Beer Bread Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!

I had plans to start my rainbow over again this week with a new beet recipe but I have been hanging on to a few recipes that I haven’t had time to share with you all yet.


I made this bread a couple weeks ago with some beer that we had in our fridge. We went to a local brewery over Labor Day and bought a Growler, with plans to take it to Ann Arbor for the Michigan game. Sadly said growler took a ride in my trunk, as we were unaware it was not sealed shut, and spilled 75% of its contents. So it was sitting patiently in our refrigerator waiting to be used in something delicious.

I was determined one Saturday to use the beer to experiment with beer bread. I did some research and wanted to find a recipe with few ingredients and things I already had on hand. I found this recipe from the Happy Herbivore and thought it looked too good and too easy to be true, so obviously I had to try it out. (((with my slightly flat possibly stale BUT not yet skunked beer)))

Smelled amazing while it was baking, I just hoped it tasted as good as it smelled!

My mini loaves smelled amazing while baking, I just hoped they tasted as good as they smelled!

I decided to add some spices and bake mine in 4 mini spring form pans, mainly because I don’t own a bread pan and also because I wanted to make four little guys rather than a big honking loaf of bread.


I really enjoyed the slightly sweater pumpkin spiced bread as I am a pumpkin everything-aholic! But the savory bread tasted like warm fall in every bite!!! I really enjoyed both flavors!

Alsoooooo I only had about 1.5cups of whole wheat flour left so I substituted the remaining 1.5 cup of flour with Buckwheat flour. I have had a tumultuous relationship wit buckwheat flour and the flavor it produces, mainly it has been a negative relationship but I am happy to say it was GREAT in this recipe. It gave the bread a nice depth of flavor and really complemented it all great!

Enjoyed with some egg, carnival squash & black beans!

Enjoyed with some egg, carnival squash & black beans!

The beer I used was a wheat beer (as I have a love/hate relationship with yeast based beers, basically they love to hate me) and it was also great in this recipe. I am sure any good quality beer would be great though!

Brent was pleased with the heartiness of this bread and really enjoyed it with the soup we had! I on the other hand just ate it warmed up in the microwave with some olive oil OR a little more agave!

Pumpkin spice enjoyed warmed with a drizzle of honey & shake of cinnamon on top!

Pumpkin spice enjoyed warmed with a drizzle of honey & shake of cinnamon on top!


I hope you enjoy these breads, they are just in time for the cool fall weather… I know I will be making them again soon and definitely cannot wait!!

Happy Wednesday!


I’d Love To Know ~~ What is your favorite go-to bread recipe? Are you a wheat beer drinker? 

Wellness Wednesday Blueberry

Happy Wellness Wednesday!!


I don’t know about you but the only thing blue I can think of that is natural to eat are blueberries or blackberries! I LOVE both, they are probably two of my favorite berries and you can do so much with them.

I found this really fun fact sheet on blueberries from the Blueberry Council’s website.

Did you know Blueberries were this great for you?

Did you know Blueberries were this great for you?

One of my favorite bloggers is @powercakes, I know I have linked back to her before but she has a lot of great information, workouts and recipes on her blog. She is quite inspiring! When I first stumbled upon her blog I saw this recipe & the video she made to go with it! It seemed too easy to be true (and good), so obviously I tried it myself, LOVED IT, and then like all good recipes I make, I forgot about it… OOPS! WELL its back! And I am soooo glad I remembered it because with fall peaking around every corner it is the perfect complement to winter treats!

Mixed Blackberry & Blueberry Chia Jam!

Mixed Blackberry & Blueberry Chia Jam!

Berry Chia Jam!!! This homemade jam is the BOMB & super easy to make. It seriously takes under 10 minutes to make!


I made an extra big batch and was feeling super lazy so I just tossed a full bag of mixed berries and the remainder of my bag of chia seeds (probably 4tbsp or so). I had some of these cute pint sized mason jars which I stored it in!

Chia Berry Jam on a PUMPKIN spice english muffin!!! YUM

Chia Berry Jam on a PUMPKIN spice english muffin!!! YUM

Be sure to check out Kate’s post over at the JuiceJunky. Have a wonderful Wellness Wednesday!





I’d Love To Know ~~ Whats your favorite Blue food? Do you have a favorite blueberry recipe?

Wellness Wednesday GREEN!!

Happy Rainbow Wednesday Guys!!

WellnessWednesdaysI hope you all enjoyed yesterdays stuffed squash!! I told you I would be eating the leftovers in a “deconstructed” stuffed acorn squash fashion and that’s just what I had Monday night for dinner!! It was just as great as the first night!

Deconstructed stuffed squash... used carnival squash for my base, then piled it up with the leftover filling and quinoa from the stuffed squash I made earlier this week!! YUM

Deconstructed stuffed squash… used carnival squash for my base, then piled it up with the leftover filling and quinoa from the stuffed squash I made earlier this week!! YUM

Todays wellnesswednesday has had me excited since I started this whole series. I love GREEN foods and all of the health benefits they provide. I have to say each week it is hard to pick a food to feature but this week was especially difficult. To give you an idea I went from brussel sprouts ( a new found favorite food), spinach, kale, zucchini, broccoli, then back to KALE!

I have to admit my first trip down Kale-Lane was not a pretty one. I remember hearing SO much about it, and thought “HECK I CAN EAT THAT especially if its good for me!”… so I prepared a kale salad of sorts for a week of work… Monday came I tried the salad and HATED IT, I took one bite and spit it out, in this recipe I did not cook the kale rather it was supposed to break down in the lemon, WRONG, it definitely didn’t and this was the dinosaur variety kale which in my opinion has the strongest taste. Needless to say I tossed this salad, made something else and put kale on the backburner for a few months.

I then experimented with baby kale, the thinner leaves and less developed flavors really helped me get a good taste for this superfood! I have since branched off to other kale-varieties and can eat the dinosaur kale again (cooked or raw) with continuing to love it. So my recommendation take BABY steps into the wonderful world of kale! The recipe I am going to share with you today will be a GREAT first kale recipe with any type of kale!

((side note how cute are these mugs I got for $4 each!! I am completely in love with them!))

((side note how cute are these mugs I got for $4 each!! I am completely in love with them!))

Some health benefits of this super green include:

  • VITAMINS!!!! Vitamin A – 206-133% Vitamin C – 134% Vitamin K 684% of your daily requirements in ONLY 33 calories/cup!!! woop woop!! (Percentage varied based on sources)
  • Antioxidants & fiber to help decrease risk of heart disease – ESPECAILLY if kale is cooked not raw!!! Win one for cooking kale!
  • Immune system boost – has more IRON than beef which helps bring more oxygen to the blood and helps anemic!
  • Healthy balance of omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids for a stronger body, hair, skin & nails!
  • VITAMIN K (again) this vitamin helps prevent cancers, bone health, stalling osteoporosis effects, & blood clotting

OK my kale recipe was again hard to pick! I love Kale Chips, Kale in smoothies, kale in salads (I eat kale every day in my lunch salad!) but my favorite kale recipe is KALE PESTO!!!

Lemon Kale Pesto!

Lemon Kale Pesto!

Holy yum Wellnessland this pesto is great for kale lovers and kale-questioners alike! I made this for the first time last winter and really loved it, the flavors are amazing & it really is good on ANYTHING!!

I adapted my kale pesto recipe slightly from THIS recipe.


I made this pesto with my roasted spaghetti squash in mind!


Kale Pesto on spaghetti squash & side of chicken breast!

However this is great on ALL noodles, would be great on grilled chicken or even just a cracker! It is seriously great!

For my Kale Pesto Spaghetti Squash… I took a cup or so of previously roasted squash, added some spices ((dill, Italian seasoning, pepper and parsley)), and smooshed it into a pancake. I put my pancake into a sauté pan to heat through, then topped with approx. 2 tbsp of kale pesto covered and let it start to heat up. THEN I ate it! I had some baked chicken leftover from lunch prep so I had ½ of a chicken breast too!


It was SQUASHTASTIC!!! I felt like I was eating pasta with all the benefits of kale & squash! Brent’s commentary on dinner “I love that each bite has a different flavor, one is green & leafy, the next is lemony, and then you get an earthy squash flavor, I LIKE IT!”

I hope you enjoyed my rainbow Wednesday kale edition & have a fantastic rest of the week!!


I’d Love To Know ~~ Whats your favorite green food? Have you had any bad first time experiences with a food but fell in-love with it later?

LEMON Yellow WellnessWednesday #3

Hey Wellnessland HAPPY Wellness Wednesday!

I have to admit as much as I didn’t want to wake up this morning I was really excited to share this weeks wellness wednesday with you

First off my friend & sorority sister Kate who blogs at @juicejunky is joining us for our #wellnesswednesdays and is going to bring her take on the rainbow too!! Kate is a veganista and her stories always make me want to throw the chicken out the window & eat more veggies!


This week’s rainbow Wednesday is YELLOW… I was talking to Kate about what we should do and we both agreed on LEMONS because they are absolutely amazing for you & taste even better!

Here are some quick tips on the health benefits of lemons:

  • Antioxidant & Antibiotic Effects – like most of our other superfoods lemons are a good source of antioxidants! The flavonoids in the lemon can help stop cell division in different disease states including cancer!
  • Vitamin C – one of the most important antioxidants are packed in these little yellow gems! Vit. C is able to travel through the blood neutralizing free radicals, which interact with health cells in the body, and damages them. This damage causes inflammation & painful swelling.
  • Vitamins & Minerals – beyond vitamin C lemons are PACKED with other vitamins & minerals, which are essential for bone health, digestive health and aid in healing autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

If you want to read more on the health benefits of lemons check out this and this website.

What about Lemon Water???  I know Kate is going to talk about lemon water today as well so go check out her blog for more information. I did find THIS article from vega about the 5 health benefits of lemon water and wanted to share a couple with you!

  • Aids in digestion – I know we ALL can use a little help in this department, some days more than others, and lemons are believed to stimulate and purify the liver, & support digestive acids in the stomach to further aid digestion.
  • Support Immune Function – the winter months are coming and that means COLDS… lemons are high in those antioxidants which support immune function, and they contain saponins which have antimicrobial properties that may keep those bugs away!!!

I wanted to share a recipe with you that was out of the LEMON ordinary. We all throw lemons in deserts or with a marinade which is AWESOME but have you ever roasted a lemon??

Well I found this recipe and thought 1. This is easy, I can throw that together 2. Hmmmm that sounds GOOD! 3. Roasted Lemons??

Obviously those three thoughts left me running to the store getting lemons & pesto and totally excited & inspired.


EDIT::: this lemon salsa has great flavor however if you have thick skinned lemons you will not like it… our lemon rind was too thick so even when processed it was thick & bitter which really ruined the flavor… I will still make this again but I will peel a portion of the rind away before roasting… 


I WISH I had grilled some plain chicken last night during my #tuesdayfoodprep since we missed food prep Sunday because this salsa would’ve been GREAT on top of some chicken. But since I don’t have any protein to throw this on, I decided to whip up a batch of tortilla chips because salsa is best on chips!

Roasted Lemon Salsa before sitting over night

Roasted Lemon Salsa before sitting over night

For these chips I used the same tortilla recipe I have shared in the past but added some Lemon zest (from the lemon I used in my warm lemon water this morning) and tossed in some ground fennel & dill to season them up! I popped them in the oven at 355deg for 10 minutes and they came out firm but still soft, more on the Pita chip side of chips.


Morning Lemon Water — AHHH my stomach has been a little upset the last two days {{likely from the football food}} so this calming water definitely hit the spot!!

I topped one with the salsa for my morning {{snack}} and it was DIVINE… now if you are only slightly fond of lemons you may want to add some other flavors to this “salsa” because it is 100% lemon but like I said would be GREAT on top of chicken, steak or pork chops!! If I was going to make it again for a party I’d probably add some other traditional salsa flavors & less roasted lemon just so everyone would gobble it up!

Morning snack of lemon salsa!

Morning snack of lemon salsa!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!


I’d Love To Know ~~ what is your favorite YELLOW food?? How do you enjoy lemons best?

Don’t forget to check out Red & Orange editions!

Wellness Wednesday #2

Happy Wellness Wednesday Wellnessland!

I am excited for this #rainbowwednesday because MY favorite part of fall has arrived at STARBUCKS the PSL {{pumpkin spice latte for those of you who aren’t up on the lingo… that i just learned yesterday}}! I have to admit don’t really even like the PSL because it is too sweet for me BUT I do LOVE getting the pumpkin spice in my blonde roast coffee from Starbucks, it is my heaven in a cup!

AHHH pumpkin spice sauce in my blonde roast! True fall love of my life!

AHHH pumpkin spice sauce in my blonde roast! True fall love of my life!

How fitting that Pumpkin is orange and this weeks color is ORANGE!! I am sure you all know how fun they are to carve, how delicious Pumpkin pie is, the PSL is and even like the occasional roasted pumpkin seed but DID YOU KNOW that pumpkin is packed with SUPERFOOD powers?

Lets look at this SUPERFOOD a little closer!


** the bright orange color comes from beta-carotene which is a provitamin that is converted to vitamin A in the body! 

— beta-carotene is known for its immune boosting powers && is essential for eye health && preventing coronary heart disease!

** FIBER & PROTEIN!! one cup of canned pumpkin = 7g of fiber & 3g of protein in only 80 calories! 

**Vitamin K — over 50% of your daily value && may help to reduce some cancers! 

** THE SEEDS!!! all these little bundles of joy are PACKED with protein, magnesium, potassium, and zinc! 

— they also have health benefits toward Diabetes, Antimicrobial – anti-fungal & anti-vital, cancer-related benefits, & BPH benefits

for more fun pumpkin facts check out this & this website!!

I love using pumpkin in place of BANANAs because I despiseeeee them & the texture of pumpkin puree is similar to that of banana. I also LOVE using pumpkin in baking, did you know that in most cake recipes you can use a can of pure pumpkin to replace ALL the wet ingredients? I especially like taking a box of spice cake mix 15oz of pumpkin and 1-2cups of dark chocolate chips to make a superb fall pumpkin cookie!

Today I wanted to share TWO raw cookie ball recipes and my own HOMEMADE PSL!

I saw THIS pumpkin pie bite recipe and was inspired to try my own! I had all the ingredients EXCEPT cashews, but I think pumpkin goes along with a lot of different nut flavors so i decided to make my OWN twist on Zuzana’s recipe.

Pumpkin Date Truffles

Pumpkin Date Truffles

How good do these look!!! would you EVER guess the secret ingredient is CHICKPEAS!!

How good do these look!!! would you EVER guess the secret ingredient is CHICKPEAS!!



Pumpkin Fig Bites

For the fig balls I followed the same recipe as above, I subbed fig for the dates and rolled them in a mixture of PB2 & chocolate and then in some crushed pumpkin seeds!

Finally to share my PUMPKIN COFFEE CREAMER!!

I love how vibrant and orange this is! It even gives your coffee an orange hue!

I love how vibrant and orange this is! It even gives your coffee an orange hue!


I hope you enjoyed this weeks WellnessWedneday and my Pumpkin creations!


I’d LOVE to know ~~ what is your favorite ORANGE food? How do you use pumpkin in your house?

#wellnesswednesday Rainbow Red

Hi Friends!

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the phrase “Eat The Rainbow” before but it may be one of my FAVORITES! I love COLORS, it doesn’t matter if the color comes in the form of bright tops, bright shoes, lots of shoes J or in my food, I WANT everything to be in pretty colors! But did you know that each color has a different nutritional value and the MORE colors the MORE nutrition you’re getting??

Well this morning while getting ready there was a GMA piece on school lunches and how you should get away from eating GRAYS and BEIGE and get more toward feeding yourself & your kids COLORS! And how you should EATARAINBOW!

I had already had plans to start a “Wellness Wednesday” series about different foods that I enjoy and the nutritional benefit or WHY I choose to eat those foods. So to start this series I am going to start with the RAINBOW and the colors we find in the rainbow R.O.Y.G.B.I.V!

Today is RED and goes perfectly with my newest love and adoration the BEET!

a bundle of beets!!

a bundle of beets!!

Here are some fun facts about this root vegetable:

  • Beets are high in vitamins & minerals – potassium, magnesium, fibers, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A&B&C, beta-carotene, beta-cyanine, folic acid… the list could go on
  • CLEANSE the body – a tonic for the liver, purifier for the blood, and can prevent various forms of cancer ?!! SAY WHAT FULLCIRCLE?
  • Help Mental Health! – the betaine in the beet is the same substance that is used for certain treatments of depression!! Tryptophan is a relaxer for your mind and creates a sense of well-being. &&& they can help lower your blood pressure!!
  • BOOST energy levels – contain a significant amount of carbohydrates that provides fuel for energy and prolonged sports activities ((FUEL YOUR WORKOUT!!!))
  • HEART health – beet fiber helps to reduce cholesterol & triglycerides by INCREASING the level of HDL cholesterol
  • Your HEART also loves this red vegetable!

    Your HEART also loves this red vegetable!

**Check out these THIS article & THIS article for BEET love**

My CURRENT favorite way to eat beets, as I have not attempted to buy raw whole beets & prepare them myself, is BRADS RAW FOODS Beet Chips! HOLY YUM guys these are amazing. If you aren’t sure about Beets these little crisps have a mild after taste of beet but aren’t super strong.

You must try these!! Little bites of heaven and a snack that makes you feel GOOD about snacking!

You must try these!! Little bites of heaven and a snack that makes you feel GOOD about snacking!

They are also packed buckwheat groats, flax & other healthy NATURAL ingredients, the ingredient list is not very long and almost ALL of the ingredients are organic. I have tried Brads Kale Chips before and LOVED THEM but these have more of a typical CHIP texture and less of a kale/vegetable texture.

RED rainbow contributor is this health blaster vegetable the BEET

RED rainbow contributor is this health blaster vegetable the BEET

So there you have it. R is for these red beet bad boys, and all of the AMAZING health benefits that they have! I am so glad that I have started to eat more beets & cannot wait to try my hand at preparing them myself & making my own twist on this POWER food!

Off to find some ORANGE Wellness to add to our adventure!


I’d LOVE to Know ~~ what is your favorite RED food to eat? Do you like beets, how do you prepare them?