GPP vs. CrossFit a search for Optimal Health

I have been thinking about this post for the past few weeks, okay maybe months, but never felt that I had the right perspective to share. I think I have it now & feel I am ready to share my thoughts with you all.

Thank YOU Amanda for this platform!

Thank YOU Amanda for this platform!

As most of you know I am a lover of heavy lifting, core strengthening and challenging my system in ways I was not challenged before, or ways I didn’t think I could be challenged. This love & passion, along with inspiration by my girl Meg, led me to GPPFitness. Most of you also probably know that my love and obsession for all things GPP are strong and led me to their intensive in January [read here, here & here for more].
 GPP vs CrossFit
I love GPP, I love the morals of GPP and the programming. It’s good stuff, really good stuff and it works. It doesn’t just work your physical appearance but it challenges ALL aspects of your health and I dig that, A LOT!
After intensive my life was GPP workouts. Where I lived and the environment I exercised in really led itself to the GPP workouts and I loved killing it. So much so I was able to con a few friends in and brainwash them with the GPP gift! It’s good stuff y’all really good stuff!
GPP vs. CrossFit
When we moved to Arlington Heights Brent challenged us to join a CrossFit gym and try it out. I felt like I was cheating on GPP. I couldn’t believe I was joining a CrossFit “BOX” and ditching everything I loved about GPP, which is seemingly impossible the love is too strong.
We did our first workout, second & third at CrossFit EPC and I really liked it. There was so much to learn, so much energy & so much challenge. A sense of competition that I once felt with GPPs online comments board, but didn’t drive me to perform at a higher or faster level which I felt in CrossFit.
GPP vs. CrossFit
Still I hesitated. Could I really cheat on GPP and join CrossFit? That’s like picking sides, cheating on your spouse with their best frenemy or biggest rival. What did that say about me? Am I really searching so hard to “be the best” or find the “biggest” challenge that I will cheat on something I love?
I continued to go to CrossFit, thinking about my GPP loves on occasion but you know the saying “out of sight out of mind”? Yeah kind of me. Until my friend sent me a picture & text saying he was back in the gym and hitting up GPP again.
New GPP Rockford "members" loved my friday storm crew!

Swoon!! I miss my GPP loves!

This got me thinking. Why do I love the both? And why is it OKAY to do CrossFit and be a GPP girl at heart? Well CrossFit is fitness, it’s health & often it’s more than just physical health it hits a lot of areas of optimal health.

Physical… Mental… Emotional… Social… Spiritual… Financial

When solo GPPing I still got the physical, mental emotional & financial (especially, CrossFit is expensive) aspects of fitness but I was missing something, something I didn’t realize I needed so much.
The thing I love so much about CrossFit right now is the social experience that accompanies a workout. If it’s 5am or 5pm there is an energetic buzz that swirls through the gym because there are other people who are there. There is a stronger sense of challenge because other people are working too, there’s a larger push to go hard & strong because there’s at least one other human pushing you. The internal urge or action to quit when you’re tired or because it “seems too hard” is almost completely eliminated because of the social and community.
{photo credit CrossFit EPC}

{photo credit CrossFit EPC}

This is what I was missing. I was missing the social experience.

Yeah the workouts are different, sometimes more strength based and programmed in a different manner but physically I am still making gains and being smart, I’m listening to my body and my coach, just as I listened to my body and the GPP HQ site.
GPP provided me with the foundation that has made me successful in CrossFit and while they are fundamentally different they both focus on the same foundation in fitness.
GPP vs CrossFit
I will always hold a special place in my heart for GPP, but for now, at this point in my life CrossFit is a perfect fit, and when it comes to exercise that is what you should be looking for! Not what you think that you should be doing rather what you enjoy doing.
Have a wonderful Thursday!
Tell me your fitness perfect fit? 
Have you ever “cheated” on a workout before? 

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday!!

I am sure most of you are bored of them but for some reason I really enjoy writing weekend recaps. Especially on the weekends when there isn’t anything really “exciting” going on, it helps me realize the small things in life and enjoy each day a little more.

So lets get to it!

Saturday started with plans to meet up with Becky for my first AdvoCare event! I was super excited to meet my first blogger friend #blend. I’ve followed Becky’s blog for a while and we recently started chatting more as we both have a love for Advo! Lucky for Becky I didn’t go “all PT” on her when she limped in to the building 🙂 just got to give her some Pro20 next time.


The event was amazing! As someone who’s workouts regularly include lifting heavy weights it was nice to learn about the Performance line. They helped me answer a lot of my “Why?” questions and definitely pumped me up to try the line in the near future!

It's A Boy

It’s A Boy

After the event I raced back to Rockford and met up with Brent to head to see his family. His cousin is pregnant and they had a gender reveal party. It was nice to see his family again as we haven’t seen them in a while and it was really nice to see how excited everyone was for Billie Jo & Josh.

I took full advantage of sitting outside and socializing in the SUN! This girl has been stuck inside too much this summer and needed some rays. The weather was pretty much perfect, minus the bugs 😉


We headed home and hit a local italian restaurant because Brent wanted Pizza. I had heard nothing but good things about Lino’s from my patients so we went there. The pizza was really good and definitely worth going back to.

Sunday started with some work before heading to the gym. I was bummed I missed the GPP workout on Saturday so I knew that would be the perfect Sunday task. Power Cleans and Clean & Jerks are two hard moves for me to master so I was pretty happy with myself for getting them both down! I posted a video to my Instagram account so head over HERE to check it out.

Post Workout Smile!!!

Post Workout Smile!!!

(p.s. thanks Candice for the tip after my lift ;)! Sometimes what feels “easy” is the right way to do it… next time I’ll separate!)

We did our grocery shopping because our fridge was in dire need of some food. After getting all our groceries I spent sometime in the kitchen chopping, balling and massaging all the food to have easy to make salads for lunch and dinner all week. We bought some new to us veggies including Sugarkiss Melon, Honey Melon, Swiss Chard, Sweet Yama Potatoes, Zucchini flowers & Dandelion Leaves (we bought these once before). I love trying new veggies but it also makes me a little nervous, we were being very adventurous this week 😉

Food Prep

I know that spending two hours in the kitchen on a Sunday sounds like a lot of time but I promise you all it will save you time during the week!

Sunday finished off with plans to make dinner, and relax the night away. We are hoping for some big news this week so please keep your fingers crossed for us! 🙂


Make sure you pop on over and check out what everyone else did this weekend.


Did you food prep this weekend?
Do you have a lift that’s your weakest link?

Gun Shots, TRX & Weekend Wishes

Happy Thursday!!!!

I feel like this week has been extremely long and around 4:00 tuesday I was already ready for the weekend.

We moved from our storage-unit / gypsy lifestyle into our new apartment Tuesday. I was happy to sleep in my own bed again and fell asleep FAST Tuesday night. Then around 12:45 I woke up to *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* and I swear to you all that it was right outside my bedroom window and that it was 100% a gun shot.

I then had this series of thoughts….

Woah was that a gun???
We live in a safe neighborhood…
I swear it was a gun shot.
Do I look?
If I look and it was a gun shot and the person shooting the gun see’s me then he will likely shoot me too, and I don’t want that…
Okay maybe fireworks?
No that was rain, who would fire off fireworks in the rain.
Maybe its Brent (he was out), was he shot?
Ok I am freaking out this is insane.
Go to sleep Allison, Go to sleep…

My workouts have been a little all over the place lately. I have been really loving to incorporate TRX into my workouts and alternate doing typical GPP workouts with some fun TRX work. I also brought my TRX straps into my clinic and have had patients rocking it all week, I LOVE to see my patients concur something they never thought they would be able to do.


This new apartment is super random, I spent probably 10 minutes trying to get the light in the front room to work, after flipping each and every switch I found out that none of them make the light turn on but two of them make the TV turn on and off!

I finally feel like I can say I am a blogger… Tuesday I had my first Quest bar and followed that up with a second one on Wednesday. Tuesdays I ate straight up, didn’t warm it up or anything, I thought it was good but left a funny taste in my mouth all morning. Wednesday I warmed it for 10 seconds and devoured it! I didn’t have a funny taste in my mouth and LOVED it!!! I definitely see where the love is for these little bars of YUM. However the over $2 price-tag is my sticking point.

Quest Bar

I am super sad that I am not packing to get on a JetPlane and head to Blend. After going to GPP Intensive in January I was really hoping I would be able to make it back to Salt Lake for Blend in the summer. However with wedding planning, life and financial obligations my sad blogger bottom will be here in Illinois living vicariously through my favorite bloggers on social media. Theres always next year, right?! But for now I’ll just have a major case of Blendvy!

GPP Intensive

Next weekend we are having our Engagement Pictures taken!! The wedding planning has slightly been stalled due to a lot of other things going on so I am really excited to have our engagement pictures taken and have something fun to look forward to. I am a little extra excited because my friend Christy is going to be taking the pictures and she is AWESOME! Plus they will be taken exactly 1 year before our wedding, so we will be visiting our wedding venue and getting a few taken there too!

Have you entered to win your very own Bondi Band?
I got another awesome workout in with my band Tuesday and was happy that it stayed in place! It also proved to get me a new PR on my deadlift. I have been trying for (seemingly) foreverrrrr to lift my bodyweight and have never been able to get the weight up with good form. I am really excited to get the weight up and know that the next time I do this lift I will have significantly more confidence to perform that weight again. Thanks Bondi Band!!! you can use the code SWEATPINK and receive 10% off your order

Bondi Band Deadlift

Thats all I’ve got for today, but make sure you stop over and say Hi to Amanda!


Happy Thursday!
What would you do, check and see? OR cover and hide? (I hid, then checked in the morning)
Have any good engagement picture ideas?? We are looking for fun and different!

Why I Love Working Out With Friends

Happy Tuesday Wednesday

I swear Monday holiday’s completely screw up my brain for the whole week!

In the past week I have had some amazing workout experiences. I love when a workout goes from “a workout” to “amazing” in a hot second. As a Physical Therapist I am fortunate enough to get the reward of helping people everyday and challenging people to push through new exercises that they previously didn’t think they could perform.

But as soon as I step out of my work cloths and into the gym I am “just another exercise fanatic” and I love that! But every once and a while something extra special happens, something that makes you leave the gym and feel so much fuller and so much more satisfied than if you performed that same workout alone.

Last Wednesday I mentioned how my workout was amazing & I said I would share the deets later. Well its later friends! Last wednesdays GPP workout was one that killed me the first time around, I had just really started to push my weight limits and transition from the prescribed “female” weight to “male” weight. Lets just say I died, and was pretty worried about this workout as it came up again.

Run Complexes


My new workout buddy S, was ready to storm the workout with me. After 4 rounds, some modifications, and a lot of sweat we were at 28minutes of a 30 minute cap.
I told him I was going for it, I was going to try to finish even if it meant exceeding 30 minutes.
2 rounds in he hit a wall, close to failure, I picked up my bar and pushed through round 3, S saw me gritted his teeth and picked that bar up, while stuttering a few heart felt remarks about how amazing i am.
After round 3 it was my turn I hit a wall (thought I) couldn’t finish, was dead, no more… Then I look over and S picked up that bar and exclaimed “you got me over the 1/2 way mark no turning back now”…
I marched right over to that bar said “ughhh” and picked up that bar and grunted, groaned and lofted through round 4 and 5.

Sweaty post-complex picture was definitely in order!

Sweaty post-complex picture was definitely in order!

At the end I felt exhilarated. We both pushed each other at the time we needed it the most and challenged each other through challenging ourselves.
that’s the best you guys!!!
Neither of us were forcing each other to finish, we both completely understood that ending where we did was completely understandable, we had killed it. but quitting wasn’t an option.

Without S that day I would never have finished.

Yesterday something similar but different happened. I saw on of my locker room buddies head to the cardio machine and grabbed her and told her “S come do this workout with me” she had nothing to say but “okay” (see Neil my GPP training taught me something, be direct!)… I set her up with a KB and showed her the moves, this was perfect time for me to catch my breath mid workout too ;)…

Now (this) S is a huge inspiration and has lost a bunch of weight in the past year or so, and continues to exercise and work her hardest. I love when she joins me for a workout and I can put some different fitness on her. I also love to see the look on her face when I show her what she is going to do and then she see that can do it!!! Seriously no better feeling!!

So S did 1/2 of Tuesdays workout with me, with modified weight and then I showed her some tricks to improving her squat, some of my favorite core exercises and some other tricks to make Tuesday’s workout a little easier for her.

Modified to Running High Knees as jumping still isn't okay with my hip

Modified to Running High Knees as jumping still isn’t okay with my hip {{SOURCE}}

I could’ve done Tuesday’s workout in a faster time, I could’ve shown her once and then moved on but the fact that I spent the extra 20 minutes showing her some extra moves, techniques and tips was SO worth it. I love to see the confidence shine through someones eyes when they realize that they can perform a previously challenging exercise without pain or with increased ease.

It is SO worth it!!! and it makes my workout so much more valuable!

This is not only why I went in to PT but also why I love GPP and working out with friends. I not only find motivation in myself but I am able to draw so much motivation from those around me, of all fitness levels.

Have you ever been inspired by someone during your workout?
Tell me your favorite workout story!

Facing Fears & Obstacles

“Hey you. You know who you are. You looked at this workout and said ‘I can’t do any of those so Im not going to the gym today.’ Get yourself down there. NOW…”

Have you ever had those thoughts before when looking at a workout, or going into a new exercise for the first time? I know I have, more so than ever since starting GPP.

When I first started GPP, as a satellite member, I often found myself fearful of writing on the community wall because my “scores” were not as good as others.

GPP Community

I would first scan the comments to see how I matched up and if I felt adequate I would post my score/time/weight/reps… I rarely would read the comments written by other people rather just see the times/score/weights/reps and feel either accomplished or defeated.

I always felt great after a GPP workout but often felt an irrational sense of competition and failure was often itching at my back. It wasn’t until I went to GPP intensive and felt the energy around me that I realized the people there were real people and they just worked really, freaking, hard to accomplish the scores/times/weights/reps that they were hitting.


I now find myself reading the comments on the GPP website for inspiration and drive, rather than comparison and judgment. I find that reading the struggles and triumphs of others helps me find my passion in GPP and find the internal fire that makes the whole thing more worth it.

The other last week our workout was the TRIFECTA. I seriously read this workout the night before and thought to myself “fail fail fail fail fail, fail city tomorrow” I then sent my coworker a text saying “I am going to be one epic fail after another tomorrow, I am not excited” talk about some positive thinking to make the whole workout go a little better.

*See link for videos of each exercise*

*See link for videos of each exercise*

I woke up the next morning and continued to think “UGHH today is going to be rough, Ill just run after to feel like I got a good workout.” Instead of negativity I decided during the drive to the gym that I needed to say only positive things, and that positive talk would be the only thing that would help me succeed.

I took a deep breath and walked through the gym doors. I got to work first on the Hand Stand Push Ups. I knew that performing a completely inverted push up would be extreeeemely challenging so I told myself, just get up, and assume the position. I tried. Failed. Tried failed. And after the fear of breaking my neck (as I was alone) took over I got to thinking “OKAY so handstand position isn’t happening on its own, how can I make this work?”

"I Can't quite do a HSPU yet so I subbed with a HUGEEE box where I could #safely perform an inverted push-up... I then progressed to simply attaining a #handstand and maintaining this position #aslongaspossible... #progress is key and it won't happen over night. My first time doing a #HSPU so I am 100% happy with what i did this morning! 50 inverted supported push ups & 6 sustained handstands! NOT yet #gpptrifecta but progress is progress! Able to get some strung pull ups too!!"

“I Can’t quite do a HSPU yet so I subbed with a HUGEEE box where I could #safely perform an inverted push-up… I then progressed to simply attaining a #handstand and maintaining this position #aslongaspossible… #progress is key and it won’t happen over night. My first time doing a #HSPU so I am 100% happy with what i did this morning! 50 inverted supported push ups & 6 sustained handstands! NOT yet #gpptrifecta but progress is progress! Able to get some strung pull ups too!!”

I grabbed a BIG box (I think 3 foot) and put it by the wall to give me some support, I initially thought I could kick up to the handstand position from the box, but rather once I was there decided to get some push ups in. I then added another 12inch box to get me even more inverted and did a bunch more push-ups. With a spotter and a little help I was able to get into the handstand & although I was paralyzed in the position I felt a great sense of accomplishment just getting up there!

That night I got on the GPP website and started reading some of the comments from the day. This one struck me hard. I seriously think Judy was talking directly to me or just channeling my inner thoughts from the night before.

Trifecta Comment

Under this post were 3-4 comments on how this was talking right to them, and how they struggled with the movements as well. Actually most people struggled with all the movements because this workout was NOT supposed to be easy, it was not supposed to be simple but it also was not supposed to be something that you quit on.

I am SO glad that I have the GPP community to help pick me up when I feel demoralized and help me remember that I am human. Some of these workouts are for the bionic and I know they were programed that way. It’s not to make you WORSE it is to make you stronger.

How cool is it that a workout can literally make you physical and emotionally stronger? I know I say it too many times but I am so grateful to have found GPP and the community. I work on my fitness each and every day but the people involved in this organization seriously make me a better person each day. I find inspiration in their instagram posts, the motivation through their times & scores and a healthy amount of drive to push harder next time.

I feel a bit of embarrassment to say that I was previously scared/nervous/intimidated to post on the GPP site because these people are real.

So Thank You GPP Gang for helping me storm harder, stronger and safer!

Now I am off to practice handstands!


Can you handstand or handstand push up? 
Tell me a time when you had similar thoughts regarding a workout or activity!

Peep'd. Ahi Tuna. Kitchen Experiments.

Just another Manic Monday…

That song always reminds me of college and sorority recruitment & I always seem to hear it on the craziest of Mondays. So here is to foreshadowing (as I wrote this Sunday night) to a not-so-manic-monday!

How was your weekend??? Ours was wonderful, as I mentioned yesterday we had a pretty relaxing weekend but it seemed filled to the brim! So what better way to start the week than with Katie and sharing all the marvelousness that took place!

As Always Thank You Katie.

As Always Thank You Katie.

Friday night we went out with two of my coworkers for a few drinks. We hardly ever go out on Friday nights and rarely hit up bars, so it was a really nice change of pace to have a few drinks with another couple. I feel like we have lived in Rockford, for forever, but we have really only lived here 9 months and are JUST starting to meet people who have similar interests as us. YAY to making friends!!! 🙂

Saturday started off a bit slowwwwww. But after a while we made our way to the gym. I have made a new goal for myself to start running more and more. Last week I jumped on the treadmill each day & did different distances at a very manageable pace, so I don’t get hurt or get discouraged.
I wanted to do a longer run but also knew the GPP workout of the day was going to be rather cardio taxing. SO I ran 1/2 mile, walked 1/4mile, ran 1/2 mile at a bit faster pace, walked 1/4 mile and finished with running a 1/2 mile at a faster pace again.
All in all it took me about 20 minutes to complete this 2 mile circuit but I felt great and my legs/feet/calves have not started to yell at me!

Peep'd ReMixedif you do not know an exercise listed above PLEASE comment or email me and I would be happy to help! There is a YouTube video for most of the exercises on the GPP website, however not grouped in this order.

I continued my workout with GPP, but decided to change it up a bit, resulting in an Allison workout with a side of GPP. It was really fun to incorporate some of my favorite GPP moves into a workout. I felt like I was able to program something for myself again, which I haven’t done in a while since following the GPP programming but continued to get the benefits of a killer Saturday workout!

After the gym we were both ravenous and I was definitely craving a hearty healthy salad that I didn’t have to make. We went to a local restaurant that is similar in nature to a Panera bread and both got awesome lunches.
Brent got the Ahi Tuna sandwich medium rare with a side of black bean salad. It had avocado and lots of other veggies and looked awesome!


I got the Ahi Tuna salad cooked medium, it had asparagus, apricots, cucumbers, and the perfectly cooked Tuna. I had never ordered Ahi Tuna on a salad before so got it cooked a little more than I know is “recommended” but I wanted to go on the safe side rather than be sorry. I think next time I would get it cooked rare though. The salad was GREAT and definitely satisfying after a hard workout.

We then made our way to Runners Image, so I could get new running shoes. AHH I LOVE NEW SHOES!!! But this experience at RI definitely deserves its own post, PLUS I want to tell you about the shoes after I was able to do a full workout in them. SO… More on this tomorrow!

We then hit the grocery store and spent the evening watching the Olympics and being lazy bums.

Sunday we woke up & went to church. After church we were both hungry and I was wanting some smoked salmon from SAMS. So we went with hopes that we would get to hit up sample Sunday. Sadly there were only a couple samples out but we did get some Salmon, which ended up pairing perfectly with our Sunday experiment!

Brent said “I want to Poach an egg.” I’ve never had poached eggs before but we googled directions and got to poaching. After two failed eggs, one resulting in starting completely over, and the other being undercooked we got the hang of it and were poaching machines! For our eggs I sliced up 2 sweet potatoes and baked them on a drying rack so they would cook on both sides.
Look who even got in on making a pretty plate for the picture!!! I told him “you know I want to take a picture right?” And he said “YUP!” and got to work making his plate gorgeous!

Poached Eggs

YUM!!!!! the eggs, and potatoes with the salmon on top were AMAZING!!!

After a nice sunday nap, I got to food prepping. This included roasted brussel sprouts, brussel/kale/carrot slaw, mini spinach turkey sliders, and then stuffed chicken breasts that we made for dinner.
20140223-214154.jpg 20140223-214148.jpg

These stuffed chicken breasts were the second experiment of the day and they were amazing!! Two successful experiments definitely calls for a #winning Sunday. We stuffed our chicken with spinach, onion, bell pepper and then half of the breasts got a feta/spinach mixture and the other half got a goat cheese/spinach mixture. BOTH were great!!! I will definitely be making these again!
Stuffed Chicken

We finished the night with some movies and relaxation! AHH what a Wonderful weekend!!!

Hope your Monday is manic-less!


Are you a runner? Any tips on working into running?
Do you get overly excited for new shoes too?? I swear I am the pickiest workout shoe buyer! 
What kitchen experiments have you WON at lately?

Chocolate Treat Two Ways

Is anyone else 100% over winter? According to my FB feed its the mass majority of us all. I try not to whine about the weather because it doesn’t make it change, but our 3rd deep freeze of this winter very well might just kill me.

This morning I got in the groove of things with a great GPP “soul crusher.” I had not done this particular workout before so I was determined to push myself a little harder and try for a strong effort. I was able to reach 20 rounds and Rx’d meaning I completed all the down-hill rounds without breaking the 60second bench-mark or needing extra rest. even if I really wanted to take it! 

my shoulders are definitely reaping the benefits of this shoulder-heavy month of workouts

my shoulders are definitely reaping the benefits of this shoulder-heavy month of workouts

I love reading the GPP comments section and seeing how amazing everyone else is doing too. It also helps me stay 100% accountable, if I performed a workout at 80% it definitely shows when I post my time/reps. GPP is NOT about comparison or competition but the little competition that is provided by holding yourself accountable is cool.

Anyway… This weekend was wonderful! I took Friday off work and it was truly glorious to have an extra day to get things I usually put off over the weekend done. Like redesign my blog page, play catch up with some friends, probe for advice & just enjoy my day off work! Ahhhh makes me miss breaks from school.


PLUS Saturday was my birthday so extra TCL was given, along with free-rain on buying myself some treats cause you can’t tell the birthday girl “No!” 🙂 I love birthdays but wish we lived closer to family to celebrate with the other people I love!

Last week I made these BOMB pancakes. Now I am not a pancake expert, actually I am quite the opposite. Usually my pancakes turn out lopsided, burned, uncooked but burned outside, and just a mess. lets be serious these were a little of all that but they are chocolate so you can’t tell 😉 But this Pancake recipe is fool-proof, at least in the taste department.


I used my Apple Cinnamon pancake recipe but tweaked it a little based on my lack of apples and craving for something chocolatey… these little guys were created and I’m not even sad about it!


This made 8 big pancakes using a 1/4cup measuring cup as my scoop. I really need an ice cream scooper for things like this!

I decided I liked these so much for breakfast and decided that the thick chocolatey goodness would make for a delicious brownie if baked. I added less milk until a thick brownie consistency was achieved and then baked them in the oven for approx. 25 minutes.


I made these for my office and the patients & staff all enjoyed them! I would say they could’ve used a little more pumpkin to keep them a bit more moist and I would’ve made them with honey rather than stevia for friends, just because it would give them a bit richer flavor.

I topped my office brownies with some powdered sugar for pizzaz & my at home brownies with some Healthy Chocolate Sauce.

too good not to try! ;)

too good not to try! 😉

Last week was a rockstar cooking week for me, so stay tuned for more recipes coming your way!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Are you a pancake pro?
Have any good pancake cooking tips?
What is your favorite brownie recipe? 

Move Nourish Believe Challenge Week 1

Happy Saturday!

Happy Birthday to ME & all my favorite birthday twins!

post-multiple wine tastings last night!

post-multiple wine tastings last night!

I am popping in today to share my recap & belated friday favorites from the FitApproach & Lorna Jane Move-Nourish-Believe Challenge that started on Monday.

Do YOU #sweatpink?

Do YOU #sweatpink?

I was really excited about the challenge, as I truly love to give myself little challenges through out the week to make my workouts, meals and mind a little healthier.

This week was MOVE week. The challenges were small but like I said it is fun to have a little challenge to break up the metonymy of your daily routine.

Monday – Sweat It Out
*show your favorite way to sweat pink* I love to sweat during each workout and lately my favorite way to get my workout on is through GPP. I love the workouts and the philosophy read more on that here, here & here.

Monday’s GPP workout was One Sided Revenge and definitely resulted in some huffing&puffing on my behalf. I decided to speed walk rather than run the workout for personal & leg related reasons. I finished the morning with 10 minutes of pull up training!

Tuesday – Change It Up
*sweat a new way today* I think everyday of GPP is a new workout, some days we do a repeat workout but most days are completely new combination of moves, intervals or reps.
Tuesdays are known to be a Lift Heavy day in the GPP Gym and this tuesday did not disappoint. I love the challenge of lifting heavy but get a bit weary when it is a newer move that I have not perfected or when I reach for a weight I know I could not clear previously.
My change it up challenge to myself was to look beyond the weight and focus on pushing myself and my limits without fear of failure. Sometimes it is OKAY to fail on a lift, it means you stepped outside of that comfort-zone box and tried something new.
I started my power cleans at a weight I was comfortable with and then progressed it depending on how I felt with 2 reps left of the previous lift. If I was completely toast with 2 reps to go I upped the weight 10# (5# each side) & if I felt it was tough but do-able I upped my weight 20#. I did not go above this formula for ME for THIS workout, and it seemed to work. When I was getting fatigued and heavier for me I tried upping 10# and could not clear the bar, so I dropped down 5# and tried again. Since I was able to clear I finished that round and added those 5# back for my last round.

please note I WAS breathing during this pull… I just made a funny face… workout faces are not always cute/ #sorrynotsorry

please note I WAS breathing during this pull… I just made a funny face… workout faces are not always cute/ #sorrynotsor

AND I DID IT!!! Well I did it once, it took all my energy and a couple “trial” pulls before I was able to clear and clean the bar. I caught the bar a little late and ended up more in a power-squat-clean position, BUT I cleared the bar!!
I was very proud to say I cleaned #125 on my last pull and challenged myself to get a heavier weight and did not quit!

Wednesday – Plank It Out
*perform 5 minutes of planking* I finished my GPP workout and did 3 sets of 60 second planks before becoming jello and could not complete the last 2 minutes. I finished the last 2 minutes after work before crawling in bed! I do love to plank!


Thursday – Sweat With A Buddy
Thursdays GPP KB/AB workout was a great partner workout. My coworker and I blasted through the quick & dirty workout and caught a quick pic during our last few abs. Well… I TRIED to get a picture but it was an epic photo fail.



Friday – Five Fitness Faves!
SORRY for being a day late on my 5 faces, I had every intention of writing this yesterday morning but got distracted in re-designing my header & little corner of the web…
I have TONS OF Fitness Favorites. If I sat here and thought about all the things fitness that I love I would have a longggggg list of people, workouts, apparel, and shoes… YES shoes get their own category! I decided to put together a few workouts and pull a few of my favorite GPP workouts to share with you.




I hope you all have a great week and made sure to move a bit! I am excited for the nourish week and cannot wait to work on making better food choices. AFTER the birthday cake tonight!

How did you move this week?
Do you follow Fit Approach on FB/IG/Twitter?
What is your favorite way to Sweat Pink?

Practicing Patience

How about that Super Bowl???

Well yeah it wasn’t very exciting, I usually am not overly excited about the Super Bowl or the commercials but this year all you had to look forward to was the commercials.. I mean the Seahawks pulled off an impressive game but it just wasn’t exciting for me to watch as a non-Seahawks fan.

We had a pretty laid back weekend but after meeting with the Priest Saturday I really starting thinking about who I am and what I want to accomplish this next year. I always find myself re-evaluating life when my birthday is drawing near and I am really excited with all the ideas floating in my head. Making them a reality will be the hard part. Why can’t those ideas just magically become real without all that logistical stuff? anyways more on that another day!


One thing that the Priest kept saying to Brent was “be patient with yourself.” Each time he said that it resonated a little deeper with me. I felt like he was talking to me and those words were searching deep within myself to calm the anxiety ridden thoughts that I have about all these things I want to share and help other with. I LOVE that I have a passion for helping others I just have to remember to be PATIENT with myself.


I love the thought of good things come to those who wait, and that waiting and being patient will help work everything out. BUT I also know that if you want something to happen you have to work to let your passion and idea occur. Nothing is given to people just because they thought of it, people have to work for the honor to be given great things.

Patience may just be my word for February. I think it is a marvelous one 😉

Thanks Katie for toe weekly link of marvelousness!

Thanks Katie for the weekly link of marvelousness!

I also found myself thinking a lot of my friends, new and old this weekend. Some of these people included the crew from GPP intensive. I am surprised & love how after only meeting them and spending a few days together I feel a strong bond with these girls. I cannot wait to meet more blogging friends and friends with the same passion as me to help drive me to be a better ME.


Today is also the FIRST day of the Sweat Pink & Lorna Jane Challenge. I am really excited for the mini-daily motivation and activities to keep me going all February long. I will be doing a weekly recap of the challenges over the weekend. But to get in on the action NOW here’s the daily activities

Do YOU #sweatpink?

Do YOU #sweatpink?

ALSO make sure to follow me on Instagram where I’ll post more regularly.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  • How do you stay patient with yourself?
  • Whats one word you’re using for this month?
  • Who’s left a footprint on your heart lately?

Hangry?? nah… just Nap Time! – GPP Reset

WOOHOO!!! Day 4 of the fast is here!!!

I have to say I felt pretty good all weekend but definitely took my napping for granted because Monday was a bit tough with the whole having to be awake & personable for 8+ hours.

I got a lot of questions from my patients at work & some of you lovelies about my energy and the actual break down of the fast so rather than skipping straight to my BCD plan I thought today would be a perfect day to share.

FIRST food since Friday night Selfie was a must!

FIRST food since Friday night Selfie was a must!

GPP Reset Protocol (from the GPP website)

Day 1 – Water Only.
Day 2 – 24 g CHO drink.  We suggest 15 min before your GPP workout.
Day 3 – Add 5 servings of Fruits & 5 servings of vegetables (Google it).
Day 4 – Add 24 g of PRO.
Day 5 – And for the rest of your life – get it right!

What this means to you…

Day 1 – Water Only. –> ONLY WATER!!! Not tea, not water with lemon, just water. Keep it simple peeps  it’s only 1 day and you will survive… remember the purpose of Reset is to RESET your body & metabolism, by pumping it filled of fruity sweetness you are not fulfilling the challenge to its optimal potential.
Day 2 – 24 g CHO drink.  We suggest 15 min before your GPP workout. –> CHO drink is a fruit juice, like 100% real fruit. NOT some apple juice whose 2nd ingredient is sugar… & find something that fits this criteria. I bought an organic 100% fruit juice & when I looked at the ingredients it was all fruit. The macros broke down to being 28g CHO per 8oz glass, so my drink was a tad less than 8oz.
Day 3 – Add 5 servings of Fruits & 5 servings of vegetables (Google it). –> pretty simple, just load up on fruits & veggies…
Day 4 – Add 24 g of PRO. –> this can be a protein of choice. Protein drink to supplement your workout is recommended.
Day 5 – And for the rest of your life – get it right! –> for me this is doing at least 1 BCD cycle.

Personal Tips & Notes:

Day 1 – I did not workout… I intentionally started the fast on Saturday so if I did not feel well, was completely tired or any thing else I could sleep & be at home. I had intentions of working out on the fast however after a really hard week of GPP workouts + the additional 2 mile challenge each day I was pretty sore and my body was telling me to rest. so i listened… over all I felt pretty good, I was not very hungry and just continued to make sure I was drinking enough water. I got pretty cold at one part of the day so I heated up my filtered water so it was warm and felt like something new 🙂 this worked for me!

Day 2 – Again I did not workout. I had intentions to do some yoga but the day slipped away from me. Again I felt pretty good, the only time I felt like I hadn’t ate was when I was at church where I regularly feel lightheaded (Lord help me on my wedding day!)… I again took a couple good naps but then I woke up and got to work on my food prep… I had a few leftover grapes that didn’t fit in my bin so I snacked on those (about 10 grapes) before drinking my juice. SINCE I had some grapes with a CHO factor I drank ~1/4 less of my designated drink amount. I was not extremely hungry but worried I would wake up starving.

Day 3 – My first day working out and having to be social for 8+ hours… I drank my CHO on my drive to the gym, which was prolonged due to a slight snow fight 😉 & felt great during my workout. I had all the energy that I needed and was able to STORM the workout in about 13 minutes. I was bummed that I couldn’t complete the challenge but time dictates. As for energy the rest of the day I had my ups & downs. I can’t say that is much different then a normal Monday but at times it was definitely a low blood sugar low. When I felt this I just went and grabbed a pre-portioned baggy of fruit or veggie and drank some more water. I made it through the work day without feeling horrible or super tired. I did divide my servings, I knew my work day would likely be the hardest so I packed 4 fruits & 3 vegetables to have during the day. I also tried to get fruits that were fiber filled so they would keep me full longer… heres what my day looked like:

5 dates = post workout breakfast Carrots = midmorning & afternoon snacking Broccoli, Apple & Pear = Lunch Grapes = After lunch snacking Cucumbers = Drive home snack

Dates = post workout breakfast
Carrots = midmorning & afternoon snacking
Broccoli, Apple & Pear = Lunch
Grapes = After lunch snacking
Cucumbers = Drive home snack

Day 4 – this is today & because I am writing this monday night it has not occurred yet. I can tell you likely I will be feeling rather hungry, as while I am typing this my little tummy is wanting something more to eat. I can also tell you I feel a lot of accomplishment for completing what I have so far, so I I have come too far to quit now. ALSO I am veryyyyy excited for the first day of Burst on Wednesday because that means SOLID FOOD!!!! 🙂

Overall thoughts on the RESET…. I LOVE IT!! I think it was a great way for me to just flush my body and start fresh. I really wanted to try this just to be able to give you ideas and insight without feeling like a hypocrite for never completing the challenge. But you guys I really enjoyed it. I mean I was DRAINED and am definitely excited for real food but it was a great spiritual challenge for me and commitment for me.

I do see how this would be very challenging and detrimental to someone who is not in the same health state that I am in, so PLEASE consult your doctor prior to performing the fast & PLEASE ask if you have any questions about the fast. THIS is something that you only do ONCE and a great WHILE… it is not something to be performed regularly and was not designed for that intention so please fast responsibly! 

I hope this helps put some of the GPP fast into perspective for you all and gives you the insight you were looking for. I really believe that GPP has your best intentions at heart when providing this program so please understand that this was designed for everyone and to be the healthiest way to jumpstart your metabolism and life. If you have any questions or concerns please email me @ or comment on the GPP blog. There are great people in this community so reach out to them as well.


I’d Love To Know ~~ Have you ever done the GPP fast? What would be your 5 fruits & 5 vegetables?