Meal Prep

Hi Friends!

Sorry for dropping off the blogosphere last week, I have been fighting a sinus cold and making coherent thoughts was a bit of a challenge after a long day at work. I am back this week & will be posting a few round ups along with having my first GUEST blogger on wednesday!

Today’s elf4health challenge is Meal Planning/food prep! If you know me much or have followed my blog in the past I (typically) sit down every Sunday and prep our meals for the week. So this challenge is fun & easy for me since it is already part of my weekly plan!

I typically focus on making our lunches so in the morning we just have to grab a container & apple and then our lunch is set for the week. That does mean I have very little variety in my weekly lunches so I try to make 2-3 dinner meals a week that will help bring variety to our life.


The past few weeks we have been pretty lazy when it comes to dinners & my meal planning has focused completely on lunches & snacks. However, with an upcoming week of feasting I knew that I wanted to get a week of good foods in before indulging in the holiday season!

Heres this weeks plan:

Breakfast – Protein Pancakes

Lunches – Pork Tenderloin Salad & Vegetable Soup

Dinners –

Christmas Cookies from FitFoodieFinds

Sundays Prep Plan — Make burgers, prep veggies for squash, make & portion out lunches

Alright now off to the gym then the grocery store to get this food prep started! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday you definitely deserve it!





Do you food prep? Whats your favorite holiday cookie?




3 thoughts on “Meal Prep

    • Hey Kendra! I got it at paper source in the fall! I love it!!! It’s called “myAgenda” and I am pretty sure its made for a mom/family to keep track of everyone but I love the different sections for planning dinners/workouts/events while still having a good amount of room for regular daily stuff! it also has a monthly view in addition to the weekly view!

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