Fridays are for Thinking Out Loud?!

Happy Thursday! Oh wait its Friday….

yep this post was 100% completed, set and ready to go but then BOOM blogger meltdown, post eliminated, disaster… UGH!

So what you would’ve read yesterday would have been something along the lines of “my brain is about to explode” so I am linking up with Amanda & thinking out loud!


What you would’ve read was… how on Wednesday I woke up channeling my inner Madeline #somethingisnotright & found a torrential downpour in the bathroom…. #thankyoupolarvortex… blogger thing to do was recording it and uploading to IG @allisoninwellnessland

Left - Ceiling during said waterfall experience  Right - NO WATER!!! #winning

Left – Waterfall in my house?!?
Right – NO Ceiling & no WATER!!! #winning

Left - DURING the rainforest invasion Right = after restoration company had their hand at our house!

Left = torrential downpour swimming pool. 
Right = after restoration company had their hand at our house!

What you would’ve read was… how right now I am in severe need of buying peanut butter/nut butter, I am ALL OUT. #totalfail this will be fixed this weekend. you also would’ve read about how I am thinking about jumping on the Quest Bar bandwagon… seriously everyone seems to be in-love with these little bars of goodness and I have yet to try one. I could wait until I visit Arman, but maybe Ill try a few and make a request for my visit 😉

What you would’ve read was… how excited I am for February and the FitApproach & Lorna Jane challenge. I love a good little challenge and the Move, Nourish Believe challenge fits that bill perfectly. I am excited to try each day’s task and get involved with some of the Sweat Pink girls a little more! If you are interested in joining the fun head over to the event’s page on Facebook!

Do YOU #sweatpink?

Do YOU #sweatpink?

What you would’ve read was… how this “recipe” has been hauled up in my blogger “to do” file for quite a while but I always forgot to photograph the evidence. Lucky for YOU I remembered this time & this will be coming soon to a blog post near you!

Coming soon to a blog post near you…

Coming soon to a blog post near you…

What you would’ve read was… how excited I am for my Birthday next Saturday. I think turning a year older is a pretty sweet thing and kicking off the weekend with some WINE time on Friday is a perfect start!

What you wouldn’t have read was how I quit BCD Thursday after finding out I have a sinus infection. I really enjoyed the first day of BCD but knowing I am fighting an infection on a already compromised immune system I decided restricting my calories on top of that would be a potentially dangerous combination. I do plan to do the reset & BCD combo again in the very near future because I felt great, minus the attack my sinuses had on me.

Hope you have a happy Friday!


  • Did you ever watch Madeline?
  • Whats your favorite way to sweat pink?
  • Are you a Quest Bar Junkie?
  • Need any birthday gift ideas? 😉



GPP Fast & Food Prep

Excited to link up in the FIRST Sunday Food Prep Link Party!


Thanks Lindsay for hosting!

Have you ever done food prep on a completely empty stomach? Well it aint easy to resist taste testing while you prep.

During GPP intensive I was able to learn more about GPP’s Fast & Burst Cycle Diet when we talked Nutrition. To be 100% honest I had seen both of these plans on the GPP website prior to intensive and thought “hmmm that doesn’t seem safe” & “this could never impact me positively“. I said this because on paper the plans seem too minimalist and there is not a lot of additional information.

At intensive Neil talked about how the Fast/Reset is a great tool for blasting through the first two weeks of a new nutrition plan. When people want to make a change in their diet it really takes about 2 weeks for results and changes to be seen, but with performing the fast prior to the nutritional changes your body is flushed and refreshed to take in the new whole healthy nutrients that you are hopefully choosing.

I was hesitant to perform the fast due to my Crohns and the fear that performing this would cause an irritant to my already sensitive gut. BUT after thinking about it drinking water is probably the healthiest way to flush a system and there are no stimulants in water or fruit juice. These are all whole natural foods that I already eat. PLUS for those wonderful colonoscopy’s water/gatorade and a laxative is prescribed, so water MUST be healthier than taking a laxative. So what could it hurt? If I felt horrible or my body decided to revolt I would stop, no harm no foul.

I am one of the mind that if I am going to tell people about something {i.e. coach GPP and inform my clients of the fast/reset} than I should be able to give first hand advice. This is what truly drove me to perform the reset.

Honestly Saturday and Sunday were not that bad. I had a few hunger pangs but I would just grab my water and they would go away. Sunday I was excited to be able to have something other than water but wanted to wait until later in the day to “indulge” in my juice. After going to church I was moderately hungry so I drank some water and took a nap (the perfect thing to take this girls mind off food!).

This  was not me…. Brent got rather HANGRY though.

This was not me…. Brent got rather HANGRY though.

I then food prepped. As my plan was perform the reset followed by at least one round of BCD. I will likely perform 2 rounds ending next week some time before my Birthday!!! (can’t be BCD’ing on my BIRTHDAY!!)

Although I couldn’t eat while prepping I was able to power through veggies, pomegranate and marinaded then baked two batches of chicken. We bought a bunch of fruit & stuff to make wraps rather than sandwiches for lunches so that stuff was ready for easy making in the mornings.


I will be back tomorrow with a break down of BCD and my take on the reset but for now Happy Grammy Night!





What did you food prep today? Do you get Hangry or sleepy?