Beyond Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I love thanksgiving, & all holidays for that matter, they prove to be a wonderful time to celebrate & enjoy the company of family and friends.


This thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for I seriously cannot list them all.
I am thankful for my family- without them I wouldn’t know what true love was & their continuous support is completely unmatched.
❤️I am thankful for Brent my true best friend and continuous support system on the daily!
❤️I am thankful for friends, patients & coworkers for keeping me sane & making me laugh!
❤️I am thankful for my education & being a Physical therapist- I am truly living my dream and couldn’t be more excited!
❤️I am thankful for a job in my field doing what I love to do.
❤️I am thankful for my new found blogging community & all of YOU who are reading this post!
❤️I am thankful for my health & continued journey with fitness.


Listening to my Body not Big Ben

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was the first day of both my holiday challenges, and I wanted to recap a little about both.

Elf for Health day 1 was meatless Monday. Since I am not a crazy meat eater this wasn’t too difficult for me. We typically have a meat source with our lunches and dinners so making the sub just required a little thinking on my part.

Sunday I made veggie egg rolls using tofu for the very first time. I planed on eating these for lunch, all week, but they only made 8 so it’ll be lunch a couple days at least. I dressed the veggies with some tahini, aminos & spices to give the rolls a good kick of flavor.

For dinner I made sweet potato “nachos”, I sliced a {microwave} baked potato & topped it with a little shredded cheese, black beans, corn, green onion, nutritional yeast & southwest spices. They were divine! I could seriously eat this meal each & every day!

The Good Life Challenge–
Day 1 was to eat when you were hungry not just because of a time or bored feeling. I have a hard time with this at work because I have a scheduled lunch & even if I am hungry prior to that time if I have patients I don’t have a chance to eat. I ate my lunch at my lunch hour which I was hungry during (maybe even over hungry) & ate my dinner when it was ready after I got home because I was hungry then as well.
My challenge was to NOT eat my “afternoon snack”. Often I find myself reaching for something to eat after work ob the way out the door. I “feel” hungry or as though I should eat something so I do. Today I took a second & thought about that craving before reaching for the yogurt/snack. And I found I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t need the snack, I was able to run an errand and eat 2 hours later without feeling ravenous!

Both these challenges gave me a little extra thought. I had to make a separate plan and listen to my body to know what worked best for me today. Have you ever truly listened to your body when it was time to eat & not justify your meal time based on the clocks time? I am always surprised how I can go from seemingly unhungry to starving within 2 minutes after looking at the clock and seeing its 1 or 2:00 and I haven’t ate lunch!

I hope you take today to listen to your body & let me know how it goes!


Alphabet soup: MIMM CBD, Elf4Health & TGLHC!

Happy Monday Friends!


Alphabet soup MiMM!

After a semi-spontaneous trip home this weekend I am excited for this week ahead. Our trip to Michigan was planned last Sunday when my grandma (bribed) me us with corned beef dinner {CBD}. If you were a member of my family you would understand that CBD was is like the pot’o’gold at the end of the rainbow. My grandma makes the best CBD, complete with cooked carrots, potatoes & cabbage. Brent had never had a CBD before so it was a definite treat! The other benefit was getting to see some of my family who I didn’t think I would see until Christmas.

Saturday morning my Aunt & I had plans to hit her gym bootcamp class. I have been doing a lot all of my workouts solo lately (seriously me, myself, my phone & the weights) so it was really nice to be in a group class atmosphere & working out with my seriously in-shape rockstar Aunt.

The class was broken in to two parts: Part 1: 55sec work, 5sec break for 8 stations. Stations included hop-overs, boxing, jump-rope, shuffles, PVC jump throughs, jumping jacks, BOSU mtn climbers, and wall ball hops. Part 2: obstacle course not timed just had to complete the exercises with good form. This included Tire flips, mtn climbers on sliders, pull ups (assisted for me), weighted lunged, deadlifts, chin ups (assisted for me) & dips

You completed both parts, did a set of stairs with bear-walking between part 2 and part 1 and then did the WHOLE circuit twice; then the class ended with an ab circuit. We started with the obstacles and killed it the first round through, we were flying and definitely winded when I got to the second set of obstacles, so the second round of timed exercises was definitely challenging. I haven’t done a ton of cardio lately so you better believe I was red faced and sweaty!

After our workout we hit the mall and did a little shopping and bonding. The rest of the day was spent enjoying our time together and visiting. Sunday we hit the road back to Rockford, taking a pit stop at Woodfield mall for a little pre-christmas window shopping!

Cousin Pile Up on Brent… This started with the two of us, then was followed by the majority of my cousins (missing 3)! Nothing like some family bonding on each others lap!

Nothing like some family bonding on each others lap! This started with the two of us, then was followed by the majority of my cousins (missing 3)… My body is underneath this huge pile of children, I was NOT photoshopped into this image although it appears so.

Speaking of Christmas, I feel like it is Christmas Eve with so much excitement building up for this week and even just tomorrow. I told you last week that I was joining #elf4health & the #goodlifechallenge to help combat the Holiday Hangover. Well, both challenges start tomorrow and I am so excited to learn more from Jamie & share in the fun with Lindsay & Elle. I can’t wait for what the next 4 weeks have in store & am feeling more prepared than ever to tackle the holidays without the guilt that comes with it.

Repeat picture for #elf4health…

#elf4health week 1

For Meatless Monday (11/25) – I made veggie egg rolls for lunch (monday-wednesday) & am going to make southwest stuffed sweet potato “nachos” for dinner inspired by Jan.

I will keep you all updated on both challenges as they come! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great monday!





I’d Love To Know ~~

Have you ever had a corned beef dinner?

Do you enjoy working out with family members? I loved working out with my aunt, she seriously motivated me to keep on keeping on! 

What would you eat for Meatless Monday?

Holiday Hangover…Pre-Game Planning

Happy Wednesday Friends!

I don’t know about you but with the holiday’s coming up my fear of over eating starts to sky high. I know I’ll be able to stick to a semi-decent workout routine but the food just seems to keep coming & my willpower seems to decrease with every treat that comes in. With Brent finishing his study-induced-binging I had high hopes to return to our healthier eating ways with kicking the junk to the curb & getting our holiday healthy on.

Welp every plan is made to be bent right??? Monday was the first kicker to that plan, I had a work meeting for lunch & made a relatively healthy choice, could’ve been better but definitely wasn’t the worst decision. However, Monday night I went to a work function where they had appetizers, I did a good job of eating the “healthier” choices that I would make for myself at home. I didn’t over eat & felt pretty satisfied at the end of the night, THEN I was given ALL of the left overs… this meant 5 carryout boxes filled with food to take home & of course all the healthy choices (veggies & fruit) were primarily taken leaving fried foods.

As much as I love my gym cloths it was pretty nice to put this dress on and rock some heels. I work hard in the gym so showing it off in a nice dress was a good change!!! yes thats a box of BOXES of leftovers… THANK YOU!!!

As much as I love my gym cloths it was pretty nice to put this dress on and rock some heels. I work hard in the gym so showing it off in a nice dress was a good change!!! yes thats a box of BOXES of leftovers… THANK YOU!!!

I took some to work today only to be greeted by a patient with TWO homemade pizzas for lunch & another with bakery fresh cookies… Obviously this pizza looked & smelled a lot better than my cold packed lunch & I didn’t want to be rude. So there went my lunch of meatballs & rice for 2 slices of gluten-free roasted veggie pizza & my yogurt with granola. This pizza ultimately became my dinner as well…

I am COMPLETELY and truly grateful for all the thoughtful food & cookies from my patients & coworkers. And I am grateful for the time that I will be able to spend with family & friends over this holiday season celebrating the season & enjoying each others company around a breakfast/lunch/dinner table. I love it so much that I regularly go to 3 christmas dinners and 1 breakfast over the Christmas holiday.

What I don’t love so much is the “holiday hangover,” or the guilt that comes from eating all that extra food/butter/cheese & the feeling that my body tells me after eating such meals. I don’t know anyone who enjoys that feeling of completely stuffed, and I definitely can’t stand it. My holiday hangover often goes beyond feeling of over full and into feeling physically ill, having an upset stomach that night and even the next day, with the addition of bloating & diminished self-esteem. Luckily my holiday hangover generally doesn’t include kicking the gym to the curb, but as we all know a healthy lifestyle does not equal only working out, a healthy & appropriate diet has to accompany it.


I want to have a healthy relationship with the holidays much like I have a healthy relationship with the gym and a {budding} healthy relationship with my weight & body image. I was excited to read both Lindsay & Elle’s blog posts last week and yesterday about Elf for Health 2013. I read the posts and thought “holy smokes these girls are reading my mind!!! thats exactly what I need to make me a little more accountable for my actions these next 4 weeks”… I immediately joined the challenge & am excited to challenge myself & help motivate my “elf” during the holidays.

Hurry & JOIN before Friday!

Then yesterday I read Katie’s blog about staying on track. I love to read Katie talk about her struggles and triumphs because we definitely seem to be on similar wave lengths. When she started the No Weigh October challenge I had been thinking, “I need to help my relationship with the scale” and having that challenge really made me break my habit and realize I can be happy with myself without having a number determine my life…. Side Note: I have still not weighed myself since mid-september! Yesterday Katie stated she was going to be taking part in “The Good Like Holiday Challenge” hosted by Jamie Mendell.

Join HERE!

Jamie is an Intuitive Eating rockstar & is hosting a holiday challenge where Jamie is going to “…help you get what you need. I’m going to help you feel relax, calm, and organized…” This is exactly what I needed. I have been interested in learning more about true intuitive eating and how to be successful at adapting this lifestyle. I think I do some things intuitively but I would like to have a better relationship with food and meals, so what better time than NOW?

What better way to kick off the holiday season than with two completely different challenges to work on myself and GIFT myself with a healthier relationship with the holidays. I am ditching my Holiday Hangover and hitting these holiday’s head on with the support of fellow elves & Good Life Challengers.

And I challenge you to join too!

If you’re not interested in joining the challenge please subscribe to this blog & post your accomplishments to the challenges along the way. I will be posting my success & accomplishments in the challenges presented through both avenues and would love to hear from you all about how you over come the challenge presented or if you joined along!

Happy Holiday Pre-Season!




Thruster Buster… & weekly plan

Hi Friends!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My weekend was wonderful, my dad & step mom came to Rockford to visit & it was really nice to see them and show them around our new home. I also enlisted my dad into hanging pictures for me!

Bedroom wall has pictures now!!!! The pictures need to be updated but at least they are up!

Bedroom wall has pictures now!!!! The pictures need to be updated but at least they are up!

Last week I had a great week at the gym, it was the first time in a long time I actually made it to the gym each day. Added bonus was I felt motivated & energized before and after each workout. I did all GPP workouts for the week & loved it! Monday I kinda crashed coming down from my 15th thruster & the barbell slid down my nose, leaving a nasty scratch & multiple stops to blot the blood during the rest of my workout. YES I did finish the workout, but definitely took more time than I wanted because of my cut & slight lightheadedness!

On Friday I changed it up a bit.. I am still on the struggle bus when it comes to performing a pull up or chin up & since the workout only had 3 exercises & 1 was pull ups, I found myself getting more frustrated than motivated after 2 rounds. I can’t perform them quickly unless I use the assistance band, which takes so long to get into & out of, & I just am left feeling defeated. SO after 2 or 3 rounds, I decided to change to Jacked which was last done on GPP back on Nov 2nd, I apparently missed this day. This was exactly the workout I needed to kick me out of my pull-up frustration… I completed 1.5 rounds (I could feel my calves cramping) & 314 reps!! I finished with some assisted Aussie pull ups which were crazy challenging for this girl.

After a killer workout this week!!! My nose was in initial scabbing phases here!

After a killer workout this week!!! My nose was in initial scabbing phases here!

This week my workout plan is to hit the gym every morning. Wednesday I may go after work depending on how my body is feeling. Monday & Tuesday I will be hitting it extra early due to work & a hair appointment ((hopefully I have written this in stone & will make it to the gym in the morning on Monday, as I am writing this Sunday night))…. Thursday & Friday will be my regular morning gym time. Saturday & Sunday are TBD.

Meals –

  • Breakfast: green monster muffins (for my early morning pre-workout snack)
  • Lunches: Thai turkey meatballs, brown rice & 1/2 avocado
  • Snack: 1/2 grapefruit; yogurt & homemade granola
  • Monday – free eats @ a work benefit!
  • Tuesday – Chicken Egg Rolls
  • Wednesday – leftovers
  • Thursday – either leftovers or Southwest Stuffed Sweet potatoes
  • Friday – leftovers
  • Saturday – crockpot Fajitas

So there’s my previous week of workouts & this weeks plan for working out. I really think it helps me to make a mental commitment to my workouts & plan times & days of what I will be doing. Lately I have been doing the GPP workouts, but often times I add some extra skill work at the end of the “prescribed” exercises. Same goes for my meal prep. I have to have a semi-rigid plan of what I will be eating through the week, it takes a lot of temptation out of picking up fast food or spending money eating out!

Hope you have a wonderful monday & fantastic week!





I’d Love To Know ~~ Have you ever had a gym crash? All my patients asked about my nose all week (it looked much worse when it was scabbing) What’s your plan for the week?


TWO Ingredient Stove Top Granola

Happy Thursday!!!

I have felt like every day this week was Thursday, yesterday was especially bad… I am guessing this is mainly because Brent is off work all week, I have made it to the gym EVERYDAY ( a new accomplishment for me as lately my gym going has been 3-4 times not my normal daily) & I had a meeting most of tuesday so I only saw patients part of the day. Too many things to throw my schedule off….


Part of my family & the Michigan vs ND game earlier this year!

Including these TWO people on Friday!!! (left two – parents!)

In theme with my week days being all messed up I have found myself with a little extra time in the morning… I likely just jinxed myself saying that but oh well!! With this extra time on Tuesday I used it to my advantage!

The Original batch of homemade granola

The Original batch of homemade granola

I get annoyed with buying packaged granola because it always has SOO much added stuff & costs an arm & a leg for such a small amount. My last granola purchase was the Udi’s Au Natural granola which I seriously love! It is gluten free ((I am not gluten intolerant but seem to do better with limited amounts)) & generally has pretty legit ingredients with great flavor! BUT when I was eating it all I could think was “I could make this… for way less… I need to try to make this, like yesterday”… I have made baked granola before which is always great but the list of ingredients always seems endless and time consuming, I wanted something QUICK & EASY and healthy. Three words that are hard to find in the same sentence with 100% honesty to back!

So Tuesday with my little extra time in the morning (and craving for granola) I decided to get a little creative. I tossed some oats in a sauté pan, toasted, added some honey, continued to toast, took off the stove, taste tested, threw in some raisins (another recent addiction) and realized I made something that tasted like the packaged stuff.

Stove Top Granola

I decided this was a new needed supply in my pantry & I will likely never buy packaged granola again ((ok I probably will but only if in a bind!)). So like all good experimenters do, I made another batch, a bigger batch & if I do say so myself a better batch… mainly so I could share it all with you!!

photo 1-3 photo 4









This granola has 4 ingredients & could easily be made with only TWO!!!! I don’t know how much easier you can get than that! PLUS you only need a measuring cup, a pan & a spatula to successfully create this masterpiece!


I stored my granola in a mason jar because I have a few hanging around & it was easy. I now think I will always store it in a mason jar because it is so cute & festive looking. Also today I brought my whole jar to work & just took what I needed.

My coworker laughed and said “I like your mason jar of oatmeal” & when I answered with “its actually homemade granola” she was about blown away. & her immediate response was “you have too much extra time on your hands” little did she know the whole batch of oatmeal took MAYBEEEE 10 minutes & I had complete 100% control over the ingredients in it!

I seriously would encourage you all to try and make your own. It is so simple & super versatile. I really could not believe how easy it was to make my own granola at home & cannot wait to tweak this recipe adding other favorite things!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!! & enjoy some granola in the near future!





I’d Love To Know ~~ What would you put in your granola? Have you ever had a wild morning inspiration that turned out amazing?


Trial Tuesday!

This week may just be labeled Link Up Week…

Today, I am joining Jen today for Trial Tuesdays…



But first I wanted to recap my monday that truly fit my MiMM post! Back in high school our principal would end every days announcements with Make It a Great Day or Not, the Choice is Yours… I remember often laughing at how “dumb” this quote seemed because I was the smartest high schooler ever so obviously I knew that I had the choice to make each day great… but did I really live this?? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Often times now I remember hearing that saying each and every day and think “I have the power to make today the best day I can, and my attitude is what will make that happen!” 

Today was one of those days! I went to work with a great attitude and GUESS WHAT great things seemed to happen all day.

My first patient greeted me with a coffee!!! Ahhh just what I was craving but didn’t have time to make! &&& to make it better it was EXACTLY what I would’ve ordered from Starbucks!!! Such a sweet start to my day!!!

8am on a Monday morning & being brought coffee in my regular order from a wonderful patient!!! its going to be a great week! #grateful

8am on a Monday morning & being brought coffee in my regular order from a wonderful patient!!! its going to be a great week! #grateful

Then Brent visited when he was on his way to study & we got to eat lunch together! It was a nice surprise to see him in the middle of my day & a nice break from work when we were chatting at lunch! He was really studying & I was really writing patient notes but still it was an hour out of the clinic that was fantastic!

THEN my new patient at the end of the day told me that I looked like a model and was beautiful! After trying not to laugh & say “aw thanks, but I’m not” I blushed and said thank you!!! **I really need to work on my taking of complements** regardless it was such a sweet thing to hear from someone who was a complete stranger 30 minutes prior. & completely made my day AGAIN! ((Have I mentioned I love my job!!)) I also was able to help brighten a patients day who was not having such a marvelous monday, which is really the best thing ever!

OK OK enough with my gushing about my marvelous monday! ON to Trial Tuesdays!!


As I mentioned yesterday I made Forks Over Knives Mac & Cheese on Friday. & as I mentioned yesterday I loved it, but even better Brent loved it! SCORE!!!

Forks Over Knives Mac & Cheese for the serious WIN!

I picked up the Forks Over Knives cookbook about a month ago and have had plans to make a recipe from it for a while but haven’t got around to it until last week. Better late than never right?


I prepared the sauce and noodles the night before and then had Brent pop it in the oven after work on Friday. It tasted great & was a delicious comfort meal to end our week!

I know a lot of you will read “Vegan Mac & Cheese” and think GROSS but seriously y’all give it a chance and I promise you’ll like it. It does not taste just like mac & cheese because DUH the sauce is not made from milk butter & cheese but it does have really good flavor and a cheesy undertone from the nutritional yeast!

&& For those of you who are vegan/vegetarian have you ever tried this recipe before?? What is your favorite way to use nutritional yeast?

Ok off to the gym to kick-start my Tuesday with some GPP madness!





I’d Love To Know ~~ Have you tried any new recipes lately? What are some other favorite Mac & Cheese variations? 

Marvelous In My Monday

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I decided to link up this week with Healthy Diva Eats and share a MIMM.


If you are not familiar with this wonderful way to start the week here is what Katie said when starting MIMM

“A fun way to start the week and to perhaps share your marvelous weekend, a marvelous recipe, marvelous news, a marvelous mantra, marvelous food you ate, or marvelous shopping trip you had! The possibilities are endless! What my goal was when I thought of this idea, just to have a positive, fun, and beautiful way to start the week!”

I decided this week would be a great week to link up as after what seemed like a true run on week Brent & I had a wonderful weekend!

Marvelous is… coming back from a great course and hitting the gym Tuesday through Friday. I was really happy with my ability to get back in the gym and not let my fatigue from travel get me off track. I enjoyed this weeks GPP workouts && my core continues to remind me everyday (and previous days with each breath) that I hit the gym and rocked my workouts!

A week of successful GPP workouts! & pul up practice AKA very sore lats!

A week of successful GPP workouts! & pul up practice AKA very sore lats!

Marvelous is… making He & She Mac n Cheese &&& HE liking the SHE version better! Brent has been on a Mac n Cheese kick lately so Thursday night we made “traditional” mac n cheese ((aka $0.50 box of Kraft)) with cut up chicken sausages on top **think Sheldon on Big Bang Theory**… I haven’t had a box of mac n cheese in forever so it was a good tribute to college days. Friday I made Forks Over Knives Mac N Cheese. I was excited to try it out, and since I am not a Vegan (nor is my carnivore boyfriend) I was a little nervous about the taste/texture of the dish.

SHE Mac & Cheese for the WIN!!! ((recipe coming soon!))

SHE Mac & Cheese for the WIN!!! ((recipe coming soon!)) the Mac N cheese is vegan the sausage is an added option for you meat eating friends!


HE Mac & Cheese with chicken sausage

HE Mac & Cheese with chicken sausage

Well Brent answered the question of liking it before I even took a bite as 1/4 the pan was gone almost instantly! WIN!!! ((I’ll be posting the recipe this week!))

Marvelous is… being back in blogger land!! I have some awesome recipes to share with you guys this week AND received an awesome care package of workout supplements & energy drinks to share with you guys too!!! soo much coming up!!!

Marvelous is... spending Saturday leisurely enjoying each others company and the beautiful fall day! We had a nice relaxing day eating Potbelly’s, drinking coffee, enjoying each others company & watching football! It was a total WIN for me!

Marvelous is… doing a favor for a patient over the weekend and seeing complete gratification! I love my job and that I am able to provide great care to great people. It is an added bonus when I can help someone outside of their “clinic time” even if that means taking a little bit of time out of my day to do so. It’s the little things in life that make the world all that better!



Marvelous is… ending Saturday with a date night at a local restaurant Alchemy. We ate ALL THE FOOD and had some great drinks. Brent had a new-to-him beer & a great Malbec while I had the Alchemy Punch & a Moscow Mule to drink. We both had a lobster bisque ((soo good, and the presentation made it that much better!)) to start followed by a HUGE amount of food provided by the owner. We were served their skinny fries which are served with 2 smoked eggs that you break and dip the fries in ((HEAVEN!!)), a giant elk meatball in red sauce, a kale basil caesar salad (which I am going to beg for the recipe!!!), and a half order of the lobster formaggio which was amazing but we were soo full that we both took 3-4 bites and took the rest home!

Alchemy Date Night!

Alchemy Date Night!
Alchemy Punch, Lobster Bisque (mid pour over!!), Lobster Formaggio & my moscow mule… only a portion of all the amazing food we were supplied!!!

Marvelous is… getting everything done by 6:30 on Sunday!! this included sleeping until 9, breakfast, grocery shopping, meal prep for the week, deodorant making (more to come on this soon), cleaning house & a trip to the mall. A productive and wonderful end to our Sunday with leftovers in the fridge to cap it off!!

Sunday WIN!!

Sunday Selfie was needed after my very productive morning!

I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week and had as marvelous of a weekend as we did over here!!





I’d Love To Know ~~ What did you do this weekend?? What is something marvelous that you are doing this week? 

The Minion Abduction…

Hey Friends!

I hope you all have a wonderful first week of November! As I told you last week I was heading to Florida for a weekend course with my friend Kelsey. We got to the airport around 11:30 with the millions of other people traveling to Jacksonville for multiple reasons, none of them being the same as us, & got our car rental information.

The man at the rental place asked if we would like to upgrade our car to a Red Mustang for $8/day, since we are cheap we opted out and decided to just stick with the one they were giving us. As Kelsey and I were chatting and walking in the direction we were pointed towards our rental car we were joking about the upgrade price (figuring we would end up with a ford focus or something along the likes).

We approach the parking space and see the car that has been assigned to us & both start laughing our butts off. To NO OFFENSE if any of you beloved readers are drivers of these bad boys, but this car was the epitome of rental car failure for a 6 foot tall girl like myself!

Me & the Minion Mobile... Our Chevy Spark Rental car for the weekend. **please take zero offense to my joking about this vehicle if you own or adore them!**

I love this picture I am taller and likely longer than this vehicle. I love me some Minion Mobile!

Unfortunately for this little car the color was the true ICING on the cake. I mean the yellow was really rather awful and just added to the laugh factor of the whole car. It seriously looked like a Minion from Despicable Me.

We took the Minion Mobile and made our way ((with lots of laughs)) to our hotel. The rest of the weekend consisted of our second series in our Pelvic Floor PT Certification through Brooks Institute so we did a lot of learning new techniques, practicing on each others, and lots of laughs & catching up!

Kelsey & I went to undergrad together before going our separate ways for PT school, so it was really nice to be able to spend the weekend together catching up on life, jobs and talking a lot of PT talk about treatments for patients. We were on the same connecting flight from Jacksonville to Charlotte and seriously did not stop talking the whole flight, and 90% of our talk was about Pelvic PT ((sorry passengers around us for all the info you may have heard that you didn’t want to #sorrywerenotsorry)).

After our connection in Charlotte we said bye & made our ways to our final flights. I flew out of Milwaukee so once landing I had an additional drive to make back home. It was a late night and a very early morning Monday & very long week trying to catch up from my whirlwind weekend.

I had every intention of writing a blog post (or two) last week but I was completely drained or playing catch up the rest of the week… basically I suck at life! SORRY friends!! But since I didn’t blog (or really IG) at all last week I definitely have a lot to talk about this week so stay tuned!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday & start of your week!





I’d Love To Know ~~ Do you have friends who you can talk for days with even when you don’t see them often? Have you ever had a rental car failure? The Minion Mobile was definitely the star of the show all weekend, and the butt of many jokes! Sorry to all those Chevy Spark drivers out there, it really was a smooth ride just too small for this girl!