Motivation Monday #5

Hey Guys!!!

My motivation for today is not so much fitness related but life related. And lets be honest my life is not 100% fitness or healthy foods, its about trying to live the healthiest LIFE I can live which is mind, body and spirit. I eat healthy foods to not only fuel my workouts but to fuel my mind.

Have you ever had a greasy, salty, fatty meal and then tried to study for a test? I have, and let me tell you I was not nearly able to concentrate and focus on my studies as I would’ve been if I had consumed a fresh, unprocessed, whole food meal. I know both sides of this statement; I have studied on the processed loaded tastesogoodbutisntgoodforyou food and the healthy choice of unprocessed, whole, plant-powered and lean protein meals. And I can tell you not only is my gut happier because it can process “real” foods so much better, but I feel energized and motivated to do better. I don’t get that bloated gross feeling that “I” often get from eating processed foods, but that is a personal statement based on my medical and intestinal history. {{more on this another time}} I choose to eat healthy clean unprocessed foods to fuel my MIND.

Why do you workout? I workout to make myself feel better, because it is something I LOVE & because I am a fitness professional. As a physical therapist I preach to patients on a daily basis how important different strengthening motions are, how important exercise is and how important living a healthy lifestyle is. If I was sitting there on this PT pedestal talking about how to live a healthier life, and didn’t have a gym membership or workout on my own I would just be a blatant hypocrite, and that’s NOT ME! I want to be the example of health and wellness so my patients WANT to get better and WANT to learn how to live a healthier life; even if that means just changing one thing. I eat clean food to fuel my MIND just as I workout to improve my BODY.

My spirit is another story. I think I have strong moral beliefs and try to maintain positive about all situations. I may get flustered and annoyed but negativity and pessimism is only harmful and never helps to accomplish anything. I love motivation Monday because I get to look up a bunch of different quotes and motivational sayings to not only help inspire you all but to help start my week right and inspire me. I usually hit pinterest and find a TON of different quotes on different topics. Some I just love to read but others really hit home, that’s this one today.

Motivation Monday #5

Motivation Monday #5

I know the battles that I have fought personally, and the battles that others I know are fighting & how we all try to protect ourselves from others by putting up a defensive front or being cold. Have you ever wondered when meeting someone whose so rude if they are fighting a battle of their own. Maybe they are going through a painful separation between their spouse, maybe one of their loved ones is sick in the hospital, or maybe they are missing a fallen friend. They could just be a rude person but I have the faith that most people are truly good and have good to them.

Just a couple weeks ago I was calling the Illinois State Board, trying to find out the status of my license. I was “greeted” with a very rude man who seemed to care less about me or my desperate need to learn the status of my license; his rudeness really bothered me and it caused me to react in a rude way as well. The next day I called the same number again {{hoping to get the other lady in the office}} and was greeted this time with the same man. This time he was kind, generous and interested in what I had to say. I told him my problem and with genuine enthusiasm he told me my license was in the mail! Looking back I wish I had not reacted the way I had initially. I wish I had understood that he had likely been dealing with many angry PTs/PTA/soon-to-be-PTs and probably didn’t even realize his tone was rude. I needed to remember he was fighting a battle too & my battle was only ½ of the problem!

Be positive & strive to see the good in others! And when the good is hard to find, remember they are probably fighting a battle of their own! Fuel your spirit just as you fuel your mind & body


I’d Love To Know ~~ how do you react to seemingly rude people? Are you good at seeing the good in others? I know I could be better!


5 thoughts on “Motivation Monday #5

  1. LOVE this post! So perfect for my Monday 🙂 I work at a company called Natural Life ( I do product development (long story short) I work on FUN products full of inspiring sayings! It’s really easy to overlook the sayings because I see them everyday BUT I need to remind myself to LIVE what I work on everyday! And your so right, you never know what other people are going through!!

  2. I work in a very fast paced, cost driven job with tight deadlines. Which means, some people just want to get their way and are rude/mean. I’ve learned at work to treat my job as just business, so I never let things get to me. In my personal life, I’ve really just learned who in my life is positive and who is not, those who are not aren’t there much. 🙂

    • That is AWESOME!! I need to get better about keeping my job out of my personal life! I hope you have a great week!! I am loving reading about your honeymoon!

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