Sister Weekend

Happy Monday!

It’s a very happy monday for me cause I have the day off, so today will be spent relaxing, sunning, and recovering from one Marvelous weekend!

As Always Thank You Katie for hosting

As Always Thank You Katie for hosting

My older sister came to town Friday night to spend the weekend with us. She got in late friday night so other than finding her food our night was super uneventful.

Saturday kicked off with breakfast!! I love making breakfast now that I’ve semi-mastered the protein pancake and love that you can really make this meal off of the bare-minimum in your pantry. I made my version of throw-everything-in-the-bowl protein pancakes with this recipe in my head.



Then we headed to Beloit to go to the farmers market. I have heard that the Beloit farmers market is amazing, so off we went. I love farmers markets, looking at the unique crafts and items along with all the fresh produce. We wondered around stopped and talked to a few booths before going on a hunt to find CASH! We wanted to buy some amazing popcorn but needed cash so after a minor detour we were back on track.

Farmers Market Finds

Farmers Market Finds

Our farmers market finds ended up in Strawberry Popcorn, Honey and KALE!! It was a random combination of finds but seriously delicious.

We then headed to a late lunch at the Brewery, followed by some wine drinking, wedding planning and socializing at our house for a few hours.

Poached Salmon Salad!

Poached Salmon Salad!

Stephannie and I were able to hammer out a few wedding details to help me feel like I had my head around the whole thing and put some plans in place! I feel so much better about what we have to do and thoughts on different parts of the wedding, so now when people ask me I don’t feel like I’ll have to say “we’ve done nothing…”

Saturday night we headed to a mexican restaurant for dinner. On our way there was some amazing heat lightning followed by some rain, nothing major considering the rain that we have experienced lately.

We ordered dinner and drinks. Obviously a instagram picture of our margaritas was in order, but when I went to grab the glass it slipped, broke and returned to standing position in a matter of 2seconds. Honestly the glass was already back in standing before I even realized what happened and that it was broken. THANKFULLY I didn’t cut myself and they brought us a new drink, phew!


Right after our dinner was served the rain and storm really picked up. The wind was really strong and the lights started to flicker, then they went out, turned back on, and finally went out for good. We all were dying laughing and quickly turned our phone flashlights on to eat by candlelight flashlight-light.


I think we laughed more than we ate for the majority of our meal, our waiter didn’t know what to do with himself and joined us at our table for a little while. Finally he said they weren’t able to access the internet to have us pay so dinner was FREE!! #winning (we gave him a good tip!) Thankfully we had power when we got home.

Sunday started with some tech-work. Stephannie worked on reformatting parts of my blog, we added a lot more Alice In Wonderland references (if you didn’t catch that my blog name is a play on Alice In Wonderland, I guess you do now!) and tweaked some of the parts of the site that bothered me before. There are still some changes that I want to make but that will come with time.


While Stephannie was working over here, I was working on a fitness program for her. She is an exercise novice so I stuck with mostly bodyweight exercise and workouts that she could do at home. We did a 3 day split (lower body, cardio/abs, upper body) and I would be happy to share that with you all if you’re interested.

Photo Demos

Photo Demos

Finally it was time to drive Stephannie to the city. She was coming to Illinois for a conference in Chicago so off to Lincoln Park we went!

Sunday night was spent finishing some blog-updates and watching TV. AKA total bum status.

Hope you had a marvelous weekend,

What did you do this weekend?
Have you ever ate by camera-light?


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