Lift Run Play with FlipBelt

Happy Friday!!!

Ahh I am so happy its Friday, this week has been a long one with the anticipation of our move this weekend looming over my head. With all the madness going on in my life the past few weeks my workouts have been a bit all over the place. Between wanting to continue strengthening my running to wanting to work on my strength through GPP I have felt very torn. I want to just go to the gym and get my workout on but my focus has been elsewhere, thus leading to more half completed workouts and distracted selfie taking than actual lifting.

I decided that I could use a change. Thankfully this change came perfectly timed with my opportunity to review the Flip Belt! A new workout accessory always makes workouts a bit better. #amiright?


As a part of my SweatPink partnership I was provided a Flip Belt free of cost in exchange for this review, however all thoughts an opinions are 100% mine!

The Flip Belt is primarily designed and used for runners. It is a belt with slits in the front so you can slid your personal items in it and not lose them or have to hold on to them while you’re running. Basically is a genius belt!

I hated running with my armband. It was hot, uncomfortable, my headphone cord went all over the place and it often left my arm feeling raw. With the FlipBelt I am able to string my headphone wire down my back and my arms are 100% free of distraction. #thankyou

Post-run & still in place!

Post-run & still in place!

I wore my FlipBelt on a few runs and seriously LOVED IT!!! I had a hard time deciding what size to order as my measurements were between two sizes but I went with the smaller size (and my pant size) and the belt fits perfectly!! there is enough stretch that it is not too snug but it doesn’t shift or slide at all when I run. Again I put my phone in the front and flipped then slid the belt so my phone was on my back side. It felt great like this for my all of my runs. I seriously have zero running complaints!!!

Typically I do not listen to music when I lift, because the gym I workout at has music in the background and because I never have anywhere to put my phone. Due to my recent workout distractions I decided to wear my FlipBelt during Tuesdays workout.

Lifting plus!

Lifting plus!

I was worried that my headphones would get in the way, or the belt would restrict my motion but it absolutely didn’t. I LOVED having the headphones going down my back and didn’t feel distracted or any discomfort the whole workout.

My last FlipBelt perk would be that it has a key clip which doubles as a Ring Holder. I don’t know about you but I hate working out with my engagement ring on. I hate getting it scratched up on the bars or weights so I take it off for each workout. Typically I put my ring in my ring box & lock it up, but last week I forgot my box at home. I found the key clip and tried it on my ring. It worked perfectly, I felt safe knowing my ring was secured on my hip and wasn’t getting wrecked on the weights.

Ring Holder #FTW

Ring Holder #FTW

Okay so to wrap it up here are my 5 favorite things about this FlipBelt.
1. Color – I didn’t mention it but how can you NOT love the hot pink? they have tons of fun colors for everyone.
2. Fit like I said I was worried about the size and I can 100% say this fits true to shorts size.
3. Key Clip – while I am sure it would be great for making sure your key doesn’t slide around it is FANTASTIC for keeping your precious ring in place
4. Running Comfort – during any distance run your FlipBelt will stay in place and be so comfortable you won’t even know its there. Plus it keeps your hands and arms free of distraction.
5. Lifting Comfort – its even great for lifting. The material moves with your body you will never feel restricted.

Have I sold you yet?? I hope so because honestly this is an amazing product that will meet your fitness needs. If you’re sold then head over to the FlipBelt website and get yours now. And because FlipBelt is just that amazing they are giving you a 33% discount on your entire order if you use the code sweat33.

Happy Running,

Do you wear your ring while working out?
How would you wear your FlipBelt?


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