Marc Megna Phase 2

Hey Guys!

I am on my 4th week of the Marc Megna Amp Trainer and have been loving it!! If you read my last update during the 1st Phase you’ll know that I was in a total fitness rut and need a boost and this 8 week trainer was a welcome change.

During the phase 1 I did 3 days of total body lifting days and 2 steady state cardio days & it was a fun change to my previous 5 day split lifting schedule. Phase 2 is a little different in its set up, I’m still doing 3 days of total body lifting but now its 3 days of different cardio breakdowns.

Marc Megna Phase 2

The total body days this round went from 4 sets of 5reps (for most lifts) to 4 sets of 8 reps. So my focus switched from hitting max weight & sometimes failing during my 4th set. To really focusing on form during each lift and making sure that I could hit 8 reps (sometimes 6, dang bench press) with excellent form at a challenging weight.

Marc Megna Phase 2 Marc Megna Phase 2

I also love that there is 1 primarily bodyweight workout during the total body days. I sometimes have  difficulty balancing lifting and bodyweight exercises but know the importance of bodyweight exercises because they are super important for maintaining healthy joint alignment and stabilization. I also SERIOUSLY felt those single leg deadlifts, one of my favorite exercises that I do not do enough!

Marc Megna Phase 2

The cardio days are a welcome change to my routine as well. I loved phase 1 steady state cardio and getting to do some personal development reading when on the elliptical. Phase 2 brought a change to the cardio routine and I kind of love it! Lets be real…. I am terrible at motivating myself to do cardio, especially indoor cardio, so having a program “force” me to do the cardio is absolutely wonderful!

Marc Megna Phase 2

During this phase there is 1 day of “Alactic Aerobic Intervals” which is basically 10 seconds of all out work and 50 seconds of recovery/rest for 16 & 18 minutes (depending on the week). I’ve done two of these workouts so far, one on the treadmill & one on the rowing machine. For both of these workouts I upped the work period to 15 seconds and then did an active recovery rather than a straight rest because lets be real, I wouldn’t get back on the treadmill 😉

Marc Megna Phase 2

The other two days of cardio includes a steady state session & then a “Cardiac Power” session. The cardiac power session is a prolonged work/recovery interval session. Doing 2 minutes of hard-but-manageable-work and 4 minutes of active-recovery, 6 times for a 36minute workout. Ive done this once and oh man was it hard! Its pretty sad to say that 2 minutes of hard running is a serious challenge but thats my current reality. I pushed myself through the workout which is EXACTLY why I am doing this program to push myself outside of my comfort zone and previous “gym box”.

I am excited for Phase 3 & 4 because I am truly loving this program and can’t wait to see the results of these 8 weeks.

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Weekending XVI

Hi Friend! Its another Monday & another Weekending update. These are some of my favorite posts to write and reflect on the week/weekend.

A very lazy weekend went down over here and honestly it did the body good. Sometimes it’s good to just sit back, relax and do nothing! For the first time in a long time we had ZERO plans for the weekend, except the usual weekend tasks, and it was fantastic!

Friday night we went to the gym, did a great full body workout & put some sumo deadlifts back into my programming which were seriously difficult considering I haven’t been doing them regularly in foreverrrr.

After the gym we headed to the grocery store to get the basics for the week. Brent & I have returned to focusing on macro’s (macronutrients) and structuring our meals around a specific macro goal. We cycle in and out of counting macros when we feel like our bodies need a boost, we both are feeling a bit “fluffy” right now and just want to drop some of the fluff to look as strong/healthy as we feel!

Saturday was the ultimate couch potato day. We got up made breakfast and then lounged with the intention of letting breakfast digest and going to the gym… Then we started watching House… A marathon of House and before I knew it I looked at the clock and it was 4:30…. WHAT THE WHAT!?!?

We headed to Costco & then had an impromptu date night at Pei Wei, I hadn’t been in forever & it was a nice cheat meal, followed by some Fro-Yo because it was right next door and we couldn’t say no! We ended the night watching the proposal and continuing to be lazy bums…

Sunday started a bit slower as well, but when I got up I was UP & got straight to work. Sunday is meal prep day and that’s exactly what I did… I mixed a Spark, made & ate breakfast and then spent about 3.5 hours chopping, baking and measuring out food.

The nice thing about being macro conscious is that meals take less time to prep, there’s usually only one or two steps and not a lot of ingredients. The not so nice aspect is that measuring out the food (& being precise) takes a lot more time than casually scooping 1/2 cup here or there into bowls. But 3.5 hours is pretty typical and I was done before 2!

We relaxed a bit before getting to the gym where I STRUGGLED through a cardio workout. I haven’t done prolonged interval training in a long time, Tuesday I did 15second intervals, but Sunday I did 2 minutes at a fast pace & 4 minute recovery. I did my work rate at a 7:20pace and then recovered at a 12:00 pace (which was a fast walk) I did 6 rounds of this and you guys I was dying when on the treadmill. I don’t know if it’s because my legs are super sore or what but man it was a hard workout. I spent some time rolling out my legs before hitting the bar and doing some pull up negatives.

Sunday night we prepped turkey burgers for the week and ate them for dinner. I love turkey burgers, it’s been a delicious addition to our meals and makes me think of summer!!!

What did you guys do this weekend? Anyone else have a super lazy one like us?

Hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!

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5 Core Exercises on your Foam Roll

Use your foam roll for more than rolling out your muscles… These 5 exercises are a great way to engage your CORE & get a whole body workout in! {VIDEO}

5 Core Exercises on Foam Roll

Happy Thursday!

One of the goals I set for 2016 was to post more FITNESS related content for you all! I have been feeling like this blog has gotten away from what my original intentions for it were and has become just a place for me to blabber about my life, which is fine but not ideal. I am going to make it a point to start feeding you all useful and practical fitness posts.

So today I am giving you 5 exercises to do with your foam roll… that ARENT rolling out your muscles!

I love using a foam roller & it is one of the most recommended fitness products that I recommend my patients to purchase, as they are generally not very expensive and a great tool! However your foam roller can be used for WAYYY more than just rolling out those sore muscles and it is a fantastic tool to amp up your body weight workout. PLUS that makes your $20 massage tool become a WORKOUT tool as well, and I am all about getting a bang for your buck! Also most gyms and fitness centers have foam rollers available for general use so if you have a gym membership but not a foam roller at home this works for you too.

This group of exercises focuses on your CORE as the predominant muscle group doing the work. Because of the cylindrical surface of the foam roll you get to really key into your deep core muscles (your Transverse Abdomens, ask my patients its my favorite muscle) and challenge them with a dynamic surface!

1. Plank Holds

The first exercise is a PLANK! Y’all this is a great way to spruce up your boring plank and get some extra activation in. Putting your hands on the foam roller will almost automatically kick in your Transverse Abs and make you stabilize extra hard. This is a DOUBLE whammy exercise because you are stabilizing through your shoulder girdle. Make sure you set your shoulders by externally rotating (try to bend the foam roll and try to rotate your shoulder blade back) which is an excellent way to strengthen those small shoulder girdle muscles important for stabilizing the shoulder during overhead and pressing exercises.

5 Core Exercises On Foam Roll

Recommendations – Perform 4 sets of 30 second holds
Make It Easier – drop to your knees and preform a modified plank on your knees
Make It Harder – perform it single legged, alternate between feet (10 alternations per set) or perform a set on each leg (30second holds)

2. Plank Walks

A foam roll walk is a great way to kick those shoulder stabilizers into high gear and again strengthen them for overhead and pressing tasks. For this exercise you’re going to get into a high plank and then squeezing your core and gluts tight walk one hand out and back then repeating on the second side.

5 Core Exercises On Foam Roll

Adding a theraband kicks these up a notch!

Adding a theraband kicks these up a notch!

Recommendations – Perform 4 sets of 10 walks PER arm
Make It Easier – drop to your knees and preform in a modified plank on your knees
Make It Harder – add a theraband around your wrists to add resistance

{{Freebie}} Another way to amp up your plank is to perform a forearm plank roll out. Starting in a modified plank position (on your knees) and with your elbows on the foam roll, slowly start to flex your shoulders (bringing arm towards your ears) which will lower your abdomen towards the ground. At the point of maximal flexion start to pull your arms back so your elbows are under your shoulders by activating your lats and really focusing on keeping your core tight! It’s easy to let your back sag during this one, so FIGHT it!

these roll outs are LEGIT!!!

these roll outs are LEGIT!!!

3. Dead Bugs

Dead bugs are probably my patients least favorite exercise, they are tricky and look super goofy but are really effective in targeting my FAVORITE muscle and making you work to engage your transverse abs. When doing these on the foam roll you really have to dig deep and kick into your inner balance ninja!

5 Core Exercises On Foam Roll

Using as little upper body support as possible, I used 1 finger of each hand, activate your core and elevate one leg to a 90-90deg position (90deg hip flexion & 90deg knee flexion) maintaining this position bring your other leg up to match before slowly lowering your legs back down one at a time in a controlled manner. Basically you are marching your legs, pausing in table top each time.

Recommendations – Perform 4 sets of 20 marches (up+up+down+down = 1)
Make It Easier – use more upper body support
Make It Harder – try to use 1 or NO upper body support, this is super hard and takes practice. If you can get NO upper body support try to maintain your feet in an elevated table top position without falling over!

4. Bridge Holds

Bridges are another of my favorite exercise, they are great for posterior chain strengthening and engaging your core (obvious trend!). Just like the plank hold, by putting your feet on the foam roll you are required to use more muscle activation and really keep everything tight!

5 Core Exercises On Foam Roll

Make it harder by doing Single Leg Bridges

Make it harder by doing Single Leg Bridges

Recommendations – Perform 2 sets of 10 reps with a 10second hold at the top
Make It Easier – Do not elevate your hips as high, or support your hips with your elbows on the ground. If the foam roll continues to make it too challenging perform on the ground.
Make It Harder – perform it single legged, perform a 10second hold on each leg before switching to the next leg. Make it even harder by alternating without lowering your hips!

5. Hamstring Curls

These are a doozy!!! Starting in a bridge position with the balls of your feet supporting you, roll out into an extended leg posture while maintaining your elevated hip position, then in a controlled manner fire your hamstrings and pull your legs back toward your butt.

Start Position

Start Position

End Position

End Position

KEY TIP :: make sure you are towards to toe of your shoes so when you roll out the foam roll is rolling down your shoe towards your heel. ALSO make sure your core is rock hard and you are not arching your back when rolling out or back, this can lead to back pain and thats no bueno!

Recommendations – Perform 4 sets of 10 curls
Make It Easier – drop your hips and perform without the bridge position
Make It Harder – you can try single legged if these are too easy, however they are pretty tricky as is!

[embedplusvideo height=”558″ width=”940″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=jFUBuL4zs1U&width=940&height=558&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep3883″ /]

Alright so there you have it! 5 killer foam roller exercises that don’t involve rolling out your muscles. These moves can easily be coupled together into one workout that will not only blast your core but recruit your whole body, or you can add one or two to your workout to spruce it up! I personally love adding the planks & plank walks to supplement a shoulder workout, and then adding the bridges & hamstring curls with a leg day. They are excellent supplemental exercises!

Hope you enjoy & let me know if you have any requests for future workouts/exercises!

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Farewell 2015… Hello 2016!

Hey friends remember me? I blogged here… 28 days ago… And before that semi regularly…


Well the last month… Uh 6… Have been filled with lots of other stuff leaving not a lot of time to dedicate to this blog. I also honestly just felt uninspired which didn’t lead to GREAT posts or topics, and I don’t want to blog just to put something on the page and say I did it. That’s just not my style 😊

I hope to be more consistent in 2016 but to be honest life is more important and I want to enjoy it to the best of my ability so if that means not as much blogging that might be the case. I am going to do a blogging challenge starting in January so hopefully that’ll help! 

OK the real reason I’m plugging in today is to share my 2015 year in review! I was reflecting on this year, how much happened, changed and the growth that has occurred. I wrote up an Instagram post that’ll be up later but I wanted to capture it on the blog today too! 
❄January❄️ A new year and new fitness goals & achievements… we started the year strong with Crossfit and achieving some handstand goals
❤️February❤️ My birthday month and celebrating the love and marriage of our good friends Kelsey & Sean. Celebrating their wedding was definitely the highlight of the month!

🍀March🍀 Some, short lived, warm weather meant outdoor running and handstand/shoulder strengthening. March was also the start of showers and wedding crunch time!

🌹April🌹 The birth of my precious niece Juliette, she has brought a lot of joy to our family and it’s been so fun to watch her grow. April also brought some new found faith between Brent & I as we celebrated our first Easter both Catholics. 

🌧May🌧 The month of “showers,” wedding showers that is, I was blessed with two beautiful showers thrown for us by our friends & family. May also brought the challenge of MURPH that my Aunt & I accomplished together!


WE GOT MARRIED!!! I married the love of my life and was blessed with a beautiful wedding celebration with all our family and friends. looking back on June brings so much joy & happiness, I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day! We also traveled to Mackinaw Island and enjoys a few days of Pure Michigan Bliss!


More fitness fun running in the Mastadon Challenge with our family was so much fun! we finally stopped traveling so much and got to enjoy life married. I took very few pictures in July so I’m sure we had a nice relaxing month… Maybe?


The month I took the most photos… Lots of fitness photos as we finally got back on track after a few months of enjoying life and hit the gym hard! Outdoor running, sunshine and enjoying the summer in Chicago. Definitely my favorite time of year!


Football games and enjoying time with our friends with a few trips to the city and to Michigan. With having season tickets we started new traditions of going to the Michigan Games and spending a lot of time on the road. We also spend Labor Day with our friends in the City enjoying all the fun that Chicago offers! 


Another month of travel! We went to all the Michigan Football home games, tailgated our butts off and enjoyed spending time with great friends! At the end of the month we jet setted again, in October we had plans every weekend with staying in Illinois only 1 weekend of the month!


SAN FRANCISCO!!! we traveled to SF for 10 days of relaxing and enjoying each other! Our trip was so much fun, you can read about it here, taking a belated honeymoon was so worth it! we also celebrated Brent’s 30th birthday in style, at the Michigan-Ohio Stare game and then with a great dinner downtown Ann Arbor  😜


A great pre-holiday Advocare challenge that helped to cleanup our diet and I avoided a lot of pre-Christmas junk food. Sadly I have been enjoying those treats now that the challenge is over, that’s to end Monday! December also meant lots of fun holiday celebrations with family. We ended the year in style with Brent successfully growing (and shaving) a beard and ending the year on a really happy and satisfied note! 

There are things I can’t wait to achieve in 2016. Goals and achievements that are just dreams waiting to become reality but looking back on 2015 & I can honestly say we lived EACH month to its fullest and enjoyed every bump and bruise we encountered along the way! 

Cheers to 2016!


My 5 Favorite AdvoCare Products!

Hey Guys!

I know you have all heard me talk about my love for Spark & AdvoCare products but I have never really said which products I LOVE and why. AdvoCare has a multitude of amazing products that are available and have difference purposes and while I love them all there are 5 that are my GO TO!

5 Advocare products

  1. SPARK

Are you sick of me talking about Spark yet? Well if you are than you obviously aren’t drinking it because lets be serious it’s my savior each day. I flipping love the stuff, and love that it gives me energy and extra motivation during my long days or during that mid-day slump. I love that there is no jittery side effect or post-spark lull like you can get with coffee or other caffeinated drinks. ALSO if you are a carbonated pop fan & can’t imagine losing your POP than add some Spark to a La Croix and you will be in heaven! But it is good enough without the La Croix, I promise!

2. Rehydrate

Rehydrate has been my best friend this summer. I have been feeling like I need something extra to keep me going at the gym or feel super exhausted at the end of the workout if I am not drinking rehydrate during/after a hard workout. When I do drink rehydrate I have very few post-workout fatigue headaches, minimal post-workout exhaustion and usually feel pretty good. Don’t get me wrong you don’t feel like a million bucks, I mean you just worked out, but you don’t feel half as terrible as you might’ve!


Okay this gets caps & an exhlamation point because thats how I feel when I take catalyst. Serious this stuff is like lipo in a bottle… well for me I guess its more like a chisel for the muscles that are close to poppin’ (that pesky belly tire is still hanging around 😛 ). Honestly Catalyst is amazing, it helps your body repair and maintain muscle mass because it contains all your branch-chain-amino-acids. I could easily during BCAA’s but honestly I think they taste like garbage and can’t stand drinking another thing everyday, but I love that I can take a supplement pill which allows my body all the benefits of BCAA’s along with the added benefits that Catalyst has to offer, because its way more than just the BCAA’s.

4. O2 Gold

GOLD is an understatement! I LOVE this stuff & so does Brent. When we know that we are going to do any HIIT or heavy heart rate pumping workouts we alwayssssss pop an O2 Gold. O2 Gold helps your body facilitate the use of oxygen & helps the body adapt to stress. When you pop an O2 Gold about an hour before you do your cardio/HIIT/run your body will be primed to utilize the oxygen you are sending to your muscles. I notice a huge improvement in my breathing pattern, I don’t (usually) find that I am panting or struggling for breath but rather I find that I am still breathing hard but not labored. Similarly to Rehydrate I notice that I can recover from my workout so much quicker with so much less fatigue.

5. OmegaPlex

Last but not least is OmegaPlex! Prior to AdvoCare I had only heard amazing things about how Fish Oil is amazing for you and all the health benefits, but to be honest I couldn’t stand the stuff, so I figured that I would be alright and was eating well enough to get me through. WELL my first 24DC came and I used the OmegaPlex but didn’t think much of it. But then last year when I started to be more intentional with my product usage I noticed a difference. Not a huge difference but honestly I noticed my joints didn’t bother me as much after working out. What I LOVE about OmegaPlex is its more than just a fish oil, there are other great nutrients in the supplement which means that ONE pill = many benefits, and I am all about that!

OKAY thats a wrap! Theres my Top 5 AdvoCare products, I hope that you learned something about the amazing products in AdvoCare & what I use to help myself get the results that I am looking for!

5 Advocare products

Please let me know if there is anything that interests you or anything more you would like to hear about them!


Cue Rant

hi guys,

I wasn’t planning on posting today but something that happened last night at the gym prompted this post and well I just couldn’t contain myself.

So as a physical therapist & being married to a gym rat who is meticulous about form I have come to be a BIT anal about form and more often than not find my self cringing at people in the gym. I usually contain myself from giving glares, saying something or whispering to Brent about the person.

But sometimes it’s JUST.TO.BAD. and I feel that it’s my professional obligation to help the poor soul out. I mean my biggest fear, and the biggest fear of so many others, is that I am doing something that I think is right completely wrong & look a foul so I would hope someone would politely give me a hand, rather than staring like a jerk.

Last night was a case of the latter. Brent and I were half way through our chest workout when this young kid started to do single arm rows at the bench next to us. I first noticed him because he was a pretty small kid and pretty far down the dumbbell weight rack so I was impressed….

Then I saw his first pull, all lower back rotation & no upper back pull, a disaster in the making. But it didn’t stop there, he continued to heave the dumbbell up with his shoulders and traps then finish the movement with a lower back twist and hike. He followed these spectacular rows with some standing “skull crushers” at wayyy too much weight where I was pretty sure if he continued to do them he would most definitely tear his arms right out of the socket.

After about 3 rounds of this cringe worthy exercise routine & a couple visits from his friend, who I can only assume was telling him how to correct his form, the guy on the bench next to us told the kid “hey lower your weight and do the movement correctly” to which the kid said “this is how we train

At this point Brent jumped in and said “he’s right buddy, if you lower the weight you’ll be able to perform the lift properly” the kid scoffed at this as well & we both said “seriously you’re going to hurt yourself if you don’t lower your weight!”

Then the kid said the kicker… “Dude I’m 15!”

Ah Ha! This made my skin crawl! Not that kids shouldn’t be in the weight room, because I really advocate that and think that SAFE lifting is great for development, muscular growth, bone & joint health, along with a great confidence booster!

BUT, and this is a big BUT, if you are lifting incorrectly & aren’t going to take advice from others around you who are genuinely trying to help you out than you have no business in the weightroom.

If you are in the weightroom OWN it and if someone tries to give you tips listen. If you need tips reach out and I’d be happy to help!
Okay end rant!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Tuesday!

A Weekend Workout!

This 20minute treadmill workout will work up a sweat &
you’ll burn tons of calories without running a step!

Happy Monday Friends!

This was the last weekend for a while where we didn’t have anything on the books and we took good advantage of the RELAXation part of the weekend. We have really enjoyed the past 6 weeks without traveling and getting to see friends and do things around Chicago but I am getting really excited for the fall and football! I am not super excited about driving multiple weekends in a row but HEY you take the good with the not so good!

Anyway’s this weekend started dreadfully slow… We woke up on saturday morning to roll over, turn the TV on and continue to laze for a few more hours. Honestly I made breakfast and then lounged on the couch until about 1:00 when we decided to be functioning humans.

Weekend Workout

I cannot tell you the last time my day started at 1:00 and honestly don’t know when it will happen again. While I loved getting some extra rest, my body was not very happy at my lack of moving and treated me with a mighty headache…. nothing a little caffeine and cardio couldnt fix!

I snapped my daily shaker contents while making this... make sure you follow me on snapchat for more behind the scenes!

I snapped my daily shaker contents while making this…
make sure you follow me on snapchat (mywellnessland) for more behind the scenes!

We decided to go to do some cardio before lunch so we walked over to the gym since it was cloudy and rainy outside. We did about 12 minutes on the stationary bike to warm up and burn a few calories. Then we decided to hit the treadmill.

Brent & I have been “enjoying” walking on the treadmill on an incline during our cardio sessions lately. We both have been having a hard time fitting cardio into our lifting and like I said in my fitness recap we have been really working to focus on adding more cardio each week.

So after our bike session we did this fun and KILLER treadmill workout, where we WALKED!!! yep no running required and you’ll still burn a tonnnnn of calories in just 20 minutes.

Incline Treadmill Workout

If your treadmill doesn’t go up to 30, then just max it out and slowly decrease the incline for the first 10 minutes and then go back up the second 10 minutes.

After our cardio workout we had some lunch and went to a coffee shop for a little Barbell shrugged & photoshop work. It was a productive afternoon after a lazy morning. We ended our night with a fun shoulder lifting session at the gym.

Weekend Workout

I worked on some hang cleans & power cleans then focused on my strict press. I have been stuck at the same weight on strict press for a while so I was going to focus on my form while increasing my weight. I was feeling pretty good so I decided to record myself at 85# and was able to get 2 solid reps, then I decided that I was going to try 90# & guess what y’all I GOT IT!!!!!!!! I definitely struggled when pressing it up which is super apparent but I was able to hold it together and PRESS through, resulting in a 10# PR!!!! Yep 85# would’ve been a PR so I got a 2xPR! BOOM!!!!

Weekend Workout

you can see my 90# lift on Instagram!


Sunday we did our usual Sunday stuff to get ready for the week. We have been getting to COSTCO at 9:30 because of when our church gets out so we legit sit in the parking lot for 15-20 minutes before they let us in and are almost always out before 10:10 when they technically open at 10:00. Its awesome and kind of erie at the same time. BUT NO LINES = WINNING everyday!

I have been wanting to try La Croix for a longggggg time but never bite the bullet, well for the past few weeks I have mentioned to Brent each week at the store that i wanted to try it. SO this week we decided to go for it. I blame him for “letting” me get it but I am just as skeptic about trying new things….

Weekend Workout

linking up with Katie for Marvelous In My Monday!

Weekend Workout

The verdict… La Croix + Spark (or La Croix + Rehydrate) = AMAAAZINGGG!!! Its like having a POP without all the crap… I have missed the carbonation more than I knew I did, and its a nice treat!

When I was food prepping I turned the TV to ABC Family and it was the start of Twilight. I have never seen or had the desire to see any of the series but I have to admit the first movie was pretty good & definitely kept me interested when i was cooking!

To finish my sunday I got a phone call to do some “impromptu babysitting”… well actually I got a FaceTime from my step-mom, who I really thought was accidentally FaceTiming me, and when I answered i saw my baby niece cooing away! It was a fun little 5 minute chat with the babe & my parents while they were babysitting for my sister & brother in law. I haven’t seen that lil girl in almost a month and am definitely in need of a baby fix!

Weekend Workout

p.s don’t mind that I look super hit in the picture… I did it for the baby! 

Hope you all have a great start to your week and the Holiday Weekend!!!

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Fitness Lately

Hey Guys!

So I have been having some serious technical issues. I am really bummed that my post’s from last week have been mysteriously deleted from cyber space but instead of dwelling on the past I am picking up from where I left off and starting the week new.

I had a Fitness Friday post planned last week, but since that did not happen we will have a Fitness Lately post instead…

Over the past month Brent & I made a pact to bump up our lifting routine and really put the most into each session. Previously while we were hitting the gym regularly and lifting “hard” there was a key component missing and it felt like we were just going through the motions half of the time. After we cut out the junk from our diet, started focusing on managing our macros around our lifting days and adjusting our lifts to challenge ourselves a little bit more we both started to see and feel a huge difference.

Fitness Lately

Some fun hill sprints!!

So heres what we have been doing for the past month…

Traditional Split
Monday – Chest Day
Tuesday – Back Day
Wednesday – Arms & Abs
Thursday – Legs
Friday – Shoulders
Saturday – Make Up or Rest
Sunday – Play Day!

PLUS 10-20minutes of HIIT cardio at the end of most days

This is our Standard lifting routine, working up in weight performing 4-10 reps or until failure, usually we get 3-4 sets in before we can’t get 1 clean rep, some lifts are differnet but this is the general goal. Primarily starting with barbell lifts and then moving into dumbbells, the pretty standard lifts nothing fancy.

Most of the time we do our barbell work together, spotting each other and motivating each other to lift more, push harder. Dumbbell lifts half the time are free game, I like to do lighter weight stabilization lifts and Brent enjoys going heavier and harder. We will do some together and some apart, this is our “gym freedom” time.

Fitness Lately

Surrender Squats

Leg day is again another “free” day. We both do our legs differently, primarily due to my hip issues that I have been working through, and because its easier to have two different bars than constantly changing the 400+ pounds that Brent throws around! I love it this way though, we are able to just do our things, work hard side by side & still push each other when things get tough.

Last week after a fun Sunday Olympic Lifting day we decided to incorporate more olympic lifts into our regular routine.

Oly Addition
Monday – No Oly
Tuesday – Front Squats
Wednesday – Snatch
Thursday – Back Squats
Friday – Cleans
Saturday – Deadlifts & OH Squats
Sunday – PLAY DAY!!!!

The addition of the olympic lifts has made a HUGE change, I know its hard to say that after a week but doing an additional lift has been really challenging and makes you use your WHOLE body to stabilize the bar after taxing one muscle group/area. We did a lot of Oly lifts when we were doing CrossFit regularly so its been fun to add them back in to our routine. My upper traps are definitely reminding me that I haven’t been working them as hard lately.

Fitness Lately

So there you have it, the basis of our lifting routine. We do try to change it up a little bit each day but if you would be interested in our lifts and splits let me know and I will be happy to share!

Happy Lifting!

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Egg White Oatmeal Pancakes

These egg white oatmeal pancakes are simple, easy & delicious, with only 2 ingredients they are easy to customize and make your own. Cooking in under 5 minutes make them perfect for any busy morning! 

Egg White Oatmeal Pancake

Its Friday!!! Happy May!!!

I love Fridays, there is something wonderful about knowing another week is done and there are a few days away from the reality of work. This weekend I have some bittersweet feelings about the weekend since it is supposed to be a gorgeous one here in Chicagoland and I will be inside a classroom for 8 hours both Saturday & Sunday.

Lets chat about some of my favorite things this Friday… I promise there is a delicious recipe at the bottom of this post.

I am still loving looking at pictures of my sweet baby J. I have shared the pictures with some of my patients throughout the week and I swear I cannot get over the sweetness of this beautiful little pumpkin.

Friday Faves

I have been loving our workouts lately. Brent & I have been lifting together and focusing on pure strength training. I have not done strict strength training in a long time, it has been mostly strength+cardio+core all mashed into one awesome workout, so it has been a nice change of pace to work on isolated muscle strength. Its always nice to see the weight on the bar increase.

Friday Faves

Brent has been determined to “fix” my bench press and increase my chest strength and I am finally getting better and more consistent with my form. For some reason chest is one of the body parts I have a lot of difficulty with.

Making a pact! Brent & I decided on Wednesday night that we would be giving up sweets until the week of our wedding. Lately we have been indulging on sweets whenever we go to the store. Its like the bakery & cookie aisle call our name and force us to buy something delicious. So when we were at the store on Wednesday we promised each other that until June 11th we would decrease our excessive sugar intake and keep it clean.

Friday Faves

A handshake in front of the cookies…a definite must! 

I also have been LOVING egg white oat pancakes in the morning. Like seriously LOVING them. I have made a pancake every morning this week and they still aren’t old. Likely because they are so easy to make and seriously delicious. I posted a picture on instagram and have gotten a few requests for the recipe so I thought it was worth sharing here, even though it’s seriously so simple it doesn’t even require a recipe.


I got the idea from Julie but have been making it my own with all the mix-in’s and toppings that I like. Some days I keep it simple and just add some honey to the top and some days I get crazy and mix some protein powder in the mix. Most days it has been frozen fruit and/or coconut flakes. YUM!!!


Hope you all have a wonderful end of your week and enjoy the weekend. Please go out and enjoy the warm weather for me!

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Pin It Party #7

WOOHOO My friend Lindsay is hosting her 7th Pin It Party!!! An awesome way to spruce up your pinterest board with recipes, workouts and so much more!



Chocolate Almond Date Energy Bites1. Chocolate Almond Date Bites — these are amazing and the perfect energy treat to power your day!

Cranberry Orange Granola

2. Cranberry Orange Granola – a delicious treat and a nutritious breakfast that is filled with amazing flavors and is super easy to make!

Hemp Seed Pumpkin Energy Balls

3. Hemp Seed Pumpkin Energy Balls — go to the store NOW and get yourself some hemp seeds, these bad boys will not disappoint the nutrition label alone makes them amazing but in these little bites you definitely won’t be upset!

Flax Power Scone 4. Flax Power Scones – These have been calling my name, a GREAT hearty breakfast treat that won’t leave you craving the heavy milk or butter!

How To Sunday Food Prep5. How to Sunday Food Prep – easy steps to make your week a bit more healthy and nutritious without all the extra mess and fuss. Spend some time on sunday getting your prep on!



Slam Ball Finisher Workout

 1. Slam Ball Finisher – A serious heart pumping workout that will leave you feeling amazing at the end of a lifting session. Hit this one after a shoulder or arm lifting workout for a whole body burn!

DIY Hair Ties2. DIY Hair Ties – Save some cash and make your own amazing hair ties to keep your mane at bay during your awesome workouts!

Totally Tabata 3. Totally Tabata Workout – Get fitness on with this amazing workout that will keep you moving through the whole thing!

Pure Michigan Beach Workout4. Pure Michigan Pyramid – Find a friend and head to the beach, or outside, and do this amazing pyramid workout that was inspired by the beaches of Lake Michigan!

TRX Tabata Workout5. TRX Tabata – get your timer out and be ready to work your whole body during this TRX workout.

Hope you found something you wanted to pin, make sure you follow me on Pinterest too!

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