Motivation Monday/Week 6

My Motivation Monday for you is my 6 week shred recap and my thoughts on my progress…

I may not have achieved the 6-weeks later Allison I had in my head BUT I still achieved A LOT...

I may not have achieved the 6-weeks later Allison I had in my head BUT I still achieved A LOT…

Wow I can’t believe week 6 is over. If I am completely honest, which I try to always be with you all, I did not achieve the goals that I had set for myself in these 6 weeks. AND to be completely honest I know this is 100% MY FAULT. The challenge did not fail me; my adherence to the challenge is what limited my ability to meet my goals. However, no failure occurred!

My motivation MONDAY today is ME. I am proud of my progress even though it is not where I wanted to be I HAVE come a long way in these 6 weeks.

Weights – When I started the shred I was able to lift moderate weights, and in MOST every workout my starting weight now is almost my ending weight from the first weeks. It is really nice to see the weights stack on the bar and feel good about getting a weight I never thought I could get up UP!

Gym-Esteem – my confidence in the gym has definitely boosted!! I have used some equipment that I had never used before and now that my weights are higher I feel more like I belong there with the boys.

Spotting – Brent will tell you I am a horrible spotter. I get too nervous or distracted and really do suck at it. BUT I have improved in the past 6 weeks and am definitely getting better.

FORM – okay I am a STICKLER with form on my patients && want to have the best form I can when I workout. I have monkey arms which means when my form breaks down my elbows are almost ALWAYS the. Luckily with my increased strength I have been able to begin to overcome my monkey-arm issue.

Overall I really did enjoy the Shred. Like I said in last weeks recap the nutrition component for the last 3 weeks really had a negative effect on both of us. Week 6 we returned to the phase 1 food plan and I LOVED the way my body felt. I had increased energy for activities and NEVER felt hungry or deprived during the day. I also REALLY loved the incorporation of cardio with lifting. It was a really nice combination and a nice change of pace.


My progress was definitely NOT a straight line, but from day 1 to today there has definitely been a change…                                  The future never looked good! 

The challenge was ON POINT and I was seeing AMAZING results up to week 3, when the nutrition was stable and our focus was 100% on the challenge, then we let loose a little and started enjoying the weekends with our friends & family {{& I am GLAD we did}} which in combination with the nutrition change really caused me to rebound. ONCE I returned to the ORIGINAL nutrition plan and concentrated on the movements & my form, not just the repetitions/cardio I started to see increased gains and return of the shredded muscle mass I yearned for.

I cannot wait to start incorporating the lifting series that I have learned during this 6 weeks along with other exercises I have been ITCHING to get at! I hope you all have enjoyed my 6 week shred recaps. I wish I could show you some AMAZING transformation from week 1 to week 6 but my reality is I was already FIT and LEAN when I started the shred, my body responded GREAT when I stayed on point but 4 weeks of wavering diet and slacked exercises at times resulted in my results.

Weekly Progress... I am PROUD of my progress & progress is a HUGE part of the process...

Weekly Progress… I am PROUD of my progress & progress is a HUGE part of the process…

I AM PROUD of where I came, I can see the strength gains in the gym and I know that 6 weeks is just the BEGINNING of hypertrophy. Results don’t happen over night they happen over time & six weeks just isn’t enough time. I love looking at my progress pictures, even if I feel silly taking them, they really make me see my hard work and realize that my hours in the gym add up!

I hope my story helps to Motivate you on this Monday… Stay Positive & Stay Active!





I’d Love To Know ~~ What is your current gym accomplishment? Do you take progress pictures?


Motivation Monday #4

Hey Wellnessland!

Hope you all enjoyed my weekend recap, I am so glad we decided to get back to town early yesterday and recover from the long days of the weekend. I could still use one more day… So this morning when I woke up I knew I needed to have the best attitude toward today or it could quickly become a bad day.

Brent also often has a hard time on Mondays, the end of the weekend and the start of the work week doesn’t mesh well with him. So we had talked about staying CALM & being positive in the morning. THEN I saw this quote on pinterest, & thought how fitting for our #motivationmonday!

Motivation Monday

I truly believe that having a positive thought or attitude toward the morning can & will impact your whole day. If you wake up angry or negative your day will reflect.

Brent & I also decided to do a week 4 REWIND. Last week we were really busy and honestly our workouts were OFF and our nutrition followed suit this weekend. SO rather than moving forward in our 6 week shred to week 5 we decided to REWIND and do week 4 over again. Since our shred is for us & us alone we want to make the most out of it & redoing week 4 is the perfect idea!

I will keep you all up to date on our week 4 rewind!


I’d Love To Know~~ how do you stay positive on Mondays? What’s your motivation Monday quote of the week? 

New Perspective & Motivation Monday #3

Hey There Wellness Land!

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. I definitely needed the extra day & am so glad we utilized the weekend to ENJOY ourselves & live life!

As you can see Allison In Wellness Land got a little facelift! I had the time today to work on getting this blog to the point I wanted, it still needs some work, minor tweaks but I am SOOO happy with how it looks right now & I hope you are too. I will be working on filling in some of the blank spaces & providing you guys with recipes, motivation, workouts and MORE about me =)


BUT for now I am going to continue focusing on our 6 week shred & providing you guys information on each week. We just FINISHED week 3 and MAN WAS IT HARD! I really am loving how even though the exercises stay the same each week has a little twist which challenges you even more!

The first ½ of week 3 we did HEAVY lifts of 2-5 reps, major muscle bulking & IT WAS AWESOME. I really did love being able to really bump up my weight and feel accomplished by getting personal bests and leaving feeling like a true BEAST! The second ½ of the week was ENDURANCE lifts of 21-30 reps… HOLY CHANGE OF PACE! We went from lifting our max weights to heading back down to the 5-pounder end of the dumbbells and going for ages! Talk about a SLOOWWWWW burn that develops from doing soo many reps, but again SO FUN. I loved changing it up and really feeling the definition with each rep.

On Thursday I wanted to share with you all my honest hour & gym-epiphany, but life got in the way and so my honest hour is now your motivation monday. In the middle of my workout Thursday I was jumping rope and zoned out, my mind started wandering back to when I FIRST started my journey that has now turned into my passion.

~~~Cue Day Dream Back Story~~~

When I FIRST started {{REALLY}} working out, not high school sports or the random 3-6weeks of intermittent gym cardio, but TRUE dedication to a gym & truly LOVING fitness. This was in Lubbock at The Boxing Club, my friend Kori and I joined and both were very worried about how we would like it, but doing it together made it SO MUCH BETTER!!! I remember our FIRST class, we started with jumping rope for TEN MINUTES, I don’t think I ever jumped rope when I was little and it definitely showed… after my embarrassing jump roping & “warm up” I remember looking at Kori and saying “DANG its only been 10 minutes, and I am already dead!”… it probably took me a solid month of going to the BClub 3-4days/week before I FINALLY learned to jump rope, and I STILL wasn’t good. BUT I was obsessed with working out and so excited to see the little progress that I was seeing. I felt better but I was still eating poorly, so my food choices were really killing my efforts in the gym. I would go every day and look in the mirror and see all the FLAWS, I would avoid looking in the 30 foot mirror for fear of feeling like an idiot, because I DIDN’T SEE MY TRUE REFLECTION. I saw the girl I THOUGHT I WAS not the one I WAS. I would get complements from the instructors about my technique, my power, my core strength but all I could see were my WEAKNESSES.

A VERY not so attractive picture of me POST boxing class PRE lifestyle change. SIDE NOTE -- this was an extremely hard && sweaty class, Mrs. B knew what was up!

A VERY not so attractive picture of me POST boxing class PRE lifestyle change. SIDE NOTE — this was an extremely hard && sweaty class, Mrs. B knew what was up!

Kori & I then decided to do a 24-day diet challenge, & those 24 days CHANGED MY LIFE. We were still working out at the bclub BUT NOW we were FUELING our bodies with whole, nutritious, balanced meals that gave us the energy and power that we needed to perform these workouts. I didn’t count calories, I didn’t weigh food, I didn’t really even measure. I JUST followed the instructions, & FOCUSED on portion control. AND I started seeing the changes in the mirror; I FELT better & so then I saw myself in a better light. I saw the # on the scale go down and THAT FELT GOOD. I felt my clothing fit better and that felt GOOD. BUT what felt BEST was being able to go to the gym and GIVE IT MY ALL.

I was able to kick HARDER, punch HARDER, jump ROPE better, run faster, AND focus on myself and what was best for MY BODY!

Well that was a year and a half ago & I still have my struggles. Focusing on plateaus and not progress; picking out the defects rather than identifying the strengths; focusing on the results and not the PROCESS. When I was jumping rope on Thursday I saw my reflection for WHO I AM NOW. && I really think this was one of the FIRST times during a workout when I was a mess that I really thought “DAMN I LOOK GOOD, LOOK HOW FAR I HAVE COME.” I realized I should be more CONFIDENT about what I do and how I workout because if I AM confident in MYSELF that’s all I NEED!

Have CONFIDENCE in yourself and WHAT you do!

Have CONFIDENCE in yourself and WHAT you do!

I don’t go to the gym for anyone but MYSELF, I workout to make MYSELF feel better, to challenge MYSELF to push beyond MY boundaries & to motivate MYSELF to work harder and train better. I know that sounds REALLY selfish but if you are living your life to please someone else will you ever truly be happy?!

I carried this confidence through the rest of my workout Thursday and my workouts on Friday & Saturday. AND my confidence brought me COMPLEMENTS, like I said before I don’t go to the gym for anyone but MYSELF & frankly I only know one other person there {{BRENT}}, but on Saturday a random gym goer (who Brent started talking to) came up to me & complemented the definition in my arms & asked what sport I played. I think its funny that for a girl to lift and be toned I have to “play a sport,” I told him that I was a Physical Therapist and being fit is a personal prerequisite. {{I mean who wants to go to a PT who is overweight, kind of like who would want to go to a dentist with rotting teeth?}} BUT I truly believe that my inner confidence helped him notice me and propelled that RANDOM complement ((which totally boosted my mood!!)) My arms aren’t anything special{{yet}}, yes I lift, yes they are getting tone and YES I do work hard, so THANK YOU RANDOM guy for noticing!

OK so this LONG story leads me to my MOTIVATIONMONDAY quote.


Trust YOURSELF and your training, REFLECT on each days experience & end the day with the moment that brought you JOY. Constant reflection helps me notice my PROGRESS and appreciate the steps that come from each day.

Today’s workout was NOT that great, I didn’t go into it with the best attitude, I was NOT mentally there. We lifted to failure and FAILURE is something I have a hard time accepting. I KNOW this is muscle failure not personal failure but that word mentally psyched me out and limited my lifts. I had to say OUT LOUD to Brent “I CAN lift this weight, I CAN go heavier & I just need to TRUST myself and GET OUT of my head.” And you know what I DID IT, they might not have been complete sets, but I GOT THE WEIGHT UP.

Then we hit incline bench, my newest mortal enemy, and I plateaued. I got the first set of weight up, and completed my set with minor fatigue at the end, THE PERFECT WEIGHT. SO I upped my weight the next set & couldn’t get the weight up to save my life, I TRIED & failed, I tried AGAIN & failed, Brent helped me get it up & I couldn’t complete a rep & failed. Lots of failed attempts = frustrated Allison. Brent was helping talk me through getting the weight up & I lost it, my mental wall was hit and my body responded with TEARS. MY confidence was blown and I was beyond frustrated WITH MYSELF (there it is again selfish me!). I dropped my weight by ½ and did TWICE the amount of reps in our rep range. Welcome confidence building 101: when in doubt drop your weight and power through!

My failure helped me pick my head up and keep going. PLATEAUS don’t limit you; they PROPEL you to the next LEVEL. Which brings me to Motivation Monday quote #2



Ok long post over! I hope my story helps to motivate you if you’re stuck at a plateau or frustrated with the reflection in the mirror. REMEMBER you are BEAUTIFUL & WORTHY. Hit the gym and find what you LOVE, it will make a difference. Pick your head up and channel your inner CONFIDENCE and let the world see it!


I’d Love To Know ~~ How have you overcome your self-doubt & found inner confidence? Have you ever had a reflection epiphany when at the gym?

Weekend Warriors!

Hey Friends!

After our rest day on Thursday I was ready to lace up my sneakers and hit the… FARMERS MARKET!! & then the gym. Being new to Rockford I have no idea what to do, where to go.. I am pretty good at finding the gym, grocery store, and OBVIOUSLY the mall 😉

Friday I was talking to a patient who is another Rockford newbie and she was telling me about the Rockford City Market. This is a farmers market downtown Rockford on the river, they have tons of different vendors.. farm stands, some local shops such as jewelry/clothing/art & local food vendors & food trucks. SINCE we were planning on going to the gym right after the market we just browsed around and decided to come back another day.

Some quick shots from our trip to the market!

Some quick shots from our trip to the market!

On our way to the gym Brent’s stomach started to get the best of us and he decided he was in NEED of food. We decided to have an impromptu date night and skip the gym, so we headed out for a major CHEAT meal. We went to a Mexican restaurant and I immediately wanted a margarita. We ordered a “monster” && MONSTER IT WAS!!! Holy moly batman this girl is a LIGHT WEIGHT, and that margarita took all my energy to finish. Thankfully there was some tasty chips & salsa to help soak it up. We had made plans to meet up with some other friends, BUT we both ended up passing out at home… Sorry party people I might only be 25 but this body is a one {{MONSTER}} margarita party.

My HUGE Strawberry Margarita! Brent's was equally huge Lime!

My HUGE Strawberry Margarita! Brent’s was equally huge Lime!

To  “make-up” for our two skipped days this week we decided to hit the gym TWICE Saturday. Saturday mornings workout was really Thursday’s chest & tri’s workout… Our evening workout was Friday’s shoulders & legs workout. By the end of our workout I could already feel my chest getting sore from this morning & my shoulders were on fire from our evening workout. I LOVED IT!!

In the end, people will judge you anyway. Don't live your life impressing others. Live your life impressing yourself.

After our late night lift we got a little silly doing #selfies in the mirror… practicing our duck faces & just being crazy was a great way to end our two-a-day saturday!!

After the morning workout to refuel we made a massive smoothie. It was filled with Waxy Maze (A quick digesting carbohydrate supplement), Creatine, Glutamine, Vanilla Protein Powder, Almond Milk, Water, Frozen Blueberries, Frozen Peaches & CHIA SEEDS!! I am going to be COMPLETELY honest, it was a bit gritty but once you got over the texture it really wasn’t bad. The blueberries & peaches really take over the flavor! I felt full & satisfied after a hard workout. Later we fueled up on a late lunch/early dinner of grilled fish, sweet potato & salad!

Grilled Tilapia!!! working on my grill marks!

Grilled Tilapia!!! working on my grill marks!

It’s SUNDAY and I was really wanting a hearty breakfast. I knew we would need something substantial to make up for all we did yesterday & for the workout we had yet to do today. I wanted to make something “Sunday comforting” but was healthy and guilt-free. I decided to take our normal Eggs breakfast && ramp it up by making a stuffed omelet with roasted potatoes.

IT WAS AMAZINGGGG so I wanted to share the recipe with YOU! I used ingredients that I grabbed at the store yesterday, but this could EASILY be turned 100% vegetarian or used with whatever meat protein you have on hand! I will say if/when I make it again I will change the egg quantity, it was a BIT MUCH!!! {{either change to all egg whites, 3 whole eggs, or 2whites/2whole}}

Our monster omelet & potatoes breakfast! I also brewed coffee the night before and refrigerated overnight for our drink!

Our monster omelet & potatoes breakfast! I also brewed coffee the night before and refrigerated overnight for our drink!

Rosemary Potatoes

5 medium red skinned potatoes –thick slice setting on mandolin

3 tbsp. rosemary

2 tbsp. pepper

2 tbsp. olive oil

{{I didn’t really measure, just add seasoning until your heart is happy!}}

  1. Preheat oven to 475deg, while oven is preheating prep potatoes by slicing on the mandolin {{WATCH YOUR FINGERS!!!}} over a large bowl.
  2. Add pepper, rosemary & olive oil to potatoes with your hands massage the seasoning and make sure each potato has some love.
  3. Spread out on a sprayed cookie sheet in a single layer {{I had to slightly overlap but its okay!!}}
  4. POP In the oven for 15 minutes, FLIP and cook another 10 minutes.  Or until nicely brown and slightly bubbly

MONSTER Turkey & Mushroom Omelets

3 turkey sausage links – casing removed

1 small onion

1 pint sliced mushrooms

2 tspb. chives

Pepper to taste

6 egg whites

6 whole eggs

2 tsp. Plain Greek Yogurt

  1. Heat large skillet with olive oil on high, add thinly sliced onion & turkey, cook on medium/medium-high until browned à transfer into a bowl & cover with tinfoil
  2. In the same skillet, add mushroom, sauté until just starting to brown, add pepper and a tiny bit of salt to help the browning process, finish with 2 TBSP chives, set aside.
  3. Wisk 3 egg whites, 3 whole eggs & a teaspoon of plain Greek yogurt in a bowl until completely incorporated and fluffy.
  4. In a LARGE oiled skillet {{I WISH MINE WAS BIGGER!!!}} add egg mixture, taking a spatula around the edges letting more of the raw egg mixture get cooked… when ready flip completely over in the pan… let cook another 1-2 minutes
  5. Mix turkey & onion mixture in with the mushrooms…. Add ½ of mixture on to the egg pancake.
  6. CAREFULLY fold the other half of the “pancake” on top and slowly carefully slide onto a plate {{Or in my case I ended up flipping them on the plate!}}
  7. REPEAT with other ½ of the ingredients!

Greek Yogurt Cream

¾ cup Plain Greek Yogurt

¼ cup chives

1 chipotle in adobo chopped fine

Pepper & salt to taste

  1. Add all ingredients in a bowl, mix until incorporated
  2. ENJOY!!

After such a great start to my Sunday I am off to fire up the grill & prep my food for the week!!! A little bit of time in the kitchen {{Or at the grill}} can save a TON of time during the week!!

Hope you had a great weekend & wonderful Saturday!



I’d Love To Know ~~ What’s your favorite twist on classic Sunday breakfast? How do you find new things in a new city?