Wedding Recap – Bachelorette


So as you all know by now we got married on the 13th and I am slowly sharing some of the events that took place. So far I have told you about the case of the missing necklaces and our mini-moon to Mackinac, today I am sharing about my bachelorette party!

Brent & I got to Michigan on Tuesday and after a day of running errands on Wednesday we were excited to let loose and party with our friends who were in town Thursday. Since so many of our friends/family live outside of Ann Arbor we decided to forgo a weekend bachelor/bachelorette party prior to the wedding and do something the Thursday before the wedding when most people would be around anyway.

Wednesday Night out with the boys to the Cubs-Tigers Game

Wednesday Night out with the boys to the Cubs-Tigers Game

Our only criteria was to not meet up during the night, Brent really wanted a night with the guys and I was a-okay with that! I told my sister who was planning the event that I just wanted a fun night and to do something somewhat unconventional. She planned a fun scavenger hunt around town before us all meeting up for dinner.

Since some of the girls were not in town yet we broke up into a few groups and hit the town. My group included all my girlfriends Keri, Katie, Heather & Amalia. When we were in the car heading towards the first destination the 5 of us were determined to get all the answers and locations so we could have a game plan of where to go. Since Amalia and I were the only ones from Ann Arbor but are both directionally challenged our group definitely relied on google and google maps to help get us from point A to point B. We had almost all the answers to the questions and had so much fun running from location to location to take a group picture before running out of time and heading to meet up with the group at dinner.

Wedding Recap - Bachelorette Wedding Recap - Bachelorette Wedding Recap - Bachelorette

We “teepee’d” our rival high school, sprinted through town, made friends with strangers, chugged beer from a boot, disturbed a guy eating his sandwich (who was getting married in 43 days), played basketball with the boys, had ice cream (twice), looked for fairies & hovered over a brass M so we wouldn’t fail our first exam.

The other groups consisted of my cousins in one who were smarties and brought a selfie-stick so they were able to get everyone in each picture and some really fun shots of the group! And my aunts & adopted-aunts in another, they had more fun taking random pictures of themselves than finding the answers to the clues & tried to stall us when we were getting ice cream!

Cousin's group

Cousin’s group

We were definitely in need for a drink to cool off with after all our running around, but it was a great ice breaker and a really fun way to start the night. At dinner the other girls met up with us and we all enjoyed Crepes and salads before going to the bars.

The first bar we went to was having SALSA night & they took us step by step through the dance. Keri, Heather, Kristina & I hit the dance floor and were learning the moves… until they told us it was partner dance time and stressed the point that you needed rhythm. WELL I was voted worst dancer when I was in college so my rhythmless self headed back for another drink and left the girls on the dance floor.

Wedding Recap - Bachelorette

We bar hopped at little after we were all salsa’d out, going to an Irish bar & getting free car-bombs (ugh!) and then heading to get a fishbowl. When I would drink in Ann Arbor when in college I’d always get a fishbowl so it was only fitting to make that our last stop. Definitely forgot how much sugar is in those drinks… my belly didn’t love it! Before catching a cab back to the house we grabbed a couple tacos.

Wedding Recap - Bachelorette

It was a super fun night & so nice for the girls who were in town for the wedding to get to know each other before the wedding reception. I loved that all the girls at the reception were friendly and hanging out and some of the “awkwardness” was taken away!

Thanks to my sisters for planning such a fun night & to the girls for coming out and celebrating with me!

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