Thankful Thursday – TOL style


We are currently 16 days away from our wedding!!!! I have that sensation of “so close, yet so far away” and at the end of the night I am truly exhausted. I found myself with a little extra time this morning and thought I would share some things that I have been thankful for this past week, Thinking Out Loud style!

Thank YOU Amanda for this platform!

Thank YOU Amanda for this platform!

Last week we headed to Michigan and spent some time with my family, finishing up some wedding planning stuff & getting to have some fun & relax.

Saturday after fixing my biggest wedding blunder (hopefully fixing!) we headed to spend the afternoon with my mom’s family. We had big family pictures taken and then had a BBQ at my uncles house. My uncle definitely has a big-kid playground, with a pool, tetherball pole, trampoline and ping-pong table… to say Brent was in heaven would be an understatement!

Thankful Thursday

We then headed home relaxed a bit then headed out to dinner at the restaurant we are having our Rehearsal dinner at. We had an amazing dinner & all got different oven-fired pizza’s and each one was super good. I am so excited to share this fun restaurant with our wedding party in a couple weeks!

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful to have been able to spend some time on Sunday OUTSIDE! We headed to the Tigers game and had great weather, mostly. Enjoying the game with the perfect temperature and little stress was a great way to disconnect from my brain & reconnect with my family.

Thankful Thursday

We also bought tickets to go watch the Tigers play the Cubs the week of our wedding. I am using that game as my “STOP & LET GO” moment during our wedding week, if there are things that aren’t done by the time we leave for the game they aren’t going to get done & I am going to let go of them!

On Monday I celebrated Memorial Day with my aunt paying tribute to the men & women who have done so much for us. We participated in the MURPH workout, which is traditionally a CrossFit workout done on Memorial Day to honor Michael P Murphy a Navy SEAL. We donated money to the scholarship program and got our death-on.

Thankful Thursday1 mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Air Squats
1 mile Run
For Time… and if you’re really good you are supposed to do it with a 20# vest.

While during the workout I didn’t feel to terrible, I can still feel that my lats are SWOLLEN & my palm is still ripped (although healing). I definitely gave the workout my all and my Aunt & I finished in about 55minutes which I was pretty happy with!

Thankful Thursday

Wednesday we were treated with a shower by Brent’s co-workers. It was so nice to get to step away from the clinic and enjoy lunch with the people Brent spends so much of his week with. They were so generous and gave us some really nice gifts which we are super excited to put to good use. Brent was pretty surprised when he walked in to their “typical monthly lunch” to see me sitting there! A great way to break up the week…

Thankful Thursday

A not so great way to spend your Wednesday night is by digging soaking wet clothing out of your broken washing machine… I am not really sure what happened to our washing machine but it decided to die yesterday after a full load of laundry was sitting in it. Thankfully we have a decent sized porch railing that we were able to hang some of the soaking stuff on until we went to bed. Also THANKFULLY we rent and the maintenance people have to deal with the soaking wet mess!

PHEW!! So much to think about and talk about. I hope you all have a great weekend, we have a jam packed one planned over hear but hopefully we will find sometime to relax & unwind.

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Mango Jalapeño Salsa

Sweet & Spicy this Mango Jalapeño Salsa is a fresh and zesty
addition to any protein or salad that comes together in a snap!  
Last week Brent & I saw Mangos on sale for $0.40/mango!! We don’t usually buy them but they looked good and the price was hard to beat! We decided to make a mango salsa to spruce up our boring protein that we have been eating lately.
I grabbed a shallot, jalapeño for spice & cilantro because well salsa without cilantro isn’t really salsa in my book!
I hadn’t cut a mango in a long time so the first one was a bit tricky but then we remembered to AVOID THE PIT! We also saw a Facebook Video-Hack about using a glass to get the mango flesh off the skin. We tried it to see if it was real life & y’all it worked wonders. You just take your mango slice & slide it down the edge of a glass to separate the skin from the flesh.
 Mango Jalapeno Salsa
You are then left with a glass filled with delicious mango flesh ready to be chopped into something wonderful!
This salsa comes together super quick once the mangos are “skinned” it’s just a matter of chopping & dicing and stirring to combine.
We enjoyed this salsa on top of some grilled chicken breasts & turkey burgers. It was a great addition and pop of flavor to bring some summery fresh flavor to the meal. Plus I felt extra fancy having fresh mangos! This would also be delicious on a salad.
 Mango Jalapeno Salsa
Hope you all enjoy this as much as we do!!
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Treat Yourself Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday friends!

Since I have been a little MIA & my girl is about to pop out a babayyy any day I thought I would link up with her and share some recent treats.

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Last week I took an impromptu social media hiatus, okay I was on Instagram on occasion but definitely less than my usual, instead I focused on life. The weekend before I spent time in a classroom learning new Physical Therapy treatment approaches, it was an amazing class & my patients are definitely feeling its affects now.

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Brent & I treated ourselves to a few good gym sessions, a trip to Ikea for our centerpieces and some Bison dogs for dinner one night. #yum!

Treat Yourself Tuesday

We were treated to some early shower gifts from friends & family who weren’t able to make the shower. It was like Christmas morning after work on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday! I love getting even the simplest of mail but big pretty Crate & Barrel boxes really make me excited!

I felt really blessed to have friends & family think of us and send us something for our wedding. It also got me extra excited for the upcoming weekend and our wedding in just a few short weeks.

Best marriage advice ever!

Best marriage advice ever!

The funniest moment of the week was definitely opening a gift from my Aunt & Cousins and seeing that I epically FAILED when registering for canisters for the kitchen. I registered for a 265oz jar, which is equivalent to the height of a paper towel roll and likely the thickness of two. I couldn’t help but laugh when I opened the boxes and saw my mistake!

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Thursday night we packed up and headed to Michigan for a fun filled weekend. Friday afternoon I headed to the beauty shop with my step mom for a hair & makeup trial. I would definitely say that having someone play with your hair and professionally do your make up is a HUGE treat! I LOVED the girl who I worked with and got even more excited for our wedding!!! It felt really real when I put the veil on and Mary started to tear up. We celebrated our successful pampering session with a new bra (!!!) and an ice tea from Panera.

Post Make-up & Pre-hair... sorry no peaking...

Post Make-up & Pre-hair!

Friday night my grandma hosted a dinner party for Brent & I. It was nice to see some of her friends and my family members before the wedding. We were also showered with a few great gifts.

Saturday my Aunts threw us a shower. My aunt Kath has been planning the shower since last fall and she definitely didn’t disappoint. The Alice In Wonderland themed shower was complete with a Bloody Mary bar & “Drink Me” necklaces for gifts. I could not have asked for a more thoughtful and generous shower. We were definitely spoiled rotten with tons of nice gifts.

Treat Yourself Tuesday

I also was treated with a lot of baby time. Between snuggling with my niece on Friday & Saturday to seeing my friend Beth’s 6month old baby and getting to spend some time with them. I definitely love how sweet and little my niece is but seeing a 6month old with all that personality made me extra excited to watch her grow and develop her own personality!

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Brent & I treated ourselves to a short trip to the mall for some new clothing. We both have been wanting some new shirts for a long time so this trip was well overdue. We headed to Express & per usual it did not disappoint. We hit the clothing jackpot! Brent bought about 8 shirts & I got two shirts and 2 shorts, wishful thinking for summer.

Lastly I have been “treating” myself to checking a lot of things off our wedding “To Do” list. We met with our vendor & photographer over the weekend which were two huge meetings. I still have a few things on it but today I made a big dent in the seating chart & got the gifts for our flower girls & ring bearers. We are at 31 days until wedding day & I would LOVE to have as much done as possible by memorial day weekend so we can finally relax & breathe before the wedding.

Finally we treated ourself to Chipotle!!! It was Brent’s idea & I couldn’t say no, we haven’t had Chipotle in forever and it tasted so good!


I plan to get back on the blogging train but will likely be on the lighter side until the wedding. I hope to share lots of our wedding DIY’s and little things that I have been working on once our wedding comes & goes, but until then it’ll be a juggling act I am sure!

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Egg White Oatmeal Pancakes

These egg white oatmeal pancakes are simple, easy & delicious, with only 2 ingredients they are easy to customize and make your own. Cooking in under 5 minutes make them perfect for any busy morning! 

Egg White Oatmeal Pancake

Its Friday!!! Happy May!!!

I love Fridays, there is something wonderful about knowing another week is done and there are a few days away from the reality of work. This weekend I have some bittersweet feelings about the weekend since it is supposed to be a gorgeous one here in Chicagoland and I will be inside a classroom for 8 hours both Saturday & Sunday.

Lets chat about some of my favorite things this Friday… I promise there is a delicious recipe at the bottom of this post.

I am still loving looking at pictures of my sweet baby J. I have shared the pictures with some of my patients throughout the week and I swear I cannot get over the sweetness of this beautiful little pumpkin.

Friday Faves

I have been loving our workouts lately. Brent & I have been lifting together and focusing on pure strength training. I have not done strict strength training in a long time, it has been mostly strength+cardio+core all mashed into one awesome workout, so it has been a nice change of pace to work on isolated muscle strength. Its always nice to see the weight on the bar increase.

Friday Faves

Brent has been determined to “fix” my bench press and increase my chest strength and I am finally getting better and more consistent with my form. For some reason chest is one of the body parts I have a lot of difficulty with.

Making a pact! Brent & I decided on Wednesday night that we would be giving up sweets until the week of our wedding. Lately we have been indulging on sweets whenever we go to the store. Its like the bakery & cookie aisle call our name and force us to buy something delicious. So when we were at the store on Wednesday we promised each other that until June 11th we would decrease our excessive sugar intake and keep it clean.

Friday Faves

A handshake in front of the cookies…a definite must! 

I also have been LOVING egg white oat pancakes in the morning. Like seriously LOVING them. I have made a pancake every morning this week and they still aren’t old. Likely because they are so easy to make and seriously delicious. I posted a picture on instagram and have gotten a few requests for the recipe so I thought it was worth sharing here, even though it’s seriously so simple it doesn’t even require a recipe.


I got the idea from Julie but have been making it my own with all the mix-in’s and toppings that I like. Some days I keep it simple and just add some honey to the top and some days I get crazy and mix some protein powder in the mix. Most days it has been frozen fruit and/or coconut flakes. YUM!!!


Hope you all have a wonderful end of your week and enjoy the weekend. Please go out and enjoy the warm weather for me!

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