Football, Beer & Burpees!

Happy Monday!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend & hopefully most got an extended weekend with the Holiday on Thursday. I had to work Friday but it seemed like a weekend even while at work!

I am linking up with Katie for another edition of Marvelous in My Monday. Lets recap this weekend starting from Friday!


Friday was Brent’s Birthday  so after work we had a little celebration at home then went out for FREE pizza & beer. It was a really relaxing and enjoyable night spent celebrating. I picked up TWO “cake for two” at the grocery store & a bunch of candles, but when it came time to putting all the candles on the cake I thought any more than 18 would cause a fire, so Brent turned 18 again!

photo 2-4

Besides the boring gifts that I got, you know the practical stuff, I picked him up a “6 pack” of beer. Each beer was a different variety of an IPA and all came very highly recommended from our beer guy! I love how fun all the labels on the bottles are and really hope he enjoys them.

photo 1-4

Saturday we got up BRIGHT & EARLY and headed to the train station. We decided to spend Saturday in Chicago watching football with a couple of Brent’s friends from Tech, so we hit the train at 8:30. I wanted to go to a Michigan Alumni Bar to watch the Michigan vs. Ohio State game and it was a perfect place! I really enjoyed watching the game in a bar where EVERY person there was rooting for Michigan. Unfortunately we lost, but I was really happy to see how close the game was and that we didn’t get absolutely blown out, as Michigan is stinking this year.

photo 3-2

After the game we headed to a Wisconsin bar to watch the Wisco game, as our other friend is a badger fan. It was again a great time watching in a bar of fans, they had a raffle going on & giving away prizes for social media shout outs. AND I won a bottle of spotted cow beer, it was really exciting to win, even though I couldn’t drink the beer, Brent enjoyed it! ((side note: most beers do not agree well with my IBD and stomach, so I avoid beer unless it is wheat or cider)) And our friend won a Wisconsin Beanie! It was a definite win for the day, especially because both our teams lost 😦

photo 4-2

We finished up the day with dinner and drinks & then caught the train back to Rockford! It was a super busy day but definitely worth it. A wonderful way to #treatmyself for the #elf4health challenge!

Speaking of challenges yesterdays challenge was 100 Burpees. I woke up knowing at some point I would have to do those burpees, I just didn’t want to! So after sleeping in WAY LATE, doing some stuff around the house, being lazy & then finally making it to the grocery store & gym I knew it was time to concur the BURPEES.

I decided I would integrate the Burpee challenge into my GPP workout that I missed on Saturday. So instead of performing a 800m run at the start of each round in the workout I would do burps between each exercise as an active rest. After 90 (or maybe 80) Burpees I went to put my dumbbells away & a guy in my gym stopped me and said “hey you’re really killing those burpees, I am very impressed” we talked for a little bit about our love-hate-lovetohate relationship with this whole body heart rate burner & then I told him that I was doing 100 and had 10 (maybe 20) left. He wished me luck & said again how impressed he was at how I was doing! WHAT an inspiration to keep on going, I have to admit my arms and legs were getting close to being jello but that last 10 were the 10 best burpees I think I’ve ever done! Even after the workout Brent made a comment on how I seemed to be really energized at the end. THANK YOU RANDOM MAN!


I finished my workout with 10 more burpees with Brent & some pull up training (including hanging scap squeezes & some aussie pull ups) It ended up being a very productive gym session, even if I still hate burpees!

The rest of our sunday was spent doing a little meal prep, putting laundry away and getting ready for the week ahead!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday! & as always thank you Katie for hosting MiMM!





I’d Love To Know ~~

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • Are you a burpee king/queen?
  • Did you watch the Michigan v. OSU game this weekend?? (I can safely say I’ll be wearing GREEN next week!!)

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