Active Nation Day!

Good morning Friends!

Today is September 28th (holy smokes where did september go???) and it is Lorna Janes 3rd Active Nation Day. A day where you are encouraged to get up and move your body to the beat! Lorna Jane even created the #LJMOVE for this special day and I challenge YOU to get up and give it a try!

If you are not familiar with Lorna Jane let me give you a little insight, this Australian based fitness apparel store has been taking the world by storm with their fun and functional clothing along with their moto to Move-Nourish & Believe.

MOVE portion of the LJ App

MOVE portion of the LJ App

In doing this Lorna Jane has teamed up with Sweat Pink & FitApproach a few times to share how we all move, nourish and believe in ourselves. In addition to partnering with FitApproach they have created an APP for your phone (iPhone & GooglePlay) to help you find the motivation to do all of the above. With recipe ideas to help you nourish your body, workout companions to help you move your body and uplifting, inspirational quotes to help you believe in yourself.

To make #ActiveNationDay even better they are offering you a chance to WIN BIG, a $1000 gift card to LJ!

So heres the move…

Step 1: Take your right arm vertical and left arm horizontal so it’s super straight, palms flat, fingers pointing straight!
Step 2: Quickly switch arm positions (your left arm is now vertical, right horizontal) THEN add a slight bend to your right elbow & clench your hand into a fist 
Try in double time to get the fast paced movement like Christine, Lorna and the girls do in the video!

Now go get after it!!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday friends!


Terms and conditions of #LJMOVE contest: Competition begins, Sept 10th 2014, and ends Sept, 30, 2014. Contest is open to entrants aged 18 and over only. This is a competition of skill. The user judged to have created the most creative and entertaining entries, will be selected as the winner by a representative of Lorna Jane. Multiple entries are accepted. Any fraudulent entries will immediately disqualify user from competition. The competition winner will be drawn no later than Oct, 1, 2014, in Brisbane Australia. The winner will be notified though Lorna Jane social media channels and winner posted on and/or The prize is one $1000 Lorna Jane gift card. The Lorna Jane gift card is not available for return, exchange or redeemable for cash. Lost gift cards are the responsibility of the bearer and will not be replaced. Good luck. MNB xx


Friday Favorites

woohoo its Friday!!!! & I am excited to pop in with a few favorites!!!

Tonight we are hitting the road and driving to Michigan for the weekend. I am super excited to go home and have a weekend of fun. We will be going to the Michigan vs. Minnesota game on saturday, and hoping for a Michigan WIN! It will also be our first weekend off challenge and let me tell you I am excitedddd for some Michigan Beer #hellooberon!

On Sunday I have plans to go to a Bridal show with my step mom & hopefully sister. I am excited to get some ideas, talk to local vendors and hopefully win some prizes!!!

Here are some things I am loving today…

1. These Mizuno Wave Evo Ferus running shoes… I have been needing/wanting new running shoes for foreverrrrr but have been waiting for the right time and shoe to come around. When I saw that Zulily was having a special on Mizuno shoes I had to check it out. These Evo’s look like exactly the type of shoe that I have been looking for. I hope they fit and are comfy!!!!

The shoes are still on sale so you should GO check it out!!! (this is not an affiliate link just happy to share a good deal)

2. Pants that are too loose!!! As you all well know I have been doing the AdvoCare 24 day challenge and because I am a bone-head I forgot to weigh myself day 0/1. I did weigh myself at day 14 and 24 (I’ll share later) but earlier this week I put on a pair of “Back Of The Closet Pants” and they fit perfectly, if not a little loose!!!

When you've had a stressful week & all you want is "soul food" but you're on #advocare24daychallenge fitting perfectly into your #backofthecloset work pants (you know you've got them!) is the BEST feeling ever!  Tomorrow is my last day on challenge and have been beyond loving how my body feels even through all this stress!!  Oh & I still was able to #treatmyself to some #advoapproved deliciousness that felt like a cheat!

When you’ve had a stressful week & all you want is “soul food” but you’re on #advocare24daychallenge fitting perfectly into your #backofthecloset work pants (you know you’ve got them!) is the BEST feeling ever!
Tomorrow is my last day on challenge and have been beyond loving how my body feels even through all this stress!!
Oh & I still was able to #treatmyself to some #advoapproved deliciousness that felt like a cheat!

I swear pants that fit perfectly or used to be tight and are now a little loose is the best feeling in the world. #accomplished

3. Fitness Progress… Thursday during my CrossFit workout I surprised myself with my ability to achieve more than I knew. I finally got a string of TWO (yep just two, its progress friends!) toes to bar!!!

Can't do a ring dip... YET!!! But I can do a hold... When I don't ask #coachjosh to take my picture... I #love that I can laugh at myself and then get back to business! I tell patients everyday "don't say CANT, tell yourself that you CAN and then you WILL" this is what I tell myself each day I face a challenge. It may feel like you CANT overcome the obstacle but you CAN it just might take some time, practice or diligence but I promise you WILL get there!

Can’t do a ring dip… YET!!! But I can do a hold… When I don’t ask #coachjosh to take my picture… I #love that I can laugh at myself and then get back to business!
I tell patients everyday “don’t say CANT, tell yourself that you CAN and then you WILL” this is what I tell myself each day I face a challenge. It may feel like you CANT overcome the obstacle but you CAN it just might take some time, practice or diligence but I promise you WILL get there!

Then we worked on ring dips, which I am not nearly ready for #helloweaktriceps but we did work on our hold in the locked out position. I was really surprised I was able to jump up and hold myself steady for 10-20 seconds, so I went an grabbed my phone #hellosocialmedia, well of course after I grab my phone and ask my coach I have a heck of a time holding the position.

Thankfully I can laugh at myself and we got a good picture 😉

4. My AdvoCare Challengers finishing their first 24 day challenge and committing to a healthier lifestyle. Two of the three ladies that I did this challenge with are taking on Spark and QUITTING diet pop, and I could not be more excited for them both to take that huge step! I cannot wait to hear how the rest of their challenge went and hopefully share that with you guys here soon too!



You still have time to sign up and join in on the challenge fun & make a step to change your life this year. The next big group challenge starts Monday October 6th and you could “Lose a Pumpkin by Halloween”… let me know if you want to join in!

5. Healthy Treats… with this week being crazy I knew I would need some extra give-it-all to make it through, so Sunday night I made some date balls, and considering they were gone by Wednesday I would say they were well liked. I love a healthy snack that tastes like a serious treat. It makes indulgences 100% better!!

Healthy Treats that are not Cheats!!!

Healthy Treats that are not Cheats!!!

6. Lorna Jane Active Nation Day September 28th. I Am so excited about this awesome campaign that Lorna Jane is putting on to help get everyone healthy and active! Active Nation Day is this Sunday so plan to do something fun and active!! PLUS they have a free fun app out to help motivate you through your workouts. CHECK it out!!!

Hope you all have a happy and safe weekend!!!

What are some of your Friday Favorites?

A day of AdvoCare Eats!

First I just wanted to let you all know that I still have Spark Variety Packs available. If you are interested please send me an email ( and I will be happy to help you out!

I wanted to share today a full day of food while on AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge. My challenge is almost done and I am so excited to share it all with you. If you missed it check out my post on the first 10 days.

A Day of AdvoCare Eats

Pre-Workout Cocktail = Spark + 2 O2 Gold + 3 Catalyst

A Day of AdvoCare Eats!

Pre-Breakfast MNS Pack — I have a hard time with vitamins but do my best to remember to take them before breakfast!

A Day of AdvoCare Eats!

Meal Replacement Shake — We ordered the Vegetarian Dark Chocolate & Milk Chocolate. They both are delicious but this day I chose the Vegetarian and blended it with unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon, it was amazinggggggg!

A Day of AdvoCare Eats!

Snack #1 — I generally have 2-3 snacks a day depending on my work schedule and hunger. My first snack this day was an apple, I would say most days I have an apple in the morning to help tide me over until lunch.

A Day of AdvoCare Eats!

Pre-Lunch & Lunch MNS Pack — well I hope the AdvoPolice are not watching/reading because I often take my before lunch and lunch vitamins at the same time because I frankly do not have time to remember before. PLUS my body is known to have trouble digesting vitamins and I often get very nauseous from them if I take them on an empty stomach so yeah… its what works for me friends!

A Day of AdvoCare Eats!

Lunch — I try to vary what I have for lunch each day while my meals may be similar due to my food prepping I will flip flop lunch and dinner or mix & match meals so that I feel like I am still getting variety and do not get overly bored with each meal. This lunch was a shredded mexican chicken which was delicious however my crockpot chicken always tastes the same. WHY is that??

A Day of AdvoCare Eats!

Snack #2 Spark + Food — this snack was a bowl of roasted veggies and a spark. I do not always have 2 sparks a day but some days I need that extra energy and this tuesday was definitely one of those days! I do have a rule to not take Spark after 4pm because I will have trouble sleeping at night, hello constantly running brain (I do not feel jittery or buzzed just my brain won’t go to sleep!).

A Day of AdvoCare Eats!

Dinner — mmmmm #brinner!!! roasted sweet potatoes and mini egg & veggie quiche #FTW! this dinner superseded all my expectations in the best way ever!

A Day of AdvoCare Eats!

So there you have it! You can still eat real food and be healthy and on a challenge. You do not have to “starve” yourself or limit your intake so severely that you feel deprived. I never once felt like I was missing something through this whole day. Also most days I have 1/2 a grapefruit after my meal replacement shake & some days for my 3rd snack I will have almonds.

I will do a full AdvoCare recap post after I finish on Thursday with before/after photos which terrifies me!!!

Until next time,
What’s your favorite snack?
Do you have any crockpot chicken advice for me?

Don’t forget, if you have been wanting to try this Spark stuff but didn’t know what flavor to get, I have VARIETY PACKS for sale and would be happy to help get a pack in your hands! 










Weekend Wonderings

I am always really sad when Sunday comes around. I would love to be able to have a weekend everyday, especially since I feel like I am living in my car during the week.

This weekend was especially productive in the best ways and its still Sunday morning! That deserves a #winning 😉

Friday night we made a trip to Whole Foods to get some dinner. It has been our go-to last minute “I’m starving but we don’t have any food and I want to eat something healthy” place to go. It was actually the second trip to Whole Foods over the past week and never disappoints. I always get a salad bar and then add some protein where I see best. The best part is I try to make my salad “look pretty” but by the end I just have a taste of something here, a taste of something there and the salad looks like a hot mess of deliciousness!

weekend wonderings

After our Whole Foods dinner we headed back home to have a “date night” which included watching The Biggest Loser! I love that show and was excited to watch the new season.

Saturday we had to get up early to head to the Secretary of State office. Brent and I both wanted to get new licenses with our appropriate address. We didn’t have to wait for too long and the ladies at the Camera area were hilarious which made it so much more fun. Brent has an eye squinting problem when he smiles and they were very unhappy with the fact that his eyes were closed in the last ID. This caused quite the uproar between the two of them, and they wouldn’t let him leave without his eyes being open!

The rest of the day involved a lot of errands… Getting Brent’s car fixed, CrossFit Open Gym, IKEA!!!!!!, Michigan game (they might kill me this year), grocery shopping, more football and then creating


Okay yes that is dramatic but this week I had been cravinggg pizza like every day, and I never crave pizza. But since we are still finishing up the challenge I wanted to make a pizza that was challenge friendly. And it was amazing!!! I will be sharing the recipe soon 😉

weekend wonderings

The evening was spent watching America Ninja Warrior USA vs. The World & putting together our Ikea finds.

Today we have plans to meet a friend to watch the Packers vs. Lions game then probably meal prep and get ready for the next week.

Hope you have a wonderful & productive weekend as well.




Mini Egg & Veggie Quiche


I wasn’t going to post today because home girl is tired. BUT after posting on instagram last night of my #Brinner I got a few requests for the recipe so here I am sharing a snappy recipe post that you all will laugh at how easy this bad boys are.

Mini Egg & Veggie Quiche

Thursday when I got home from CrossFit I was craving something other than shredded chicken for my next three meals. I packed my lunch, dinner, and lunch as I was staying in Rockford Thursday night. So I looked in the fridge and saw a carton and a half of eggs & knew I had some frozen veggies in the freezer.

The first thing that popped in my head was omelette but those don’t travel or keep well so quiche muffins it was! These muffins take 5 minutes of hands on time and 3 ingredients. They are!

sorry poor photo skills, I'll try to get a more photogenic picture up soon to replace this one!

sorry poor photo skills, I’ll try to get a more photogenic picture up soon to replace this one!

Since I wasn’t planning on sharing the recipe, because it is that simple, I didn’t really measure, but I do know I used a TON of eggs and could’ve used much less. SO we are going to go with my estimated egg count 😉


These mini quiches are delicious for any meal and will keep you full and satisfied! Feel free to use any vegetables that you wish, I had a stir-fry veggie mix in the freezer so thats what I used but I have used spinach and carrots before too. Really any combo of veggies or even ground turkey work great!

Like I said in the instructions, do not fill the muffin tin to the top. If you do you will get an egg overflow like I did. OOPS!

oops overflowed egg deliciousness!

oops overflowed egg deliciousness!

Okay I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and fantastic weekend!

Have you ever made something so simple and so delicious before?
What are your weekend plans?


p.s. these are 100% AdvoCare approved!!

AdvoCare Cleanse (24 Day Challenge)


First thank you for all your kind words after my post on Thursday. I have a lot of thoughts that I cannot wait to share with you all but by the end of the day I think I am so tired I just can’t seem to form coherent sentences.

I also am SUPERRR excited to announce that I was selected to be a FitFluential Ambassador. This has definitely been a goal of mine since starting blogging and joining this fitness community and I cannot be more excited and proud to be a member of this group of inspiring and influential fitness freaks like me! I would not be there without all of YOU (and a little birdy who told me to just do it!). So thank you all!!!!

FitFluential Ambassador

What I really want to talk about is my AdvoCare challenge. As y’all know I started the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge on September 2nd with a small group of friends PLUS all the amazing advo-challengers on Facebook. I was really excited about this challenge for two reasons…

1. my first challenge (read about that here) was so successful and really helped me feel my absolute best, including kicking all my cravings and starting this amazing healthy living lifestyle
2. performing the WHOLE challenge. Prior to participating in both challenges I consulted my GI doctor to make sure that my body was healthy enough to take on the different supplementation and inquire about the Cleanse portion of the challenge. The first time that I did the challenge I opted out of the cleanse phase, while maintaining to the diet restrictions I essentially performed 2 MAX phases. After talking with my GI this time around he told me that the research is inconclusive, so I did my research on the different components & ingredients and I decided to go for the gusto.

Since we are now at Day 15 of 24 and over half way done, lets talk about Day 1-10. Those first few days were definitely the most challenging but also the easiest. What is it about a challenge that can completely change your mindset and get you 100% devoted? Well thats definitely how I felt the first 10 days.

thanks for the temptation coworkers… maybe next time!

thanks for the temptation coworkers… maybe next time!

I had heard from a friend that the fiber drink was rough and she recommended cutting it with 1/2 orange juice so that was my plan and it worked pretty well. When the citrus was mixed with FRESH 100% OJ  it just tasted like pulpy orange juice and wasn’t too bad.

We focused on eating minimal carbs, having fruits and veggies and lean proteins. I did have quinoa, oats (for breakfast) and sweet potatoes during the first 10 days which I know are all carby foods, but with our exercise routine I also knew we would need a little bit more which is why I chose this for us. Its what worked for us.

Day1-10 packs that we put together to make mornings a breeze!

Day1-10 packs that we put together to make mornings a breeze!

Besides food, I felt fantastic… I never had an energy lull (sleep related yes, food/diet related not at all) and felt better in all my cloths. I really believe you are what you eat and when you eat healthy for you foods everything about yourself feels better.

Now lets talk fiber drink… it isn’t the best thing every, but both Brent & I have mentioned in the past 4 days since stopping them, that we kinda miss them. It really helped “clear” you out without you running to the bathroom 😉 we both joked about 12-16hours after drinking the fiber drink we would have a “fiber poop” which is exactly what it is designed to do. It also helped me stay full longer and fended off all the carb cravings that I would have.

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

I am now enjoying the MAX phase which I will recap along with the entire experience once we are finished. I encourage you all to consider joining in the challenge kicking off October 6th. I cannot promise superhero bodies after the 24 days but I CAN promise that you will feel better, look better, and have more energy!

I will also be having Spark Sample Packs in the next couple weeks, so if you have been wondering what all the rage is about Spark & are overwhelmed with the different flavors let me help you “Taste The Rainbow” and decide which one you love the best!!! I currently am loving Mango-Strawberry & Grape! 

{photo credit} yep my girl ONW is my AdvoHero

{photo credit} yep my girl ONW is my AdvoHero

Alright off to listen to Jillian Michaels on my drive to work! Have a fantastic Tuesday!!

Whats your favorite drink flavor?
Have you ever experienced Fiber Poop?


I am not sure if its because of the move and subsequent time away from the blog but I went to type a post yesterday and felt that I just could not get the words from my head through my fingers onto this page in a coherent interesting manner.

I feel I have lost my blogging voice…

Now these feelings are ones I get every once and a while when I feel a lot of change, stress or pressure (from myself) to achieve something better. I look at my page stats (ughh why do I do that to myself?!?!) and I see a post that had “rave reviews” compared to the next with close to zero views…

And I wonder… where is my blogging voice?

I read other blends blogs and think to myself “wow they are great at putting together drawn out thoughts which are completely relevant and engaging”… then I try and my story seems like a list of tasks.

Where is my voice?


While getting ready to drive home tonight from work and thinking about the laundry list of things I needed to do and the engaging, humorous conversations that I have had with patients all day, I wondered why can I not convey this voice on AIW?

Where has my blogging voice gone?

Did I ever even have one?

Instead of posting about my meals or a recipe or our plans for the weekend I decided to tell you all that I have seem to be missing something. It seems to have gone on vacation and forgot to let me know. Apparently I need to stop running around like crazy, take a breath and find this beloved item.

So if you see it around, please tell it I miss it and would like for it to return to me.

You see my blogging voice seems to have taken a hiatus and my thoughts are not  connecting with my fingers and this page.

I hope to find my voice soon so I can share with you about my AdvoCare Challenge and all the other fun things. But for now I guess I have something to look for so I am signing off with this quote which I heard while listening to the Jillian Michaels PodCast.


p.s. thanks to Amanda for the thursday thoughts link up!


A Week of Workouts and Other Neat Stuff…


Well I survived my first week of commuting & my first week of the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and except for being exhausted and not blogging all week, I think I made it out alright!

Prepped for the first 10 days of our Advo Challenge!

Prepped for the first 10 days of our Advo Challenge!

Last week was a wild & wacky week and I really didn’t feel like I had my feet under me until it was Friday and the weekend was right around the corner. I always feel like short weeks are the craziest, not to mention adding in all these other new things.

Monday was Labor Day and we made plans to go try out a new gym. Actually a CrossFit gym to be precise. I had never done CrossFit and while I am excited to try something new I am kind of sad to leave my GPP lovin behind. HOWEVER, right when we walked through the doors at CrossFit EPC I felt welcomed, and excited for the new adventure. The workout was great, we did mobility and a conditioning drill which took the better part of an hour all together. After we chatted with some of the other gym members and the owner. I left feeling accomplished! Woohoo for wall balls, box jumps and running.

{photo credit CrossFit EPC}

{photo credit CrossFit EPC}

Tuesday we got up BRIGHT and early to go to another CrossFit class before I had to leave for work. The workout was again challenging, we did some good mobility work including some serious stretches, worked on our deadlift and then did a conditioning workout that included thrusters, ring dips (or banded dips for those with weak triceps #me!!) and lunges. I then rushed home to shower, change and pack my lunch before making my way out for my first 1.5hour drive to work.

My lunch box included a morning snack (apple), lunch (thai turkey meatballs & salad), afternoon snack (veggies & almonds) and dinner (sweet potato, green bean and pesto quinoa). I worked until 7pm on Tuesday and then had that 1.5hour drive home so I knew that I would be hungry and didn’t want to be tempted with fast food. #24daychallenge approved!

OH Don't forget the SPARK!!! I drank 1-2 sparks a day depending on my energy level & needs.

OH Don’t forget the SPARK!!! I drank 1-2 sparks a day depending on my energy level & needs.

Wednesday was pretty much the same as Tuesday, minus the CrossFit and PLUS a yoga class. I got a free two week membership to a studio near us and tried out a class. The class was good, I liked it but didn’t love it.

Thursday we headed back to CrossFit for a morning of back squats followed by a Thruster, Sit ups & burpee conditioning circuit. UGH I hate burpees! I don’t think they will ever get better, but working out with a group of people definitely makes you work harder & faster.

{photo credit CrossFit EPC}

{photo credit CrossFit EPC}

Friday night after work we headed back to the CrossFit gym (promos guys we are not joining a cult, they are just our only friends!!!) to celebrate the gyms 2nd birthday. It was really nice to meet some people in the area and get to know everyone a bit better.

After an open gym session where we practiced snatches and then did Hellen. Hellen consisted of a 400m run, 21 kettle bell swings and 12 pull ups. I used a 25lb KB and the green band for the pull ups. I finished in 11:16 & Brent finished in 11:36, I smoked him in the run 😉 but he Rx’d the workout.

Saturday night we got together with Katie and another couple to watch the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game. I wish I could say it was a fun game to watch. but sadly it was a very hard game to watch. THANKFULLY the company was splendid!

After YoBility feeling completely refreshed and invigorated!

After YoBility feeling completely refreshed and invigorated!

To round out our week of hitting the gym, Sunday we headed to a YoBility class at the CrossFit gym. YoBility is a combination of yoga and mobility to help improve lifting posture and stretch out all the tight spots. It was JUST what I needed after 12 hours of commuting and a bunch of new workouts. I felt invigorated and ready to take on the Marathon of food prep that awaited me.

marathon food prep complete!!! So Much food!

marathon food prep complete!!! So Much food!

I spent the rest of sunday cooking and prepping food for the week.

Quinoa & Mixed Berry Breakfast Bake
Oven baked Steak Fajitas (on brown rice)
Crockpot Shredded Italian Chicken (with lettuce wrap)
Stuffed Turkey & Quinoa Bell Peppers
Chicken Stir-Fry (on quinoa)
Island Pork Tenderloin
Mashed Cauliflower & Green onions
Roasted Balsamic Veggies (carrots, brussel sprouts & mushrooms)

This week will be another busy one. I am hoping to stop in with a few more posts for y’all, but for now head on over to Katie’s page and see what other Marvelousness went on this weekend.


Weekend Recap & Meal Plan – AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

Happy Labor Day!!

I am so grateful for this holiday and the extra day to catch up. This weekend has been a whirlwind and exhausting.

Saturday morning we got up BRIGHT and early and drove to pick up our UHaul. The next 12 hours were spent loading, packing, cleaning, driving, unloading, unpacking & collapsing. We finally stopped around 8pm and got some dinner with my family. It was a very long and exhausting day but I am glad we just got it all done and didn’t have to move two days in a row.

Weekend Review

Sunday was “unpack and figure out where everything is going to go” day. Our apartment looks better but man do we have a lot of stuff. We went from a HUGE condo, to a smaller (but still big) apartment, to an even SMALLER (and more expensive) place. So needless to say we have a lot of stuff and not a lot of space. #helloIKEA!

Today we are going to try out a new gym and then do some shopping. I will also be meal prepping, for the first time in what seems like eternity, because TOMORROW starts our AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge & I will be commuting.  I want to be 100% committed to the challenge and that means I need to meal prep as I will be driving/staying 1.5hours from our new apartment. ALSO since Brent is doing the challenge with me I want him to be as successful as possible, which means meal prep. #allthingsmealprep

AdvoFridge … don't know where my life will go but I know where my advocate is!

AdvoFridge … don’t know where my life will go but I know where my advocate is!

I scoured the internet & pinterest for inspiration for this weeks meals. I am 100% nervous when starting anything that I won’t do it right, so I looked elsewhere for inspiration, hoping that next week I will have enough brain power to create some of my own!

Meal Plan

Heres what the week looks like meal wise:
Breakfast – Berry Quinoa Cups – hopefully adapting this recipe to fit my craving
Snacks – almonds, apples, carrots…
LunchesHummus Chicken & Veggies & Thai Zucchini Meatballs (with veggies!)
DinnersPesto Spaghetti Squash & Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad

Thats my plan… we will see if I stick to it once I get to cooking… 😉

Happy Labor Day,

What are your Labor Day plans?
Do you totally freakout when trying something new?