A Week In Review

Happy Internet Monday!!!

I am very glad we finally have our internet back up and running even if I have 1/2 a head of gray hairs from the cable company.

I officially despise dealing with cable/internet companies… But thankfully our internet is back and my fingers have been itching to write! So instead of complaining I decided to share some random rambling’s for your Monday.

Since having internet is a marvelous thing I am linking up with Katie on this marvelous monday!

These picture’s/outtakes from St. Patricks weekend still make me smile ear-to-ear. I just wish I had known about the super fast shudder speed on iPhones, next time leaping leprechaun next time.

Lep. Leap Marshall

Lep. Leap Brent


Lep. Leap


I am so ready for spring and this teasing weather has really gotten on my nerves. BUT at least it is starting to stay sunny outside and the snow is melting! I think everyone is getting major spring fever which is why I am having “Spring Fever” Week at work this week. I love doing silly things & involving my patients while doing them, so I can’t wait to get a little wild and have some extra fun at work this week! Today is Animal Print day and I may or may not be wearing a sweet Alligator hat & socks 😉

Spring - Wet Plants

I saw this on Facebook and couldn’t resist!

I gave meat up for lent and have still been struggling some with finding a healthy amount of proteins and fats in my diet. Last week I made these little corn tacos with a black bean & tomato salsa, eggs and guacamole.. THEN a couple days later went to Chipotle and got the sofritos bowl, and still craved mexican the next day. I love black beans & guacamole its true.

Lent Eats

Last week I ran my VERY FIRST 5k! Okay so for all my marathon running bandit of friends this is not very much but for this girl who is a complete 100% self-proclaimed non-runner it was a big accomplishment. It honestly felt great, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and finally felt like I could do something more. I know that running on a treadmill is no where near the same as running outside but when its still freaking cold outside you’ve gotta start somewhere.


I am excited & nervous to take my running outdoors and start signing up for some races for the year!

To end lets just say that this GUY right here makes me so happy. I mean we obviously take life extremely seriously and have no fun at all!


Okay thats all I’ve got for today. Tomorrow I’ll be back with a less random more thoughtful post!


How was your weekend?


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