Why I Love Working Out With Friends

Happy Tuesday Wednesday

I swear Monday holiday’s completely screw up my brain for the whole week!

In the past week I have had some amazing workout experiences. I love when a workout goes from “a workout” to “amazing” in a hot second. As a Physical Therapist I am fortunate enough to get the reward of helping people everyday and challenging people to push through new exercises that they previously didn’t think they could perform.

But as soon as I step out of my work cloths and into the gym I am “just another exercise fanatic” and I love that! But every once and a while something extra special happens, something that makes you leave the gym and feel so much fuller and so much more satisfied than if you performed that same workout alone.

Last Wednesday I mentioned how my workout was amazing & I said I would share the deets later. Well its later friends! Last wednesdays GPP workout was one that killed me the first time around, I had just really started to push my weight limits and transition from the prescribed “female” weight to “male” weight. Lets just say I died, and was pretty worried about this workout as it came up again.

Run Complexes


My new workout buddy S, was ready to storm the workout with me. After 4 rounds, some modifications, and a lot of sweat we were at 28minutes of a 30 minute cap.
I told him I was going for it, I was going to try to finish even if it meant exceeding 30 minutes.
2 rounds in he hit a wall, close to failure, I picked up my bar and pushed through round 3, S saw me gritted his teeth and picked that bar up, while stuttering a few heart felt remarks about how amazing i am.
After round 3 it was my turn I hit a wall (thought I) couldn’t finish, was dead, no more… Then I look over and S picked up that bar and exclaimed “you got me over the 1/2 way mark no turning back now”…
I marched right over to that bar said “ughhh” and picked up that bar and grunted, groaned and lofted through round 4 and 5.

Sweaty post-complex picture was definitely in order!

Sweaty post-complex picture was definitely in order!

At the end I felt exhilarated. We both pushed each other at the time we needed it the most and challenged each other through challenging ourselves.
that’s the best you guys!!!
Neither of us were forcing each other to finish, we both completely understood that ending where we did was completely understandable, we had killed it. but quitting wasn’t an option.

Without S that day I would never have finished.

Yesterday something similar but different happened. I saw on of my locker room buddies head to the cardio machine and grabbed her and told her “S come do this workout with me” she had nothing to say but “okay” (see Neil my GPP training taught me something, be direct!)… I set her up with a KB and showed her the moves, this was perfect time for me to catch my breath mid workout too ;)…

Now (this) S is a huge inspiration and has lost a bunch of weight in the past year or so, and continues to exercise and work her hardest. I love when she joins me for a workout and I can put some different fitness on her. I also love to see the look on her face when I show her what she is going to do and then she see that can do it!!! Seriously no better feeling!!

So S did 1/2 of Tuesdays workout with me, with modified weight and then I showed her some tricks to improving her squat, some of my favorite core exercises and some other tricks to make Tuesday’s workout a little easier for her.

Modified to Running High Knees as jumping still isn't okay with my hip

Modified to Running High Knees as jumping still isn’t okay with my hip {{SOURCE}}

I could’ve done Tuesday’s workout in a faster time, I could’ve shown her once and then moved on but the fact that I spent the extra 20 minutes showing her some extra moves, techniques and tips was SO worth it. I love to see the confidence shine through someones eyes when they realize that they can perform a previously challenging exercise without pain or with increased ease.

It is SO worth it!!! and it makes my workout so much more valuable!

This is not only why I went in to PT but also why I love GPP and working out with friends. I not only find motivation in myself but I am able to draw so much motivation from those around me, of all fitness levels.

Have you ever been inspired by someone during your workout?
Tell me your favorite workout story!


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