Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!!

I am happy to say that the relaxation restful period post-wedding has completely ended. The Bells are back to long weekends of driving and very full weekend schedules! Yesterday was a blur after a morning spark and an afternoon spark I think the clouds cleared and my head finally became clear enough to realize that while this past weekend was exhausting it was filled with tons of fun treats!

Treat Yourself Tuesday

So since its Treat Yourself Tuesday lets get to them! Make sure you head over to Becky’s blog and checkout all the other treats that are going on this Tuesday!

Backing up to Monday of last week we got a HUGE treat of our wedding photographer sending us a link to our wedding pictures! I was so excited, distracted and in love with reliving our wedding through the pictures. Brent happily got to posting the pictures on Facebook and reading all our friends & families comments made the excitement of our wedding last longer, which is awesome.

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Yesterday when I got home I was greeted at the door by a box with our photographers stamp on it. My hands were full or I think I would’ve jumped up and down and thrown my hands in the air because I was so excited! I mean I knew what all the pictures looked like, she posted them all on her site, but I was still beyond excited to have the REAL USB in my possession. Her gorgeous, creative and fun packaging did not disappoint. I was also really shocked & excited that she included some prints of our pictures, they are sooooooo much better in real life than on a computer screen.

short hair = fresh start!

short hair = fresh start!

I also treated myself last week to new shampoo & conditioner…. I know boring treat but when you decide to switch to sulfate-free shampoo but refuse to spend $50/bottle (or $30 for a 8oz bottle!!) it becomes a really hard task. I went on a sulfate-free shampoo manhunt after my hairstylist recommended the switch to help repair my hair after getting it chopped off. I am happy to say that I landed on RUSK’s sulfate free shampoo & its matching conditioner and i love it!!!! So far it has been keeping my hair feeling extremely soft, clean and healthy!

Treat yourself tuesdayBrent & I booked our official honeymoon vacation to San Francisco!! Our friend is gifting us her beautiful home for the week and we are beyond excited to enjoy and explore the city together! Treat yourself tuesdayFriday we headed to Michigan for a weekend of fun! Saturday night we had a family Jamesons Whiskey tasting at our house. For the wedding Brent & I gifted my dad & step mom two bottles of Jameson’s making their collection of currently full bottles 4. So we had a little blind taste test. I am not a whiskey fan so my tastebuds definitely we not developed enough to determine what bottle what was coming from or even to say what was a quality whiskey vs. cheap whiskey. Needless to say I didn’t like any of them but the ones I liked the most were the least expensive bottles.

Treat yourself tuesday

At dinner my sister treated me to a scrapbook from my bachelorette party! It’s awesome to have a book to reflect on the fun night I had with my friends & family before the wedding.

After our whiskey tasting we headed downtown. My dad treated us to tickets to see the Dirty Dozen & Blind Boys of Alabama perform. Both were good, I was more partial to the Dirty Dozen as the music was more upbeat and for a younger crowd. The Blind Boys were good but just not really my style. Brent & I were likely the youngest people in the crowd.

Treat yourself tuesday

Sunday morning my dad treated us to a pancake breakfast before we headed to my cousins graduation party. It was fun getting to see some of our family in a smaller group setting after the wedding. We were actually able to chat with people and have real conversations without feeling like we were being pulled in 100 directions.

Treat yourself tuesday

Sunday night we were treated to an amazing meal with my Uncle and two of his friends. My uncles friend Mark invited us to his house and we enjoyed fruit & cheese before a delicious dinner of chicken piccata, green beans & mashed potatoes. HOLY YUM!!!! The dinner and company was amazing and totally made up for us getting on the road late and getting back to Arlington Heights really late.

Treat yourself tuesday

FINALLY, yesterday I treated us to a freshly made dinner. I really was making lunches for the week, taco salads, but they smelled so good that Brent & I made ourselves a huge bowl of taco salad for dinner. It was so good and so easy with really just a few fresh ingredients that made the whole difference. FYI guys fresh = best, I am sure my lunches the rest of the week won’t even compare to the dinner I ate last night!

Treat yourself tuesday

PHEW!!! That was a lot of treats for a week! I am excited about this short week and celebrating 4th of July weekend with friends this weekend.

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