WIAW – AdvoCare Edition

Happy Wednesday!!!

Today is Day 24 of my THIRD AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. I love this challenge and each time I try to do something a little different which always leads to different results. I LOVE to challenge myself and the foods that I eat to help myself continue to find the best & optimal health situation.

Yesterday actually remembered to take a picture of (most of) my food that I ate throughout the day. This is a pretty typical day of eating for me the past 24 days so hopefully it helps you see that when doing the 24DC you still get to eat real filling and DELICIOUS foods, nothing boring over here.

My day started with a Spark+Rehydrate combo along with 3 catalyst’s before my workout. Then I headed to the gym for a shoulder workout & a quick 4 round for time finisher that I will be sharing on Friday. When I got home I took my pre-breakfast supplements and whipped up a Chocolate Mocha Meal Replacement Shake.


Linking up with Jen for this Wednesday food party!

The Chocolate Mocha is really good, basically it tastes like yummy chocolate milk. I wasn’t feeling the plain MRS shake so I mixed it up with a few scoops of ground flax seeds & a tablespoon of cherry juice to give it some extra flavor. I forgot to take a picture, sorry!

Morning Snack

Morning Snack

The MRS shakes hold me over for about an hour & a half but then I get a bit hungry and need a snack. I grabbed a few dates and a small handful of cashews to snack on when I was driving to a meet with a few coworkers for a brainstorming session. I LOVE dates & cashews they have definitely become one of my favorite foods, a healthy treat that makes me feel like I am cheating!

WIAW - AdvoCare

On my way to the clinic from our brainstorming session I snacked on a pear. I usually have a couple pieces of fruit a day to help keep me full. This was my first piece of fresh fruit. Bosc pears are currently our favorite.

WIAW - AdvoCare

Lunch was a usual bowl of lots of veggies mixed with some sort of protein. This week I sautéed mushrooms and then wilted kale-arugula-spinach in their juices and piled all the veggies in a big bowl. For the protein I made pulled pork pibil from StupidEasyPaleo which is amazing, you need to make it now and threw that in with the veggies when I heated it all up.

WIAW - AdvoCare

Mid-Afternoon I got the snack bug so I snacked on an orange and some roasted carrots, parsnips & cauliflower in-between treating patients.

WIAW - AdvoCare

On my way home from work I am always a bit hungry so I ate my THIRD piece of fruit (this is rare!) and had an apple. I think this was the best apple ever, it was the perfect combination of crisp, sweet and tart!

For dinner I had 3 cabbage rolls with a side of healthy nachos?

Paleo Cabbage Rolls FTW!

Paleo Cabbage Rolls FTW!

I had to laugh at these “nachos” or Ants on a Log because I think it epitomized the idea of healthy eating. So many people when I tell them I am doing a healthy eating challenge they immediately say “so what you just eat vegetables?” YEP!! I eat lots of veggies but to be honest the Avocado goes with everything and celery is the perfect boat for something yummy!

Celery stick smeared with a little smashed avocado and topped with halved cherry tomatoes. An adult version of a childhood favorite!

Celery stick smeared with a little smashed avocado and topped with halved cherry tomatoes. An adult version of a childhood favorite!

Some nights for dessert I will have a few dates with cashew butter on them or a few energy balls, OR a combo of them both if I am feeling crazy!

WIAW - AdvoCare

For the record this plate was for both Brent & I… everything in moderation friends!

Hope you have a delicious day!

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