What We're Eating – Macro Meal Plan

Hey Guys!

I haven’t done a “What I Ate Wednesday” or food prep post in a longggg time but have no fear, we continue to meal prep each week so we have healthy delicious meals each week. Lately Brent & I have been trying to clean up our meals and get back focused on macros to help cut some of that winter fluff that has accumulated around our midsections.

We dropped our calories and are focusing on a solid macro split so I thought I would share what we are eating this week with y’all today.

Breakfast: 398calories; 6g C; 16g F; 52g P

1 scoop of Protein + 2tbsp Ground Flax
2 whole eggs + 4 egg whites, cooked in 1tsp coconut oil

Macro Meal Plan

Eggs are almost always my go to morning meal & I usually just eat them scrambled up with some hot sauce. Some days I get “fancy” and will fry them but that undoubtably leaves me wanting some bread to soak the yolk up with. Adding flax to my morning protein gives it a little more bang for the buck and a nice nutty flavor. PLUS it keeps all my systems going, if you know what I mean!
Some mornings I eat breakfast at 6:30am and other mornings I eat closer to 9 or 9:30. It depends on if I am going to the gym first thing (then its later) or if I start work at 7 (than its earlier). The rest of my meals will be shifted based on what time of day I eat breakfast, but generally will try to eat every few hours.

Morning Snack: 202calories; 25g C; 2g F; 21g P

2/3 cup Fat Free Cottage Cheese
1 White Grapefruit

Macro Meal Plan

A whole grapefruit and 2/3 of a cup of cottage cheese makes a super filling nutritious snack. I ALWAYS get hungry around 10-11:00am each day, especially when I start work at 7am and eat my breakfast at 6:30. Having a snack that has some protein, something a little salty and something a bit sweet really makes that time of day better and I don’t go into lunch starving.

Lunch: 245calories; 30g C; 3g F; 33g P

Stir Fry Bowl
5oz Crockpot Chicken (red pepper flakes, fish sauce, rice vinegar & Sriracha)
7oz Roasted Broccoli
1/2c Roasted Mushrooms
1/4c cooked Quinoa

Macro Meal Plan

I love these bowls, they are loaded with flavor and PACKED with veggies. I roasted the broccoli and mushrooms at 375deg until lightly browned and fragrant, then combined the quinoa & lightly wilted spinach with the chicken made in the crockpot. You could use any seasonings for the chicken, I went pretty basic to not add many “empty macros” to a marinade but anything will work! These are super satisfying and make a fantastic filling lunch.

Afternoon Snack: 350calories; 3g C; 13g F; 56g P

1 scoop of Protein
Three 2oz Turkey Meatballs

Macro Meal Plan

These little meatballs are FULL of flavor! I cooked them with lightly caramelized onion, garlic, paprika, chipotle red pepper flakes. I measured out 2oz portions prior to baking them at 375deg for 40-50minutes until they were golden brown. You could easily put any flavors and spices in these to make them your own.
Some days I eat these right before going to the gym but most days I snack on these on my way home from the gym a few hours before dinner!

Dinner: 388calories; 43g C; 10g F; 27g P

5oz Broiled Salmon
120g Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Power Green Salad

((sorry about the terrible lighting guys... it tastes way better than this photo makes it look))

((sorry about the terrible lighting guys… it tastes way better than this photo makes it look))

We are cooking our salmon each night to keep it fresh and will likely use different seasoning to make it feel like a new meal. I love salmon and have been missing it in my diet so am excited about getting to incorporate it this week. We found salmon at Costco for a great price too! For the salad its really just a simple base of power greens, red bell pepper, roma tomato & caramelized onion and I’ve been topping it with a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar. Simple & delicious!

Macro Break Down:

So heres our macro break down… We are eating just about 1600 calories which ends up being about 107g Carbs, 44g Fat & 188g Protein and almost a 30-20-50 split. Actually is 27-25-50, a little high in fat, 8g, and low in carbs 13g but good enough for us! This is a very protein heavy meal plan which was our intent for this week, we will likely tweak and change our macros again in the next week or two based on our goals/progress.

I hope this is helpful for any of you who are looking to start tracking macros and honing in on the nutrients. I am by FAR not perfect at calculating or creating perfectly balanced meals but I am working on finding balance and freedom with the use of macro management.

Happy Eating,

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Weekending VI

Happy Groundhogs Day!!!

On occasion Brent & I have random conversations… okay not occasionally, regularly. Last night we had a Feb 2nd conversation that looked something like this.
Brent: Do you know what tomorrow is?
Me: uhhh Monday?! UGH!
Brent: Nope its Groundhogs day!
Me: Well he’s definitely going to see his shadow, or whatever he has to see to tell us its more winter.
Brent: Do you know what Groundhogs day means 6 weeks until spring!
Me: NOPE Groundhogs day means 6 day until my BIRTHDAY!!!!
Brent: yeah yea… back to the game!

Yep Spring trumps my birthday in Brent’s world!

This weekend I thought we would be scrambling on Saturday to get our life in order, prep for the week ahead and do our whole weekend regulars as Sunday would be filled with a church meeting & drive to Rock Falls for the super bowl with friends.

Weekending VI

We got up bright & early on what was a surprisingly nice Saturday morning and hit the gym. I did a serious number to my arms during a good bi & trip lifting day followed by 30 minutes on the spin bike. I do not enjoy cardio equipment, I find myself extremely bored and unmotivated after about 2.5seconds on the machines and usually quit after 5 minutes. But I really wanted to spin out my muscles, work up a bit of a sweat and if nothing else just get my heart rate up before heading home. So I decided to take the advice of a fellow FB friend who mentioned that she had been listening to podcasts while on the treadmill/elliptical/stairmaster and turned into The Jillian Michaels Show. I became addicted to the JM show when driving to rockford in the fall and haven’t listened to it in a long time, as my commutes are under 20 minutes. Listening to the JM show definitely made the time on the bike go by fast, however I needed to amp up my resistance and work!

Meal Plan Breakfast - Zucchini Carrot Fritters Snacks - Fruit, Thai Turkey Meatballs Lunch/Dinners - Mexian Meatloaf Muffins, Mexican "rice" bowls, Rosemary & Date roasted Chicken, Chicken Enchilada Bake Sides - Roasted Veggies, Salads & Sautéed Basil Kale & Mushrooms

Meal Plan
Breakfast – Zucchini Carrot Fritters
Snacks – Fruit, Thai Turkey Meatballs
Lunch/DinnersMexican Meatloaf Muffins, Mexican “rice” bowls, Rosemary & Date roasted Chicken, Chicken Enchilada Bake
Sides – Roasted Veggies, Salads & Sautéed Basil Kale & Mushrooms

After the gym we came home and I set out to meal plan for the week. We finished our 24DC last week but are trying to keep up the extra healthy eating until our wedding, obviously life will happen and we will indulge on occasion but we both felt so good after doing this challenge that we want to keep up the momentum to meet some of our goals that we haven’t met yet. Linked recipes are all from PaleOMG’s amazing website, I modified all recipes to fit our panty including using flax seeds rather than almond meal and using her Zucchini Fritter recipe to create my own zucchini-carrot fritter cups. 

We hit the grocery store with EVERYONE else in Arlington Heights, obviously 1:30 on a saturday is NOT the best time to go to the grocery store. It was packed! We got home and neither of us had any motivation to do anything, and we decided that our plans to drive to Rock Falls on sunday were probably going to fall through as superstorm Linus was to make a snowy appearance. We snuggled up on the couch at the late hour of 3pm and binged watched some Criminal Minds.

Backstory is about a week or two ago I started to turn the channel to CM when I couldn’t find anything else to watch, there is ALWAYS Criminal Minds on, so Brent decided to download the whole first season and start watching from the beginning to “see the character development”

Weekending VI

After a few episode of Criminal Minds, a glass or two of wine, we decided we needed something to eat other than cashews. So we headed to Target to find food. Why target you ask, I do not know! After not finding anything appealing at Target we hit the next best thing, Chipotle! Lets just say the Chipotle was the highlight of Saturday night which ended probably at 9pm.

Sunday we got up bright and early to head to a special mass service. We knew there was a lot of snow to fall over night so we got up a little bit early to give us some extra time. I was excited to go outside and actually see some significant snow on the ground. While I am ready for spring it was pretty!!



After church we came home and I got to cooking for the week. I did not expect to food prep for as long as I did but before I knew it the Super Bowl was starting and I was just finishing 6 hours of meal preparation. SO MUCH FOOD fills our refrigerator it makes me so happy and anxiety free to know that we have enough food prepared for the whole week.

A well deserved glass of wine, followed by a cookie!!

A well deserved glass of wine, followed by a cookie!!

Then it was time to sit down with a glass of wine and some roasted salmon to watch the game. Congratulations Patriots & Mr. Michigan Tom Brady!

A surprisingly relaxing but fun filled weekend filled with some marvelous snow!

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How To Food Prep – 6 Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered How To Food Prep, to make your life a bit easier? Here are 6 Simple Steps to help you stock your fridge & belly for the week!

How To Sunday Food Prep

I have had a long time promise to give a post on how I approach food prepping. Since Wednesday is the best day to celebrate food I figured today would be the perfect day to share with you my 6 simple steps to food prepping!

I try to prep as much as I can on Sunday so during the week I have to do minimal cooking. While I like to cook & enjoy it, at the end of a long work day I would much rather just come home and heat something up than spend a bunch of time putting the meal together. I started doing a little meal prep here, and a little prep there until I got the hang of it and started really planning and preparing for the whole week.

1. Make a Plan!

Before I go to the grocery store I sit down and write out meals that I want to have that week. I have been specific to the point of writing out what I will eat for breakfast lunch and dinners (each night) to being pretty general and just writing a list of 5-6meals which I am going to prepare.

Sometimes my plan is a simple text to myself of meal ideas!

Sometimes my plan is a simple text to myself of meal ideas!

Whatever works best for you go for it! I think making a specific meal plan works well when you are just getting started and then as you’re more comfortable going more generic works well too!

2. Make A List & Hit The Store

I use a handy app on my phone called ZipList. It is awesome because you can look, find and save recipes. Plus you can also add the ingredients to your grocery list, and have an electronic grocery list with you at the store. If  you don’t add the groceries from the recipes on the app thats FINE you can also add your own. It is the perfect companion at the grocery store!

3. Prioritize

When I get home from the store I empty out my bags and divide the groceries into my meals. Then I start to prioritize what I cook first based on cooking time & prep time.

brussel sprout stalks!!! #love

brussel sprout stalks!!! #love

Lately I have been cooking 1 meal in the crockpot so I typically start with that. Then I get something roasting in the oven and start prepping the food for the next round in the oven.

Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken

Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken

If I have a stove top meal I will get that cooking while the first round of oven roasting is finishing up.
I will chop veggies and rinse fruit when I am in between meals or waiting for the oven.

Chopped fruit & veggies

Chopped fruit & veggies

You will start to get a hang for what you have to do and when to start what. I generally try to time things so everything is ready at the same time or when one thing is done the next can be started. Essentially you are cooking 4-5 meals/snacks at once so it can get pretty messy and use a lot of dishes. You will get better at not dirtying so much at once but it does happen!

4. Taste Test!

This is my favorite part, I take little tastes from each item. I mean you have to taste what you are putting in the fridge! Okay I don’t always taste each item but sometimes I do. It is usually my lunch 😉

Brown Sugar roasted carrots & sweet potatoes

Brown Sugar roasted carrots & sweet potatoes

Because most of the time I change my recipe or ideas in the middle of creating them, I like to taste to make sure I didn’t mess it all up!

5. Divide & Organize

Once everything is prepped I divide some into individual containers so it is easy to grab and throw in a lunch box. I put my veggies in air tight containers so they are ready to snack on or throw in salads. For the stuff that I don’t divide I will put a lid on the container so we can easily access the delicious goods inside.

Thai Turkey Meatballs ready for lunches!

Thai Turkey Meatballs ready for lunches!

Some meals I prep without cooking, meaning marinaded the meat, chopped the veggies or put the casserole together so then when I get home from work all I have to do is throw the meal in the oven or on the stove and minimal prep work is needed.

Ready to cook, chicken & sweet potato bake!

Ready to cook, chicken & sweet potato bake!

6. Wash Up!

Yeah so like I said while meal prep is an awesome way to get the week started it also leads to a lot of dirty dishes. So once I am done with it all I wash the dishes and put stuff in the dish washer. This is my least favorite part of the whole shebang!

Overall my food prep can take between 2-6 hours depending on how intense the meals and how involved everything is. I would say typically from start to finish it is about 4 hours of preparing.

Welp I hope this was helpful!!! I know it sounds daunting and challenging but I promise once you start it will save you a ton of time during the week!

And as always if you have any questions or need any help just give me a shout!

Happy Eating
How do you prep for the week?

Weekend Recap & Meal Plan – AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

Happy Labor Day!!

I am so grateful for this holiday and the extra day to catch up. This weekend has been a whirlwind and exhausting.

Saturday morning we got up BRIGHT and early and drove to pick up our UHaul. The next 12 hours were spent loading, packing, cleaning, driving, unloading, unpacking & collapsing. We finally stopped around 8pm and got some dinner with my family. It was a very long and exhausting day but I am glad we just got it all done and didn’t have to move two days in a row.

Weekend Review

Sunday was “unpack and figure out where everything is going to go” day. Our apartment looks better but man do we have a lot of stuff. We went from a HUGE condo, to a smaller (but still big) apartment, to an even SMALLER (and more expensive) place. So needless to say we have a lot of stuff and not a lot of space. #helloIKEA!

Today we are going to try out a new gym and then do some shopping. I will also be meal prepping, for the first time in what seems like eternity, because TOMORROW starts our AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge & I will be commuting.  I want to be 100% committed to the challenge and that means I need to meal prep as I will be driving/staying 1.5hours from our new apartment. ALSO since Brent is doing the challenge with me I want him to be as successful as possible, which means meal prep. #allthingsmealprep

AdvoFridge … don't know where my life will go but I know where my advocate is!

AdvoFridge … don’t know where my life will go but I know where my advocate is!

I scoured the internet & pinterest for inspiration for this weeks meals. I am 100% nervous when starting anything that I won’t do it right, so I looked elsewhere for inspiration, hoping that next week I will have enough brain power to create some of my own!

Meal Plan

Heres what the week looks like meal wise:
Breakfast – Berry Quinoa Cups – hopefully adapting this recipe to fit my craving
Snacks – almonds, apples, carrots…
LunchesHummus Chicken & Veggies & Thai Zucchini Meatballs (with veggies!)
DinnersPesto Spaghetti Squash & Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad

Thats my plan… we will see if I stick to it once I get to cooking… 😉

Happy Labor Day,

What are your Labor Day plans?
Do you totally freakout when trying something new?


Meal Plan 4/6-4/12

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. I spent most of yesterday being extremely lazy and catching up on some much needed sleep then going out with some of the people we’ve met at the gym. It is nice to finally start meeting people here, I feel like it has taken a million years.

I don’t know why but it seems to be extra challenging making friends with people when you don’t spend 4-8hours a day in class together. I mean I guess college was good for something! 🙂

In Food News… I have noticed my body getting rather angry at me because my food intake is not high in animal protein due to my lenten fast. After a week of feeling a bit “off” & seriously feeling like I was eating everything in sight without any decreased hunger I took a step back and analyzed a little of what might be going on.

I have always been a big veggie eater and in the past year my meat consumption has decreased. I would eat meat regularly but maybe just once a day or every other day and I felt great, energized and effective. However if I did not have meat for a prolonged period of time I would have a huge meat craving and eat some.

Since lent started I have only had meat on sundays and have been fueling up with hearty veggies, eggs and protein rich plant-based fuel sources. But like I said lately I have been feeling a bit off. So last week I bumped up some protein sources eating shrimp with my salad each day and trying to have more eggs at night with dinner. This seemed to help but I can tell my GI system is still a bit outta whack.

Meal Plan

My plan for this week is to prep protein rich foods and make sure that I am eating enough fuel sources that are not strictly plant-based. I only have a couple weeks of lent left and have definitely learned that a meat free diet is not one that works with my digestive system, I need some chicken and the occasional burger or beef thrown in there.

Heres what I plan to make and eat this week:
Lindsay’s Sweet Potato Bites with applesauce instead of bananas (yuck! if you didn’t know I hate bananas)
Davida’s Greek Quinoa Burgers & Vegan Pesto Pasta with Tempeh (I’ve had some Tempeh in my fridge but didn’t know what to do with it, so I’m excited to give this a try!)
TexMex Salad in a Jar – recipe testing at its best!
Baked Dill Salmon – I made this the other week really quick and it was great! I will have to measure so I can give you guys the recipe!

Off for a run and then to the grocery store! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

What are you cooking this week?
Any Plant-based diet tips? Katie!

Thruster Buster… & weekly plan

Hi Friends!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My weekend was wonderful, my dad & step mom came to Rockford to visit & it was really nice to see them and show them around our new home. I also enlisted my dad into hanging pictures for me!

Bedroom wall has pictures now!!!! The pictures need to be updated but at least they are up!

Bedroom wall has pictures now!!!! The pictures need to be updated but at least they are up!

Last week I had a great week at the gym, it was the first time in a long time I actually made it to the gym each day. Added bonus was I felt motivated & energized before and after each workout. I did all GPP workouts for the week & loved it! Monday I kinda crashed coming down from my 15th thruster & the barbell slid down my nose, leaving a nasty scratch & multiple stops to blot the blood during the rest of my workout. YES I did finish the workout, but definitely took more time than I wanted because of my cut & slight lightheadedness!

On Friday I changed it up a bit.. I am still on the struggle bus when it comes to performing a pull up or chin up & since the workout only had 3 exercises & 1 was pull ups, I found myself getting more frustrated than motivated after 2 rounds. I can’t perform them quickly unless I use the assistance band, which takes so long to get into & out of, & I just am left feeling defeated. SO after 2 or 3 rounds, I decided to change to Jacked which was last done on GPP back on Nov 2nd, I apparently missed this day. This was exactly the workout I needed to kick me out of my pull-up frustration… I completed 1.5 rounds (I could feel my calves cramping) & 314 reps!! I finished with some assisted Aussie pull ups which were crazy challenging for this girl.

After a killer workout this week!!! My nose was in initial scabbing phases here!

After a killer workout this week!!! My nose was in initial scabbing phases here!

This week my workout plan is to hit the gym every morning. Wednesday I may go after work depending on how my body is feeling. Monday & Tuesday I will be hitting it extra early due to work & a hair appointment ((hopefully I have written this in stone & will make it to the gym in the morning on Monday, as I am writing this Sunday night))…. Thursday & Friday will be my regular morning gym time. Saturday & Sunday are TBD.

Meals –

  • Breakfast: green monster muffins (for my early morning pre-workout snack)
  • Lunches: Thai turkey meatballs, brown rice & 1/2 avocado
  • Snack: 1/2 grapefruit; yogurt & homemade granola
  • Monday – free eats @ a work benefit!
  • Tuesday – Chicken Egg Rolls
  • Wednesday – leftovers
  • Thursday – either leftovers or Southwest Stuffed Sweet potatoes
  • Friday – leftovers
  • Saturday – crockpot Fajitas

So there’s my previous week of workouts & this weeks plan for working out. I really think it helps me to make a mental commitment to my workouts & plan times & days of what I will be doing. Lately I have been doing the GPP workouts, but often times I add some extra skill work at the end of the “prescribed” exercises. Same goes for my meal prep. I have to have a semi-rigid plan of what I will be eating through the week, it takes a lot of temptation out of picking up fast food or spending money eating out!

Hope you have a wonderful monday & fantastic week!





I’d Love To Know ~~ Have you ever had a gym crash? All my patients asked about my nose all week (it looked much worse when it was scabbing) What’s your plan for the week?