Brain Explosion and Running Thoughts

Lots Of Thoughts….

I think my brain is going to explodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

Okay explode might be an exaggeration, unless you talked to me wednesday (alllllll day) when I felt like my head was seriously going to explode.

Otherwise there is just a lot of information, stress, thoughts and things I am trying to work through floating around in this pretty little head of mine 🙂


Lets talk gym thoughts… I have a lot of them regularly and since I am in a thinking mood of late lets share!

Tuesday I jumped at the opportunity to go for a solo run outside. The weather was gorgeous and my legs were telling me to run after Monday’s GPP workout.

During my run I was amazed with how many thoughts went through my head… I told you my brain is a scary place right now… ok always.


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0.0miles – Hmm where should I go? Okay I’ll go this way and run to the high school, that can’t be too far right??
0.5 miles – Oh right Bell School is a long road… maybe I’ll just run around until I figure out how far this is…
0.8 miles – okay I can run through the parking lot of Farm & Fleet and then figure out where I am going.
1.0 miles – feeling pretty good but where to go now… woah that was a fast mile, 8:05, wish I could maintain that speed…
1.1 miles – I need better music, Pandora is not cutting it… ((I proceeded to drop my phone in the parking lot.. OOPS!))
1.3 miles – oops guess I am gonna do some trail running on the grass, hope I don’t twist my ankle, that would be just perfect, I can just see it now teaching patients exercises on crutches…
1.5 miles – I am glad I did that Yoga last night, it felt pretty good to just stretch and my back is feeling better now
2.0 miles – kept good time, 8:18, GO ME! Closer to my “normal” speed… I wonder if I look like I am running or just walking fast… I don’t feel like I am moving even though I know I am… why am I even thinking about this… Okay Allison new topic, GO!
2.1 miles – I am definitely NOT doing jump squats or even squats today… this definitely counts as my squat warm up… I think Neil would agree… I hope he would agree… He would probably just tell me to do the squat too… okay okay, I guess I’ll do the squats…
2.3 miles – I wish I could take a picture of myself when running to see what I looked like… I need a running buddy as crazy as me to take pictures of me… timer when running definitely wouldn’t work… hmmm
2.4 miles – hmm apartments, leasing, I need an apartment… these look nice, I wonder how much they cost, if they do short-term leases… I could walk to the gym.. that would be nice… I’ll call (look at phone, 6:20am) haha maybe not now…
2.5 miles – (turns corner) oomph that cherry blossom definitely just killed me. I cannot believe how bad my allergies are this year, I can seriously feel my sinus swelling. RUN GO FAST RUN AWAY!!!
2.7 miles – I think I’ll just do 3… that sounds like a good number, plus I don’t want to think of a 4th mile to run, that just sounds like too much… Okay 3 miles it is. Lets pick up the pace…
2.8 miles – (looking at pace on phone)… HOW am I going that fast, I can’t believe that my legs are even moving this quickly right now. Thats surprising, if only I could do this for longer periods of time.
2.9 miles – okay I am just doing 3 miles… I can do that in 25 minutes if I push a little harder…. I guess I should do a 5k… WAIT how long is a 5K 3.1 or 3.5… OH NOO quick GOOGLE!!! !
3.0 miles – (running & googling in gym parking lot) “how long is a 5k run”… COME ON GOOGLE!!!!
Oh I was right 3.1 SPRINTTTTTTT you’re almost done!
3.1 miles – 26minutes. not bad… definitely red faced…

delayed (2 day delay) reaction screen shot

delayed (2 day delay) reaction screen shot

Incase you were wondering I did not do the squats prior to the GPP back workout, sorry Neil! My legs were not up for it. But I did do the chin ups (using a red & black band) and all the heavy back lifts. I LOVE lifting back, and bent barbell rows are likely my weakest back link, so it was good to practice on a weak area after doing a great run!

GPP chin Ups

getting some chin up definition

I am hoping to do another run before my workout today (hopefully writing this wednesday night gives me that boost) depending on how my legs & head/brain feel. I finally felt like I was able to stop thinking about life and just relax when running this distance on Tuesday.

I find with longer harder (for me) runs my mind starts to focus on the negative, when I really just need to think happy thoughts.

 I am VERY happy I didn’t do Tuesdays squats, as Wednesday’s workout was very squat heavy and I don’t think I could’ve kept up.Wednesday’s workout was AMAZING. I cannot wait to share a little about it with you soon!

Have a Thoughtful Thursday Friends!

What are some of your running or workout thoughts?
Ever feel like your brain was going to explode?


12 thoughts on “Brain Explosion and Running Thoughts

    • haha thanks girl!! It was the talk of the locker room that morning too! glad I could make you smile 😉

  1. I definitely catch myself wondering how I look when I run. In my head I look all sleek and stylish, buuuuuut I have a feeling the reality is very different… especially if I’m going longer or faster. I have yet to run my first race, and I seriously can’t wait to see the pictures from it 😆

    • I haven’t ran a race yet either but I am sure the pictures will be horrendous. I like to think I have good running form but I am sure it is nothing but immature and young. I am glad I’m not alone!!! 😀

  2. I try to run outdoors all the time because it helps me stay focus. It is weird, but I don’t think about anything when I ran. It is beyond relaxing. It is my meditation.
    It is true that I run with music. I guess it helps a lot.

    • I wish I could just run and block out the rest of my head and get to that state of relaxation. I could learn a lot from you Debbie!

  3. Love your thoughts. You’re right, I’d have told you to do them, but then acquiesced to your superior judgement. Haha. Great post.

    • So glad you approve of my judgement! It was a real conversation in my head during and after the run 🙂

  4. 8:18 per mile?! I wish!! My current easy pace is around 11 =/ Trying to work towards a 25 min 5K 🙂 I love reading other runner’s thoughts because I think a lot of the same things too. Especially pandora not cutting it on runs…I hate commercials!

    • Yes pandora needs to go! You will get the 25minute mark I promise!!! I am not a runner but worked my pace up as well. I would say the biggest thing that has helped my running is cross training and interval training.

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