The Fitness Games App Review

Ever go to the gym with little motivation and find yourself wondering around until the “right” workout hits you? Only for you to “waste” the next 20-30 minutes feeling aimless and then heading to the cardio machines to at least get a sweat on?

Well I have a solution for you! THE FITNESS GAMES (TFG) app provides you with a personal trainer, group challenger and serious motivation each and every day that you walk into the gym.

The Fitness Games

I have been finding myself in this rut when I go to workout alone or not really knowing what I want to do and needing that little extra boost. TFG helps me find a workout that looks challenging and right up my alley and lets me virtually compete with someone else, or myself, to finish the workout.

This post was sponsored by The Fitness Games through my partnership with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the Platinum Version of the application for review. As always, all opinions are my own.

The Fitness Games

It turns working out from a chore into a game & is great for those days when you are lacking motivation.

PLUS there is a huge Facebook group where people post challenges, gym selfies (its totally acceptable here!!!) and workout successes all to help provide a community of excitement and motivation.

The Fitness Games

Here are my Pros & Cons of the App:


  • Like I said the app provides a great community and challenge based motivation to help you exercise
  • The FB community for extra support is great
  • Gaining “points” for exercise makes you feel like you are getting rewarded for working out
  • You can CREATE your own workout, or use the pre-made exercise routines


  • The app takes a bit of finagling to understand how to use it… I think it could be a lot more user friendly
  • This has been fixed but initially the app could not be running in the background or you would lose your workout… again they have corrected this
  • You have to pay to get more workouts… I loveee getting workout ideas but I do not want to pay extra (outside of my gym memberships) for an application to tell me how to exercise
  • You cannot pause a workout.. either start or stop/quit or submit… umm some times I have to pee 😉 or am short on time and want to finish it later.

SO ARE YOU READY TO GET YOUR FITNESS ON??? Download the app today and start challenging yourself to better health! iPhone & Android (available on GooglePlay)

Have a healthy & happy day!!



Lift Run Play with FlipBelt

Happy Friday!!!

Ahh I am so happy its Friday, this week has been a long one with the anticipation of our move this weekend looming over my head. With all the madness going on in my life the past few weeks my workouts have been a bit all over the place. Between wanting to continue strengthening my running to wanting to work on my strength through GPP I have felt very torn. I want to just go to the gym and get my workout on but my focus has been elsewhere, thus leading to more half completed workouts and distracted selfie taking than actual lifting.

I decided that I could use a change. Thankfully this change came perfectly timed with my opportunity to review the Flip Belt! A new workout accessory always makes workouts a bit better. #amiright?


As a part of my SweatPink partnership I was provided a Flip Belt free of cost in exchange for this review, however all thoughts an opinions are 100% mine!

The Flip Belt is primarily designed and used for runners. It is a belt with slits in the front so you can slid your personal items in it and not lose them or have to hold on to them while you’re running. Basically is a genius belt!

I hated running with my armband. It was hot, uncomfortable, my headphone cord went all over the place and it often left my arm feeling raw. With the FlipBelt I am able to string my headphone wire down my back and my arms are 100% free of distraction. #thankyou

Post-run & still in place!

Post-run & still in place!

I wore my FlipBelt on a few runs and seriously LOVED IT!!! I had a hard time deciding what size to order as my measurements were between two sizes but I went with the smaller size (and my pant size) and the belt fits perfectly!! there is enough stretch that it is not too snug but it doesn’t shift or slide at all when I run. Again I put my phone in the front and flipped then slid the belt so my phone was on my back side. It felt great like this for my all of my runs. I seriously have zero running complaints!!!

Typically I do not listen to music when I lift, because the gym I workout at has music in the background and because I never have anywhere to put my phone. Due to my recent workout distractions I decided to wear my FlipBelt during Tuesdays workout.

Lifting plus!

Lifting plus!

I was worried that my headphones would get in the way, or the belt would restrict my motion but it absolutely didn’t. I LOVED having the headphones going down my back and didn’t feel distracted or any discomfort the whole workout.

My last FlipBelt perk would be that it has a key clip which doubles as a Ring Holder. I don’t know about you but I hate working out with my engagement ring on. I hate getting it scratched up on the bars or weights so I take it off for each workout. Typically I put my ring in my ring box & lock it up, but last week I forgot my box at home. I found the key clip and tried it on my ring. It worked perfectly, I felt safe knowing my ring was secured on my hip and wasn’t getting wrecked on the weights.

Ring Holder #FTW

Ring Holder #FTW

Okay so to wrap it up here are my 5 favorite things about this FlipBelt.
1. Color – I didn’t mention it but how can you NOT love the hot pink? they have tons of fun colors for everyone.
2. Fit like I said I was worried about the size and I can 100% say this fits true to shorts size.
3. Key Clip – while I am sure it would be great for making sure your key doesn’t slide around it is FANTASTIC for keeping your precious ring in place
4. Running Comfort – during any distance run your FlipBelt will stay in place and be so comfortable you won’t even know its there. Plus it keeps your hands and arms free of distraction.
5. Lifting Comfort – its even great for lifting. The material moves with your body you will never feel restricted.

Have I sold you yet?? I hope so because honestly this is an amazing product that will meet your fitness needs. If you’re sold then head over to the FlipBelt website and get yours now. And because FlipBelt is just that amazing they are giving you a 33% discount on your entire order if you use the code sweat33.

Happy Running,

Do you wear your ring while working out?
How would you wear your FlipBelt?

Fuel Your Endurance Training Better – Vega Sport Review

Happy Monday!

I had a semi-busy weekend unpacking, organizing and having some self-love relaxation time for myself. It’s nice to have our new apartment starting to feel a little more like home.

Saturday I hit the gym late with Brent and knew I needed some pre-workout energy that wouldn’t keep me up at night. Since I typically workout in the morning hours if I take pre workout to late in the day my brain won’t shut off at night. I quickly grabbed my Vega Sport Energizer and knew I would have a great workout.

VegaSport EnergizerVega Sport is a wonderful plant-based supplement system which has recently rolled out their Fuel Your Better Campaign. They are challenging us all to identify what is holding us back from your better. 

My better is limited by my post workout nutrition and sometimes overtraining, however each day I am limited by motivation early in the morning to hit the gym. This is why I chose the energizer to get an extra jolt of energy bright and early.


What I love about the Vega Sport Energizer is the long lasting energy that I am given without the caffeine or sugar rush. I turn to my Vega Energizer when I know my workout is going to be endurance based or longer than 20 minutes, anytime I am going to need longer energy I find the Vega Sport Energizer to be the perfect pair.

I did not love the flavor of the lemon-lime powder when I first drank it however overtime I started to like it more, it is still however not my favorite, they do have other flavors and I will likely try those out! I also would not use it for my heavy lifting days or days when I need an immediate energy jolt, as it just did not provide me that energy capacity.

I LOVE the FuelYourBetter campaign. Not only does VegaSport provide you with information regarding Motivation, Muscle Burn, Fueling, Stamina, Muscle Soreness, Overtraining, Hitting A Wall, and Body Composition but it helps you find the right way to fuel YOUR better.

Fuel Your Better Campaign

The information on the FuelYourBetter website is amazing and seriously legit. I cannot wait to try more of the VegaSport products, especially the Recovery Accelerator and their Energy Bars (I am always on the lookout for good energy bars).

While we usually buy our workout supplements in bulk from a large distributor I really love how Vega strives to use clean, plant-based nutrition that is good for our bodies and fuels your healthy active life. I mean that is basically what I try to do with my breakfast, lunch and dinner so WHY wouldn’t I try to do that more with the workout supplementation. I workout to gain Optimal Health and realized I could do better by supplementing my health better. Vega Sport will likely become a part of my regular workout routine and I hope you find it helpful when you look to supplement your workouts too!

Make sure you check out the FuelYourBetter website and identify where your supplementation is falling short, then go out and get your Sweat On!

How do you Fuel Your Better?
Have you tried VegaSport products before? 

I was provided the Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer at no cost in return for a review, however as always all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

Why I Love Working Out With Friends

Happy Tuesday Wednesday

I swear Monday holiday’s completely screw up my brain for the whole week!

In the past week I have had some amazing workout experiences. I love when a workout goes from “a workout” to “amazing” in a hot second. As a Physical Therapist I am fortunate enough to get the reward of helping people everyday and challenging people to push through new exercises that they previously didn’t think they could perform.

But as soon as I step out of my work cloths and into the gym I am “just another exercise fanatic” and I love that! But every once and a while something extra special happens, something that makes you leave the gym and feel so much fuller and so much more satisfied than if you performed that same workout alone.

Last Wednesday I mentioned how my workout was amazing & I said I would share the deets later. Well its later friends! Last wednesdays GPP workout was one that killed me the first time around, I had just really started to push my weight limits and transition from the prescribed “female” weight to “male” weight. Lets just say I died, and was pretty worried about this workout as it came up again.

Run Complexes


My new workout buddy S, was ready to storm the workout with me. After 4 rounds, some modifications, and a lot of sweat we were at 28minutes of a 30 minute cap.
I told him I was going for it, I was going to try to finish even if it meant exceeding 30 minutes.
2 rounds in he hit a wall, close to failure, I picked up my bar and pushed through round 3, S saw me gritted his teeth and picked that bar up, while stuttering a few heart felt remarks about how amazing i am.
After round 3 it was my turn I hit a wall (thought I) couldn’t finish, was dead, no more… Then I look over and S picked up that bar and exclaimed “you got me over the 1/2 way mark no turning back now”…
I marched right over to that bar said “ughhh” and picked up that bar and grunted, groaned and lofted through round 4 and 5.

Sweaty post-complex picture was definitely in order!

Sweaty post-complex picture was definitely in order!

At the end I felt exhilarated. We both pushed each other at the time we needed it the most and challenged each other through challenging ourselves.
that’s the best you guys!!!
Neither of us were forcing each other to finish, we both completely understood that ending where we did was completely understandable, we had killed it. but quitting wasn’t an option.

Without S that day I would never have finished.

Yesterday something similar but different happened. I saw on of my locker room buddies head to the cardio machine and grabbed her and told her “S come do this workout with me” she had nothing to say but “okay” (see Neil my GPP training taught me something, be direct!)… I set her up with a KB and showed her the moves, this was perfect time for me to catch my breath mid workout too ;)…

Now (this) S is a huge inspiration and has lost a bunch of weight in the past year or so, and continues to exercise and work her hardest. I love when she joins me for a workout and I can put some different fitness on her. I also love to see the look on her face when I show her what she is going to do and then she see that can do it!!! Seriously no better feeling!!

So S did 1/2 of Tuesdays workout with me, with modified weight and then I showed her some tricks to improving her squat, some of my favorite core exercises and some other tricks to make Tuesday’s workout a little easier for her.

Modified to Running High Knees as jumping still isn't okay with my hip

Modified to Running High Knees as jumping still isn’t okay with my hip {{SOURCE}}

I could’ve done Tuesday’s workout in a faster time, I could’ve shown her once and then moved on but the fact that I spent the extra 20 minutes showing her some extra moves, techniques and tips was SO worth it. I love to see the confidence shine through someones eyes when they realize that they can perform a previously challenging exercise without pain or with increased ease.

It is SO worth it!!! and it makes my workout so much more valuable!

This is not only why I went in to PT but also why I love GPP and working out with friends. I not only find motivation in myself but I am able to draw so much motivation from those around me, of all fitness levels.

Have you ever been inspired by someone during your workout?
Tell me your favorite workout story!

Marvelous Weekend of Firsts!

I cannot believe it is already Monday. Wasn’t it justtt Friday?
I think the weekends go by faster and faster but at least this weekend was a fun & productive!

So lets get started with this marvelous of mondays by thanking Katie!

As Always Thank You Katie.

Saturday started bright and early with my, new, running buddy Amy. We planned on meeting and doing a (easy for her) 4 mile run. Amy is a rockstar runner who is showing me the ropes holding my hand while I attempt this whole running thing.

We hit the treadmill at an easy pace and chatted, well she chatted I panted, the 4 miles away. After about 3.2miles I was starting to get pretty tired. My legs felt great but my lungs were struggling. I also have been significantly congested so breathing was occurring 90% through my mouth, not ideal!

I dropped my pace for a 1/2 mile and then started to build my speed back up so I could finish strong. I was really happy with my 35minute time and felt great after.

4 mile runFIRST 4 mile run = CHECK!

We next headed to brunch for a very necessary refuel, at Eggsclusive Cafe, a new local restaurant! It was amazing and soooo much food!

You had me at Mimosa!

You had me at Mimosa!

Since it was the first nice day of the year, hello sights of spring, I opened all the windows in my house, and started cleaning like a mad-woman. It felt great and spring fever definitely hit!

Kiwi Muffin

I then baked up some AWESOME muffins! I followed the Gracious Pantry recipe and made her Kiwi muffins with some adjustments, and then loosely followed her recipe and made these orange poppyseed guys! (recipe coming soon)

recipe coming soon

recipe coming soon

FIRST Spring muffins of 2014 = CHECK!

Sunday started with another FIRST… my first Spin class… I feel like I am officially a HLB (healthy living blogger) because I have now gone to an RPM class and saw the other side. I felt a little clunky and like I had ZERO rhythm during 96% of the class (the other 4% was spent sitting and peddling, I can do that!) so I definitely have to go back and find my stride peddle.

First Spin Class

First Spin Class

RPM was followed by a CX group class which was another first for me. I really liked the quick 30 minutes of core and was glad I felt like I could redeem myself from the less than stellar spin performance.

CX Core Class

CX Core Class

FIRST spin & cx class = CHECK!

Amy made some BOMB cookies on saturday so we did a little bake swap. I brought her muffins & she brought me cookies… Obviously the IDEAL post-workout refuel was a cookie. It happened and I am embracing it!

Cookie Monster!

Cookie Monster!

The rest of sunday was spent cooking for the week, creating a new recipe (hopefully good enough to share) & working on a presentation.

Tonight I am presenting to Female Athletes at a local high school on Female Athlete Triad. As a Physical Therapist, who treats a lot of the kids from these schools, it is important that we are properly educating our athletes so they understand how to not only have Optimal Performance but to achieve Optimal Health.

Like the optimal procrastinator that I am I waited until the night before to put all my thoughts together in a presentation. {blog version coming soon}

FIRST High School Presentation = CHECK!

For the past few weeks months? We have been out of Cumin… Everytime I went to the store I could never find any… While in the pantry looking for Cinnamon I found this. Apparently I’ve forgotten a few times that I had bought the cumin. Lots of mexican recipes coming your way?


Oh and we watched the Michigan vs. Kentucky game… I am sad that the season is now over for my beloved boys in blue but I am very grateful for how well they performed this year especially given how small of a team they are. I never called myself a basketball fan, but the last two years have made me a bit more excited about it! Until next year GO BLUE!

Phew what a weekend of Firsts!! I am so loving the spring weather, it makes me feel so much more productive and happy. I hope it sticks around!


What were some first you had this weekend?
Are you a spin junkie?
Does the spring weather make you more productive?

A Marvelous Life & MNB Week 2

Evening Friends,

I hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend. Brent & I traveled to Michigan Friday after work to spend the weekend with my family. We had planned to head back to Rockford today but because of the massive snow storm we will be heading back tomorrow, which gives me a little time to fill you all in on the weekend and the MNBChallenge.

As Always Thank You Katie.

As Always Thank You Katie.

I could not think of a more Marvelous person than Lawrence. 

It was an emotional, wonderful, sad, celebration of the life of a wonderful friend and family member. We spent many hours visiting with family and many moments with tears in our eyes while we said goodbye to a wonderful spirit.


Lawrence had a spice for life that everyone was touched by immediately. I am glad that he was not only a part of my life but made my Uncle’s life so much fuller. In all the sadness from losing Lawrence in the physical life it was wonderful to meet so many people who he impacted and to see how his gift of life was given to so many.

There were multiple moments of the weekend that were incredibly special to me. As nice as it was to see family and friends who we have not seen in so long and spending some extra time catching up, my favorite moment of the weekend was when just a small group of us were sharing memories.


On Sunday night we went to my uncle’s house and had dinner with most of the family and his close friends (who are family). We all gathered in the living room and shared memories and good times we had with Lawrence. It was a very special time and after each memory was shared we all lifted our glasses and toasted to the man who brought us all together. The “ding” of the glasses made sounds of bells ringing and sounded like a song. I could not have thought of a more peaceful, joyous way to remember a friend than that.


As I mentioned before, I am participating in Move Nourish Believe which is a fun February challenge that Fit Approach & Lorna Jane Active  are putting on.


Last week was NOURISH week for MNB. I was a bit of an emotional eater last week after learning of Lawrence’s passing and my eats were based in health with an added side of emotion. I felt a bit overwhelmed and wish I could’ve been better about the challenge but I know that I did what was right for me and a challenge is just that, challenging.


Monday was to go Meatless – I did this without much hesitation and spent most of the week thereafter meat-free. I enjoyed a hearty salad for lunch and made some rockstar black bean burgers for dinner. I FINALLY created a black bean burger recipe that did not fall apart when I cooked them. I still need some practice but a definite improvement from previous attempts!
Tuesday was to take your lunch to work. I do this every day but ended up getting free lunch on Tuesday at a meeting… SCORE!!!… who can say no to Chipotle?? I enjoyed my tuesday lunch on wednesday which very closely resembled (read: was the exact same thing) as what I ate monday.
Wednesday was to track your eats… UGHH!!! I have given up food logging as I started to obsess over what I was eating and my calorie count back in the spring, resulting in me plateauing in my diet and physical appearance. I did track my food “loosely” on wednesday and I know that I missed many “snacks” through out the day… Remember I said it was an emotional week, definitely not the best track i’ve ever done.
Thursday was to make a smoothie…  I forgot but made it Friday.
Friday was GO RAW!!! I wanted to GO ALL OUT for this one but again emotions got the best of me and it completely slipped my mind. I made a “raw” smoothie with sweet potato, strawberry, almond milk & protein powder ((side note: AMAZINGGGGG)). I ate another “raw” salad with tons of veggies for lunch. Dinner was definitely not raw and my body reminded me multiple times on Saturday…

OVERALL I still am LOVING the MNBChallenge & am sad that I was not able to fully embrace the second week of challenges. BUT life is more important than a challenge and I know my #sweatpink Sisters would tell me the same thing!

To end today with something Beautiful. I wanted to share the flowers my Dad sent to my office for my Birthday. It was so nice to receive flowers (something I don’t often get) and watch them get more and more beautiful as the week went on!

Hugs & Kisses Bouquet! How fitting!

Hugs & Kisses Bouquet! How fitting!

Have a happy and healthy start to your week friends!


No Questions, Just sending love.

Move Nourish Believe Challenge Week 1

Happy Saturday!

Happy Birthday to ME & all my favorite birthday twins!

post-multiple wine tastings last night!

post-multiple wine tastings last night!

I am popping in today to share my recap & belated friday favorites from the FitApproach & Lorna Jane Move-Nourish-Believe Challenge that started on Monday.

Do YOU #sweatpink?

Do YOU #sweatpink?

I was really excited about the challenge, as I truly love to give myself little challenges through out the week to make my workouts, meals and mind a little healthier.

This week was MOVE week. The challenges were small but like I said it is fun to have a little challenge to break up the metonymy of your daily routine.

Monday – Sweat It Out
*show your favorite way to sweat pink* I love to sweat during each workout and lately my favorite way to get my workout on is through GPP. I love the workouts and the philosophy read more on that here, here & here.

Monday’s GPP workout was One Sided Revenge and definitely resulted in some huffing&puffing on my behalf. I decided to speed walk rather than run the workout for personal & leg related reasons. I finished the morning with 10 minutes of pull up training!

Tuesday – Change It Up
*sweat a new way today* I think everyday of GPP is a new workout, some days we do a repeat workout but most days are completely new combination of moves, intervals or reps.
Tuesdays are known to be a Lift Heavy day in the GPP Gym and this tuesday did not disappoint. I love the challenge of lifting heavy but get a bit weary when it is a newer move that I have not perfected or when I reach for a weight I know I could not clear previously.
My change it up challenge to myself was to look beyond the weight and focus on pushing myself and my limits without fear of failure. Sometimes it is OKAY to fail on a lift, it means you stepped outside of that comfort-zone box and tried something new.
I started my power cleans at a weight I was comfortable with and then progressed it depending on how I felt with 2 reps left of the previous lift. If I was completely toast with 2 reps to go I upped the weight 10# (5# each side) & if I felt it was tough but do-able I upped my weight 20#. I did not go above this formula for ME for THIS workout, and it seemed to work. When I was getting fatigued and heavier for me I tried upping 10# and could not clear the bar, so I dropped down 5# and tried again. Since I was able to clear I finished that round and added those 5# back for my last round.

please note I WAS breathing during this pull… I just made a funny face… workout faces are not always cute/ #sorrynotsorry

please note I WAS breathing during this pull… I just made a funny face… workout faces are not always cute/ #sorrynotsor

AND I DID IT!!! Well I did it once, it took all my energy and a couple “trial” pulls before I was able to clear and clean the bar. I caught the bar a little late and ended up more in a power-squat-clean position, BUT I cleared the bar!!
I was very proud to say I cleaned #125 on my last pull and challenged myself to get a heavier weight and did not quit!

Wednesday – Plank It Out
*perform 5 minutes of planking* I finished my GPP workout and did 3 sets of 60 second planks before becoming jello and could not complete the last 2 minutes. I finished the last 2 minutes after work before crawling in bed! I do love to plank!


Thursday – Sweat With A Buddy
Thursdays GPP KB/AB workout was a great partner workout. My coworker and I blasted through the quick & dirty workout and caught a quick pic during our last few abs. Well… I TRIED to get a picture but it was an epic photo fail.



Friday – Five Fitness Faves!
SORRY for being a day late on my 5 faces, I had every intention of writing this yesterday morning but got distracted in re-designing my header & little corner of the web…
I have TONS OF Fitness Favorites. If I sat here and thought about all the things fitness that I love I would have a longggggg list of people, workouts, apparel, and shoes… YES shoes get their own category! I decided to put together a few workouts and pull a few of my favorite GPP workouts to share with you.




I hope you all have a great week and made sure to move a bit! I am excited for the nourish week and cannot wait to work on making better food choices. AFTER the birthday cake tonight!

How did you move this week?
Do you follow Fit Approach on FB/IG/Twitter?
What is your favorite way to Sweat Pink?

Practicing Patience

How about that Super Bowl???

Well yeah it wasn’t very exciting, I usually am not overly excited about the Super Bowl or the commercials but this year all you had to look forward to was the commercials.. I mean the Seahawks pulled off an impressive game but it just wasn’t exciting for me to watch as a non-Seahawks fan.

We had a pretty laid back weekend but after meeting with the Priest Saturday I really starting thinking about who I am and what I want to accomplish this next year. I always find myself re-evaluating life when my birthday is drawing near and I am really excited with all the ideas floating in my head. Making them a reality will be the hard part. Why can’t those ideas just magically become real without all that logistical stuff? anyways more on that another day!


One thing that the Priest kept saying to Brent was “be patient with yourself.” Each time he said that it resonated a little deeper with me. I felt like he was talking to me and those words were searching deep within myself to calm the anxiety ridden thoughts that I have about all these things I want to share and help other with. I LOVE that I have a passion for helping others I just have to remember to be PATIENT with myself.


I love the thought of good things come to those who wait, and that waiting and being patient will help work everything out. BUT I also know that if you want something to happen you have to work to let your passion and idea occur. Nothing is given to people just because they thought of it, people have to work for the honor to be given great things.

Patience may just be my word for February. I think it is a marvelous one 😉

Thanks Katie for toe weekly link of marvelousness!

Thanks Katie for the weekly link of marvelousness!

I also found myself thinking a lot of my friends, new and old this weekend. Some of these people included the crew from GPP intensive. I am surprised & love how after only meeting them and spending a few days together I feel a strong bond with these girls. I cannot wait to meet more blogging friends and friends with the same passion as me to help drive me to be a better ME.


Today is also the FIRST day of the Sweat Pink & Lorna Jane Challenge. I am really excited for the mini-daily motivation and activities to keep me going all February long. I will be doing a weekly recap of the challenges over the weekend. But to get in on the action NOW here’s the daily activities

Do YOU #sweatpink?

Do YOU #sweatpink?

ALSO make sure to follow me on Instagram where I’ll post more regularly.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  • How do you stay patient with yourself?
  • Whats one word you’re using for this month?
  • Who’s left a footprint on your heart lately?

Fridays are for Thinking Out Loud?!

Happy Thursday! Oh wait its Friday….

yep this post was 100% completed, set and ready to go but then BOOM blogger meltdown, post eliminated, disaster… UGH!

So what you would’ve read yesterday would have been something along the lines of “my brain is about to explode” so I am linking up with Amanda & thinking out loud!


What you would’ve read was… how on Wednesday I woke up channeling my inner Madeline #somethingisnotright & found a torrential downpour in the bathroom…. #thankyoupolarvortex… blogger thing to do was recording it and uploading to IG @allisoninwellnessland

Left - Ceiling during said waterfall experience  Right - NO WATER!!! #winning

Left – Waterfall in my house?!?
Right – NO Ceiling & no WATER!!! #winning

Left - DURING the rainforest invasion Right = after restoration company had their hand at our house!

Left = torrential downpour swimming pool. 
Right = after restoration company had their hand at our house!

What you would’ve read was… how right now I am in severe need of buying peanut butter/nut butter, I am ALL OUT. #totalfail this will be fixed this weekend. you also would’ve read about how I am thinking about jumping on the Quest Bar bandwagon… seriously everyone seems to be in-love with these little bars of goodness and I have yet to try one. I could wait until I visit Arman, but maybe Ill try a few and make a request for my visit 😉

What you would’ve read was… how excited I am for February and the FitApproach & Lorna Jane challenge. I love a good little challenge and the Move, Nourish Believe challenge fits that bill perfectly. I am excited to try each day’s task and get involved with some of the Sweat Pink girls a little more! If you are interested in joining the fun head over to the event’s page on Facebook!

Do YOU #sweatpink?

Do YOU #sweatpink?

What you would’ve read was… how this “recipe” has been hauled up in my blogger “to do” file for quite a while but I always forgot to photograph the evidence. Lucky for YOU I remembered this time & this will be coming soon to a blog post near you!

Coming soon to a blog post near you…

Coming soon to a blog post near you…

What you would’ve read was… how excited I am for my Birthday next Saturday. I think turning a year older is a pretty sweet thing and kicking off the weekend with some WINE time on Friday is a perfect start!

What you wouldn’t have read was how I quit BCD Thursday after finding out I have a sinus infection. I really enjoyed the first day of BCD but knowing I am fighting an infection on a already compromised immune system I decided restricting my calories on top of that would be a potentially dangerous combination. I do plan to do the reset & BCD combo again in the very near future because I felt great, minus the attack my sinuses had on me.

Hope you have a happy Friday!


  • Did you ever watch Madeline?
  • Whats your favorite way to sweat pink?
  • Are you a Quest Bar Junkie?
  • Need any birthday gift ideas? 😉



Happy FrozenTuesday!

I am sure the majority of you all are stuck somewhere in this massive frozen Earth we are on. I seriously am just glad my car started each time yesterday. I got to the gym bright and early yesterday morning and did the first day of GPP’s HELLth week, and when I got back to my car it was FROZEN. On. The. Inside. So that was a fun 10 minutes of shivering 🙂

scrapers don't work inside… :(

scrapers don’t work inside… 😦

Ok enough of my wining about the cold, I know a lot of you are experiencing it also, so I will get on with this blog post.

This is real life before 8 am… OK seriously done whining!

This is real life before 8 am, as I was leaving the gym… OK seriously done whining!

As many of you know I started doing GPP workouts in the fall and have loved the variety the workouts provide. The mix of core, cardio, strength, lifting and power lifts really provide for a whole body experience which leaves me wanting more each week. I mentioned Sunday that I am heading to Utah on Thursday to spend the weekend with the GPP gang and learn as much as I can during the weekend, along with some killer workouts I.Am.Sure.

This week Neil (GPP guru) set us all up for a major challenge to start this New Year off right. He is challenging us with killer workouts, and deeming it a GPP HELLth week. I am still a relatively new GPPer so this will be my first week participating in HELLth week and would be lying to y’all if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous ((insert fear before reading tomorrows workout))

all bundled up bright and cold!

or just a bitterly cold Allison on the way to the gym!

In addition to the promise of 7 days of workouts, sure to leave you sweaty, tired and possibly sore. Neil also challenged the community to a week without SUGAR. This is exactly what I, along with probably most others, need after all the holidays. Sugar is a staple of the holiday season and seems to bring with it a never ending cycle of over-eating, sugar cravings and over-eating. I try to limit my daily sugar consumption as it is but have noticed almost everyday after lunch I am craving something sweet. If there is a cookie or chocolate around my office I will eat that or I will turn to gum, and “chain” chew sugar-free gum. It.Is.A.Problem… I am a gum-aholic…

Neil asked those of us interested in participating in the challenge to VERBALLY…. ehhh writtenly… commit to the challenge 100%. By putting it out there in the community you are more likely to fulfill your commitment and not quit when the going gets tough, because obviously people are counting on you and you seriously


SO I am here to commit twice. I first committed on the GPP website to both the sugar and workout challenge. I am going to forego my gum-obsessed chewing and give my jaw a break. I am also going to push myself physically and mentally and tackle each of the HELLth week workouts. I may have to alter the exercises to make each workout the safest that I can so I ensure that I do not do myself bodily harm. But I will do the workouts 100% and fully commit to let this week work.

Yesterday was Day 1 of the week… The workout was “AMRAP S, Sw, Sh, B, T

AMRAP in 40 min. (AMRAP = as many rounds as possible)

4 ten meter high knee sprints
20 lunge switches (R+L=1)
20 OH DB presses 15/20 ea.
20 DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.
20 OH triceps ext 15/20

If you are unsure of what these workouts are, follow the link to watch a youtube video for further instructions. If you are still confused or need a modification please leave a comment or send me an email and I will help the best I can

My Modifications were as follows:

  • Heavy resistance band sprint to 60 high knees at max resistance… there wasn’t anywhere conducive to 10 meter sprints so I got creative and made it work! ((tried & failed at making a video of this for you guys… womp womp))
  • Stepping lunges … I have been battling a bit of a hip issue and I knew jumping lunges would be the end of me. I made sure my form was on spot each lunge and went for full range of motion.

I completed 7 rounds in 30 minutes. I had to cut the workout short due to time constraints and wanting to have enough time to let my car warm up.

WOOHOO Day 1 DONE!!! #redfacenhappy

WOOHOO Day 1 DONE!!! #redfacenhappy

Day 1 Sugar Free — well after lunch I was longing for something sweet, but instead of grabbing a piece of gum I grabbed my toothbrush (yep I had one with me) and gave my teeth a good brushing. It really helped my reject my initial craving for something sweet. I had to tell myself a few times the rest of the day that I didn’t need anything sweet and to just drink some water or tea but I was able to avoid all sweets on day 1!

I am already nervous and excited for Day 2’s challenge of power squat cleans and burpees. I really love PSC’s but am not such a fan of Burpees… I mean is anyone? I am sure I will be 300% dead at the end of the workout but feel 10000x better than when I walked through the gym door.

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends, make sure it is a healthy & happy one!






Are you doing GPP HELLth week? Whats your favorite type of gum? Are you a burpee fan?