while ago when I had my Dell computer and am missing it like crazy for my Mac.
  • Nikon D3200 Camera – Ahhhh this would be a huge gift and I would love it! I take 99% of my pictures on my phone but would love to be able to take high quality pictures of life, fun, family, food (duh) and workouts/fitness. This is a dream but girls can dream right?!
  • Sumatra Basket – This basket is the perfect combination of rustic, modern and functional. I love the dark black-brown color and the braiding on the body. I think it would be the perfect addition to a living room to store blankets in.
  • Stitch Fix Gift Card – another thing that has been floating around the blog-land is Stitch Fix. I love the idea of it and would love to try it out but spending the $20 to start it all is just too much right now so a gift card would be a great gift!
  • Wine Rack/Bar – I saw this on Etsy the other week and fell in love. I love that its made out of reclaimed wood from the Great Lakes & there is just some charm about it that I adore. Plus it is not too rustic or country, Brent hates country!
  • Wine Cork Catcher – Not that we drink a lot of wine but I love the look of saved corks and having a nice vessel to keep them in would be awesome! I also saw this monogram letter one from Etsy that would be cool as well.
  • Michigan Pendent – This Copper & Patina Michigan pendent is simply stunning. I love that the heart is placed over the city that you wish and that it captures both the upper & lower peninsula. Such a unique necklace with that sentimental feeling.

These gifts range in price but all of them are special and wonderful in their own way. I hope you found something for your loved ones, if not you have a lot of good gift ideas for me… just think Christmas, Birthday & Wedding 😉

Enjoy your day!

What do you want for Christmas?
Is there anything on this list that you see on yours?