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Okay so I think I say this every week but seriously this one got away from me. I need to get on my game and stop feeling this spring- sluggishness to improve my outlook on life but instead of complaining lets talk about everything I have been doing that WASN’T writing to you sweet people.

So I am linking up with Amanda (a day late), Katie & Claire for a fun Friday post of all the things going on this week and some random Friday Thoughts.

Strangest Gym Moment of the Week…. When I was taking a shower at the gym and the lady in the stall next to me started to do push ups into the frosted glass separator… I am not really sure what was going on or why she decided to do push ups into the glass when someone was showering in the next stall over, but I couldn’t help but laugh while being totally weirded out all at once!

Reading this post & having a whole new perspective on that stupid song Friday, which I think of every time I write HAPPY FRIDAY on a blog post. While I was reading this all I could think is “is this true, did ______ really put that much thought into all of that” I guess those are the questions that make the world go round, and conspiracy theories continue to be prominent aspects of life.

A blog-lated birthday wish to my Dad!!! Tuesday was his birthday, while he got neglected on the blog I did wish him a happy birthday on IG & Facebook… you know the important places 😉

Friday Thoughts

Brent won tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks about a month ago and the game took place on Tuesday. If you follow me on Instagram (which you should… head over there now, click follow then come right back) you saw a few of the pictures but heres the rest of the story.


Brent did not just win tickets he won a whole fan experience which included: free parking, a jersey/stick/gloves/helmet (to keep), an hour of skating with instruction from Troy Murray, dinner & drinks before the game, and 100 level tickets to the game. I didn’t get to skate or get the free gear but we got a lot of delicious food.

IMG_3058 IMG_3113

Sadly the Blackhawks lost and really other than the last few minutes of the third period it was a pretty evenly matched (boring) game, but our seats were great & doing something fun on a Tuesday night was pretty legit.


However that Tuesday excitement made for an exhausting Wednesday. I am not quite sure how i made it through work on Wednesday but after a quick 20 minute power nap I hit the gym for some cardio/back/bi’s. I think back might be my favorite area to work but man I need this weather to even out so I can get outside and run. I cannot spend 20-30 minutes on a bike and call it a workout.

Wednesday also included some #selfielove on Instagram!

Wednesday also included some #selfielove on Instagram!

Tonight we are going to try a new restaurant with my dad who is coming to Chicago to spend the weekend watching his friends son play baseball near the city with Brent & his friend. I am heading to Michigan on Saturday morning for some wedding planning and projects so while my dad is here, I will be there!

In wedding news I have decided on my shoes… this was a HUGE decision and I need to finalize it this weekend but I think it is a done deal. This also meant I ordered another few things off Etsy & my previous Etsy flower-girl dress scare was resolved… thats definitely a story for another day.

Wedding Logo

Okay thats my week in a nut shell… PHEW! TGIF!

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Weekending VII

Happy Monday!

I think I have finally come off the sugar high from this weekend, maybe

Friday at work my coworkers brought in a bunch of sugary treats partially for my birthday & partially for our students last day of her internship. While I had done a REALLYYYYY good job of avoiding all junk food brought to work I did ha e a few treats on Friday to start my Birthday weekend. I mean 80/20 right 😉

After work Brent & I climbed in the car and made our way to Michigan. First stop Chipotle for dinner. I NEVER get a burrito at chipotle and always get a bowl but I was first up for driving and didn’t thing a bowl while driving would be a good idea. In hindsight a burrito while driving was probably less than the best idea as well… In short IT WAS HARD!

I drove the first part of the trip & Brent drove parked the second half. We got stuck on a “closed” highway while they plowed the roads, for an hour. It was rough, but I’m glad I wasn’t driving 😉

Saturday we had a few appointments for our wedding in the morning, once those were done & our hearts stopped racing from sticker shock, we headed back to my parents house and seriously vegged out. Again in hindsight there was a lot that we could’ve done but watching Criminal Minds marathons on ION and snuggling napping on the couch seemed so much better!

After a few hours of being a textbook couch potato & Brents insistent questioning of when I was going to open presents. The boy was excited, and after a month of me being TRULY convinced he hadn’t bought me anything he was starting to get antsy to share the gift with me. So we opened gifts prior to going to dinner.

Weekending VII

My dad scored with a total blogger birthday of Photoshop Elements (so excited to work on this!!!) and some Fabletics gear!!!! I have been wanting to try Fabletics out for a while but since we are saving all our penny’s I hadn’t bought anything yet. Plus a wacky gator clock that is in the mail!

Brent scored big with a huge gift and something we both have been taking about getting for a while. Brent got my Physical Therapy Degree framed!! I can’t wait to have a house & wall to hang it on!!

We then headed to dinner downtown Ann Arbor at Vinology. It was a fun atmosphere and unique menu with lots of tasty options!

We had a bottle of wine to share
 Weekending VII
Mini beef sliders
Weekending VII
Half order of this mushroom & eggplant lasagna pasta
Weekending VII
Half order of game hen & lobster mac n cheese
 Weekending VII
Smores cheesecake dessert & some seriously string dessert wine 
 Weekending VIISafe to say I was in a food coma when I got home. Sooooo much food, but soooo good!
Sunday, MY BIRTHDAY!!!, started with cake tasting!!! I mean what better thing to do one your birthday than taste some cake 🙂
We then headed to my aunt & uncles house for a birthday brunch! My aunt & I share the same birthday just 22 years removed. When I was 10 we were mistaken as twins… But then I grew…
Ann is standing in this picture & I am sitting on a bar stool, just for perspective :)

Ann is standing in this picture & I am sitting on a bar stool, just for perspective 🙂

Weekending VIIThe food was amazing, as was the company!  it was really nice seeing everyone before we headed back to Chicago.Once we got back to town we finished the weekend with a quick grocery trip, some speedy food prep and a high class dinner while watching Walking Dead.

Weekending VII
I haven’t had homemade Nacho’s in FOREVER and while it was good, I think my stomach is going to revolt tomorrow… back to the healthy food it is cravingggggg!
Hope you all had a marvelous weekend too!
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30 Thankful Days {18-24}

Happy Tuesday!

I cannot believe it is already the last Tuesday of November and almost the end of my 30 thankful days posts. Last week I felt a whirlwind of emotions and moods and events in a rather uneventful week and weekend, so lets get to finding something in each day to be thankful for.

Linking up with Katie

Linking up with Katie

Day 18 – Meeting new Doctors… this is a total nerd thing to say, but I truly love learning new things and getting to engage with the physicians who directly treat and impact my ability to help patients heal. I was given the chance to talk to two doctors last week through different meetings, and beyond the free lunch, I was able to learn more about them and their practices along with a little about myself!

Day 19 – is it cheating to say our Engagement Pictures?? No? Okay good because I am definitely thankful for how well they came out, all of your sweet comments (here, here and here) and how amazing they worked with our save the dates! didn’t see them?? head to this post and check them out (then tell me which is your favorite, because mine changes every day!)

here's a peak ;)

here’s a peak 😉

Day 20 – Open Gym @ EPC… Weekends tend to be filled to the brim with traveling and family time lately (which is AWESOME) so when we get a chance to stay in town and go to the gym/do what we want without plans I am in heaven. Saturday we spent a couple hours working on some strength moves, pull ups and got extra Chalky! 

you know you Snatched & did pull ups for 2+ hours when your covered in chalk at the end

you know you Snatched & did pull ups for 2+ hours when your covered in chalk at the end

Day 21 – Dinner with someone other than Brent CrossFit EPC… Our CrossFit gym started a 8week challenge right when we joined the gym, we opted out of the challenge because of doing our Advo challenge, so to celebrate the challenge finishing they did what all smart people do and went out for Burgers & Beer! YES PLEASE! Brent & I were all about this and it was so nice to spend a little time in real clothing with people we have started to get to know in the gym and talk about things other than snatches, PR’s & Pull ups! (although I do love all those things too!)

Brent with his "Spears' Burger, he was excited the bun was branded!

Brent with his “Spears’ Burger, he was excited the bun was branded!

Day 22 – Read THIS to know what I was thankful for. It pretty much says it all… 😉

"Dear Momma" ~Happy 50th Birthday

“Dear Momma” ~Happy 50th Birthday

Day 23 – Weekend Crafting!!!! I had a huge itch to do a craft on Saturday. So I scratched it and headed to Michaels for a little pinterest inspired crafting day. I had plans to make 1-2 simple but statement Christmas gifts and left with supplies for 3 gifts & 2 wedding crafts. The best thing about my crafting itch was that ALL of the crafts were a success… no major fails and serious glitter adoration! I am slightly obsessed with them all!

{{almost}} finished product for our wedding

{{almost}} finished product for our wedding

Day 24 – Homemade Mac & Cheese, Crockpot Pot Roast, Turkey Soup & Sweet Potato Quiche… Let me just say that I KILLED it this week with super simple meal prep and delicious homemade mac & cheese. If those recipe “titles” don’t sound good to you let me know & I’ll go grab my AED.

I hope you take some time this Tuesday to treat yourself to a craft, delicious dinner or conversation with a friend and at the end of the day reflect on what you are thankful for. I promise you if you reflect a little you will find a lot.

Tell me something you’re thankful for today!
Ever get the crafting itch?
How do you like your Mac & Cheese?

Dear Momma

Dear Momma,

Today on your birthday I have so much to say and so many things to wish you. I think about birthdays with friends and other family members and how each year the celebration is filled with such emotion & joy. Celebrating another year in history another milestone, celebrating with cake & gifts and love, lots of love.

Birthdays are some of my favorite days, making them a little more special for the person who we are celebrating and creating memories are just some of the things that make me love them so much. But how do I spoil you? How do I shower you with love? How can I mark this milestone in history?

Dear Momma

When I was reflecting on the fact that today would be your 50th birthday, while in my eyes you are still (and always will be) 30 years old. How is it possible that you are truly 50? Anyways, I was thinking about what I would say, how we would celebrate together and what we would talk about.

On your birthday I would tell you how much I love you, how much you help me through the hardest of days. Although I don’t get to see you, talk to you or hug you I can feel your presence on the days when I need it the most. So today for your 50th birthday I want to share to all my friends (or the ones who read this little blog of mine) how lucky I AM to have you as my mom.

Dear Momma

On your birthday I would tell you how thankful I am for the family you helped bring together. I could not imagine my life any different than it is right now, and I am 100% sure that the family support that I have is completely because of you. You are the glue that brought us together when life was the hardest and you are what held us together during all of those hard times. Because of our love and your love for all of us we formed this strong bond and love, for that I am forever thankful.

On your birthday I would tell you how much I stinking miss you. How much I wish I could create new memories with you and share all of the madness that is wedding planning… and life… with you. I know you have been with me each and every step of the way and I wouldn’t have that any other way.

Dear Momma

If we were celebrating together today, I would shower you with gifts and I imagine us sitting around a fire doing a craft or doing something artsy. I imagine a big mug of hot cocoa and some crazy concoction recipe that you created. I imagine watching Grease and laughing & singing at the top of our lungs.

If we were celebrating together today it would be the best day, because it is your day & I would just be happy to be there with you!

Happy 50th Birthday my Beautiful Angel! Thank you for choosing me as your daughter.



Vegetable Sausage Birthday Quiche

Happy Tuesday! I realize my birthday was a solid 10 days ago but I am a horrible blogger and am just now getting to share my thrown together quiche that I made my birthday morning. It was seriously delicious even though … Continue reading

Move Nourish Believe Challenge Week 1

Happy Saturday!

Happy Birthday to ME & all my favorite birthday twins!

post-multiple wine tastings last night!

post-multiple wine tastings last night!

I am popping in today to share my recap & belated friday favorites from the FitApproach & Lorna Jane Move-Nourish-Believe Challenge that started on Monday.

Do YOU #sweatpink?

Do YOU #sweatpink?

I was really excited about the challenge, as I truly love to give myself little challenges through out the week to make my workouts, meals and mind a little healthier.

This week was MOVE week. The challenges were small but like I said it is fun to have a little challenge to break up the metonymy of your daily routine.

Monday – Sweat It Out
*show your favorite way to sweat pink* I love to sweat during each workout and lately my favorite way to get my workout on is through GPP. I love the workouts and the philosophy read more on that here, here & here.

Monday’s GPP workout was One Sided Revenge and definitely resulted in some huffing&puffing on my behalf. I decided to speed walk rather than run the workout for personal & leg related reasons. I finished the morning with 10 minutes of pull up training!

Tuesday – Change It Up
*sweat a new way today* I think everyday of GPP is a new workout, some days we do a repeat workout but most days are completely new combination of moves, intervals or reps.
Tuesdays are known to be a Lift Heavy day in the GPP Gym and this tuesday did not disappoint. I love the challenge of lifting heavy but get a bit weary when it is a newer move that I have not perfected or when I reach for a weight I know I could not clear previously.
My change it up challenge to myself was to look beyond the weight and focus on pushing myself and my limits without fear of failure. Sometimes it is OKAY to fail on a lift, it means you stepped outside of that comfort-zone box and tried something new.
I started my power cleans at a weight I was comfortable with and then progressed it depending on how I felt with 2 reps left of the previous lift. If I was completely toast with 2 reps to go I upped the weight 10# (5# each side) & if I felt it was tough but do-able I upped my weight 20#. I did not go above this formula for ME for THIS workout, and it seemed to work. When I was getting fatigued and heavier for me I tried upping 10# and could not clear the bar, so I dropped down 5# and tried again. Since I was able to clear I finished that round and added those 5# back for my last round.

please note I WAS breathing during this pull… I just made a funny face… workout faces are not always cute/ #sorrynotsorry

please note I WAS breathing during this pull… I just made a funny face… workout faces are not always cute/ #sorrynotsor

AND I DID IT!!! Well I did it once, it took all my energy and a couple “trial” pulls before I was able to clear and clean the bar. I caught the bar a little late and ended up more in a power-squat-clean position, BUT I cleared the bar!!
I was very proud to say I cleaned #125 on my last pull and challenged myself to get a heavier weight and did not quit!

Wednesday – Plank It Out
*perform 5 minutes of planking* I finished my GPP workout and did 3 sets of 60 second planks before becoming jello and could not complete the last 2 minutes. I finished the last 2 minutes after work before crawling in bed! I do love to plank!


Thursday – Sweat With A Buddy
Thursdays GPP KB/AB workout was a great partner workout. My coworker and I blasted through the quick & dirty workout and caught a quick pic during our last few abs. Well… I TRIED to get a picture but it was an epic photo fail.



Friday – Five Fitness Faves!
SORRY for being a day late on my 5 faces, I had every intention of writing this yesterday morning but got distracted in re-designing my header & little corner of the web…
I have TONS OF Fitness Favorites. If I sat here and thought about all the things fitness that I love I would have a longggggg list of people, workouts, apparel, and shoes… YES shoes get their own category! I decided to put together a few workouts and pull a few of my favorite GPP workouts to share with you.




I hope you all have a great week and made sure to move a bit! I am excited for the nourish week and cannot wait to work on making better food choices. AFTER the birthday cake tonight!

How did you move this week?
Do you follow Fit Approach on FB/IG/Twitter?
What is your favorite way to Sweat Pink?

Practicing Patience

How about that Super Bowl???

Well yeah it wasn’t very exciting, I usually am not overly excited about the Super Bowl or the commercials but this year all you had to look forward to was the commercials.. I mean the Seahawks pulled off an impressive game but it just wasn’t exciting for me to watch as a non-Seahawks fan.

We had a pretty laid back weekend but after meeting with the Priest Saturday I really starting thinking about who I am and what I want to accomplish this next year. I always find myself re-evaluating life when my birthday is drawing near and I am really excited with all the ideas floating in my head. Making them a reality will be the hard part. Why can’t those ideas just magically become real without all that logistical stuff? anyways more on that another day!


One thing that the Priest kept saying to Brent was “be patient with yourself.” Each time he said that it resonated a little deeper with me. I felt like he was talking to me and those words were searching deep within myself to calm the anxiety ridden thoughts that I have about all these things I want to share and help other with. I LOVE that I have a passion for helping others I just have to remember to be PATIENT with myself.


I love the thought of good things come to those who wait, and that waiting and being patient will help work everything out. BUT I also know that if you want something to happen you have to work to let your passion and idea occur. Nothing is given to people just because they thought of it, people have to work for the honor to be given great things.

Patience may just be my word for February. I think it is a marvelous one 😉

Thanks Katie for toe weekly link of marvelousness!

Thanks Katie for the weekly link of marvelousness!

I also found myself thinking a lot of my friends, new and old this weekend. Some of these people included the crew from GPP intensive. I am surprised & love how after only meeting them and spending a few days together I feel a strong bond with these girls. I cannot wait to meet more blogging friends and friends with the same passion as me to help drive me to be a better ME.


Today is also the FIRST day of the Sweat Pink & Lorna Jane Challenge. I am really excited for the mini-daily motivation and activities to keep me going all February long. I will be doing a weekly recap of the challenges over the weekend. But to get in on the action NOW here’s the daily activities

Do YOU #sweatpink?

Do YOU #sweatpink?

ALSO make sure to follow me on Instagram where I’ll post more regularly.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  • How do you stay patient with yourself?
  • Whats one word you’re using for this month?
  • Who’s left a footprint on your heart lately?

Fridays are for Thinking Out Loud?!

Happy Thursday! Oh wait its Friday….

yep this post was 100% completed, set and ready to go but then BOOM blogger meltdown, post eliminated, disaster… UGH!

So what you would’ve read yesterday would have been something along the lines of “my brain is about to explode” so I am linking up with Amanda & thinking out loud!


What you would’ve read was… how on Wednesday I woke up channeling my inner Madeline #somethingisnotright & found a torrential downpour in the bathroom…. #thankyoupolarvortex… blogger thing to do was recording it and uploading to IG @allisoninwellnessland

Left - Ceiling during said waterfall experience  Right - NO WATER!!! #winning

Left – Waterfall in my house?!?
Right – NO Ceiling & no WATER!!! #winning

Left - DURING the rainforest invasion Right = after restoration company had their hand at our house!

Left = torrential downpour swimming pool. 
Right = after restoration company had their hand at our house!

What you would’ve read was… how right now I am in severe need of buying peanut butter/nut butter, I am ALL OUT. #totalfail this will be fixed this weekend. you also would’ve read about how I am thinking about jumping on the Quest Bar bandwagon… seriously everyone seems to be in-love with these little bars of goodness and I have yet to try one. I could wait until I visit Arman, but maybe Ill try a few and make a request for my visit 😉

What you would’ve read was… how excited I am for February and the FitApproach & Lorna Jane challenge. I love a good little challenge and the Move, Nourish Believe challenge fits that bill perfectly. I am excited to try each day’s task and get involved with some of the Sweat Pink girls a little more! If you are interested in joining the fun head over to the event’s page on Facebook!

Do YOU #sweatpink?

Do YOU #sweatpink?

What you would’ve read was… how this “recipe” has been hauled up in my blogger “to do” file for quite a while but I always forgot to photograph the evidence. Lucky for YOU I remembered this time & this will be coming soon to a blog post near you!

Coming soon to a blog post near you…

Coming soon to a blog post near you…

What you would’ve read was… how excited I am for my Birthday next Saturday. I think turning a year older is a pretty sweet thing and kicking off the weekend with some WINE time on Friday is a perfect start!

What you wouldn’t have read was how I quit BCD Thursday after finding out I have a sinus infection. I really enjoyed the first day of BCD but knowing I am fighting an infection on a already compromised immune system I decided restricting my calories on top of that would be a potentially dangerous combination. I do plan to do the reset & BCD combo again in the very near future because I felt great, minus the attack my sinuses had on me.

Hope you have a happy Friday!


  • Did you ever watch Madeline?
  • Whats your favorite way to sweat pink?
  • Are you a Quest Bar Junkie?
  • Need any birthday gift ideas? 😉


GPP Fast & Food Prep

Excited to link up in the FIRST Sunday Food Prep Link Party!


Thanks Lindsay for hosting!

Have you ever done food prep on a completely empty stomach? Well let.me.tell.you it aint easy to resist taste testing while you prep.

During GPP intensive I was able to learn more about GPP’s Fast & Burst Cycle Diet when we talked Nutrition. To be 100% honest I had seen both of these plans on the GPP website prior to intensive and thought “hmmm that doesn’t seem safe” & “this could never impact me positively“. I said this because on paper the plans seem too minimalist and there is not a lot of additional information.

At intensive Neil talked about how the Fast/Reset is a great tool for blasting through the first two weeks of a new nutrition plan. When people want to make a change in their diet it really takes about 2 weeks for results and changes to be seen, but with performing the fast prior to the nutritional changes your body is flushed and refreshed to take in the new whole healthy nutrients that you are hopefully choosing.

I was hesitant to perform the fast due to my Crohns and the fear that performing this would cause an irritant to my already sensitive gut. BUT after thinking about it drinking water is probably the healthiest way to flush a system and there are no stimulants in water or fruit juice. These are all whole natural foods that I already eat. PLUS for those wonderful colonoscopy’s water/gatorade and a laxative is prescribed, so water MUST be healthier than taking a laxative. So what could it hurt? If I felt horrible or my body decided to revolt I would stop, no harm no foul.

I am one of the mind that if I am going to tell people about something {i.e. coach GPP and inform my clients of the fast/reset} than I should be able to give first hand advice. This is what truly drove me to perform the reset.

Honestly Saturday and Sunday were not that bad. I had a few hunger pangs but I would just grab my water and they would go away. Sunday I was excited to be able to have something other than water but wanted to wait until later in the day to “indulge” in my juice. After going to church I was moderately hungry so I drank some water and took a nap (the perfect thing to take this girls mind off food!).

This  was not me…. Brent got rather HANGRY though.

This was not me…. Brent got rather HANGRY though.

I then food prepped. As my plan was perform the reset followed by at least one round of BCD. I will likely perform 2 rounds ending next week some time before my Birthday!!! (can’t be BCD’ing on my BIRTHDAY!!)

Although I couldn’t eat while prepping I was able to power through veggies, pomegranate and marinaded then baked two batches of chicken. We bought a bunch of fruit & stuff to make wraps rather than sandwiches for lunches so that stuff was ready for easy making in the mornings.


I will be back tomorrow with a break down of BCD and my take on the reset but for now Happy Grammy Night!





What did you food prep today? Do you get Hangry or sleepy?