Good Life Holiday Challenge Week 1 Recap

Hey Friends!

Hope you all had a great Monday. I wanted to recap the first week of the Good Life Holiday Challenge. I really have loved the challenge, it has been simple but satisfying and given me a little extra to focus on during the week.

The first week focused completely on FOOD, Jamie did this intentionally due to Thanksgiving and the food rules that go along with Holidays.

Day 1: Eat when your Hungry… This was hard for me just because of how my work day is scheduled, I get an hour for lunch and if I don’t eat during that hour then I probably won’t have time to eat. I tried to eat when I was hungry at work, but it didn’t work out so well. I did however skip my snack in the afternoon because I realized I really wasn’t hungry, and was able to run a few errands before coming home to cook dinner, at which point I was hungry. It was a good reminder that even though I bring snacks I don’t actually have to eat them if I am truly NOT hungry!

Sweet Potato Nachos

Sweet Potato Nachos

Day 2: Stop When You’re Full… again this was challenging for me at work, I seem to rush through meals and eat everything I brought because it is in front of me. I focused this challenge on my after workout breakfast, I put my fork down between bites, pushed the dish aside at times and really thought about eating any more. I also did this at lunch when I usually eat my lunch & yogurt within a 30 minute period, then usually regret eating the yogurt because I am full. I was able to eat my lunch and leave the yogurt for another day!

delicious dinner of scrambled eggs, spinach & portobello mushroom… sorry for the blur I was excited to eat!

delicious dinner of scrambled eggs, spinach & portobello mushroom… sorry for the blur I was excited to eat!

Day 3: Dine Like A Queen… This challenge was all about setting a beautiful experience for your food. Treating your meal like the princess you are providing the most positive outlook on our food and eliminating any negative talk/thoughts. I ran out and bought lunch on Wednesday and knew I wanted to eat something that was not only beautiful but would “do” beautiful things for me. I got a wonderful roasted beet & chicken salad with a cup of sweet potato tomato soup from a local restaurant! It was a feast for my eyes and delicious in my tummy!

Roasted Beet & Chicken Salad

Roasted Beet & Chicken Salad

Day 4: Just Eat… It was Thanksgiving and Jamie said “JUST EAT & ENJOY!” I usually go into holiday meals with a self-fulfilling prophecy that “I will over eat and I will feel bad about it” When Jamie said “just eat and enjoy the food & family” I felt a sense of freedom. I Knew I could eat what I wanted and it wouldn’t “ruin me” or make my efforts to be more conscious null and void. So I made delicious Protein Pancakes after our workout and filled my plate with delicious thanksgiving foods at dinner. I tried a little of everything and went back for seconds on the few things I liked the most. I enjoyed each bite and after the meal was over I didn’t feel sick or ill or overly full, I actually felt WONDERFULL and knowing I didn’t over eat or put rules on any of the foods made it all that better. I ended with a little bit of dessert from the dessert table and had zero guilt associated! #holidaymealWIN

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes!

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes!

Day 5: Go Ahead and Brag… My bragging for this challenge was what I have stated above in day 4. I was really proud of myself for taking the “rules” out of the holiday and just enjoying the food and family that I was with. I didn’t over eat but for the first time was allowed to eat what I wanted!

Jamie asked us to pick a challenge that we liked the most & write it on a notepad. I can’t pick one! I know that Day 4 will be my mantra for all holidays coming forward & I am going to try to continue focusing on Days 1-3 with each meal & especially go back to these days when I am feeling blue about what I have been eating.

On to Week 2 & I cannot wait to find out what is in store for us this week which is all about the Body!





I’d Love To Know~~ How do you handle your food rules? What day would be the most challenging for you?


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