Marc Megna Phase 2

Hey Guys!

I am on my 4th week of the Marc Megna Amp Trainer and have been loving it!! If you read my last update during the 1st Phase you’ll know that I was in a total fitness rut and need a boost and this 8 week trainer was a welcome change.

During the phase 1 I did 3 days of total body lifting days and 2 steady state cardio days & it was a fun change to my previous 5 day split lifting schedule. Phase 2 is a little different in its set up, I’m still doing 3 days of total body lifting but now its 3 days of different cardio breakdowns.

Marc Megna Phase 2

The total body days this round went from 4 sets of 5reps (for most lifts) to 4 sets of 8 reps. So my focus switched from hitting max weight & sometimes failing during my 4th set. To really focusing on form during each lift and making sure that I could hit 8 reps (sometimes 6, dang bench press) with excellent form at a challenging weight.

Marc Megna Phase 2 Marc Megna Phase 2

I also love that there is 1 primarily bodyweight workout during the total body days. I sometimes have  difficulty balancing lifting and bodyweight exercises but know the importance of bodyweight exercises because they are super important for maintaining healthy joint alignment and stabilization. I also SERIOUSLY felt those single leg deadlifts, one of my favorite exercises that I do not do enough!

Marc Megna Phase 2

The cardio days are a welcome change to my routine as well. I loved phase 1 steady state cardio and getting to do some personal development reading when on the elliptical. Phase 2 brought a change to the cardio routine and I kind of love it! Lets be real…. I am terrible at motivating myself to do cardio, especially indoor cardio, so having a program “force” me to do the cardio is absolutely wonderful!

Marc Megna Phase 2

During this phase there is 1 day of “Alactic Aerobic Intervals” which is basically 10 seconds of all out work and 50 seconds of recovery/rest for 16 & 18 minutes (depending on the week). I’ve done two of these workouts so far, one on the treadmill & one on the rowing machine. For both of these workouts I upped the work period to 15 seconds and then did an active recovery rather than a straight rest because lets be real, I wouldn’t get back on the treadmill 😉

Marc Megna Phase 2

The other two days of cardio includes a steady state session & then a “Cardiac Power” session. The cardiac power session is a prolonged work/recovery interval session. Doing 2 minutes of hard-but-manageable-work and 4 minutes of active-recovery, 6 times for a 36minute workout. Ive done this once and oh man was it hard! Its pretty sad to say that 2 minutes of hard running is a serious challenge but thats my current reality. I pushed myself through the workout which is EXACTLY why I am doing this program to push myself outside of my comfort zone and previous “gym box”.

I am excited for Phase 3 & 4 because I am truly loving this program and can’t wait to see the results of these 8 weeks.

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Fitness Lately – AMP Trainer

Happy Wednesday!

I thought I would update y’all on what my fitness routine has looked like lately. In the fall I started to feel pretty stagnant with my workout routine, I wasn’t loving what I was doing and felt pretty uninspired, you can read more on that here & here. When I still couldnt get my mojo back I decided to turn to and see if there was a program that seemed to fit.

In December I did a 4 week program which was just what I needed to get out of my rut and change up my routine a bit. It was a good program but I wanted more variations, I felt like I was doing a lot of shoulders and wasn’t significantly challenged. Once I finished that program I decided to try a different program that was a bit longer.

Currently I am doing the Marc Megna AMP program from and I have been really enjoying it. I technically started on Dec. 28th but after a week of over indulging after the holidays I decided to restart it on Jan 4th. So I am on my second week right now.

Day 1: Marc Megna Trainer

Day 1: Marc Megna Trainer

What I am enjoying a lot is that the lifting days are FULL BODY which I have not done in foreverrrrr and then there are dedicated cardio days which has been a fun change. I really do not enjoy doing indoor cardio, and have to talk myself into outdoor cardio to be honest, so doing cardio after a lifting day almost never happens. Having a designated cardio day really helps me focus on getting it done.

Day 5: Marc Megna Trainer - AMPed up the Split Squat lift by elevating my rear foot & adding a 35# weight!

Day 5: Marc Megna Trainer – AMPed up the Split Squat lift by elevating my rear foot & adding a 35# weight!

I also like that the lifting days have been 5sets of 5reps so I am able to amp up my weight a bit and know that I “only” need 5 reps. It’s a fun change and challenge!

The lifting workouts take about 45-50minutes depending on the day and the body space app is a great companion at the gym, its on my phone and makes tracking the workouts, weights and time so easy! The app has definitely improved since the last time I tried it a couple years ago and its much more user friendly. I love that it tells me what weights I did last week so I 1. don’t slack and pick the lighter weight 2. I can remember where I was last week because I never remember!

Bodyspace app is a lifesaver!

Bodyspace app is a lifesaver!


The cardio days are 40-45minutes right now and I have been doing the elliptical since I’m dealing with some Achilles Tendonitis that is much worse with running, so the low impact of the elliptical is way better. I have been bringing my iPad and reading Kelley Starret’s “Becoming A Supple Leopard” while on the elliptical, the book is all about improved mobility, stabilizing your spine and properly engaging and stabilizing your muscles when working out or lifting. It’s a total PT nerd book and I love it! I never understood how or why people read when they were working out but it really does make the time go by and I can zone out, similarly to how I zone out when running outside.

Cardio day! Ending cardio session in the steam room is my favorite!!!

Cardio day! Ending cardio session in the steam room is my favorite!!!

Saturday & Sundays for me are rest days, I took advantage of not having a programed workout on Saturday and hit up a yoga class for some active rest. I was a little disappointed at first because the yoga teacher I thought was teaching was out of town and it was in a “normal” temp room rather than a hot room but it was still a really good class and I am starting to feel more comfortable being told “now flow yourself” because before that would just make me mad. I am trying to make getting to at least 1 yoga class a week a priority because my muscles and joints really need that active recovery that you get during a yoga class. Plus I always feel like a happier person after I get done!

Yoga & some ankle mobilizations to put some deposits back into myself and get a little extra out of each day!

Yoga & some ankle mobilizations to put some deposits back into myself and get a little extra out of each day!

We are all up to speed so I guess its time to head to the gym and get my full body lift on. Tell me what workout program you’re doing right now!

Happy Lifting!


Fitness Lately

Hey Guys!

So I have been having some serious technical issues. I am really bummed that my post’s from last week have been mysteriously deleted from cyber space but instead of dwelling on the past I am picking up from where I left off and starting the week new.

I had a Fitness Friday post planned last week, but since that did not happen we will have a Fitness Lately post instead…

Over the past month Brent & I made a pact to bump up our lifting routine and really put the most into each session. Previously while we were hitting the gym regularly and lifting “hard” there was a key component missing and it felt like we were just going through the motions half of the time. After we cut out the junk from our diet, started focusing on managing our macros around our lifting days and adjusting our lifts to challenge ourselves a little bit more we both started to see and feel a huge difference.

Fitness Lately

Some fun hill sprints!!

So heres what we have been doing for the past month…

Traditional Split
Monday – Chest Day
Tuesday – Back Day
Wednesday – Arms & Abs
Thursday – Legs
Friday – Shoulders
Saturday – Make Up or Rest
Sunday – Play Day!

PLUS 10-20minutes of HIIT cardio at the end of most days

This is our Standard lifting routine, working up in weight performing 4-10 reps or until failure, usually we get 3-4 sets in before we can’t get 1 clean rep, some lifts are differnet but this is the general goal. Primarily starting with barbell lifts and then moving into dumbbells, the pretty standard lifts nothing fancy.

Most of the time we do our barbell work together, spotting each other and motivating each other to lift more, push harder. Dumbbell lifts half the time are free game, I like to do lighter weight stabilization lifts and Brent enjoys going heavier and harder. We will do some together and some apart, this is our “gym freedom” time.

Fitness Lately

Surrender Squats

Leg day is again another “free” day. We both do our legs differently, primarily due to my hip issues that I have been working through, and because its easier to have two different bars than constantly changing the 400+ pounds that Brent throws around! I love it this way though, we are able to just do our things, work hard side by side & still push each other when things get tough.

Last week after a fun Sunday Olympic Lifting day we decided to incorporate more olympic lifts into our regular routine.

Oly Addition
Monday – No Oly
Tuesday – Front Squats
Wednesday – Snatch
Thursday – Back Squats
Friday – Cleans
Saturday – Deadlifts & OH Squats
Sunday – PLAY DAY!!!!

The addition of the olympic lifts has made a HUGE change, I know its hard to say that after a week but doing an additional lift has been really challenging and makes you use your WHOLE body to stabilize the bar after taxing one muscle group/area. We did a lot of Oly lifts when we were doing CrossFit regularly so its been fun to add them back in to our routine. My upper traps are definitely reminding me that I haven’t been working them as hard lately.

Fitness Lately

So there you have it, the basis of our lifting routine. We do try to change it up a little bit each day but if you would be interested in our lifts and splits let me know and I will be happy to share!

Happy Lifting!

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Things I'm Loving Friday


This week has gone super fast, I am very glad it is the weekend and I’ll have some time to relax… hopefully!

To celebrate this wonderful week, I wanted to share some things I am loving this friday

1. Brent’s Oven Roasted Chicken

Funny story, I put Brent in charge of grocery shopping and cooking the proteins for the week on Sunday since I was going to be out of town. I received a text from him saying he put the chicken in the oven and was going to the gym. When I got home over 1 hour later the chicken was still in the oven and the oven was at 400degrees. I was very worried that we were going to have chicken-jerky.
MUCH to my surprise the boy made some AMAZING chicken. I am basically in love with this very simple, delicious preparation. I am trying to talk him into creating & writing a blog-post on it!

2. Homemade Fat-Kid Fro-Yo

Wednesday night I was not feeling great and was veryyyy tired. I finally got myself out of bed and made “dinner” which turned in to two fried eggs and homemade “fro-yo” made with greek yogurt turned fat-kid style.

homemade fro-yo

With crushed PB M&M’s & two reese’s cups. It was delicious & much less expensive than the fro-yo shop!

3. RAINNNN… not really, how about Claritin D!

Well it has been raining here, on again off again, hot & humid to cool and cloudy. My sinuses and brain definitely are having a hard time keeping up with all the changes in the environment and pressure.
I hate feeling foggy and unenergetic so I ran to the store and bought some Claritin D which has seemed to help!

4. Edamame Hummus

While on said shopping trip I picked up a container of Edamame Hummus. I love trying different flavors of Hummus so this was a welcomed change with some Wheat Thins! YUMM!!! perfect afternoon snack 🙂

edamame hummus

5. Scone Pizza

I LOVEEE when anyone makes my recipe but I was even more excited when my patient brought in this HUGEE fruit pizza and told me he used my Flax Power Scone recipe as the base! It was absolutely delicious and an amazing idea. I cannot wait to recreate this for my next potluck or party!

Power Scone Pizza

6. Morning Hugs & Afternoon Lunches

The past couple mornings I have not wanted to go to work so have received extra hugs from Brent before heading out the door! ALSO he has stopped by and had lunch with me twice this week. The major bonus was him bringing me Jasons Deli yesterday. the man knows the way to my heart 🙂

7. Hawg’n, Swinger & Wiped

Ahhh GPP you knew exactly when I needed something new and hit a home run 3 times in a week! I was definitely in the need/mood to change some things up so a new to me workout Hawg’n was JUST what the doctor ordered! Followed by two challenging but rewarding workouts of pull up practice and core domination brought me back from my mini-workout rut!


8. Yoga + Creativity Winner!!!

Congratulations Sa Collins on winning the giveaway! Please email me at to receive your copy of yoga+creativity. Winner was chosen at random via rafflecopter, thank you to everyone who entered!
Remember if you didn’t win you can buy the book Here!!

PHEWW I have lots of things that I am loving this week.

What are you loving lately?
Have any non-nutritious but simply delicious dinners lately?

Move Nourish Believe Challenge Week 1

Happy Saturday!

Happy Birthday to ME & all my favorite birthday twins!

post-multiple wine tastings last night!

post-multiple wine tastings last night!

I am popping in today to share my recap & belated friday favorites from the FitApproach & Lorna Jane Move-Nourish-Believe Challenge that started on Monday.

Do YOU #sweatpink?

Do YOU #sweatpink?

I was really excited about the challenge, as I truly love to give myself little challenges through out the week to make my workouts, meals and mind a little healthier.

This week was MOVE week. The challenges were small but like I said it is fun to have a little challenge to break up the metonymy of your daily routine.

Monday – Sweat It Out
*show your favorite way to sweat pink* I love to sweat during each workout and lately my favorite way to get my workout on is through GPP. I love the workouts and the philosophy read more on that here, here & here.

Monday’s GPP workout was One Sided Revenge and definitely resulted in some huffing&puffing on my behalf. I decided to speed walk rather than run the workout for personal & leg related reasons. I finished the morning with 10 minutes of pull up training!

Tuesday – Change It Up
*sweat a new way today* I think everyday of GPP is a new workout, some days we do a repeat workout but most days are completely new combination of moves, intervals or reps.
Tuesdays are known to be a Lift Heavy day in the GPP Gym and this tuesday did not disappoint. I love the challenge of lifting heavy but get a bit weary when it is a newer move that I have not perfected or when I reach for a weight I know I could not clear previously.
My change it up challenge to myself was to look beyond the weight and focus on pushing myself and my limits without fear of failure. Sometimes it is OKAY to fail on a lift, it means you stepped outside of that comfort-zone box and tried something new.
I started my power cleans at a weight I was comfortable with and then progressed it depending on how I felt with 2 reps left of the previous lift. If I was completely toast with 2 reps to go I upped the weight 10# (5# each side) & if I felt it was tough but do-able I upped my weight 20#. I did not go above this formula for ME for THIS workout, and it seemed to work. When I was getting fatigued and heavier for me I tried upping 10# and could not clear the bar, so I dropped down 5# and tried again. Since I was able to clear I finished that round and added those 5# back for my last round.

please note I WAS breathing during this pull… I just made a funny face… workout faces are not always cute/ #sorrynotsorry

please note I WAS breathing during this pull… I just made a funny face… workout faces are not always cute/ #sorrynotsor

AND I DID IT!!! Well I did it once, it took all my energy and a couple “trial” pulls before I was able to clear and clean the bar. I caught the bar a little late and ended up more in a power-squat-clean position, BUT I cleared the bar!!
I was very proud to say I cleaned #125 on my last pull and challenged myself to get a heavier weight and did not quit!

Wednesday – Plank It Out
*perform 5 minutes of planking* I finished my GPP workout and did 3 sets of 60 second planks before becoming jello and could not complete the last 2 minutes. I finished the last 2 minutes after work before crawling in bed! I do love to plank!


Thursday – Sweat With A Buddy
Thursdays GPP KB/AB workout was a great partner workout. My coworker and I blasted through the quick & dirty workout and caught a quick pic during our last few abs. Well… I TRIED to get a picture but it was an epic photo fail.



Friday – Five Fitness Faves!
SORRY for being a day late on my 5 faces, I had every intention of writing this yesterday morning but got distracted in re-designing my header & little corner of the web…
I have TONS OF Fitness Favorites. If I sat here and thought about all the things fitness that I love I would have a longggggg list of people, workouts, apparel, and shoes… YES shoes get their own category! I decided to put together a few workouts and pull a few of my favorite GPP workouts to share with you.




I hope you all have a great week and made sure to move a bit! I am excited for the nourish week and cannot wait to work on making better food choices. AFTER the birthday cake tonight!

How did you move this week?
Do you follow Fit Approach on FB/IG/Twitter?
What is your favorite way to Sweat Pink?

Thruster Buster… & weekly plan

Hi Friends!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My weekend was wonderful, my dad & step mom came to Rockford to visit & it was really nice to see them and show them around our new home. I also enlisted my dad into hanging pictures for me!

Bedroom wall has pictures now!!!! The pictures need to be updated but at least they are up!

Bedroom wall has pictures now!!!! The pictures need to be updated but at least they are up!

Last week I had a great week at the gym, it was the first time in a long time I actually made it to the gym each day. Added bonus was I felt motivated & energized before and after each workout. I did all GPP workouts for the week & loved it! Monday I kinda crashed coming down from my 15th thruster & the barbell slid down my nose, leaving a nasty scratch & multiple stops to blot the blood during the rest of my workout. YES I did finish the workout, but definitely took more time than I wanted because of my cut & slight lightheadedness!

On Friday I changed it up a bit.. I am still on the struggle bus when it comes to performing a pull up or chin up & since the workout only had 3 exercises & 1 was pull ups, I found myself getting more frustrated than motivated after 2 rounds. I can’t perform them quickly unless I use the assistance band, which takes so long to get into & out of, & I just am left feeling defeated. SO after 2 or 3 rounds, I decided to change to Jacked which was last done on GPP back on Nov 2nd, I apparently missed this day. This was exactly the workout I needed to kick me out of my pull-up frustration… I completed 1.5 rounds (I could feel my calves cramping) & 314 reps!! I finished with some assisted Aussie pull ups which were crazy challenging for this girl.

After a killer workout this week!!! My nose was in initial scabbing phases here!

After a killer workout this week!!! My nose was in initial scabbing phases here!

This week my workout plan is to hit the gym every morning. Wednesday I may go after work depending on how my body is feeling. Monday & Tuesday I will be hitting it extra early due to work & a hair appointment ((hopefully I have written this in stone & will make it to the gym in the morning on Monday, as I am writing this Sunday night))…. Thursday & Friday will be my regular morning gym time. Saturday & Sunday are TBD.

Meals –

  • Breakfast: green monster muffins (for my early morning pre-workout snack)
  • Lunches: Thai turkey meatballs, brown rice & 1/2 avocado
  • Snack: 1/2 grapefruit; yogurt & homemade granola
  • Monday – free eats @ a work benefit!
  • Tuesday – Chicken Egg Rolls
  • Wednesday – leftovers
  • Thursday – either leftovers or Southwest Stuffed Sweet potatoes
  • Friday – leftovers
  • Saturday – crockpot Fajitas

So there’s my previous week of workouts & this weeks plan for working out. I really think it helps me to make a mental commitment to my workouts & plan times & days of what I will be doing. Lately I have been doing the GPP workouts, but often times I add some extra skill work at the end of the “prescribed” exercises. Same goes for my meal prep. I have to have a semi-rigid plan of what I will be eating through the week, it takes a lot of temptation out of picking up fast food or spending money eating out!

Hope you have a wonderful monday & fantastic week!





I’d Love To Know ~~ Have you ever had a gym crash? All my patients asked about my nose all week (it looked much worse when it was scabbing) What’s your plan for the week?


Marvelous In My Monday

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I decided to link up this week with Healthy Diva Eats and share a MIMM.


If you are not familiar with this wonderful way to start the week here is what Katie said when starting MIMM

“A fun way to start the week and to perhaps share your marvelous weekend, a marvelous recipe, marvelous news, a marvelous mantra, marvelous food you ate, or marvelous shopping trip you had! The possibilities are endless! What my goal was when I thought of this idea, just to have a positive, fun, and beautiful way to start the week!”

I decided this week would be a great week to link up as after what seemed like a true run on week Brent & I had a wonderful weekend!

Marvelous is… coming back from a great course and hitting the gym Tuesday through Friday. I was really happy with my ability to get back in the gym and not let my fatigue from travel get me off track. I enjoyed this weeks GPP workouts && my core continues to remind me everyday (and previous days with each breath) that I hit the gym and rocked my workouts!

A week of successful GPP workouts! & pul up practice AKA very sore lats!

A week of successful GPP workouts! & pul up practice AKA very sore lats!

Marvelous is… making He & She Mac n Cheese &&& HE liking the SHE version better! Brent has been on a Mac n Cheese kick lately so Thursday night we made “traditional” mac n cheese ((aka $0.50 box of Kraft)) with cut up chicken sausages on top **think Sheldon on Big Bang Theory**… I haven’t had a box of mac n cheese in forever so it was a good tribute to college days. Friday I made Forks Over Knives Mac N Cheese. I was excited to try it out, and since I am not a Vegan (nor is my carnivore boyfriend) I was a little nervous about the taste/texture of the dish.

SHE Mac & Cheese for the WIN!!! ((recipe coming soon!))

SHE Mac & Cheese for the WIN!!! ((recipe coming soon!)) the Mac N cheese is vegan the sausage is an added option for you meat eating friends!


HE Mac & Cheese with chicken sausage

HE Mac & Cheese with chicken sausage

Well Brent answered the question of liking it before I even took a bite as 1/4 the pan was gone almost instantly! WIN!!! ((I’ll be posting the recipe this week!))

Marvelous is… being back in blogger land!! I have some awesome recipes to share with you guys this week AND received an awesome care package of workout supplements & energy drinks to share with you guys too!!! soo much coming up!!!

Marvelous is... spending Saturday leisurely enjoying each others company and the beautiful fall day! We had a nice relaxing day eating Potbelly’s, drinking coffee, enjoying each others company & watching football! It was a total WIN for me!

Marvelous is… doing a favor for a patient over the weekend and seeing complete gratification! I love my job and that I am able to provide great care to great people. It is an added bonus when I can help someone outside of their “clinic time” even if that means taking a little bit of time out of my day to do so. It’s the little things in life that make the world all that better!



Marvelous is… ending Saturday with a date night at a local restaurant Alchemy. We ate ALL THE FOOD and had some great drinks. Brent had a new-to-him beer & a great Malbec while I had the Alchemy Punch & a Moscow Mule to drink. We both had a lobster bisque ((soo good, and the presentation made it that much better!)) to start followed by a HUGE amount of food provided by the owner. We were served their skinny fries which are served with 2 smoked eggs that you break and dip the fries in ((HEAVEN!!)), a giant elk meatball in red sauce, a kale basil caesar salad (which I am going to beg for the recipe!!!), and a half order of the lobster formaggio which was amazing but we were soo full that we both took 3-4 bites and took the rest home!

Alchemy Date Night!

Alchemy Date Night!
Alchemy Punch, Lobster Bisque (mid pour over!!), Lobster Formaggio & my moscow mule… only a portion of all the amazing food we were supplied!!!

Marvelous is… getting everything done by 6:30 on Sunday!! this included sleeping until 9, breakfast, grocery shopping, meal prep for the week, deodorant making (more to come on this soon), cleaning house & a trip to the mall. A productive and wonderful end to our Sunday with leftovers in the fridge to cap it off!!

Sunday WIN!!

Sunday Selfie was needed after my very productive morning!

I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week and had as marvelous of a weekend as we did over here!!





I’d Love To Know ~~ What did you do this weekend?? What is something marvelous that you are doing this week? 

Fitness Friday

Hey Hey!!!

Happy BELATED Halloween!!

my work costume… Some MICHIGAN love go blue!!! && fun bunny ears&tail!

I am heading out this afternoon at the airport waiting for my flight to Florida!! I am excited for the trip & to see Kelsey even though it is going to be a super whirlwind of a weekend.

I wanted to stop in this morning Friday and tell you about my workouts this week.

Tuesday– morning GPP killer workout! Those front squats & overhead presses killed me… I am not used to front squats and had a really hard time finding the right/most comfortable way to hold the bar… Followed by OH press which seems to be my gym nemesis… HOLY BURN BATMAN! But ahh did I love it!

I completed 63 squats 92 OH press 83 box jumps 84 barbell rows & 125 vup/sit-ups ((I alternated v-ups and sit ups because I know v-ups are extremely hard for me and I wanted to utilize my 5 minutes to the max!)) I ended the workout with about 10 minutes of pull up practice… UGH pull ups will be the end of me!
Tuesday night I hit up Yoga… I really am loving ending the night with some yoga!

Thursday morning I did the Halloween GPP workout && let me tell you today I am sore! I can definitely feel the burn in my biceps && triceps!

I finished this workout with a bit more pull up work but my arms were JELLOOO after the workout so that didn’t last long! I decided to do a little foam rolling to round out the workout!

TODAY I woke up early again && did the cardio based GPP workout… The workout was simple enough 200m sprint, 5 burpees & squats until the 2 minute timer was up, perform this 10 rounds… UGHHHH have I EVER mentioned how much I dislike running?? If I have the choice I’d rather sprint than run any day ((I’d i have to run mine as well get it over with QUICK!))…
Only problem is I don’t know where in my gym is 200 meters, so I thought “treadmill?” – nope sprinting in a treadmill is a dreadful idea… My gym has a sweet machine that you control the pace by body weight, so I tried that, wrong idea!!! You feel like your falling so you lean forward to brace yourself &&& it goes faster, I ended up realizing I was bracing with my arms more than running with my feet…
SOOO to the erg I went! Sprint rowed 200meters & performed the rest of the workout as outlined… I completed the row & burpees with around 40-50 seconds left & performed a combined total of 308 squats during the 10 rounds!

I only hit the gym 3 days (4 times) this week but am feeling SO MUCH BETTER about myself. I have been motivated & energized before every workout which makes SUCH a big difference in my performance!

I hope you all had a safe Halloween && a wonderful week filled with some meaningful workouts!!

I am now off to Florida for my course!
HAPPY FRIDAY && weekend!


I’d love to know ~~ what workouts had you killed this week?? Did you dress up for Halloween?

Week of Workouts

Last week, the LAST thing I seemed to want to do each day was workout. As I said yesterday I was really exhausted every day last week for know apparent reason. I did get a few good workouts in even … Continue reading

Food Prep & New Workouts!

Hey Guys!!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was quite a whirlwind, with a great workout friday night, making cake balls (totally not clean but absolutely delicious) & Brent’s family reunion. Today was spent doing my regular sunday food prep and getting ready for our 6 week shred that we are starting tomorrow!!! 


family reunion cake balls were a HIT!

Fact: I love challenging my body and my workouts with different challenges. I love the feeling that comes from completing a challenge and I have found that my body really loves to change things up. I tend to get stuck in the same eating routine and however clean the foods are my body adjusts and my results come to a screeching halt… I also love to challenge myself in the gym, I love making workouts challenging for others but seem to be lazy when it comes to myself, I cannot wait to hit the weight room and start to get the definition that I have been looking for!

Keep checking for more updates about the challenge. 

Sunday Food Prep, may be my most and least favorite day of the week. I love to go grocery shopping and cooking. I hate the mess and all the dishes!!! Anyways if you don’t food prep I would highly recommend considering starting. Before I go to the grocery store I plan out my week, breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks. I like to make a bulk lunch item so after I make it I can put it in 5 food storage containers and pop it in the fridge, then each morning I can just grab and go! 

Heres what I prepped this week:


sunday food prep

  1. Beans – earlier this week I cooked some Black beans and garbanzo beans, I froze the bulk of the beans in freezer bags (8oz of beans/bag)
  2. Kale & Romaine – easy snack for work is salad, but it takes time to prep every morning, by chopping veggies a head of time a salad is made in a snap!
  3. hard boiled eggs
  4. Jamie Eason’s turkey meatball muffins – you can find the recipe here
  5. Broccoli and ORANGE cauliflower florets – again for easy salad making
  6. Citrus Orange Chicken – marinaded in juice of 1 orange, juice of 2 key limes, 3 garlic cloves mashed, 3tbsp olive oil, & black pepper. Bake or grill
  7. Muffin Veggie Quiche – my go to breakfast food!!! I used whatever veggies looked good today, but the original recipe is here. I like to sauté the veggies so they release most of their moisture before they are in the muffin. Great reheated in the morning! 

Finally this week I was given a workout to try out and I LOVED IT!!! I love sharing exercise routines with friends and was grateful for this new circuit, I definitely needed a pick me up and a change in the norm. 

Thursday I did this Pyramid: 


Pyramid Workout!

I loved it!!! I completed the full pyramid (all pushups on my toes!!) and then did 30 pull ups with the assistance band. I love feeling the improvement in my pull-ups and am loving the help of the assistance band so I can actually complete the set. {{side note – my life goal is to perform a strict pull up & as many push ups on my toes as I desire!}} I was a sweaty mess at the end but completely energized and inspired! I was thinking about my next workout as soon as I finished this one. I couldn’t wait to get to the gym Friday and try a weighted pyramid to challenge myself some more!

Friday I did just that and challenged myself with this weighted pyramid:



Weighted Pyramid – adjust weights as needed

I chose the weights based on what I knew my body could handle. I also went lighter on my dead lifts because I didn’t want to be constantly changing my weights between dead lift & push press, and it worked great!!! I was really happy with my ability to perform the push press with 65# and get each rep. I also used the assistance band for the pull ups again today and am feeling the burn from the workout.  

Please adjust the weight as you need to, if performing a dead lift is too hard on your knees try performing an RDL and really watch your form, if you have questions just ask! For the body weight pyramid, if you dont have access to a GHD try full sit ups and the back extension machine OR sit ups and prone supermans. If you have access to a GHD machine and have never used it, find a trainer and ask for help, they are tricky!

Do you food prep? How do you prepare for the weeks on a busy schedule? 

Till next time!