St Patricks Day 2016

Hey Guys!

I wanted to pop in with a fun weekend recap because this past weekend was a BLAST! About a month ago Brent had the idea to rent an Air B&B in Chicago for St Patricks Day weekend and invite a bunch of friends. Well out idea became reality and we met up with a bunch of our friends for a weekend of festivities!

Friday night we all made our way to the city to meet up at the condo. Brent, my friend Katie from college & her boyfriend all drove in together while I took the metro after work. As I waited for the train I got a text from Katie with this picture…

St Patricks Day 2016

Brent & PJ fixing the flat!

And the caption “totally got a flat” thankfully Brent & PJ were able to change the flat safely and not get hit by any of the cars flying by. Not too long after the text from Katie the train pulled up to the station and I made my way to get on…

Well after trying 4 cars, yanking on the doors with none of them opening, the train pulled away leaving me there in awe of what just happened… Thankfully my friend Megan, who drove me to the station after work, hadn’t left yet and was able to drive me to a different station to get the next train. I had to wait about an hour but I was able to get the next train to the city and met up with the group at dinner before they even ordered!

View from the condo we rented

View from the condo we rented

We made our way back to the condo after a very late dinner and the 8 of us hung out had a few drinks and talked about everything and nothing before hitting the hay. Since Saturday morning we were planning on getting up bright and early.

St Patricks Day 2016

Gorgeous sun rise!!

Saturday started with this BEAUTIFUL view from the condo before we all got dressed and had a St Patty’s toast before heading to Bull & Bear.


We had bought tickets for the Bull & Bear Top Of The Mornin St Patricks day party which started at 8. I cannot tell you the last time I went out drinking starting at 8am, and can tell you that the next time I do won’t be for a veryyyyyy long time 😉 Our tickets to Bull & Bear included drinks & brunch food so we found a spot near the bar and congregated there for the next 4 hours! We danced, sang to the songs and drank our little hearts out #balance 😉

St Patricks Day 2016 Kaley & I St Patricks Day 2016

At noon we headed outside and met up with 4 of our friends who opted out of Bull & Bear and grabbed lunch at Lou Malnati’s. After lunch we all went back to the condo to recoup a bit from our 4hour drinking escapades with some Cards Against Humanity! Once we recovered we headed down to the river front to see the green river and take some pictures, because well thats the point right! We said goodbye to a couple friends who had to head back home and then went back to relax some more before grabbing dinner.

St Patricks Day 2016

Chris, Kristina, Me, Brent, Kaley & Ryan at the river!

I forgot how hard it is to go H.A.M first thing in the morning and then continue to party the rest of the day, we all were pretty much done at 2pm so relaxing, hydrating and napping sounded wonderful! We definitely aren’t 21 any more 😛

St Patricks Day 2016 St Patricks Day 2016

After a while we decided to get dinner and made reservations at a sushi place down the road. Brent & PJ opted out of going as they both were exhausted and not feeling the best, so Ryan, Kaley, Katie & I headed out together for the BEST sushi experience of our lives.

If you are ever in the Fulton River District of Chicago you should definitely check out Tanoshii Sushi and splurge on Omakase tasting menu. You will not be disappointed and it is definitely worth the cost. We were treated to a multi-course meal and honestly each course was better than the one before. Since none of us really knew what was being put down in front of us, they told you but quickly, we made Ryan taste everything first and tell us what it was like before Katie, Kaley or I would try it. After a while we were laughing because Ryan would say “Thats the BEST one yet!” to almost everything he tried, and he wasn’t wrong!

St Patricks Day 2016St Patricks Day 2016

After dinner the 4 of us walked back to the condo in a sushi euphoria and settled in for a night of watching My Strange Addiction and seriously relaxing! It was the perfect ending to a fun day.

Most of the Gang!

Most of the Gang!

I am so glad that we have great friends who are up to coming and celebrating with us. It was so much fun to all get together and spend a weekend pretending that we were 21 again!

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Happy Saint Patricks Day!!

I just wanted to pop in today and wish you all a very happy Saint Patricks day!

Saint Patricks Day

Its strange to think that when I was little I would get pinched for not wearing green and now you are looked down upon if you’re not drinking something green.

So if you’re celebrating by pinching or drinking, do so safely &

May the Luck of the Irish be With You Always! 

Saint Patricks Day


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Happy St. Patricks Day

This Monday is especially nice as it is St. Patricks Day!

I don’t know about you but I love a good holiday especially one which involves a good party and good food. Growing up it was a huge treat to get Corned Beef & Cabbage but it did not come just on St. Patricks day.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

The weekend started out with some M&M goodness. I was at Target and spotted  mint M&M’s and They were amazing btw.

As Always Thank You Katie.

St. Patricks Celebrations are definitely MARVELOUS. Thank you Katie for the weekly link love!

This year Brent & I made the short trip to Chicago to spend the weekend with our friend Marshall and fully indulge ourselves in the spirit of the weekend. Our goals for the weekend included 1. See the River turn Green & 2. Have a good time. I think Marshall had a third but I forgot it 😉

Timer Mode #Selfie Success!

Timer Mode #Selfie Success!

We definitely saw the river turn green… well after standing and waiting for what seemed like forever


we took a little walk down the river and saw the bright green river! I was kind of expecting a more magical experience but I think we were too far down river to see the transformation. It was still really cool!

Green River

After grabbing a bite to eat we made our way to the “Parade” or what we thought would be the parade. We ended up being in the middle of a HUGE “frat” party. It was crazy stupid and I was scared for my pretty life rings life! (I turned my engagement ring to the inside of my palm because I was scared it would fall off from the cold & masses… *paranoid*). After a quick detour through the masses we turned around and made our way to a bar. I definitely needed a drink after that craziness.


We toured a few bars before making our way back to Lincoln park for a quick nap and phone recharging.


Marshall wore these sweeeett green sneakers and I joked that they would be our “Ruby Slippers” and bring us good luck if he did the heel click leprechaun leap. It was a photojournalist success. However I had multiple photographer #fails.

Click your Heels

Brent however was a photo genius… did you know on iPhones you can do rapid shooting? well I didn’t (obviously!) He also was by far the BEST heel clicker, but like I said #photographerfail

we are the THREEEE best friends!!

we are the THREEEE best friends!!

To end the night we met up with my friend Meganne for a couple more drinks, laughs & some dancing. I love meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in a while and it was SO good to see this girl.

We made our way home (IN THE SNOW…) and finally found our beds.



Sunday we woke up had brunch and made the drive back to Rockford. When we got home we took a nap and then went into Brent’s office to get some work done. Our internet has been out at our house for almost a week, which would be why I blogged twice last week. SORRY!



Since I gave up meat for lent I was excited to go out and get some Corned Beef for dinner. Sundays are not included in the lenten fast so it is a “free” day, but I am trying to limit my “cheating” for 1 meal per Sunday.

So Jason’s Deli it was for a seriously HUGE Reuben! I got 1/2 of the sandwich & a cup of tomato soup. It was delicious & I was 5000% stuffed…
As good as my sandwich was it still was not as good as homemade. Thats on my todo list 🙂

It was a long but fun Chi-rish Weekend and I am SO glad we went!


How do you celebrate St. Patricks Day?
Are you an expert Heel Clicker?