Welcome to Facebook!

Well I had all the intentions of writing a wonderful WIAW birthday edition post for today filled with a wonderful quiche recipe and photos of fantastic eats.

BUT life has an interesting way of making you change your plans and I just did not have the energy on Tuesday night to write a fun and exciting post for you all.

So instead I am sharing the exciting boring news that I created a Facebook page for my little space of internet. I had a bit of encouragement from Candice on friday & needed some distraction last night from my thoughts.

Please head over & like Allison In Wellnessland on Facebook!

I’ll {hopefully} be back tomorrow with a delayed WIAW and that recipe that I mentioned earlier but for now I’ll leave you with this:


Have a safe and happy wednesday friends!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Facebook!

  1. Sometime life does just happen! I have it sometimes when I just can’t blog or do everything with it I need to because life happens 😉

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

    I’m yet to get a Facebook page for Sprouts n Squats, I don’t know if I want to take the leap.

    • I completely agree!!! I have so many things I think I can do but then it doesn’t all happen and I have to remember that that’s OK!

      Thank you my birthday was nice & relaxing! Just what I needed!

      FB page was a big step with a lot of background fear but if nothing else it gives my family&friends a choice to read my posts as they chose it!

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