Arnold Classic 2016

Hey Guys!!!

I am pretty embarrassed that it has been almost a solid month since I last blogged. To be honest I had two blog posts scheduled, one that never got published (even though I pushed publish) and another that I never completed because #life. But I am not here to make excuses just to say that this blog is my passion project and when I am not feeling passionate y’all suffer from reading anything life changing. But I am hoping to change that. I have some posts planned for you for the next couple weeks, one including a much needed recap on my Marc Megna training program.

But first lets talk Arnold Classic shall we…

The Arnold Classic

If you don’t know what the Arnold Classic is don’t feel bad, I didn’t know what it was either until about 3 years ago when I started dating Brent. Basically the Arnold Classic is the first major bodybuilding competition of the year, its where the major pros are and houses a TON of fitness competitions from Chess to Fencing to Cheerleading to Powerlifting and olympic lifting competitions, in addition to bodybuilding and figure competitions. Since the Classic is the first of the year and so big (the male winner of the Arnold often is favorited for Mr. Olympia), it houses a HUGE expo where fitness, nutrition and supplement companies come to launch their new products and promote their brand.

This year Kai Greene won the Arnold for the 3rd time, they had an indoor cycling competition for charity, pole dancing competition and jump rope contests. They also had a strongman competition where Eddie Hall deadlifted 1026# on the elephant bar, check out this youtube its pretty incredible!

Brent has been asking to go to the expo every year so for his birthday this year I got him tickets for three days of Arnold madness. Neither of us had gone before so were excited to see what it was all about, get some free stuff and have our minds blown.

Arnold Classic

Friday morning we go up BRIGHT and early to head to the expo around 8. We grabbed a quick breakfast at Einsteins and got in line to enter the expo, which opened at 9am. There was a line legit wrapping around the inside of the convention center and we anxiously waited with our 500000 other friends. Once we got inside we weaved through booths, crowds and grabbed samples as we wondered.

We really didn’t know what to expect, where to go, or what to do, so we mindlessly wondered, trying new things and talking to a few different people. Brent’s first stop was to Primeval labs to meet Jerry Ward and get his new product, BioS3. He was a super nice guy and was really great to talk to, Brent is pretty excited to check out his product. We spent about 5 hours wondering the expo checking out different supplements, brands and getting conned into a bench press competition (more on this later this week) before deciding that we were utterly exhausted and headed back to take a nap.

Brent & Jerry Ward

Brent & Jerry Ward

Friday night we headed to the Lifetime at Easton mall and got in a fun workout before heading to North Star Cafe for a fabulous dinner. I got a chicken and veggie Buddha bowl which was pretty dang amazing and a margarita, Brent got a black bean burger which was also freaking delicious and a beer. We headed home and crashed while watching the movie Home, which I will have to watch again because well I didn’t get very far ūüėČ

Saturday started a little later, we took our time getting ready before heading to the expo. When we got to the convention center via Uber, much easier than driving and looking for parking, we were pretty amazed that the number of people there had multiplied from the previous day. First thing on our agenda was COFFEE, while you get tons of samples of different energy drinks and pre workouts at the expo I needed a real caffeine fix.

Arnold Classic

After coffee we headed into the expo and started on the opposite end from where we started Friday in an effort to hit up vendors we missed Friday. We waited in a few lines, grabbed a few supplements and then decided we should get in line to see Jay Cutler (the bodybuilder, NOT the football player). We spent the better part of two hours in line to see Jay and it was the best 2.5hours we spent all weekend.

Arnold Classic

Our conversation with him lasted maybe 60seconds it was really great to meet him, he is a very kind and humble guy, who asked us if he could give us an autograph and then spent the extra time to joke with us about his relationship status and competition plans. While I wanted to get out of line about 50 times before we got to the front it was really great to meet a guy who has made such an impact on the fitness and bodybuilding world.

Arnold Classic Arnold Classic

Sunday was our last day at the expo and it since it opened later we had time in the morning to leisurely get up, pack and get going without feeling rushed. We knew of a few places we really wanted to go to, booths that we had missed on Friday and Saturday. So we headed to those first, stood in a few short lines but only for vendors we really wanted to see, neither of us were up to staying in super long lines to get a few extra supplements when we had bags full in our car.

Arnold Classic Arnold Classic Arnold Classic

We stopped by the “The Cage” and watched a powerlifter do some serious work. We missed his squat but it was apparently pretty legit but saw him bench >500# and Deadlift >700# like it was nothing. It was pretty dang impressive to watch a 50year old guy pick up such heavy weight and do it with such pride.¬†With that we headed to our car and made our way back to Ann Arbor to recover from a weekend of fitness bliss before heading back to Chicago today.

Day 1 Swag Stash

Day 1 Swag

Day 2 Swag

Day 2 Swag

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend (& past month), if you’re interested in going to the Arnold next year I would HIGHLY recommend going. It’s an experience you¬†won’t regret!

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