Tips for the Picture Perfect Salad

Have you ever made a salad with seriously delicious flavors, and have a vision of it being amazing and picture perfect. Only to take a picture and see a big mess of (delicious) food.

OR have you ever recreated a salad from a cookbook or pinterest recipe and yours turns out completely different then the one on the recipe?

Well I don’t know about you but BOTH of these situations are the story of my life.

I so often make a salad that has amazing components, delicious flavors and seems very colorful only for the picture to be a big mess of everything and nothing close to being picturesque.

Picture Perfect

Oh So Delicious but Oh Not So Pretty…

The food blogging community definitely has some talented individuals and I think my mouth salivates each time I see a delicious salad with each component perfectly displayed in the picture.

Over 4th of July I mentioned that I needed to take a “how to make a pretty salad class” so that when I made my salads they would look as pretty as they tasted.

Picture Perfect Salad

Thus I set out to make “The Picture Perfect Salad” so here are a few tips that I used last week when making this amazing Grilled Beet & Salmon Salad.

1. Solid Ingredient List

Starting with a good base of ingredients will definitely help make your salad photograph better. I used a base of Kale and knew my toppings would include sweet potatoes, beets and Salmon.

2. Pretty Dish

Every meal looks better on a pretty dish that complements the meal. I don’t really have much of a choice with what dish I use when I take pictures of my food because I only have two different colors of plates and a few different bowls. BUT making sure that the food looks pretty on a pretty plate/bowl will help make the picture better.
Oh and good lighting, definitely good lighting… this goes for all food photography thought.

3. Treat your Greens

One of the things I find ruins the beauty of my salad is when I put the dressing on the finished product and THEN toss it around. Instead I found that by dressing the greens the salad has flavor, the toppings maintain their flavor and the pictures are better!

4. Layer Your Flavors

Once the greens are dressed and placed on the plate/bowl then start layering the flavors of toppings. Both small and large toppings should be placed around the salad to ensure that each bite has a bit of every topping. Always include something sweeter and something crunchy… in my book that is!

5. Cherry On Top

Placing your protein or star attraction on the top of the salad gives a focal point and draws your eye. If you think about a McDonalds commercial (not a fan just using an example) or restraint salad, they always display the chicken or protein on top of the bed of greens.

6. Devour!

Obviously the best part of any picture perfect salad!

Note I am still not a perfect salad maker but I have definitely gotten better & these are just a few tips that I found helpful for me. 

Now lets practice! Make this super delicious summer Salmon Salad for dinner TONIGHT!



Linking up with Jenn because this salmon salad would be good on any Wednesday!

How do you make a pretty salad?
Are you a Salmon fan? I could eat it every day right now! 


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