Happy Monday!! 

Well it was another whirlwind weekend in the Bell household! 

Friday night meant another 4 hour car ride and preparation for what was expected to be a big test for my wolverines on Saturday! We got in late and went right to bed as we had another early wake up call on Saturday. 

We got up, ready and out the door a little after 8am on Saturday & after a quick stop at Moes Sports Shop downtown for a new t-shirt Brent, my dad & I were at our tailgate spot ready to party! 

Out tailgate was on point per usual and after eating way too much food we headed into the stadium. 

While it was the last September home game the weather felt like the first game of the season! It was a warm and sunny day in the big house and by the end of the most exciting first half we were feeling the heat! 

We had a blast watching Michigan march down the field, play great defense and give us a really exciting first half of the game! The best part of the game was a sweet 6 or 7 year old who was sitting right behind me watching his FIRST game in the big house with his mom. We gave him high fives at each big play and he sang the fight song everytime it was played! A super fan in the making for sure! 

 After the BIG michigan WIN, we relaxed around the tailgate while traffic cleared then headed home to rest a bit before dinner. 

My sister, brother in law & niece came over for dinner and I got some baby time with my 5 month old niece! She is getting bigger and starting to really engage so it was fun to have some time with her this weekend too. 

After dinner we all crashed, it was a long but fun day in the sun watching football! Sunday was pretty chill, we woke up got breakfast and then hit the road back to Illinois. Brent watched football and dos laundry while I ran to the grocery store and did some food prep. 

I got a craving for pasta for dinner when I was at the store and since we haven’t had pasta in FOREVER I thought it would be a good Sunday night treat. 

I made our food for the week and then made the pasta & sauce all in ONE POT and in 15 minutes, a serious win and perfect quick homemade dinner! 

Brent & I spent some time out on our porch watching the super moon along with the rest of the country! It was pretty cool, I wish we were able to figure out how to take killer pictures of the moon with our camera but we didn’t so yeah… Maybe next time?

That’s it for our weekend of football! We arent traveling this weekend so it’ll be nice to have a weekend at home!

Hope you all had a great weekend!




Tailgating Challenge: Protein Waffles

Hi Guys!

I promised that I would be back with my second week of my tailgate challenge so here I am & I have to say I am pretty pumped about this one! Incase you missed it I have given myself a challenge for this fall football season & our first year having season tickets to the University of Michigan football games…

Tailgate Challenge

Tailgating Challenge: To bring something healthy to each tailgate all season to help fuel myself and my friends with some sort of healthy nutritionally rich food! I’m not following any diets or sticking to 100% clean foods just making a healthy option for everyone.

For the second game of the season and another morning tailgate we decided to do a breakfast theme round 2, but this time we ditched the egg burritos & carb load with Belgium Waffles.

Protein Waffles Protein Waffles

Brent & I got a waffle maker as a wedding gift that we have used a couple times (one epic fail & one epic success) I was excited to bring it to the tailgate and put it to good use. My dad & I had planned on doing the waffles together and the original plan was I would do the batter & he would do the toppings…

well… heres the thing, my grandma once owned an ice cream & sandwich shop which apparently made waffles as well, it closed when I was really little so I have vague memories of the place, and my dad found the waffle mix that they used to use on Amazon. So we decided to have TWO waffle mixes & do the battle of the waffle batter!

Protein Waffles

Left = FS Carbon Batter; Right = Protein Batter

For my waffle mix I basically used my daily protein pancake recipe, multiplied it by 5 and WAHBAM waffles for a crowd!


The best thing about this recipe are the stats!!! YOU GUYS you can eat TWO of these, seriously filling, waffles for a whopping cost of 416 calories AND get 55g of protein to start your morning off. Like seriously the macros on this are on point & made it the perfect tailgate food.

Protein Waffles

Plus because the waffles are so good for you that dollop of cool whip that happened to make its way on your waffle is totally guilt free!

A waffle is only as good as its toppings!

A waffle is only as good as its toppings!

We loaded our waffles with fresh berries, homemade apple sauce, pecans, cool whip & Pure maple syrup. Some people even put a piece of fried chicken on theirs for a little morning Chicken & Waffles!

Protein Waffles

OKAY so which waffle mix won the waffle throw down? Well I would say it was a tie. You can’t beat a nostalgic waffle that tastes just like the waffle you would get at a restaurant, they were so light & fluffy and slightly sweet with honestly the best crunchy exterior and soft interior ratio. BUT these protein waffles were definitely a hit with everyone and the vanilla protein plus cinnamon & nutmeg combo made them slightly sweet but with a taste of fall in every bite.

Protein Waffles

The next morning we had leftover waffles and did double-duty waffle making with 1/2 and 1/2 waffles, which was really fun & I wish we had done that at the tailgate to do a true house-divided taste test. Needless to say they both rock but if you’re looking to have a fun breakfast without a huge sugar rush these protein waffles are definitely for you!

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WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Happy Wednesday Friends!

So at the gym on Monday I hit a wall, a mental and physical wall that I have been hitting repeatedly over the past few months. I’ve been getting closerrr to overcoming this hurdle but on Monday I failed again. Well Brent started to give me a pep talk about how strong I am, how close I am to achieving the weight & lift and how what I am currently able to do is so amazing and at the “bad-ass girl level.”

During this pep talk I started to shed a tear because all I could think was “I’m not good enough… Ive been stuck at this weight for too long… those girls on instagram lift so much more…” Then I heard those last words trace back through my mind again.

Those Girls On Instagram Lift So Much More…

WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Since when did this comparison game get so deep inside my head. I have always been proud to see other women pushing themselves to achieve their goals and have been beyond inspired by their achievements. WHY can’t I be proud of myself for the achievements that I have made and my small victories?

Well I can & I am & instead of playing the comparison game I thought I would shine some light on the ladies who inspire me the most both in fitness & life.

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Kasey – Okay so if you have followed me for any length of time you will know that Kasey is one of the bloggers I first started to follow and she constantly inspires me. I love to watch her accomplish her goals and push herself. PLUS I have been LOVING following her on snapchat and seeing her coach her soccer girls this summer. (powercakes.net; @powercakes)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Jaclyn Hill – Y’all if you don’t follow Jaclyn on Instagram you should but even more than that you NEED to follow her on SnapChat! I honestly look forward to hearing her snapchat rants & random conversations each day. She is an amazing make up artist, has the cutest dogs and some sick fashion but beyond that I feel like she is the most down to earth person EVER and has never forgotten where she came from. Jaclyn is the true definition of “you can have anything if you work hard & pray harder” (jaclynhillmakeup.com; @jaclynhill)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Katie – I love to see what this powerhouse is up to. She is always pushing herself with her runs, her training plans while staying beyond true to herself and living her life the best way possible. I love following her and learning about how she manages her macros! Katie is another one of those girls who I want to be my best friend and training partner, I would love to have this amazing chica pushing me through workouts and lifting me up with her amazing spirit! (katiesfitscript.com; @katiesfitscript; @katiespassionatelife)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Kelly Olexa – I feel like Kelly is a first & last name person, its just one of those names. Kelly is not only the founder of FitFluential but she is amazing. I have recently been watching her morning #KOCawfeTawlk Periscopes on my way home from work and I always leave feeling beyond inspired and ready to take on the world. She is another person who is so real when you listen to her talk that you’re able to relate. She is a FIERCE lady and such an inspiration. (kellyolexa.com; @kellyolexa)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me #WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Lauren & Becky– My AdvoCare inspirations, sorry girls you are too good to split up… Lauren is probably one of the nicest people I know and getting to know her through AdvoCare has been one of my favorite things. I am beyond inspired by this mom of 2 and her killer bod! She has definitely given me life goals! Becky and I first connected from our blogs and then became friends (real life and internet) via AdvoCare. Becky continues to inspire me and push me to find my best and most confident self. I seriously hope when I am pregnant I am able to stay as active & healthy as Becky, or as Brent likes to call her Beckster! (heylaurenrene.com; @laurenrenefitness & olivesnwine.com; @fitgirlbeckyklap)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Marcie – Marcie is one of my real-life friends, often I talk of people I’ve met through social media as friends when I have never met them, and she is an amazing inspiration. Marcie not only has had some amazing jobs as an event planner in LA but she recently started her own blog Curvy Girls Can and is killing it with embracing her body and body love. I love love LOVE her point of view and that she is sharing her amazing self-confidence with the cyber-world! (@curvygirlscan; curvygirlscan.wordpress.com)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Michelle – Mshell is another fitness phoneme that I have been loving lately. She is hilarious and kills it everyday with her workouts, plus I love hearing about her marriage, and life with AdvoCare. Beyond that I am truly inspired watching her go from a Competing to “real life” and seeing the changes that have happened with her body & her mental state. It is so refreshing to hear someone say “Michelle then would have looked at Michelle now and thought ‘soft’ ‘fluffy’… Michelle now see a 5’2 women whose 138lbs healthy, confident and BEAUTIFUL” YES!!! Own your gorgeous body girl! (@mshelllll)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Julie – Y’all if you don’t follow Julie’s blog you are missing out. She has the best workouts, simple recipes and the sweetest dog ever!!! Plus her and her husband just had the sweetest little boy. I love reading Julie’s posts everyday and something about them just make me happy, they are true life situations and she just seems like the sweetest person ever. (I think Ive said that about everyone above but really they are all super sweet!!!) Julie might be my number one blogging idol. (pbfingers.com; @pbfingers)

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

Amelia – Amelia and I actually went to high school together, she was in the year above me and while I knew who she was we didn’t run in the same circles. When I started my blog I found Amelia’s blog through Instagram and instantly fell in love. I was seriously in awe of this girl who then was going through law school, planning a wedding, and running a seriously successful blog. I love going to Amelia’s instagram and blog to see pretty things, her sweet baby boy (so many babies born this year!) and get inspired by her amazing clothing & interior design style! (thechicagolifeblog.com; @thechicagolifeblog)

Okay so there is my Women Crush Wednesday & 10 Women Who Inspire Me. These are just a few of the ladies I have been digging lately and the people I go to for a pick-me-up when I am feeling bad about myself.

#WCW: Women Who Inspire Me

I guess the moral of this post really is just to remind you that we all have feelings of insecurity but instead of COMPARING each other to the people we see online why don’t we USE those people to inspire us to work harder and be at peace with the body that we are given.

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Tailgating Challenge: Healthy Scones

Happy Monday!!!

Last week I shared that we have season tickets to the Michigan Football games!!! Woohoo!! This also means season tickets to a fun tailgate most Saturdays from now until November.

As you probably know tailgates are not really known for the healthiest of food choices and often are filled with fatty foods, lots of carbs, some protein, and lots of beer. While I have NO problem with those in moderation I have this problem of EAT.ALL.THE.THINGS when they are in front of me.

So this year I decided to give myself a challenge. Since we will be at the game each weekend I am going to strive to bring something healthy each week. It doesn’t have to be 100% clean and definitely won’t be screaming “I AM SUPER HEALTHY” but I do hope to sneak some superfood, healthy fats, and complex carbs into the mix each week.

Tailgate Challenge

So here’s my challenge:
Tailgating Challenge: To bring something healthy to each tailgate all season to help fuel myself and my friends with some sort of healthy nutritionally rich food! I’m not following any diets or sticking to 100% clean foods just making a healthy option for everyone.

By bringing one healthy thing to the tailgate, I hope to show our friends/family that you can enjoy and indulge in life while still having healthy choices around you that aren’t always a big bowl of salad. ALSO it will make me feel better to know that I made at least ONE healthy decision every Saturday!

If you’re heading to a tailgate this fall join my challenge and challenge yourself to bring a healthy option! I hope that these recipes provide inspiration to you and your family too.

The first week of our tailgating season we made Scones for breakfast. The problem was that we forgot them in Illinois so they did not make the tailgate. Have no fear they traveled with us for the second game, thankfully they were both morning tailgates!

Tailgate Challenge: Healthy Scones


Heres my recipe (adapted from Amy):

I also decided to make a savory scone by using The Dusty Bakers recipe for her Goat Cheese, Chive & Walnut Scones. I again used oat flour rather than the gluten-free cookie flour. My goat cheese was a bit warm so it didn’t crumble very well rather it is streaked throughout the dough which is kind of fun as well. I did not add any sugar to one of the batches that I made and enjoyed it without sugar better.

Goat Cheese, Chive & Walnut!

Goat Cheese, Chive & Walnut!

Since the games are EARLY and I would not have a lot of time to prepare the scones I made the dough on Wednesday, wrapped it in plastic wrap and then stored it in the fridge so it would stay fresh. My intention was to roll out the dough Saturday morning and bake the scones off.

BUT because we forgot the dough that didn’t happen. SO on Sunday when I got home I rolled out the dough, baked some off for Brent & I for lunch, and then cut and froze the remaining scone mix. I froze the scones on the cookie sheet/cutting board for 2 hours then transferred them to plastic wrap and put them back in the freezer.

Tailgate Challenge: Healthy Scones

On Saturday I woke up and popped them in the oven and bake them before we head to the tailgate. Then I tossed them in a glass Pyrex and headed out the door. I would definitely recommend rolling/patting out the dough and cutting the scones in advance if you’re not baking them off right away!

PIN me for later!

PIN me for later!

These scones were a HIT and definitely will be made again. I’ll be back later this week with my week 2 recipe!

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My 5 Favorite AdvoCare Products!

Hey Guys!

I know you have all heard me talk about my love for Spark & AdvoCare products but I have never really said which products I LOVE and why. AdvoCare has a multitude of amazing products that are available and have difference purposes and while I love them all there are 5 that are my GO TO!

5 Advocare products

  1. SPARK

Are you sick of me talking about Spark yet? Well if you are than you obviously aren’t drinking it because lets be serious it’s my savior each day. I flipping love the stuff, and love that it gives me energy and extra motivation during my long days or during that mid-day slump. I love that there is no jittery side effect or post-spark lull like you can get with coffee or other caffeinated drinks. ALSO if you are a carbonated pop fan & can’t imagine losing your POP than add some Spark to a La Croix and you will be in heaven! But it is good enough without the La Croix, I promise!

2. Rehydrate

Rehydrate has been my best friend this summer. I have been feeling like I need something extra to keep me going at the gym or feel super exhausted at the end of the workout if I am not drinking rehydrate during/after a hard workout. When I do drink rehydrate I have very few post-workout fatigue headaches, minimal post-workout exhaustion and usually feel pretty good. Don’t get me wrong you don’t feel like a million bucks, I mean you just worked out, but you don’t feel half as terrible as you might’ve!


Okay this gets caps & an exhlamation point because thats how I feel when I take catalyst. Serious this stuff is like lipo in a bottle… well for me I guess its more like a chisel for the muscles that are close to poppin’ (that pesky belly tire is still hanging around 😛 ). Honestly Catalyst is amazing, it helps your body repair and maintain muscle mass because it contains all your branch-chain-amino-acids. I could easily during BCAA’s but honestly I think they taste like garbage and can’t stand drinking another thing everyday, but I love that I can take a supplement pill which allows my body all the benefits of BCAA’s along with the added benefits that Catalyst has to offer, because its way more than just the BCAA’s.

4. O2 Gold

GOLD is an understatement! I LOVE this stuff & so does Brent. When we know that we are going to do any HIIT or heavy heart rate pumping workouts we alwayssssss pop an O2 Gold. O2 Gold helps your body facilitate the use of oxygen & helps the body adapt to stress. When you pop an O2 Gold about an hour before you do your cardio/HIIT/run your body will be primed to utilize the oxygen you are sending to your muscles. I notice a huge improvement in my breathing pattern, I don’t (usually) find that I am panting or struggling for breath but rather I find that I am still breathing hard but not labored. Similarly to Rehydrate I notice that I can recover from my workout so much quicker with so much less fatigue.

5. OmegaPlex

Last but not least is OmegaPlex! Prior to AdvoCare I had only heard amazing things about how Fish Oil is amazing for you and all the health benefits, but to be honest I couldn’t stand the stuff, so I figured that I would be alright and was eating well enough to get me through. WELL my first 24DC came and I used the OmegaPlex but didn’t think much of it. But then last year when I started to be more intentional with my product usage I noticed a difference. Not a huge difference but honestly I noticed my joints didn’t bother me as much after working out. What I LOVE about OmegaPlex is its more than just a fish oil, there are other great nutrients in the supplement which means that ONE pill = many benefits, and I am all about that!

OKAY thats a wrap! Theres my Top 5 AdvoCare products, I hope that you learned something about the amazing products in AdvoCare & what I use to help myself get the results that I am looking for!

5 Advocare products

Please let me know if there is anything that interests you or anything more you would like to hear about them!



Happy Monday guys!!

Brent and I spent a whirlwind weekend kicking off college football in Ann Arbor. If you are new and don’t know, I grew up in Ann Arbor watching University of Michigan football and my dad has had season tickets for over 30 years.  

I have always gone to a game or two but last year Brent & I decided we wanted to become Season Ticketers & may dad is selling his ticket to us so we can go to all the games we want! It’s pretty exciting stuff to us in the Bell household, especially because Michigan football is all a buzz with Jim Harbaugh in the house as head coach!    

It was a fun day and great to see my dads tailgating crew before the game. It was awesome to get to catch up with some family members too. My sister and brother in law stopped by with my neice, who I smothered in love & she wasn’t super sure about all the attention!  

Also my Aunt, Brent & I all had the same Michigan Swicks. These shoes are awesome and I love that the girl who started the company is a Michigan Student, it’s a pretty great story & I love supporting small businesses!

We headed to the Big House and stopped to take the obligatory picture with the scoreboard in the back! It was a pretty chilly season opener so I was really glad to have a sweatshirt and a few layers.

The game was AWESOME, well after the first 5 minutes of the first quarter. And the energy in the Big House was top notch! I’m excited to see the team grow and mature over the season.

Saturday evening we relaxed, watched more football & crashed. It was a early and long Saturday. Sunday we got up bright & early and headed back to Chicago in time to see Green Bay beat Chicago!

It’s safe to say lazy summer days are gone and weekends filled with food, football & family are here to stay! I am sad but so excited as football and fall are my favorite.

With Love & football!

Always Remember September 11th

I remember after September 11th, 2001 my step mom saying to me “you will ALWAYS remember where you were on this day with vivid memory…”

I remember those words and thinking yeah yeah okay…. But it took a few years and some growing up before I really realized the impact of 9/11 on my life. Yes I was impacted by the tragedies, the war and the massive amounts of fear, heroism and unity that our country has acquired over the past 14 years.
What amazes me is that we are 14 years from a day that forever changed our country, and to realize that this is living history and we are showing that we can persevere.

I am so proud to live in this country, to remember the unity and how we were all brought together over the past 14 years along with the tragedy.

This morning I was watching GMA and they did a moment of silence which really hit my heart, it surprised me that even after all these years I am still so impacted by the events that happened around me 14 years ago.

I will forever remember the events of 9.11.01 and will forever be thankful for all the individuals who are serving and have served.

Always Remember & Always Be Thankful!



Cue Rant

hi guys,

I wasn’t planning on posting today but something that happened last night at the gym prompted this post and well I just couldn’t contain myself.

So as a physical therapist & being married to a gym rat who is meticulous about form I have come to be a BIT anal about form and more often than not find my self cringing at people in the gym. I usually contain myself from giving glares, saying something or whispering to Brent about the person.

But sometimes it’s JUST.TO.BAD. and I feel that it’s my professional obligation to help the poor soul out. I mean my biggest fear, and the biggest fear of so many others, is that I am doing something that I think is right completely wrong & look a foul so I would hope someone would politely give me a hand, rather than staring like a jerk.

Last night was a case of the latter. Brent and I were half way through our chest workout when this young kid started to do single arm rows at the bench next to us. I first noticed him because he was a pretty small kid and pretty far down the dumbbell weight rack so I was impressed….

Then I saw his first pull, all lower back rotation & no upper back pull, a disaster in the making. But it didn’t stop there, he continued to heave the dumbbell up with his shoulders and traps then finish the movement with a lower back twist and hike. He followed these spectacular rows with some standing “skull crushers” at wayyy too much weight where I was pretty sure if he continued to do them he would most definitely tear his arms right out of the socket.

After about 3 rounds of this cringe worthy exercise routine & a couple visits from his friend, who I can only assume was telling him how to correct his form, the guy on the bench next to us told the kid “hey lower your weight and do the movement correctly” to which the kid said “this is how we train

At this point Brent jumped in and said “he’s right buddy, if you lower the weight you’ll be able to perform the lift properly” the kid scoffed at this as well & we both said “seriously you’re going to hurt yourself if you don’t lower your weight!”

Then the kid said the kicker… “Dude I’m 15!”

Ah Ha! This made my skin crawl! Not that kids shouldn’t be in the weight room, because I really advocate that and think that SAFE lifting is great for development, muscular growth, bone & joint health, along with a great confidence booster!

BUT, and this is a big BUT, if you are lifting incorrectly & aren’t going to take advice from others around you who are genuinely trying to help you out than you have no business in the weightroom.

If you are in the weightroom OWN it and if someone tries to give you tips listen. If you need tips reach out and I’d be happy to help!
Okay end rant!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Tuesday!