What We're Eating – Macro Meal Plan

Hey Guys!

I haven’t done a “What I Ate Wednesday” or food prep post in a longggg time but have no fear, we continue to meal prep each week so we have healthy delicious meals each week. Lately Brent & I have been trying to clean up our meals and get back focused on macros to help cut some of that winter fluff that has accumulated around our midsections.

We dropped our calories and are focusing on a solid macro split so I thought I would share what we are eating this week with y’all today.

Breakfast: 398calories; 6g C; 16g F; 52g P

1 scoop of Protein + 2tbsp Ground Flax
2 whole eggs + 4 egg whites, cooked in 1tsp coconut oil

Macro Meal Plan

Eggs are almost always my go to morning meal & I usually just eat them scrambled up with some hot sauce. Some days I get “fancy” and will fry them but that undoubtably leaves me wanting some bread to soak the yolk up with. Adding flax to my morning protein gives it a little more bang for the buck and a nice nutty flavor. PLUS it keeps all my systems going, if you know what I mean!
Some mornings I eat breakfast at 6:30am and other mornings I eat closer to 9 or 9:30. It depends on if I am going to the gym first thing (then its later) or if I start work at 7 (than its earlier). The rest of my meals will be shifted based on what time of day I eat breakfast, but generally will try to eat every few hours.

Morning Snack: 202calories; 25g C; 2g F; 21g P

2/3 cup Fat Free Cottage Cheese
1 White Grapefruit

Macro Meal Plan

A whole grapefruit and 2/3 of a cup of cottage cheese makes a super filling nutritious snack. I ALWAYS get hungry around 10-11:00am each day, especially when I start work at 7am and eat my breakfast at 6:30. Having a snack that has some protein, something a little salty and something a bit sweet really makes that time of day better and I don’t go into lunch starving.

Lunch: 245calories; 30g C; 3g F; 33g P

Stir Fry Bowl
5oz Crockpot Chicken (red pepper flakes, fish sauce, rice vinegar & Sriracha)
7oz Roasted Broccoli
1/2c Roasted Mushrooms
1/4c cooked Quinoa

Macro Meal Plan

I love these bowls, they are loaded with flavor and PACKED with veggies. I roasted the broccoli and mushrooms at 375deg until lightly browned and fragrant, then combined the quinoa & lightly wilted spinach with the chicken made in the crockpot. You could use any seasonings for the chicken, I went pretty basic to not add many “empty macros” to a marinade but anything will work! These are super satisfying and make a fantastic filling lunch.

Afternoon Snack: 350calories; 3g C; 13g F; 56g P

1 scoop of Protein
Three 2oz Turkey Meatballs

Macro Meal Plan

These little meatballs are FULL of flavor! I cooked them with lightly caramelized onion, garlic, paprika, chipotle red pepper flakes. I measured out 2oz portions prior to baking them at 375deg for 40-50minutes until they were golden brown. You could easily put any flavors and spices in these to make them your own.
Some days I eat these right before going to the gym but most days I snack on these on my way home from the gym a few hours before dinner!

Dinner: 388calories; 43g C; 10g F; 27g P

5oz Broiled Salmon
120g Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Power Green Salad

((sorry about the terrible lighting guys... it tastes way better than this photo makes it look))

((sorry about the terrible lighting guys… it tastes way better than this photo makes it look))

We are cooking our salmon each night to keep it fresh and will likely use different seasoning to make it feel like a new meal. I love salmon and have been missing it in my diet so am excited about getting to incorporate it this week. We found salmon at Costco for a great price too! For the salad its really just a simple base of power greens, red bell pepper, roma tomato & caramelized onion and I’ve been topping it with a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar. Simple & delicious!

Macro Break Down:

So heres our macro break down… We are eating just about 1600 calories which ends up being about 107g Carbs, 44g Fat & 188g Protein and almost a 30-20-50 split. Actually is 27-25-50, a little high in fat, 8g, and low in carbs 13g but good enough for us! This is a very protein heavy meal plan which was our intent for this week, we will likely tweak and change our macros again in the next week or two based on our goals/progress.

I hope this is helpful for any of you who are looking to start tracking macros and honing in on the nutrients. I am by FAR not perfect at calculating or creating perfectly balanced meals but I am working on finding balance and freedom with the use of macro management.

Happy Eating,

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Day 1 – 6 week Shred

Day One!!

Today was the first day of our challenge. Before I get into the specifics of my day I wanted to share with you some of my personal incentives and tips on doing challenges.

As I said yesterday I really love to challenge my body through physical stressors & exercise along with nutrition. I recently was watching an Extreme Weight Loss episode and there was a moment where the contestant was talking about feeling stuck and frustrated with her lack of progression, no matter the amount of exercise she was doing she wasn’t seeing the numbers on the scale change, so they challenged her diet by INCREASING her calories and she lost weight without killing herself over every single calorie. THIS HIT HOME… I know so much about how muscle and body physiology and how your body uses the fuel you give it, &&& if you don’t give it enough fuel it goes in to SURVIVAL mode, AKA no matter how much you workout, if you don’t provide enough fuel your body will start producing extra hormones to keep you alive. Right after watching this episode a blog I follow @powercakes wrote THIS post about “checking yourself before wrecking yourself” talk about timing!!

Although I was slacking with my regular nutrition and eating, I still know that I wasn’t giving myself enough fuel for the amount of exercise I was doing, and it shows!! I have been at this plateau for a while now and it is ANNOYING. Everyone has their own goals for fitness and currently my goals are to have more definition in my muscles, as my body fat % is pretty lean I don’t want to lose TOO much more body fat, I really just want to tone up. Toning up takes FUEL & muscle challenge, case and point this 6-week challenge.

My goal for the challenge, other than completing it, is to provide you all with a basis of how to follow these fitness challenges and where I struggled. I have done food-based challenges in the past and I have been the MOST successful when I had a friend or a support group to do it with. It is so nice to be able to talk to someone who is in the same boat. So although Brent and I are doing this together, I am also going to try and be that for you all, even if you’re not doing this challenge, maybe making healthier choices, or changing your fitness routine is a challenge enough.

Brent and I picked a challenge that fits us best. We both lift 4-5days a week now and at moderate to heavy weights, so we picked a challenge that was shorter in duration and focused on “shredding” rather than bulking, or bulking & shredding. There are TONS of different programs out there that you can access for free, or you can talk to a personal trainer (hopefully me someday!!) about developing one for you. We found our plan at bodybuilding.com if you have never checked out that website you are missing out!! This website has are tons of recipes, nutrition tips, workouts, plans, and supplements that you can buy at a discounted price.

Ok on to day 1… This morning I packed my lunch box, but when I say lunchbox you might think of those little kid boxes, or a brown paper sack (my fathers favorite choice!)… my lunchbox probably classifies as a COOLER to most! Anyways in went all my food for the day, including 2 snacks and lunch… If you pack a lunch with all the food you need for the day you are less likely to cheat and grab something “unapproved” and since I was going to be at a meeting all day I knew “cheating” would be an easy option if my cooler wasn’t full…side note I hate saying “unapproved” or “cheating”, I believe you can have anything in moderation and within reason, I say unapproved mainly because this is a challenge and we are challenging ourselves to push the envelope and break our bad habits, if you can restrict the urge to have that bagel or coffeecake that’s sitting in the office and make a healthier choice for the next 6 weeks it’ll be easier to say no once the challenge is over!


Who says healthy is boring! Chicken, egg, and veggie salad for lunch.

The biggest challenge for me during this all is going to be eating the amount of food that is recommended, and I know that I need to eat it! Most of you are probably thinking I want to eat more than the plan is saying, but its actually the opposite. I calculated intake on my workout days and it is about 2x the amount I was previously taking in. I WAS SHOCKED!!! I honestly don’t know how I am going to be able to do this… After my breakfast this morning (2 quiche muffins, 2/3c oats with almond milk & 1tsp agave, ½ lg grapefruit, & 1 travel coffee mug with a splash of almond milk) I was full until 12:30. I couldn’t believe it! But this was close to TWO of my regular breakfasts. So that will be my challenge to up my calorie intake to FUEL MY BODY to get the results that I want!

The workout tonight was AMAZING! This plan is really nice for me because I like to SWEAT during my workouts. I have a hard time doing pure lifting sessions because at the end even though I feel great, I don’t feel like I did a workout because I hardly sweat. This program has you do a heavy lifting session and between lifts you do a minute of a ballistic/large muscle group or cardio exercise. For example I did 11reps of chest press followed by 1 minute of step-ups on the bench. This keeps your heart rate going during the rest period, I LOVED IT!! It also made the workout a lot more intense and difficult, I was BEAT at the end of my workout and a sweaty mess!


Post workout sweaty mess obligatory fishy face!

What type of workouts do you like to do? I would love to hear how you change up your routines to challenge your body!