SuperFIT at The FIT Rockford

Saturday I was invited to a new-to-me gym in Rockford for their “SuperFIT” workout.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous about the workout, as I had heard about them before and they always sound seriously intense and slightly intimidating. But I am always up for a fitness challenge so off I went!

I made sure to fuel up before the workout. O2 Gold & Spark to the rescue!

I made sure to fuel up before the workout. O2 Gold & Spark to the rescue!

First the community at The FIT is amazing! I felt welcomed right away and loved that everyone started by rolling out and stretching. Then FIT owner Jared took the group through a dynamic warm up and stretching. He brought a lot of energy to the warm up and definitely engaged all our muscles getting some blood pumping.

Jared then walked us through each station. The SuperFIT workout is broken up into 15 stations where you work for 45 seconds at each station and have 30 seconds to rest & move to the next area. You then complete all 15 stations THREE times for a 75 minute workout.

The stations mostly consisted of an upper body & lower body strengthening combination or an upper body & cardio or lower body and cardio combination. I LOVE combination movements, they not only drive your HR up but engage your core and all body parts so you don’t topple over.

The workout was HARD! I didn’t realize until we started the second round that there were 3 rounds total. Imagine the shock! I also have not worked out in a group environment like that in a long time. I loveee those types of classes which challenge you to push a little harder and dig a little deeper because someone will call you out if you don’t! It definitely make the workout more fun, I found myself pushing much harder than I do otherwise and definitely felt the burn the next day!

I told Jared after the workout that I wish I knew about The FIT earlier! It is just the place that I need to help supplement my workouts. It is a fun environment with trainers who know their stuff and push you the little extra they know you need. I am sad that I will be leaving Rockford but happy to have experienced the FIT before I left!

If you live in the Rockford area and are looking for a serious workout to challenge your muscle imbalances and push your limits a little further you MUST go check out Jared & his trainers at The FIT. They offer a variety of workouts and fitness programs to meet your needs and I can personally attest to the quality of the trainers. They are top notch!

PLUS The FIT remembers the importance of supporting our community. They have SuperFIT workouts which regularly support a local charity and donate the profits from the workout to a good cause. PHENOMENAL!

Post-Workout Sweaty-Face Photo Must!

Post-Workout Sweaty-Face Photo Must!

Thank you again Jared & Team for having me Saturday. I will definitely be back for more!



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