Motivation Monday/Week 6

My Motivation Monday for you is my 6 week shred recap and my thoughts on my progress…

I may not have achieved the 6-weeks later Allison I had in my head BUT I still achieved A LOT...

I may not have achieved the 6-weeks later Allison I had in my head BUT I still achieved A LOT…

Wow I can’t believe week 6 is over. If I am completely honest, which I try to always be with you all, I did not achieve the goals that I had set for myself in these 6 weeks. AND to be completely honest I know this is 100% MY FAULT. The challenge did not fail me; my adherence to the challenge is what limited my ability to meet my goals. However, no failure occurred!

My motivation MONDAY today is ME. I am proud of my progress even though it is not where I wanted to be I HAVE come a long way in these 6 weeks.

Weights – When I started the shred I was able to lift moderate weights, and in MOST every workout my starting weight now is almost my ending weight from the first weeks. It is really nice to see the weights stack on the bar and feel good about getting a weight I never thought I could get up UP!

Gym-Esteem – my confidence in the gym has definitely boosted!! I have used some equipment that I had never used before and now that my weights are higher I feel more like I belong there with the boys.

Spotting – Brent will tell you I am a horrible spotter. I get too nervous or distracted and really do suck at it. BUT I have improved in the past 6 weeks and am definitely getting better.

FORM – okay I am a STICKLER with form on my patients && want to have the best form I can when I workout. I have monkey arms which means when my form breaks down my elbows are almost ALWAYS the. Luckily with my increased strength I have been able to begin to overcome my monkey-arm issue.

Overall I really did enjoy the Shred. Like I said in last weeks recap the nutrition component for the last 3 weeks really had a negative effect on both of us. Week 6 we returned to the phase 1 food plan and I LOVED the way my body felt. I had increased energy for activities and NEVER felt hungry or deprived during the day. I also REALLY loved the incorporation of cardio with lifting. It was a really nice combination and a nice change of pace.


My progress was definitely NOT a straight line, but from day 1 to today there has definitely been a change…                                  The future never looked good! 

The challenge was ON POINT and I was seeing AMAZING results up to week 3, when the nutrition was stable and our focus was 100% on the challenge, then we let loose a little and started enjoying the weekends with our friends & family {{& I am GLAD we did}} which in combination with the nutrition change really caused me to rebound. ONCE I returned to the ORIGINAL nutrition plan and concentrated on the movements & my form, not just the repetitions/cardio I started to see increased gains and return of the shredded muscle mass I yearned for.

I cannot wait to start incorporating the lifting series that I have learned during this 6 weeks along with other exercises I have been ITCHING to get at! I hope you all have enjoyed my 6 week shred recaps. I wish I could show you some AMAZING transformation from week 1 to week 6 but my reality is I was already FIT and LEAN when I started the shred, my body responded GREAT when I stayed on point but 4 weeks of wavering diet and slacked exercises at times resulted in my results.

Weekly Progress... I am PROUD of my progress & progress is a HUGE part of the process...

Weekly Progress… I am PROUD of my progress & progress is a HUGE part of the process…

I AM PROUD of where I came, I can see the strength gains in the gym and I know that 6 weeks is just the BEGINNING of hypertrophy. Results don’t happen over night they happen over time & six weeks just isn’t enough time. I love looking at my progress pictures, even if I feel silly taking them, they really make me see my hard work and realize that my hours in the gym add up!

I hope my story helps to Motivate you on this Monday… Stay Positive & Stay Active!





I’d Love To Know ~~ What is your current gym accomplishment? Do you take progress pictures?


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