Beer Bread Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!

I had plans to start my rainbow over again this week with a new beet recipe but I have been hanging on to a few recipes that I haven’t had time to share with you all yet.


I made this bread a couple weeks ago with some beer that we had in our fridge. We went to a local brewery over Labor Day and bought a Growler, with plans to take it to Ann Arbor for the Michigan game. Sadly said growler took a ride in my trunk, as we were unaware it was not sealed shut, and spilled 75% of its contents. So it was sitting patiently in our refrigerator waiting to be used in something delicious.

I was determined one Saturday to use the beer to experiment with beer bread. I did some research and wanted to find a recipe with few ingredients and things I already had on hand. I found this recipe from the Happy Herbivore and thought it looked too good and too easy to be true, so obviously I had to try it out. (((with my slightly flat possibly stale BUT not yet skunked beer)))

Smelled amazing while it was baking, I just hoped it tasted as good as it smelled!

My mini loaves smelled amazing while baking, I just hoped they tasted as good as they smelled!

I decided to add some spices and bake mine in 4 mini spring form pans, mainly because I don’t own a bread pan and also because I wanted to make four little guys rather than a big honking loaf of bread.


I really enjoyed the slightly sweater pumpkin spiced bread as I am a pumpkin everything-aholic! But the savory bread tasted like warm fall in every bite!!! I really enjoyed both flavors!

Alsoooooo I only had about 1.5cups of whole wheat flour left so I substituted the remaining 1.5 cup of flour with Buckwheat flour. I have had a tumultuous relationship wit buckwheat flour and the flavor it produces, mainly it has been a negative relationship but I am happy to say it was GREAT in this recipe. It gave the bread a nice depth of flavor and really complemented it all great!

Enjoyed with some egg, carnival squash & black beans!

Enjoyed with some egg, carnival squash & black beans!

The beer I used was a wheat beer (as I have a love/hate relationship with yeast based beers, basically they love to hate me) and it was also great in this recipe. I am sure any good quality beer would be great though!

Brent was pleased with the heartiness of this bread and really enjoyed it with the soup we had! I on the other hand just ate it warmed up in the microwave with some olive oil OR a little more agave!

Pumpkin spice enjoyed warmed with a drizzle of honey & shake of cinnamon on top!

Pumpkin spice enjoyed warmed with a drizzle of honey & shake of cinnamon on top!


I hope you enjoy these breads, they are just in time for the cool fall weather… I know I will be making them again soon and definitely cannot wait!!

Happy Wednesday!


I’d Love To Know ~~ What is your favorite go-to bread recipe? Are you a wheat beer drinker? 


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