Getting Back on Track

Hey Guys!

With all of the traveling and weekends away this fall I’ve been feeling really off when it comes to the gym and the food that I’ve been putting in my body. I think everyone goes through periods of time when food and fitness become a chore rather than a pleasure and thats where I am suck right now.

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I have been struggling with wanting to love my workouts and have been eating the same boring food for months and while they are healthy they don’t really satisfy us so often I find that we go out to grab “a snack” or opt out of eating at home and grab takeout or a sandwich. All of this leads to a vicious circle of being upset and angry with myself and playing that dreaded comparison game.

image source @keri_lynn_badach on Instagram

A few weeks ago I talked about how I was going to get back to GPP as I really do love the programming and the workouts, I had a great week of workouts following the programming and making them work but then we went on vacation and didn’t workout (but we walked a lot) and then I got sick. So here I am almost 4 weeks later feeling the same as I did then.

WELP its time to recommit and get focused finding my inner happiness which I know can come from a good workout and positive talking.

Image source @keri_lynn_badach on Instagram

I was chatting with my friend Keri about this on Friday when I was feeling less than motivated to get my sweat on at the gym. She reminded me that I can never achieve the goals that I have in my head if I can’t find inner happiness first. Its one thing for someone else to tell you that you’re strong, fit and amazing and its another thing to FEEL those feelings yourself.

Since my seriously cleansing chat with Keri I decided to give up on this negative “i can’t” “I’m not” “i wish” talk that I kept finding myself going to and start to DO the things that make me happy.

image source @keri_lynn_badach on Instagram

SO I getting back on track by cleaning up my diet & cleaning up my attitude at the gym. Even if my workouts still struggle, because a rut sometimes is just a rut, I am going to COMMIT to getting to the gym & doing the best that I can during the rest of the hours of the day.

I challenge you to spread POSITIVE talk to yourself and remember that YOU are AMAZING no matter what the social media pressure wants to tell you, no matter what that reflection in the mirror or the amount of weight on the stack shows, YOU are here doing the BEST that you can and ROCKING IT!

Image Source @keri_lynn_badach on Instagram

Also if you are still in need of some positive talking and help in finding the best healthy way for you, check out Keri’s website & her new blog, she is a certified holistic health coach and a seriously amazing person with the best spirit and energy possible!

With Love & Positivity,

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GPP vs. CrossFit a search for Optimal Health

I have been thinking about this post for the past few weeks, okay maybe months, but never felt that I had the right perspective to share. I think I have it now & feel I am ready to share my thoughts with you all.

Thank YOU Amanda for this platform!

Thank YOU Amanda for this platform!

As most of you know I am a lover of heavy lifting, core strengthening and challenging my system in ways I was not challenged before, or ways I didn’t think I could be challenged. This love & passion, along with inspiration by my girl Meg, led me to GPPFitness. Most of you also probably know that my love and obsession for all things GPP are strong and led me to their intensive in January [read here, here & here for more].
 GPP vs CrossFit
I love GPP, I love the morals of GPP and the programming. It’s good stuff, really good stuff and it works. It doesn’t just work your physical appearance but it challenges ALL aspects of your health and I dig that, A LOT!
After intensive my life was GPP workouts. Where I lived and the environment I exercised in really led itself to the GPP workouts and I loved killing it. So much so I was able to con a few friends in and brainwash them with the GPP gift! It’s good stuff y’all really good stuff!
GPP vs. CrossFit
When we moved to Arlington Heights Brent challenged us to join a CrossFit gym and try it out. I felt like I was cheating on GPP. I couldn’t believe I was joining a CrossFit “BOX” and ditching everything I loved about GPP, which is seemingly impossible the love is too strong.
We did our first workout, second & third at CrossFit EPC and I really liked it. There was so much to learn, so much energy & so much challenge. A sense of competition that I once felt with GPPs online comments board, but didn’t drive me to perform at a higher or faster level which I felt in CrossFit.
GPP vs. CrossFit
Still I hesitated. Could I really cheat on GPP and join CrossFit? That’s like picking sides, cheating on your spouse with their best frenemy or biggest rival. What did that say about me? Am I really searching so hard to “be the best” or find the “biggest” challenge that I will cheat on something I love?
I continued to go to CrossFit, thinking about my GPP loves on occasion but you know the saying “out of sight out of mind”? Yeah kind of me. Until my friend sent me a picture & text saying he was back in the gym and hitting up GPP again.
New GPP Rockford "members" loved my friday storm crew!

Swoon!! I miss my GPP loves!

This got me thinking. Why do I love the both? And why is it OKAY to do CrossFit and be a GPP girl at heart? Well CrossFit is fitness, it’s health & often it’s more than just physical health it hits a lot of areas of optimal health.

Physical… Mental… Emotional… Social… Spiritual… Financial

When solo GPPing I still got the physical, mental emotional & financial (especially, CrossFit is expensive) aspects of fitness but I was missing something, something I didn’t realize I needed so much.
The thing I love so much about CrossFit right now is the social experience that accompanies a workout. If it’s 5am or 5pm there is an energetic buzz that swirls through the gym because there are other people who are there. There is a stronger sense of challenge because other people are working too, there’s a larger push to go hard & strong because there’s at least one other human pushing you. The internal urge or action to quit when you’re tired or because it “seems too hard” is almost completely eliminated because of the social and community.
{photo credit CrossFit EPC}

{photo credit CrossFit EPC}

This is what I was missing. I was missing the social experience.

Yeah the workouts are different, sometimes more strength based and programmed in a different manner but physically I am still making gains and being smart, I’m listening to my body and my coach, just as I listened to my body and the GPP HQ site.
GPP provided me with the foundation that has made me successful in CrossFit and while they are fundamentally different they both focus on the same foundation in fitness.
GPP vs CrossFit
I will always hold a special place in my heart for GPP, but for now, at this point in my life CrossFit is a perfect fit, and when it comes to exercise that is what you should be looking for! Not what you think that you should be doing rather what you enjoy doing.
Have a wonderful Thursday!
Tell me your fitness perfect fit? 
Have you ever “cheated” on a workout before? 

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday!!

I am sure most of you are bored of them but for some reason I really enjoy writing weekend recaps. Especially on the weekends when there isn’t anything really “exciting” going on, it helps me realize the small things in life and enjoy each day a little more.

So lets get to it!

Saturday started with plans to meet up with Becky for my first AdvoCare event! I was super excited to meet my first blogger friend #blend. I’ve followed Becky’s blog for a while and we recently started chatting more as we both have a love for Advo! Lucky for Becky I didn’t go “all PT” on her when she limped in to the building 🙂 just got to give her some Pro20 next time.


The event was amazing! As someone who’s workouts regularly include lifting heavy weights it was nice to learn about the Performance line. They helped me answer a lot of my “Why?” questions and definitely pumped me up to try the line in the near future!

It's A Boy

It’s A Boy

After the event I raced back to Rockford and met up with Brent to head to see his family. His cousin is pregnant and they had a gender reveal party. It was nice to see his family again as we haven’t seen them in a while and it was really nice to see how excited everyone was for Billie Jo & Josh.

I took full advantage of sitting outside and socializing in the SUN! This girl has been stuck inside too much this summer and needed some rays. The weather was pretty much perfect, minus the bugs 😉


We headed home and hit a local italian restaurant because Brent wanted Pizza. I had heard nothing but good things about Lino’s from my patients so we went there. The pizza was really good and definitely worth going back to.

Sunday started with some work before heading to the gym. I was bummed I missed the GPP workout on Saturday so I knew that would be the perfect Sunday task. Power Cleans and Clean & Jerks are two hard moves for me to master so I was pretty happy with myself for getting them both down! I posted a video to my Instagram account so head over HERE to check it out.

Post Workout Smile!!!

Post Workout Smile!!!

(p.s. thanks Candice for the tip after my lift ;)! Sometimes what feels “easy” is the right way to do it… next time I’ll separate!)

We did our grocery shopping because our fridge was in dire need of some food. After getting all our groceries I spent sometime in the kitchen chopping, balling and massaging all the food to have easy to make salads for lunch and dinner all week. We bought some new to us veggies including Sugarkiss Melon, Honey Melon, Swiss Chard, Sweet Yama Potatoes, Zucchini flowers & Dandelion Leaves (we bought these once before). I love trying new veggies but it also makes me a little nervous, we were being very adventurous this week 😉

Food Prep

I know that spending two hours in the kitchen on a Sunday sounds like a lot of time but I promise you all it will save you time during the week!

Sunday finished off with plans to make dinner, and relax the night away. We are hoping for some big news this week so please keep your fingers crossed for us! 🙂


Make sure you pop on over and check out what everyone else did this weekend.


Did you food prep this weekend?
Do you have a lift that’s your weakest link?

"What Are You Training For?"

As a disclaimer I am not putting anyone down, belittling or discouraging having a training goal, I am rather just sharing an empowering moment in my life during a time where I am not training for a specific goal. 

Something crazy happened a week ago.

I was shocked, searching for words and finding the best answer I was able to think of, little did I know that this answer would be a very defining one.

A week ago after a workout and a Pose training session with a friend a random gym-goer asked my friend and I a somewhat shocking question.

“What are you training for?”

My friend answered honestly and proudly “A marathon” (her 11th!!).

He smiled and said “thats awesome!! What are you training for?” Looking at me square in the face obviously waiting for an answer.

I flubbed and somewhat sarcastically said “life!” I laughed a little, slightly unsure of my answer until it hit me, “I am training to do whatever the hell I want, I am training for life!”

The guy laughed and said “thats awesome, a great answer”

What are you training for

That morning I had caught myself comparing myself to the other ladies around me. I found myself thinking positive and negative thoughts about myself and my fitness level along with feeling encouraged and discouraged about the path that I am currently on.

I find myself striving to reach sooo many goals and feeling extremely torn between them all. In the past week my goals have floundered between becoming a better runner through Pose, lifting heavier weights, being more dedicated and strict with GPP, finding a yoga practice… and the list goes on.

But in that moment I realized that I don’t need to be a bodybuilder or a marathon runner, I don’t need to be the “best” GPPer or a yogi to be the best me! 

My definition of health is not a number, an achievement or a measurable outcome rather my definition of health revolves around the way I feel and that is truly all that matters.

Yes, I strive to kill it in the gym each day.  Yes, I try to eat healthy and clean. I am not training to be a fitness model, marathoner, bodybuilder, or olympic athlete… While I think having muscles are cool, I really am training to live the best life I can and if being the healthiest me is going to help then you are damn right thats what I want.

Why do I have to train for a marathon, half marathon or body building competition to be training. Cant I train for life and take those other opportunities as another hurdle?


Linking up with Amanda for some thursday training thoughts!


How do you define health?
What would your answer be to “what are you training for?”

A Day In The Life

First I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Kelsey for winning my Bondi Band giveaway! Please email me your address so you can claim your prize!

Thank you to everyone who entered, remember you can get 10% off your Bondi Band with promo code SWEATPINK

I love reading updates from my blogger friends about their daily lives. I seriously think that they all live much more interesting exciting lives than I do. It makes me wonder would you all care what my day to day is like? I can’t imagine you do but I thought I would share Just.In.Case!

Heres the ushe on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday
Tuesdays and Thursdays I have different hours, basically this same thing pushed back an hour

4:30 Alarm goes off… snooze x4
5:00 okay enough snooze’s time to get out of bed
5-5:30 daily hygiene early in the morning really does exist. you’re welcome peak friends!
5:30-5:45 quickly make enough food to keep me full all day
5:45-6:00 eat my dates and drink my pre workout while driving to the gym

VegaSport Energizer

6:00-7:00 get my daily workout de jour, generally a GPP workout, sometimes a run & GPP
7:00 – 7:45 GOSSIP HOUR!!! okay not really I promise I do get ready in this time period but these girls have become my family and I love getting ready with them every morning. It is kind of like living in the sorority house again just with less drama!

gossip buddy :)

gossip buddy 🙂

7:45-8 drive to work, scarf food in my face, open the clinic, start my computer and great my first patient
8:00-12:00 TREAT TREAT TREAT, I generally have a patient scheduled every 30 minutes so I will see around 7 patients before lunch, but this number varies a lot. there are days when I see 3 patients before lunch and days I see 12.
12:00-1:00 stuff my face, catch up on social media, and document. I try to get notes done during lunch but often I just catch up on Instagram and Facebook. #sorryboss!

Lunch, often at my desk in front of my computer

Lunch, often at my desk in front of my computer

1:00-5:00 TREAT, TREAT, TREAT… Again I could see anywhere from 7-12 patients, however my 5:00 days tend to be on the slower side.
5:00-6:00(+/- 40minutes) – Document. I swear half of my time is typing what I did on patients. It takes up a ridiculous amount of time but is a necessary evil!
6:00-10:00 make/eat dinner, blog, watch tv, catch up on blogs/emails, spend time with Brent!

Dinner of grilled salmon, grilled stuffed zucchini and grilled corn #yum

Dinner of grilled salmon, grilled stuffed zucchini and grilled corn #yum

10:00 bed timeISH… I would say I generally am “in bed” by 10:00 but may fall asleep anywhere between 9:45-11:30. Brent would say I go to bed really early and he often tells me around 9:30 that it is almost my bed time, and if its after 10 he says its after my bed time!

So there you have it, A day in the life of a Physical Therapist. I definitely sweat a lot during my day, whether it is showing an exercise, working on a patient or at the gym these muscles get little rest and my jaw hurts most nights.

Home Exercise Programs on Demand ;)

Home Exercise Programs on Demand 😉

But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love my busy days, early mornings and often long nights.

Linking up today for the first time in a long time with Jenn for WIAW!!! Make sure you check out her blog for the weekly foodie party.


So that wasn’t super exciting, sorry. I will strive to live a more exciting blogger life and maybe one day I can do a Day In The Life post that will be more exciting!

What does your day look like?
Do you still have a “bed time”?

Why I Love Working Out With Friends

Happy Tuesday Wednesday

I swear Monday holiday’s completely screw up my brain for the whole week!

In the past week I have had some amazing workout experiences. I love when a workout goes from “a workout” to “amazing” in a hot second. As a Physical Therapist I am fortunate enough to get the reward of helping people everyday and challenging people to push through new exercises that they previously didn’t think they could perform.

But as soon as I step out of my work cloths and into the gym I am “just another exercise fanatic” and I love that! But every once and a while something extra special happens, something that makes you leave the gym and feel so much fuller and so much more satisfied than if you performed that same workout alone.

Last Wednesday I mentioned how my workout was amazing & I said I would share the deets later. Well its later friends! Last wednesdays GPP workout was one that killed me the first time around, I had just really started to push my weight limits and transition from the prescribed “female” weight to “male” weight. Lets just say I died, and was pretty worried about this workout as it came up again.

Run Complexes


My new workout buddy S, was ready to storm the workout with me. After 4 rounds, some modifications, and a lot of sweat we were at 28minutes of a 30 minute cap.
I told him I was going for it, I was going to try to finish even if it meant exceeding 30 minutes.
2 rounds in he hit a wall, close to failure, I picked up my bar and pushed through round 3, S saw me gritted his teeth and picked that bar up, while stuttering a few heart felt remarks about how amazing i am.
After round 3 it was my turn I hit a wall (thought I) couldn’t finish, was dead, no more… Then I look over and S picked up that bar and exclaimed “you got me over the 1/2 way mark no turning back now”…
I marched right over to that bar said “ughhh” and picked up that bar and grunted, groaned and lofted through round 4 and 5.

Sweaty post-complex picture was definitely in order!

Sweaty post-complex picture was definitely in order!

At the end I felt exhilarated. We both pushed each other at the time we needed it the most and challenged each other through challenging ourselves.
that’s the best you guys!!!
Neither of us were forcing each other to finish, we both completely understood that ending where we did was completely understandable, we had killed it. but quitting wasn’t an option.

Without S that day I would never have finished.

Yesterday something similar but different happened. I saw on of my locker room buddies head to the cardio machine and grabbed her and told her “S come do this workout with me” she had nothing to say but “okay” (see Neil my GPP training taught me something, be direct!)… I set her up with a KB and showed her the moves, this was perfect time for me to catch my breath mid workout too ;)…

Now (this) S is a huge inspiration and has lost a bunch of weight in the past year or so, and continues to exercise and work her hardest. I love when she joins me for a workout and I can put some different fitness on her. I also love to see the look on her face when I show her what she is going to do and then she see that can do it!!! Seriously no better feeling!!

So S did 1/2 of Tuesdays workout with me, with modified weight and then I showed her some tricks to improving her squat, some of my favorite core exercises and some other tricks to make Tuesday’s workout a little easier for her.

Modified to Running High Knees as jumping still isn't okay with my hip

Modified to Running High Knees as jumping still isn’t okay with my hip {{SOURCE}}

I could’ve done Tuesday’s workout in a faster time, I could’ve shown her once and then moved on but the fact that I spent the extra 20 minutes showing her some extra moves, techniques and tips was SO worth it. I love to see the confidence shine through someones eyes when they realize that they can perform a previously challenging exercise without pain or with increased ease.

It is SO worth it!!! and it makes my workout so much more valuable!

This is not only why I went in to PT but also why I love GPP and working out with friends. I not only find motivation in myself but I am able to draw so much motivation from those around me, of all fitness levels.

Have you ever been inspired by someone during your workout?
Tell me your favorite workout story!

Things I'm Loving Friday


This week has gone super fast, I am very glad it is the weekend and I’ll have some time to relax… hopefully!

To celebrate this wonderful week, I wanted to share some things I am loving this friday

1. Brent’s Oven Roasted Chicken

Funny story, I put Brent in charge of grocery shopping and cooking the proteins for the week on Sunday since I was going to be out of town. I received a text from him saying he put the chicken in the oven and was going to the gym. When I got home over 1 hour later the chicken was still in the oven and the oven was at 400degrees. I was very worried that we were going to have chicken-jerky.
MUCH to my surprise the boy made some AMAZING chicken. I am basically in love with this very simple, delicious preparation. I am trying to talk him into creating & writing a blog-post on it!

2. Homemade Fat-Kid Fro-Yo

Wednesday night I was not feeling great and was veryyyy tired. I finally got myself out of bed and made “dinner” which turned in to two fried eggs and homemade “fro-yo” made with greek yogurt turned fat-kid style.

homemade fro-yo

With crushed PB M&M’s & two reese’s cups. It was delicious & much less expensive than the fro-yo shop!

3. RAINNNN… not really, how about Claritin D!

Well it has been raining here, on again off again, hot & humid to cool and cloudy. My sinuses and brain definitely are having a hard time keeping up with all the changes in the environment and pressure.
I hate feeling foggy and unenergetic so I ran to the store and bought some Claritin D which has seemed to help!

4. Edamame Hummus

While on said shopping trip I picked up a container of Edamame Hummus. I love trying different flavors of Hummus so this was a welcomed change with some Wheat Thins! YUMM!!! perfect afternoon snack 🙂

edamame hummus

5. Scone Pizza

I LOVEEE when anyone makes my recipe but I was even more excited when my patient brought in this HUGEE fruit pizza and told me he used my Flax Power Scone recipe as the base! It was absolutely delicious and an amazing idea. I cannot wait to recreate this for my next potluck or party!

Power Scone Pizza

6. Morning Hugs & Afternoon Lunches

The past couple mornings I have not wanted to go to work so have received extra hugs from Brent before heading out the door! ALSO he has stopped by and had lunch with me twice this week. The major bonus was him bringing me Jasons Deli yesterday. the man knows the way to my heart 🙂

7. Hawg’n, Swinger & Wiped

Ahhh GPP you knew exactly when I needed something new and hit a home run 3 times in a week! I was definitely in the need/mood to change some things up so a new to me workout Hawg’n was JUST what the doctor ordered! Followed by two challenging but rewarding workouts of pull up practice and core domination brought me back from my mini-workout rut!


8. Yoga + Creativity Winner!!!

Congratulations Sa Collins on winning the giveaway! Please email me at to receive your copy of yoga+creativity. Winner was chosen at random via rafflecopter, thank you to everyone who entered!
Remember if you didn’t win you can buy the book Here!!

PHEWW I have lots of things that I am loving this week.

What are you loving lately?
Have any non-nutritious but simply delicious dinners lately?

The Science of Muscle Soreness

Ouch!!! Remember the other weekend when I told you how soreeee my body was after Thrust-O-Rama? Well it got me thinking, and got me a bit mad. I also felt like a bit of a hypocrite because I tell my patients every day that exercise should not induce pain, and if it does cause pain they are doing themselves more harm than good.

Muscle soreness is something we all experience. It is something that as athletes or new fitness enthusiasts experience and are told from a young age that the pain/soreness associated with the exercise is normal.

I cannot count the number of times in high school that my, very well meaning, coaches said “No Pain. No Gain Ladies” when we were all whimpering about the workout that we were undergoing. Just for us to come to practice the next day extremely sore. This soreness was interpreted as a “reward” you worked hard enough at practice the day before that you got sore, therefore you did it correctly.


 When I was in college DOMS was introduced to me, we went over the lactic acid build up, the ways to decrease the effects and truthfully it all went straight over my head. I heard DOMS and knew DOMS was bad, but outside of the classroom I did not correlate DOMS with the muscle soreness that I assumed was normal with an exercise or workout.

Then I went to Physical Therapy school and DOMS was introduced again and elaborated on some more. I again heard, absorbed and internalized some of the facts regarding the process but did not put my knowledge into action. That is until I became more physically active.

When I started working out and making exercise a priority, I noticed that there was a stark difference between DOMS & Muscle Soreness. The difference is the severity and intensity, where muscle soreness is just that soreness, DOMS is a painful experience and pain is never good.

Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something more is going on. Pain is not the first physiological response this means that when we finally experience pain our body has already undergone further damage and is now trying to correct for the injuries that have occurred.


 I think a fundamental error in our development is understanding that exercise does not, let me repeat that, does not have to be painful to be effective. You can do a “hard” workout and walk out of the gym in zero pain, have zero soreness and 2 days later feel 100% fine, this does not mean you did anything wrong, rather it means you exercised smart.

So you’re saying no muscle soreness is good?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I am a huge advocate of having soreness but soreness is not always painful. Where DOMS becomes a problem is when you are in pain.

I hate to be in pain and I get mad at myself when a workout that I didn’t intend to be painful makes it hard for me to walk, or move. This means my poor muscles are torn, they have baby tears in them and my body is trying to heal them. It also means that other than an active rest, performing vigorous exercise on these muscles is not a healthy decision. And I HATE to be told to slow down or stop.

Ok so DOMS – What is it? Well lets start with the name Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Typically occurring 24-72 hours post exercise.  The severity of DOMS can vary based on your body, fitness level and the type of exercise/muscles elicited. Not all DOMS is created equal, however we do know that DOMS lasting greater than 72 hours can have a potentially detrimental effect.

Muscle soreness is not the conduit to health or to a higher fitness level. However understanding soreness can help you find that health and fitness level at a faster rate.

How to Reduce or Combat DOMS:

GPP’s Neil Anderson has a few tips:
Start with slow movements, low volume and light intensity. Build gradually!
Continue to exercise!!! As I said earlier an active rest or active exercise is an ideal way to relieve the DOMS/soreness… There is a cool theory called “exercised-induced analgesia” (exercise induced pain relief) that helps to temporarily suppress soreness. Note the word temporary… Extreme muscle soreness will not be eliminated from further exercise. Thus exercise smart

My friends at Applied Fitness Solutions have a few more tips on DOMS:
Take an NSAID (if this is something your body tolerates, if you are unsure seek a physician first) – although the research is a bit conflicted on this topic my professional opinion & knowledge would point to the fact that DOMS is occurring due to an inflammatory process and the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (Aleve) would help to decrease the pain associated with inflammation. All inflammation is painful to some extent.
Supplementing your exercise with sugar intake & high quality proteins. This helps to decrease the recovery time and elicits a productive use of nutrition in your exercise regime.

Take Home Message

Muscle soreness is a normal part of increasing your exercise routine and regime however it is not something that should decrease your tolerance to daily tasks, activities or limit your ability to continue to exercise. If you are experiencing DOMS at a level of increased severity you need to check yourself and your exercise routine before you wreck all the progress you’ve made.

Train Smart, not Sore!

How do you combat muscle soreness?
Do you judge a workout by how sore you are the next day?
General thoughts/discussion is welcomed!

Runners Image a Side by Side!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Yesterday I mentioned that I needed a new pair of tennis shoes since I wore my old tennis shoes out 😦

Well I have been trying to wear the shoes I have in my closet but let me just tell y’all, All Shoes Are NOT Created Equal. 

Casual, lifting, "old" running, comfy, foot heaven… NOT all workout appropriate!

Casual, lifting, “old” running, comfy, foot heaven… NOT all workout appropriate!

So needless to say I haven’t had much luck with the shoes in my closet working out. And lately have noticed that my feet have been really aching and sore, not to mention started to get a blister on my heel… SO I told myself (& Brent) that once my tax return came in I could get a new pair of workout shoes. I decided to get some running-specific shoes right now as thats where my feet seem to take the most beating.

Runners Image

I had never been to Runners Image before but if you live in the Rockford area I would DEFINITELY recommend them. They were very knowledgable, helpful and professional. I am a very picky shoe buyer and have tried on probably 15 shoes in the past 3 weeks while thinking about getting a new pair.

After a quick 5 minute run down on my feet, the types of workouts I do, how my feet react with running (I am pretty neutral arched but pronate more than I’d like when I run), what kind of shoe I was looking for (light weight, supportive, not too supportive, light weight!!!); my shoe guy said “I think I’ve got the shoe for you!”

20185-1_1_700x700 mizuno-running-mens-wave-sayonara-410535-pri-4Y9D

I tried on a couple different pairs of the same brand of shoe, Saucony. I felt like I had a good shoe but I saw he had a Mizuno box on the side. I asked if he would show me those shoes, because I like to know my options. I tried on the Mizuno’s and my feet were in a complicated state! The Saucony’s felt great but these Mizuno’s felt great too!!! WHATS A GIRL TO DO???

Well this girl is a side-by-side shoe buyer. YEP you heard it, I put one of each on and walked around the store. Its the only way I can make a decision between two shoes. & I am the.most indecisive person ever. So on went the two different shoes and I still couldn’t decide…


My Shoe Guy asked “tell me what you feel? Which one is more transparent?”

This was the golden ticket!!! Before he asked this I was telling him the differences that I noticed such as heel height, drop, cushioning, stability… but I did not tell him which one felt better. When he asked me to tell him the “transparency” of the shoe I immediately said “Mizuno.”

winner winner!!!

winner winner!!!

These shoes feel like clouds on my foot. They felt like I was getting maximal stability and support without having a thick upper or heavy sole. I also liked that they had a more traditional drop, since I am a novice runner I wanted something that my foot/legs would be confident running in.

The Saucony’s I tried on were considered a running flat as had a very minimal heel-drop. While they were very comfortable in the store I was scared my body would start to revolt after a few runs. They would be a pair I’d go to in the future, once I get a better running rhythm and pace!

I had my first workout in the new Mizuno’s yesterday and my feet felt GREAT!!! I have every intention to reserving these shoes for primarily running workouts and was hesitant to the GPP workout of the day which included lunges & jumps in them but I figured 1/3 of the workout was running and I had to find out how they felt on my feet.


 The GPP workout was a KILLER. but my feet didn’t know the difference. I felt secure and stable during each aspect of the workout and actually had to tie my shoes TIGHTER during the workout! I cannot say enough how I felt supported through my heel and arch without feeling like I had shoes on my feet.

I am really happy with my purchase and cannot wait to do more workouts in these bad boys!


Are you a picky shoe buyer?
What’s your favorite shoe right now?
Lightweight or Cushion which would you pick?